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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the King of Dankness! in this gimmick tourney, we have the honor, nay the privilege to use only Ganondorf in an epic 16 Dorf battle to the death. If people really want a 3DS version of this, feel free to ask, and show you have a bit of support, because I felt this kind of tourney would only appeal to some, the next main tournament will be Swiss styled, as suggested by Knife. Which will again be a dual system tourney set, 3DS and Wii U. The start of this tournament is likely to be the middle or towards the end of the month. Although if we get a full bunch really fast it could be sooner. The Bracket: http://sforestsmash.challonge.com/GanondorfLovesTennis The Schedule Round 1 will be the 9th through the 13th Round 2/Round 1 Losers will be the 14th through the 18th Winners Semis/Round 2 Losers will be the 19th through the 21st Winners Finals/Round 3 Losers will be the 22nd through the 24th Round 4 Losers - 25th - 27th Losers semis 28th - 30th Grand Finals - 31st through the 1st Ruleset 3 Stock 8 Minutes Best 2 of 3, except in Finals, best 3 out of 5 Double Elimination No Customs Starter Stages ● Battlefield ● Final Destination ● Smashville ● Dreamland 64 ● Town & City Counterpick Stages ● Duck Hunt ● Lylat Cruise ● Halberd ● Omega Stages* * Treated as Final Destination in banning phase. If Final Destination is banned, Omega Stages are banned and vice versa.** - The main law of this tournament is that, you can only use Ganondorf, You must use your dank and sick style against the darkness itself, who will come out victorious!? The way stage choice works is thus, either both players agree to a stage to start on, or do a method to decide who starts striking stages, my personal suggestion is Game & Watch Hammer, which is when both players pick Game & Watch and use his Side B move and whomever gets a higher number gets the first stage strike. This is also a good way to lag test. The person who strikes first, strikes a stage from the Starter list, then the 2nd person strikes a stage and this continues until only one starter stage left which is the one you both play on Whomever wins a match, can strike 2 stages and the person who lost may select out of the remaining legal stages. There is also something called Dave's Stupid rule, where you cannot counter-pick to a stage you've won on in the set This will keep the strict timelines seen in Joined by Fate (JBF) There is also the Gentleman's agreement, in which both players can agree to play on a nonlegal stage, this also can override Dave's Stupid Rule - Send replays to Lord Raven (NNID: muheds) for him to upload please. ShadowofChaos would also like your replays for highlight reel material - Please give me your NNID when you sign up, even if you did previously, just for consistency sake, Sign Ups and NNID 1. Jedi - Jedisupersonic 2. Tsunami - Tsunami922 3. General Horace - WAKKAWAKKAWAKKA 4. Aura Wolf - Octaivian 5. Comet - Comet7 6. Lord Raven - muheds 7. Raven - VanguardRaven 8. Captain Karnage - jmf465 9. Jiac/Summer - Jiac2001 10. Clarinets - Pick1e 11. SaltyBucket - badbot5000 12. Batter - lolinternets 13. Shadowofchaos - shadowofchaos72 (if there isn't more interest than the 16) 14. Cornguy - CornGuy 15. LordTaco42 - LordTaco42 16. Right_Here - shadowdragon925
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