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Found 3 results

  1. I did another 0% growths warpless low turn count playthrough of FE5. The tactics are much improved from my previous run and it should be much easier to watch due to less wasted time. "0% growths" means I play on a ROM edited so characters do not gain stats on level-up (both character and scroll growths set to zero). I like playing 0% growths because it eliminates the randomness that growths cause and improves the game's balance by reducing player strength relative to the enemy; in a normal run, I find that characters become too powerful and diminish the need for tactical maneuvers. Also, movement stars are also not used when they activate. By "warpless" I mean that I do not use the warp staff (rescue staves and the self-targeting rewarp staff are permitted). I've done runs with the warp staff before and they're plenty of fun, but this warpless route involves a lot of varied and interesting tactics in chapters that the warp staff would trivialize. "Low turn count" means that I aim to complete chapters as quickly as possible. In Fire Emblem games, there are often boring and time-consuming tactics than lead to victory with little effort, but it is far more fun and entertaining to use complex tactics that lead to a faster completion. Furthermore, the game ranks you based upon the number of turns you take, so a lower turncount can be considered a better result. However, in some cases I will sacrifice speed for reliability. This is a segmented run but in the future I hope to complete a SS rank warpless ironman run; I think it is more fun to consider contingency plans and adapt tactics during a playthrough than it is to map out a singular path through the game and reset until the RNG rolls in your favour. My idea of a good tactic is as follows: if all goes well a very low turncount will be achieved, if some things go wrong a fairly low turncount will still be achieved, and in the case of extreme bad luck several turns may be lost but a game over would be avoided. However there are several chapters in this playthrough where this ideal is not achieved. One day I will improve upon this run so please suggest any improvements that come to mind. I do not attempt to recruit all characters in this playthrough. This run is played on normal mode (without increased exp gain), so EXP distribution must be considered. This does not affect turncounts. There are several chapters for which I don't have a really good plan and I could really use some suggestions. I probably won't redo this anytime soon but someday I will. Here is the youtube playlist:
  2. The entire playlist is located here. Rules: 1. This game will be played on Casual Mode with Classic Mode strategies, so that I can use battle saves to maintain an RN state and record videos. If a unit dies, they can never be used again. 2. Renown is allowed up to and including Dracoshield. 3. No skirmishes, DLCs, Logbook units, bonus box items, wireless content and Anna shops. 4. No sparkling tiles if possible. 5. All maps, including Paralogues, cost turns. Children characters are optional. Funnily enough, Japanese LTCers seem to allow skirmishes with no turn count cost, which is a complete joke. Lunatic+ in Awakening is much harder difficulty mode than Lunatic. Each enemy and boss randomly receives the following skills: Pass, Vantage+, Luna+ and Hawkeye, and after Chapter 2, they may also receive the following skills: Pavise+, Aegis+ and Counter. Here is what each of those skills do: 1. Pass: Allows enemies to move through player units 2. Vantage+: Enemies always go first after being attacked 3. Luna+: Always halves the enemy's defense 4. Hawkeye: Enemies never miss attacks. 5. Pavise+: Always halves damage from swords, lances, axes, beaststones 6. Aegis+: Always halves damage from bows, tomes, dragonstones 7. Counter: Always reflects damage dealt when attacked by an adjacent enemy (so doesn't work from 2-range) This makes this game mode a nightmare to LTC! Avatar: +Mag -Luk Kills at playthrough completion: 1. Lissa: 0 2. Fred: 74 3. Sumia: 1 4. Virion: 1 5. Sully: 1 6. Vaike: 1 7. Stahl: 0 8. Miriel: 1 9. Kellam: 0 10. Lon'qu: 3 11. Ricken: 15 12. Maribelle: 0 13. Panne: 1 14. Gaius: 1 15. Cordelia: 1 16. Gregor: 0 17. Nowi: 1 18. Libra: 2 19. Olivia: 0 20. Cherche: 3 21. Henry: 1 22. Say'ri: 1 23. Basilio: 1 24. Flavia: 1 25. Lucina: 26 26. Morgan: 80 27. Chrom: 2 28: Caitlin: 188 The Prologue is a particularly difficult map to LTC because Robin and Chrom will easily get killed by