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Found 273 results

  1. So, I've been playing the game on hard mode alot recently, and comparing all modes together, I came to a notice that the RNG does in fact get 'altered' on HM. Enemies would hit more often than not and criticals are kept to a minimum. Is this true or am I just unlucky? I'm sure someone thought of this before as well.
  2. I've been working on a romhack which involves a reclassing of most classes, Eirika is a mage in this and I changed the rapier into aircalibur (or air cutter, as I named it), but i'm having trouble with the BGM kill and I don't know how to fix it. I've heard about a patch, but I can't find it anywhere. Could someone tell me how to fix it, or hand me the patch?
  3. So, I tried my hand at making a battle scene. What do you all think?
  4. Hi! I'm new to Serenes Forest, and this is My first thread (or whatever it's called) on a forum. So If I look like I don't know what I'm doing, chances are, I don't know what I'm doing. Oh, and here are some sprites I made. Feel free to leave your feedback. -Edit- I redid the return on the princess.
  5. just wondering, if FE6-8 run on the same engine why can't all of the games link up for the battle arena?
  6. Hello everyone! As the thread title would lead you to believe, I'm curious as to what everyone's favorite complete rom hacks are. I only just discovered rom hacks recently and absolutely love them. The one problem I've had is finding downloads for the complete versions of the ones I don't already possess (The Last Promise, Sacred Contention, Matthew's Nightmare). I've been to the FEShrine, but the links in their directory usually lead to threads with the unfinished files. So, in addition to telling me what your favorite romhack is, if you could also link a download of the completed version I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for sharing opinions and suggestions on this matter.
  7. I got it in my head a long time ago that I wanted to make a board game based on FE8. I loved the game, and thought that it would be fun to be able to sit down with friends and play it together. Either in like a quick skirmish, or full campaign. Since I don't plan on selling this idea, I'm going my own way with this idea, so it's not going to have a Fire Emblem story, because I've added a typical Fantasy Element, where when building a character, not only do you select your class, but you select a Race too, Dwarf, Elf, or Human. And I also made a new class (technically three, since there's a non-promoted and two options when you do promote) The Hunter, an archer that has slightly lower stats then the typical archer, but has the ability to tame and bond with an animal that will fight alongside you. Which means I also added a set of Animal classes, with their own weapon triangle. The Wolf, the Bear, and the Tiger. The Animal Triangle: Wolf > Bear > Tiger > Wolf The Wolf is like the Sword, the Bear like the Axe, and the Tiger like the Lance. The different classes that these base units could become are Woodsman Hunter{ Beast Master Dire Wolf Wolf{ Hell Hound Cave Bear Bear{ Great Bear Demon Cat Tiger{ White Tiger I misplaced my notes on exactly what the different animal promoted classes did, but I know that the Woodsman can wield a Sword and the Beast Master can wield an Axe. And when you chose a race besides human, certain classes fit certain races better, for instance, Elves have a racial bonus for pretty much all magic users or light fighters such as Myrmidons or Thieves. But Dwarves are more proficient in heavier classes like Knight or Warrior, and those units would gain a Racial bonus, which improves that units growth rate (max percentage is 90%). And if you had an Elven Knight or a Dwarven Cavalier, then you'd have a Racial penalty, and that characters growth rate would decrease. I've got five different factions. Three mono-raced factions, and two joined factions. A Human Empire, an Elven Council, Dwarven Kingdom, a band of Native Tribes, and finally the Allied Kingdom. I believe I have come up with good names for the different Factions now. Human Empire: The Gaulder Empire Elven Council: The Etherian Council Dwarven Kingdom: The Kraathon Kingdom Tribal Nation: The Iron-Wolf Tribes Allied Kingdom: The Narielian Kingdom, or The Kingdom of Narielia And after spending some time on the forums and chatroom here, I thought that maybe you guys might have some ideas to help me with this idea. I do know I'm going to want to write a story to go along with this. But for now I'm trying to focus on getting the details of the game figured out. Any opinions or advice you guys have for this would be appreciated =)
  8. Hello all! I've decided to do a run of FE8 Sacred Stones! I'm going to be using units that start of foot but then wrangle in some horses! Eirika and Ephraim also apply :). I'm probably going to skip over the plot because I'm lazy and not clever and you guys have seen it a million times anyways. Here are the units used and promotion they will go to get them horses (In case you couldn't figure it out): Eirika -> Great Lord Ephraim -> Great Lord Gilliam -> Great Knight Neimi -> Ranger Lute -> Mage Knight Natasha -> Valkyrie Amelia -> Cavalier to Paladin Gerik -> Ranger Ewan -> Mage -> Mage Knight I think that is everybody. I will be using save states cause I'm lame and lazy :p. No LTC or whatever. I'll probably recruit everyone because I'm OCD about that and can't bring myself to kill them. Oh and I will use theives for utilities. Should be fun hopefully for all :) hopefully i finish this run lol
