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  1. So when do archers, in this case Bernadetta, learm Deadeye? Or is that skill cut in the euro version, same to a very few other minor things?
  2. I apology in advancex if this belonds in the general thread. Im curious about the sauna, was anyone actually allowed to enter it? Or is it censored for the west?
  3. I guess ive missed that then. In which month is it?
  4. How do you all get the dancer class? Im after timeskip and didnt got that event at all. .____.
  5. So i finally got my euro LE today. About the amiibo: Do they just give once per day items? Ive scanned 3 FE ones and it said something like "items are around the gazebo" and was wondering, if amiibo drop items just once a day, ingame or real life?
  6. I'm currently thinking, while it would still suck, if Alois and Gilbert actually had a romance with M Byleth, it wouldnt be as bad as it is. 3/5 is better than 1/5 tbh, even tho I'd swap Gilbert for Raphael or even Sylvain. Sadly we, the customers, cant really reach Intelligent Systems and Nintendo doesnt seem to send IntSys our feedback too. I think the only thing we really can do at this point is, hoping that they patch back in the dummied m!m options.
  7. What are amiibo giving exactly, like what seals/items and ive heard rare items get dropped by (leveled) FE amiibo, is that correct?
  8. So since amiibo give seals, are dark, advanced seals etc are potentially a drop, or just beginner/intermediate ones? And are the seals Fe amiibo locked?
  9. Well, thats rng for you and the growths arent Fe12-14 high, they're more like snes/gba high i think
  10. Hi guys n gals, i have a question: Since im not able to play til sometime next week, im curious about stat boosters in fe16. Is it true, that you get them via the greenhouse somehow? Or like before, random loot and anna?
  11. Ah. I haven't finished fe16 yet lol but thanks for clarifying
  12. He isn't in FE16 as a character, maybe in additional voices.
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