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  1. I demand you answer this: What is the best Battle Network game, if you must only chose one?

  2. THAT'S who it was...I forget her name...(haven't played FE5 in a while) 😅
  3. Off the top of MY head: FE5: Karin(Pegasus K.) and someone else you get early(I'm only at chapter 10...so I can't say for certain who else) FE7: Rebbeca(Archer) FE10: Vika (Laguz/Crow) Awakening: Tiki Fates: Only the child units if their father was Kaze. SoV: Tatiana(I think? It's kinda Teal) 3H: Female Byleth (After certain events)
  4. It's that time again ladies and gentleman...CYL! And as always...the woman's divison will be a blood bath and someone in the men's division is gonna get a win stolen at the very end...it's gonna be great! 😅 I know I'm gonna be supporting my Golden Deer...and Shamir. Good luck to all the competitors and hope your pick doesn't get screwed as bad as Anna last year! (Also...show your love to my girl Shamir please. Any is appreciated 😘)
  5. Ok, I see what you mean. While the battle dialogue isn't much, if you don't like listening to JPN voice acting a whole lot...I can understand. You CAN turn down the voice audio in the settings...but that would just create another issue wouldn't it? 😅 Doesn't help it's an JRPG as well, so...yeah. Still unfortunate, but I see your point though. (I do wish they dubbed the game though. It was kinda the biggest thing I wanted for the port. 😟)
  6. IKR? Played through a lot of Digimon Cyber Sleuth not too long ago and I'm like..."wow" when seeing some of these old digimon...and some new ones like......Sistermon Ciel. I was actually token pretty off guard when I first saw her. Cool! 😘 👍
  7. All I want is for people to give it a fair shot. If you genuinely don't have an interest in playing the game, that's fine.
  8. So...is that the only reason? Cause if so...kinda missing out on a lot just for it not being dubbed.
  9. Seeing ALOT of salt on here and Twitter(more on twitter tho). Anywho...this is kinda cool. Didn't expect the banner. Also...wow they are REALLY pushing for TMS. I mean...it's a good thing because it's a REALLY good game and y'all should give it a shot......no seriously, I promise it's a fun game! EDIT:Also English dubs are great...but I kinda wish TMS got it(even though I know that the biggest reason stopping the game from getting dubbed is the songs ).
  10. Tokyo Mirage Sessions (TMS) Remaster: Loved the original, but never got to finish it. Happy it's FINALLY coming to the switch(it's one of the ports I've wanted the most)! I know it it kinda got a bad rep with some folks when it was revealed, but it's a good game(heck...they even fixed some of the issues that some people had with when it was first shown off) and I hope more people give it a shot! Persona 5 Royal : Been a Persona fan for quite some time, but I didn't really get a chance to play the original much, so I'm happy I get another go at it. Trials of Mana Remake: This game...the amount of joy I had when this was announced was...staggering. Played the original translated game years ago and it's so wild that this even exists! Heck, I'm still surprised the Mana Collection exists! Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: Played the original( thanks to Chuggaconroy), but I stopped partway through(stuff came up) and no longer have my save file. Really can't wait for it...although...I still need to beat XC2...which I also have to start over since I lost my save file for that game too(but it was an unfortunate situation that was out of my hands...lost 50+ hours 😭). So depending on when the game comes out will determine when I start XC2 again(and Torna now that I'm thinking about it...dang... got a lot of Xenoblade going for me for 2020). DBZ Kakarot: I am rather surprised how much this game has caught my attention. I honestly thought I had lost a lot of interest in Dragon Ball(DBSuper started to make me lose interest), but after seeing a few videos on it and one of the recent trailers for it......I was VERY wrong! Thing that sucks though is that it comes out on January 17...the same day as TMS. R.I.P my wallet. 😅 Guilty Gear Strive: One of the few fighting games I'm REALLY looking forward too( although UNIST and KOF 15 have my eye as well since UNIST is just...awesome and I've gotten into KOF thanks to Terry in Smash and Maximillain Dood's Terry Legacy). I've had my eye on GG for a while, but never got too into it(mostly playtime is with Accent core plus R). New game look AMAZING and I can't wait to play it myself. Crossing my fingers for Crossplay and GOOD NETCODE! Also this. This is important. Gonna fill the void with FFIX till it comes out(never played IX, but saw it on sale. Heard it's really good).
