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Found 39 results

  1. I'm just curious (and expecting to see a lot of FE4 votes...), the NES/SNES games were cool and interesting and had their own old-school charm that makes (most of them) them so easy to go back to (except FE1, that broken, broken mess). EDIT: I accidentally hit enter... Is there any way to edit polls? Help? ...this is embarrasing
  2. So with Echoes: Shadows of Valentia likely being the start of a remake side series, that'd make Genealogy of the Holy War next in line for a remake. While I don't want to talk about the story per se, rather, I would like to talk about the customization of the second generation. If you're unfamiliar, FE4 was the first FE to feature the pairing/child mechanic. Unlike Awakening and Fates, the children weren't optional and had a story all to themselves in the second half of the game. Because of this, players were given the freedom to basically customize nearly a whole party class with different types of holy blood, or even not pair a potential mother, which will result in substitute characters (so a completely new set of characters). What I had in mind was to take some inspiration from the later games. While child characters had a signature look to them, their hair color was always dictated by whoever their permanent parent married. I think it would be interesting if this was implemented in FE4. While this may seem like a very minor and trivial thing to discuss, I think this minor change of hair color depending on their father can maybe increase the players' interest in their generation 2 characters. So not only do they inherit their mother's looks, they can inherit one of their father's as well. So everytime you play Genealogy and if you make different pairings each time, it would feel like you're playing with a new cast because nearly all of your characters' looks will be somewhat altered. For example, let's say you paired Aira with Holyn in your first playthrough. Larcei and Ulster will have blonde hair. But on your next run, you pair her with Lex, resulting in the children having dark blue hair. Although it's a small change, I think a more visual indicator could be significant enough to make an impact on the player that their pairings really affect the second generation cast. The only characters, aside from the permanent G2 characters (Celice/Oifay/etc.), I can see being an exception to this are Arthur and Tine... for reasons... But they could have highlights or ribbon or something to sort of be that visual indicator. Maybe if IS had the resources to do so, maybe their armor color palette can also vary as well, to match more closely. But I think I'd rather stick with a cool redesign. So, thoughts? Yay or nay?
  3. Started working on a personal pairing guide to accommodate for growths, inheritance and story talks for every combination possible in Genealogy of the Holy War. It has now become so complex that I'd like to share it for general usage. It is still very much a work in progress, so I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about how it could be streamlined and improved upon if you have the time. Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9H3x-jIxRxpLVJWR3ZzY3JiVlU/view?usp=sharing Spreadsheet is split up into Holy Blood bonuses, skills, weapons, special talks/items/stat boosts, royal lineage and overall potential. In particular I'm looking for a way to incorporate weapon rank changes between fathers and combined child growth rates (w/o Holy Blood), while still making the spreadsheet user friendly. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think!
  4. Guys if you like Fe4 and want to watch an LP of it with a twist make sure to watch this.
  5. To facilitate discussion and information sharing, I've decided to put together a separate thread for Series 6. I aim to keep the OP updated with new information as it is shared. Enjoy! Fire Emblem Cipher Series 6 Release Date: September 29th, 2016 Info section on the FECipher Official Website Booster Series - 閃駆の騎影 (Storm of the Knights' Shadows) Featured Games: Genealogy of the Holy Wars (Yellow Cards) Fates Revelations/Conquest (Black Cards) Booster boxes now available on AmiAmi Included promotional products: S7 Preview promo cards, 1st Anniversary promo cards, and promo sleeves. Structure Deck(s) - 閃駆ノ騎影 Featured Game(s): Genealogy of the Holy Wars (Gold Cards)Single ST decks now available on AmiAmi (also available in 6 deck boxes) Full deck list can now be seen on the official site here. Miscellaneous Related Cards/Merch: Series 6 sleeves available for pre-order- Sigurd, Dierdre, Raquesis, and Charlotte. October Nintendo Dream Pre-Orders (contains Sigurd promo) - Sigurd promo can be seen here. November Dengeki Nintendo Pre-Orders (contains Ayra promo) - Ayra promo can be seen here. Double-Sided Poster - Xander/Ryoma double art on one side, Arvis/Sigurd double art on the other. Tournament promos now revealed! Arden (new), Charlotte (new), Deirdre (alt. art reprint), Ayra (alt. art reprint), Leo (alt. art reprint), and Felicia (alt. art reprint). Guidebook Cover + Eldigan Guidebook Promo art - Full promo card sample can be seen here Revealed Cards: The full, official Series 6 set list has now been posted up to the FE Cipher official site! You can see it here. It contains images of all cards including + varieties, except for the secret R+X Seliph, which can be seen here. The deck list, including deck exclusive cards, can be viewed here. The promo section does not contain all promos yet, so I'm leaving all known promos in the spoiler below. [spoiler=S6 Promo List] S7 Preview Promos - Eliwood & Ryoma 1st Anniversary promo reprints, M!Corrin and F!Corrin Arden Tournament Promo Charlotte Tournament Promo Deirdre Tournament Promo Ayra Tournament Promo Leo Tournament Promo Felicia Tournament Promo Sigurd Nindori Promo Ayra Dengeki Nintendo Promo Eldigan Guidebook Promo Early Revealed Artworks: I've reached the image limit for posts, so the artwork section has been moved to this post. Updates: I believe the information shared in this thread should be all the known information we have up to the current date. Please post in this thread to share new information as it comes! I will keep this post updated with news and images at it arrives. I'm also open to suggestions for things that should be added to (or removed from) the OP, formatting changes, etc. Discussion & Speculation: I know this thread is a bit early, but I thought it would be nice to have a place to start collecting the various bits of artwork that we've seen so far. What colour do you think we'll get for Judgral? (Obviously I'm guessing gold. :P) Which Genealogy characters are you most looking forward to seeing? What do you hope to see with the additional cards printed for Revelations? What do you expect to see with the Genealogy ST deck? Who do you think will get SRs and/or signed cards? Feel free to also use this thread to discuss and speculate what you think we'll see (or what you would like to see) in the new series.