  9. I found this asm hack here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92273434/FE%20Hacking%2C%20Public%20Files/Renewal%2C%20Soothing%20Sword/Renewal_FE8.asm It's a renewal skill hack made by crazycolorz5 but it hasn't been released in patch format yet. I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to explain how to do this step by step since I really have no idea what to do with this but at the same time, I feel it'd be fun to play with.
  10. Hey I was just wondering if anyone here have a working patch for this very elusive hack called Fire Emblem Girls it is an FE8 hack? yeah FE8. I have been having problems finding it and I mean a lot! every link I check brings me to a page that says not found. Now if finding a working patch is not possible is it possible to fix mine? I have one already but there is something wrong with mine each time I get on the prologue chapter it never progresses past that point it just gets stuck after fighting the 3 bandits I believe an event o sorts is supposed to happen there where you get a key or something to open the door there or the enemy passes through. Another problem I have at times while trying mine is it just outright freezes for no reason. Thanks in advance I guess I will check back again later.
  11. Since I just recently heard the remastered music tracks that ZM posted about just a few hours ago, I feel inspired to do another playthrough of FE8 Difficult Ironman. Just in case you don't know what an Ironman run is, it is essentially a run where I don't do any rage resets when something unfortunate happens, and I just take the event as is and live with it. As such, this type of run tends to be really cautious and calculated, and risks are something that you won't want to do even more so. I will be doing this as a Video LP using the remastered music tracks found in the thread I linked above. I think this will be an interesting LP with the new music tracks edited in ^^ Also, I will mainly be skipping most of the story, since I've experienced the story many times already, and just wish to play the game. After listening to the whole remastered soundtrack, I plan to include story in the LP as well, at least for the most part. I will be doing minimum Voice Commentary during the story, so I'm just letting you all know this now. I'll update when I finally get the first video up; I plan to start recording today, and i'll try to keep the videos to 15 mins each at least, although, i know that many chapters can take more than this amount of time to do, so we'll see how it goes. Also, I will be doing each video on a chapter by chapter basis, to make editing that much easier to do. - Added 7/11/2014 Due to the amount of time that it takes make sure that the battle map music and the battle music switch properly, I wish to do with the map themes as I said I would do with the battle themes. So the generic player/enemy battle attack music will probably not be used after the prologue, just to make the editing and video upload flow more smoothly. I will still be keeping animations on, but the map themes will be playing instead of the battle music unless it is a battle where the generic battle music isn't played. I hope you all will enjoy this! =3 Update: 7/9/2014 Added a Poll for Eirika or Ephraim routeUpdate: 7/10/2014 Including story elements in the LP now No VC while story elements are going on. One video per chapter if possible. Battle Music poll question added Uploaded Test Video Voting for Music Tracks ends 7/11/13 12 PM EST Update: 7/11/2014 Uploaded Prologue Added description of what I plan to do about the map & battle music after the Prologue. Update: 7/14/2014 Uploaded Chapter 1Update: 7/15/2014 Uploaded Chapter 2Table of Contents: Test Video Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
  12. (This counts for FE7 and FE8, but not FE6.) I noticed that in FE7 and FE8, light magic is a heck of a lot worse than anima. As a basic example, the stats: Lightning has 4 might, 95 accuracy, 5 crit and a whopping 6 weight. This means that when Serra from FE7 promotes, she won't be able to use the weakest light tome without losing attack speed. (It was unlikely that she'd be used for combat anyway, but you know.) Fire, on the other hand, has 5 might, 90 accuracy, no crit, and a weight of 4. This, at least in my opinion, is a fair bit better than its light counterpart. The only stats that lightning beats it at is accuracy- which is fairly high for most tomes apart from some special dark ones, anyway- and crit, which is nice, but not necessary. In my opinion, light tomes should at least have reduced weight. What do you guys think? Should they be changed completely, along with the stats of all tomes in FE8 and FE7? Should only the weight be reduced a bit to make light magic-users more viable? Or should nothing change at all?