  11. Ok, I'll be a little descriptive of my time with the game. (You don't have to read it, but I wanted to put some context on some things) So I've tried to playthrough FE4 multiple times for the past... 4 or so years. Almost all of them ended because I kept getting side tracked. This current playthrough, however, I've reached Chapter 5...the farthest I've ever reached...since I really kept my focus on it this time. Here 's the problem though...I'm...not having the most of fun with it. I mean...some parts are fun, but for the most part...it feels like it's biggest feature is it's biggest flaw for me. Large maps to traverse isn't a new thing to FE, but...I can't play how I want to. It's cavalry units or bust in this game and while I like cavalry units...they're the answer to most things in this game. The only other alternative is a pegasus knight...but you have to wait so long for before you get one(and only get one in Gen 1). I know infantry units can work well and I enjoy using them...but getting them around takes too long. Also...very important thing to mention...and a personal nitpick...Armor knights are trash in this game and it depresses me (one of my favorite classes btw). Honestly...the most fun I have with this game...is when I don't have to spread out too much and when I can use all my units in a given situation. There's also how the other mechanics in this game work, like Gold and "trading" works that add to my issues, but I don't want to go super deep into it. I think what sucks the most is that I really like the story. I already have a GENERAL idea of what happens in FE4, but without most of the context. If anything...I would continue the game for that...but...I could just look at it online. I rather just playthrough the game to see more of the story, but I really rather not. Also...forgive me If I'm not explaining myself clear enough on why this game doesn't seem to be working to well for me...I want to like it more...but while I can deal with some issues...the issues kinda weight on me after a while. Now...I'm pretty sure I CAN just push on to the end...but I kinda want to play FE5. I know it has A LOT of BS and whatnot...but I kinda want to give it a go. I mean...I've played through and beaten FE6 & FE10 multiple times...so I'm sure I can handle whatever that game has to throw at me! (Famous last words) Plus...I don't know a whole lot about the game besides the fact it happens during Gen 2 of FE4 and what people say about it(mainly that's it kinda BS). A few snipets of info here and there, but nothing really major. I played the first map just to get a look at things and...it seems fun to me. I think it helps that it feels more in line with how most FE games work. The capture mechanic seems interesting as well. The game just...peaks my interests. So...tell me straight...should I just suck it up and beat FE4 (just so I don't have to do it again until a remake comes into existence ) or should I get filled in on the rest of FE4 online and get to FE5 already?
  12. "DANCING IS EVERYTHING" All Reinhardt is missing is a rose in his mouth and it would've been PERFECT!
  13. The new units look absolutely STUNNING! Also, I'm happy Rinea is a free Unit because I was about to say that she got robbed by Neph BIG TIME! I don't care how much I love Neph...that would've left a bad taste in my mouth. I must say though...This new Reinhardt scares me. Because One, he's flying. Two, L.Azura. Crippling fear aside...this banner looks cool...happy that I actually have orbs for it. Not sure who to get besides Neph...
  14. I had a feeling they would SOMETHING, but they jumped on doing this rather quickly! It does help that Byleth already doesn't speak a whole lot as is. I imagine this will also be with the new difficulty update though...or sooner. Who knows. ...Not gonna lie, this whole thing is rather bittersweet for me. I knew Chris Niosi due to Brawl Taunts and T.O.M.E years ago, which was kinda important to me growing up. He's gotten quite far in life and while I wish I could be proud of Chris for accomplishing so much...I can't. He brought this on himself. Whether or not his apology was genuine or full of crap, he has to live with the consequences. I just...wish things were different. Not sure if he'll turn over a new leaf or not, but at the very least...people will be happy they won't have to deal with him much...both as a person and voice.
  15. So apparently Chris Niosi's name has been removed as Male Byleth's VA in FEH. So I was right that he wasn't gonna get credit(...kinda). This would also explain why he was rather quiet when there were VA announcements, even after Male Byleth's reveal in FEH.
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