  6. I was playing Civ 5 today and I was shocked to see there were no completed Fire Emblem mods for the game. Since I just completed(and loves) Genealogy of the Holy War, I was thinking of starting a little mod based on the Grannvale Empire. I'm totally new to Civ 5 modding but I got far enough to change the opening screen, the name of the civ and its cities, and I changed the unique units. Grannvale Empire Leader: Seliph The leader icon still shows Bismarck and it still has the Iron Cross icon. Still trying to figure out how to change that Trait: Together We Ride (renamed version of Germany's ability to recruit barbarians) Unique Units: Winged Hussar(trying to rename it to Lanzenritter) and Mongol Keshik(also to be renamed into Beigenritter) Of the 50 or so cities you can make, the first 46(I believe) are named after all of the cities present in FE4, not just the seven in Grannvale. These are the basics I have, if anyone knows how to mod Civ, please help out because there really needs to be a Fire Emblem mod. Edit: Here's the link to the Steam Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=808580802&searchtext=
  7. In FE4, every character had a child unit associated with them, regardless of gender. In 13, only women decide children, and in 14, men. Why? Why make less child units? And I know it's not cartridge space, cause an SNES fit it all in and was fine!
  8. Here's my plan for my first playthrough of this masterpiece - at least so far (currently at Chapter 3) : Fury x Noish Lewin x Tiltyu Ayra x Holyn Aideen x Midir (already sealed) Lachesis x Beowulf Sylvia x Claude Briggid x Dew OR Jamka (not decided yet) What are your thoughts? Also, I'm kinda worried about pairing Fury with a physical unit, because while Fee will surely turn out great, I'm worried that Sety will be sh*t because of that. Is it alright? Thanks in advance!
  9. I wanted to try out some new pairings for my new playthrough and decided to do FinxLachesis. However I didn't manage to pair them in time and used cheats to pair them up instead. Everything was fine in Gen1. And now I'm in chapter 7 and Fin is suddenly in love with Lana? Does this in any way affect Delmud or Nanna and their stats? Or her talk with Fin? Any help would be appreciated ^^
  10. If anyone could make a Sacred Stones revision of Seliph from FE4, that'd be awesome! Seliph/Celice btw vvv and by revision I mean his portrait (ghasty edit, don't double post please, just edit this one) Sweeeeeeet!
  11. Hi, I'm Busterman64 and I'm new to Serene Forest (the forums anyway). I've recently had a major Fire Emblem rush and have been playing it kinda non-stop the past couple of weeks (with the start of summer and all). (I beat Blazing Sword 2 weeks ago and I am currently playing Binding Blade, a game I love and kinda hate). Since I've been in a Fire Emblem mood, I've been hearing that FE: Genealogy of the Holy War is pretty good (and I think Thracia 776 too). For someone like me who's played FE 6-11 & 13, (and grew up on 7 & 8) What's it like? I hear there is a patch and I'm interested in playing, but I kinda want to know what to expect. Please and thank you!
  12. Topic. I guess the ROM I got is in English? I'm going in mostly blind; is there anything I should know? I try not to be too dumb on my first playthroughs, like to know what I'm doing. I've played all of the FEs before but 1-5, so how is this one different from what I'm used to? Thanks!
  13. I blew up the "Improving the Genealogy Path" thread with this and it was suggested I come over to the Hackers sub ... before we get started, I'm very comfortable with building software from source in a *NIX environment and hopefully you are too. OK, now to the nitty gritty - I haven't even made script changes to the patch, I'm just trying to build it vanilla in a SLES11 SP2 Linux environment. First issue - fe4p/fe4p.c, the #define macro for row and col vars doesn't like to compile. I manually moved it inline and I can compile this OK.The next big issue is in making the fonts. s11sp2:~/FE4/fe4transsrc # make menufont ... ./fe4enc newfont.bin zfont.bin gmake[1]: *** [zfont.bin] Segmentation fault If I run this command through GDB I see the issue is here: Compressing... 3.3% Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. 0x08048d6f in FindMatch (bestmatch=0xbffff514, readahead=0x8061239 "\347\271\ב\177\221o") at lz77.c:80 80 if(*match != *readahead || So I tried to fake this by using the Windows fe4enc.exe I've seen floating around by manually generating a zfont.bin from the newfont.bin included in the source package. I had to do this for another font file as well. I eventually got an .ips (yay!) but when I loaded it, everything was messed up in the game (boo!). OK, starting over. "make spotless" then just did a "make". All goes well until gmake[1]: Entering directory `/root/FE4/fe4transsrc/dcenc' ../bin/65816 -c -hi dcenc.asm ... [entering second pass] assembling code at $91FAB0...finished at $91FBD3. *** glibc detected *** ../bin/65816: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x08063b20 *** ... Soo... Has anyone successfully compiled this from source in Linux to make a working .ips ? Anyone know why you'd make script, or make dump?
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