  13. Alright since I can`t seem to find it maybe someone else knows where. Well I wanted to know if there was a music array editor in nightmare for Fire Emblem Sacred Stones?? I searched a lot online for one but i can`t find one I know FE7 has one but FE8? as I noticed my choice of music is quite limited with what is there now er other songs just seem to cut off right after a battle Though if there is not a music array editor for it then it`s cool.
  14. Wizard

    FE8 Trainees

    I've been messing around a bit with Nightmare and FEditor, and I'm in the process of putting together an FE8 Random Reclass for myself and a few others. I was wondering, if I turn say... Gerik into a trainee class like Journeyman, what happens when I get him to level 10? Does the text for when Ross hits level 10 Journeyman appear in the next chapter/battle, and then I get the choice on what I change him into?
  15. Hey everyone! burgerkong here, for a (I think) first casual draft LP! 3 filthy casuals and Elieson will be competing in a draft to see who is the best at entertainment in a draft setting! There will be joy! There will be rage! And there will be, for the first time evar, completion on all 4 player's parts (I hope)! Boring rule stuff inbound: Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Eirika/Ephraim, Orson, Tethys, and Myrrh are free for all to use. 3. Seth is banned from all use. 4. The game will be played on Hard Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Map shopping is allowed. 4. Skirmishes/use of the Tower or Ruins is disallowed. Skirmishes that are blocking your path may be activated and immediately fled from. 5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. 6: burning an rn to complete the prologue in 2 turns brings shame on me and on your entire family Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. 2. Seth has a special 8 turn penalty per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Vanessa may be used to rescue Ross in Chapter 2 even if she is undrafted. 2. Undrafted thieves may obtain Necessary Promotion Items and Open Doors and Chests. 3. Amelia can be leveled to 10/1 in the Tower and Ewan up to 10/5. Only Undrafted Units can Meatshield for these units. Units Available: Teams: Elieson: Spongebob Squarefranz (Franz), Artur, Squidward Tentacross (Ross), Forde, Amelia, Duessel, Innes burgerkong: WOLVERINE (Garcia), Pent 2.0 (Saleh), Horsethwomp (Kyle), Squishy Horsebird Shit (Tana), NPC Archer #3 (Neimi), Fluffles (Dozla), Knoll Poly: Lute, Gilliam-Thwomp, Hatswag (Joshua), Cornmug (Cormag), Natasha, Rennac, Ewan phobia: Vanessa, Boulder, Gerik, Colm, Marisa, L'Arachel, Syrene We'll be starting the draft itself soon, stay tuned.
