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Found 4 results

  1. Or has anyone at least found a castle with it (give me the castle address)
  2. So I was wondering, if anyone knows if Asama's personal skill 'Divine Retribution' stacks with the counter skills, Counter and Magic Counter? If that's the case, he can return the enemy's attack with 150% of the damage dealt to him. Seems pretty powerful
  3. Dread Fighters instead learned Galeforce and Dual Support+ and Brides got Counter and Wrath (not sure about the highlights of male exclusive skills) I'd love that because I'm a huge Galeforce fan (I know it's overrated, but still). I don't use any male exclusive skills, but I don't use Bride skills either, so I would be indifferent.
  4. If a specific archer unit has Counter and Pavise, would enemies with 1-2 range weapons (ie Tomahawk) attack from nearby as to avoid counterattack, or from 2 tiles away to avoid Counter and to cause more damage?
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