  16. Welcome aboard this train. Be prepared for many wrecks. So one day, two guys were in a PM, and suddenly one of them had the idea to do a PMU of FE8. Then through some crazy messages, they decided to both do it, with you all picking units for both of them. Here's how it works: 1. Pick units and promotions like normal, but this time, you pick one for each person. 2. Difficult mode, because normal is for pussies. 3. Lords are free. 4. Both of us get ten units other than lords. 5. Yes, Seth can be picked, but all units picked must be trained. 6. Route will be decided by units, and hopefully one of us will go one route, and the other will go the other route. 7. Don't be dumb. 8. Forgot to say that we can't each have the same unit. So yeah. This will probably start this weekend and maybe updated relatively often. Let's get this show on the road. Team Duck: 1. Ranger!Neimi 2. GENERAL BEARD 3. Seth!Seth 4. Druwan 5. FLUFFLES 6. Bishop!Moulder 7. Paladin!Franz 8. GK!Kyle 9. Falco!Tana 10. Mage Knight!Lute Team Sorin: 1. Rogue!Colm 2. LOAN RANGER 3. General!Amelia 4. Summoner!Knoll 5. Duracell 6. Valkyrie!Natasha 7. Wyvern!Vanessa 8. Paladin!Forde 9. Syrene!Syrene 10. Zerker!Ross Hope you enjoy!
  17. Alrighty so recently I started hacking FE8 for my own personal amusement but then ran across 2 problems heh I am so used to hacking SNES FE games that I don`t completely understand the GBA ones So yeah I know there are many GBA FE hackers out there so this should go rather fast I hope my current problems are. 1.How do you edit chapter units? enemy units in special. player ones I have handled well except starting classes for players. Anyway I want to edit enemies in tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins the tower I want to class up the enemies and make them stronger but I can`t because the Army editor thing looks like junk data to me. Most all the lists say Seth in it or Eirika and Ephraim where are the enemies at? you know the Skeletons and Zombies and stuff so I can change them properly. 2.how do you edit chapter maps properly? I am in creature Campaign and would like to change some of the maps I see some interesting ones in the list such as debug map etc. but when I try to change say Narube River to it or another map it...does not go well and i know no other way top access other maps or replay certain chapters such as chapter 19 I tried putting it on the River map and it was glitched. Also on a side note but this is not as important as the two questions above Why won`t the Demon kings weapon nightmare work on my side? I tried everything i could think but it refuses to work My team can`t seem to be able to use that weapon period which is odd.
  18. Nicolas's team Dozla the Beserker / Tana the Wyvern Knight / Innes the Sniper / Ewan the Super Pupil / Eirika the Great Lord vs. ZeeEmm's team Ewan the Druid / Amelia the General / Eirika the Great Lord / Ephraim the Great Lord / L'Arachel the Valkrie Nicolas: 1-49 ZeeEmm: 50-99 (0) ... (yes I could edit this to be correct but what kind of LA game doesn't start with a mistake ) Nicolas goes first! Nicolas Character HP ST SK SP LK DF RS Dozla 60 30 29 28 30 23 21 Tana 60 24 27 29 30 23 23 Innes 60 25 30 28 30 25 23 Ewan 60 29 28 27 30 21 26 Eirika 60 24 29 30 30 22 25 ZeeEmm Character HP ST SK SP LK DF RS Ewan 60 29 26 26 30 21 28 Amelia 60 27 28 25 30 29 26 Eirika 60 24 29 30 30 22 25 Ephraim 60 27 26 24 30 23 23 L'Arachel 60 25 24 25 30 24 28
  19. I was going to do a female-only run but that's been done before and it was done quite recently iirc, and about 2/3 of the cast of male, so I decided on a facial-hair only run! We need better ideas I was considering using the twins because plot and Ephraim's critical animation but I'm not sure I'll start on this as soon as possible Index! [spoiler=Prologue] Facial hair demands no less This place reminds me of Australia Vigarde sounds like a cool guy. He has fantastic facial hair too You better not die. The world would lose an amazing goatee The plot gets decided here. C'mon Seth! Dammit Seth! Time to run away Oh look we were followed. Frail Princess, hold the line! Dude I doubt it. It's the prologue and he's the Oifrey Needless to say he died. Time to run some more! [spoiler=Chapter 1: Escape!] Oh crap he has facial hair we're screwed And our escapees have found more trouble. Good job I don't remember any of this And now we wait; for next turn... WE GET BEARD You hair-less soldiers have nothin' on Gilliam GIVE WALL MORE WALLING CAPABILITIES I mistimed this, but Gilliam missed. Fortunately so did the soldier DAMMIT FRANZ WALL DAMN YOU I thought this was a good position for Franz As you can see, it wasn't Oh hell yeah. The beard is too strong Not bad at all I have a feeling this could end up going south real quick THE LANCES HAVE TOUCHED Oh no reinforcements! Maybe I shouldn't have had the cursor on Eirika GILLIAM WALL Didn't catch his last level up. It was HP, speed and luck. Speed is speed so eh YES GILLIAM! BEARD IS BETTER THAN MOUSTACHE NO GOATEE DIED THE BOULDER! [spoiler=Chapter 2: The Protected] Beard goes that way. Moustache follows him HOLY CRAP IT'S WOLVERINE Lessgo Vanessa rescue I don't see how this could go wrong. Nope Ally Garcia missed without even moving I can't remember why I took this. Maybe because the enemy's glowing? Dat tactical rescue chain Uhhh no you're not The only reason why your son is alive right now is because I need him to recruit you PROTECT BOULDER YES BEARD Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Because Garcia apparently can't hit anything Moulder is now forced to take one for the team dammit Time to do a tactical sort-of retreat. Also Beard nearly had his last shave WALL NEEDS MORE WALLAGE GARCIA STAHP IT Tactical retreat. Garcia please don't screw this over for me Garcia why? But yeah Bone broke easily Building up dem supports It's strength and speed. I'll take it OH IT'S ALL KICKING OFF NOW Pfft. PFFT. Don't make me laugh kid Yay flashbacks And then they had sex Seriously though, apparently her bracelet is now gone and Seth now wants to get it. Ughh... [spoiler=Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo] Your country's screwed up man THE TREE IS SPEAKING TO ME! I didn't notice this at the time but Seth is clearly doing Eirika right now Nope. Don't care I don't see how this is my problem DAMMIT MY SHIPPING SIDE IS GETTING THE BETTER OF ME. OFF WE GO. I forgot to mention that Colm is the one who donkey punched Eirika in the last chapter Nope. When you're about 90 and you have that one strand of hair on your chin then maybe Forgot to take a picture of the start of the map. Garcia actually hit something I'd do this, but then I won't be able to get free loot ARMY MOVE DAMMIT GARCIA Best relationship ever It's strength. I'll take it Dafuq First double of the playlog. Also Garcia critted but I mistimed it STRENGTHCIA BEARD OFF DAMMIT GARCIA First level up for Moustache. Ehhhhhhhhhh TWO CHANCES TO KILL GARCIA WHY? Yeah screw Garcia I was getting impatient It's defence. Hopefully he gets some speed soon Oh yeah we have to seize the throne You know I actually really like this pairing Dude there was a mercenary there you would've died I shouldn't have to explain this WANT You can't insult Duessel he has greater facial hair than you This guy is so cool. Shame he's a bit of a dick And now our hairy friends carry on moving towards Grado. I wonder what they will discover... If you're still interested, I have the rest of the chapters down below as hyperlinks Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart Chapter 6: Victims of War Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall Chapter 8: It's a Trap! A New Journey Chapter 9: Ford Rigwald Chapter 10: Turning Traitor Chapter 11: Phantom Ship Chapter 12: Landing at Taizel Chapter 13: Fluorspar's Oath Chapter 14: Father and Son Chapter 15: Scorched Sands Chapter 16: Ruled by Madness Chapter 17: River of Regrets Chapter 18: Two Faces of Evil Chapter 19: Last Hope Chapter 20: Darkling Woods Chapter 21/Final chapter: Sacred Stone Epilogue/character analysis
  20. Basically, I'm redoing my FE8 Random Reclass... And I wanted to know: how can I add a promo item for the monsters? (And, is it possible w/o assembly..)
  21. I've been poking around in the chapter events for FE8, and I've noticed something about how the game loads reinforcements. Those of you who hack FE8 may know of the strange and complex ways that it loads reinforcements, but from what I've found, reinforcement events only look complex - they're no more so than FE7 reinforcements in practice. Let's use Chapter 8 as an example: [spoiler=Chapter 8]On Turn 5, this event is triggered: label18: _SETVAL 0x2 0x88B7698 CALL label38 _0x0228 0x7 ENDA Notice how the _SETVAL 0x2 command specifies a location of the ROM; this is the offset of the unit data of the reinforcements (Two mages and a thief in this case). These reinforcements do not appear in the disassembled chapter events, so yo'll have to edit them with Nightmare. Anyway, continuing on, we call label38: label38: _0x1020 0x4 CALL label27 _0x0228 0x9 _LOAD_WHATEVER 0x1 ENUN _0x0220 0x9 _0x1020 0x0 ENDA [...] label27: _0x1020 0x1 _0x0220 0x2 _0x0320 0x8 _SETCONDITION 0x0 0xC 0x0 FADU 16 ENIF 0x0 _0x1020 0x0 ENDA I am pretty sure that the LOAD_WHATEVER 0x1 command is loading units from the offset stored in Memory slot 2, i.e. the value defined from _SETVAL 0x2. It's a form of assembly, essentially. The rest of the code looks opaque, but here's the deal: The majority of it is generic, and can be used for any reinforcement event in the game. Only a very few parts of it are different for different chapters or events, and even then only for special cases (such as when loading player units or triggering a convo during the event). [spoiler=For example...] A different reinforcement event in Chapter 8 goes like this: label17: _SETVAL 0x2 0x88B7648 CALL label38 _0x0228 0x7 ENDA It is exactly the same as the previous event but for where it points to to load units from. They both call to label38 simply to save space. Here's a slightly different case: In Chapter 10B, the game uses a single turn event to load two sets of reinforcements, one after another: I hope these notes will help anybody brave enough to work with FE8 events; in the future I may write on the different ways the game loads reinforcements consisting of player units that do and do not already exist in memory.
  22. I try to edit my units in nightmare modules but when I go into chapter unit editor instead of 0x01 being Erika it's just a bunch of muddled up information like her name is Bandit and her level is 148 or something. What should I do?
  23. Hey all. I've noticed that there are no editors and no documentation on editing the properties of terrain in Sacred Stones, so I've started a little project to fix that. Fortuitously, terrain data is structured identically in FE7 and FE8 - the only real difference is the location of the tables. Because of this, I have been able to simply adapt the FE7 terrain modules for my purposes. The modules here will allow you to edit the defence/avoid/resistance bonuses given by terrain, the percentage HP they regenerate each turn, and the movement point penalty that different types of units incur when crossing terrain. You can find them here: Terrain Editors Note: It is possible to edit the amount of HP regained per turn from terrain in Blazing Sword, as well. The most convenient way is to set the Terrain Stat Editor to use thirteen tables instead of six. Also also! I have ported over the Support Compatibility Editor to FE8. With this you can change how fast supports grow between characters as well as who can support with whom. Here's the link to the appropriate Nightmare files: Support Editors This was another simple one. The only difficulty was figuring out the order characters were listed in the support table...honestly, I'm not sure why this wasn't done earlier. Finally, I've ported the S-rank Bonus editor to FE8. Finding the offset of the data was kinda tricky, but not really. S-rank Editor Alternatively, you can just download all the new modules together: New FE8 Modules I also have ported the Terrain Stat editors to Fire Emblem 6, for those that are interested: Link
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