more than a round of combat, and they have trouble attacking enemy units back due to Vantage+. It is possible to manipulate which skills any enemy receives as long as you keep restarting. This is something I will take advantage of throughout this LTC. LTCing this map is impossible without some requirements: 1. The mages cannot have Vantage+ 2. One of the barbs that attack on Turn 1 EP cannot have Vantage+ so Chrom can kill him 3. The boss cannot have Vantage+. A very nice and easy strat. Frederick goes on the two forts on turns 1 and 2 to weaken and kill a bunch of enemies. The Avatar gets kills where she can, finally killing the boss. The sparkling tile was unfortunately unavoidable in this clear, but I only got a Glass Lance. I will discard it and not use it. Fred can ORKO the fighters after one Str level, but I had to get a dual strike because one of the fighters had HP+5. This strategy is a 1 turn improvement over Gradivus's Lunatic LTC on Serenesforest, in which he gets 6 turns. The trick is to get Fred to have 2 speed procs and C support with Chrom. He can then kill soldiers in one round with the Silver Lance reliably. I'm a little disappointed that my Avatar wasn't able to get the boss kill, but it's too unreliable with her (I would need 2 Dual Attacks in a row from Frederick), so I went for the Frederick kill with one Dual Attack assist from the Avatar. A few requirements for skills for the enemies here: 1. Knight who died on Turn 1 cannot have Aegis+. 2. Archers cannot have Luna+, one of them can't have Pavise+ and the other can't have both Aegis+ and Pavise+. 3. Knight who died on Turn 3 cannot have Aegis+. 4. Boss cannot have Pavise+. I'm officially starting to get burned out with this mode early, since it seems like I'm going to have to redo Chapter 3 and 4 to get my Avatar some extra exp and better levels, but I decided to just have this recorded for you guys since it'll likely take me a while to redo 3 and 4. I need a break. A few requirements here. Lucina can't have Counter, Vantage+, Pavise+ or Aegis+. The 3 enemies on the right side can't have Aegis+. The 3 enemies on the left side can't have Pavise+. The knights can't have Pavise+ or Aegis+. Forges: +2 might to Thunder, +1 might to Orsin's Hatchet Tonics: 1 Str Def Tonic to Fred, 1 Def Tonic to Avatar. Note: This map was recorded in parts due to enemy AI. There may be inconsistencies between parts. This was not the clear I used in my run. I was not able to replicate the RN seeds that I got in my clear in this recording, and I had to settle for this clear in which I used the Tiki's Tear on Ricken and an extra unnecessary Elixir use. Ricken does not need to go on that fort on turn 5. On the flip side, I got slightly worse level ups on my original clear, but the Tiki's Tear and extra Elixir use are more important I believe. This is easily the hardest chapter of the run so far due to the number of enemies; the main source of difficulty is Counter which reflects damage onto me from 1-range. Counter on wyverns isn't a big deal because I can OHKO them with my Wind forge, but it is a big deal when they have Aegis+. In this clear, one wyvern had Counter AND Aegis+, and I had to survive turn 5 enemy phase with very high HP just to handle him. Very few foot units had Counter in this clear, and that is the recipe for success. The boss had the worst possible skills, Aegis+ and Counter, but fortunately the boss likes to attack from 2-range so Counter doesn't matter. I had to rig a crit to kill him. I manipulate the RNG for better levels by using casual modes saves, and do the same for enemy AI. This makes both playing Lunatic+ and recording videos bearable. Another thing that greatly complicates this map is the movement of the enemy AI. On enemy phases 1, 2 and 4 a few enemies have to move in a certain way for this clear to be possible. I got past this by recording the chapter in parts. One thing I discovered is that enemies will spawn with different Lunatic+ depending on your battle RNG and it's not the same as the RNG for the AI. So reinforcements basically are a form of RN burning in Lunatic+. For example, different sequences of attacking can lead to reinforcements spawning with different skills. The ultimate goal of this playthrough is to get sub-80 and beat Gradivus's normal Lunatic LTC. Probably the best strategy of the run so far. It is crucial that you have an extremely blessed Avatar (very high def, str, spd, HP etc.) like I did and a great Frederick too. The most important bit is that few enemies as possible have Counter. The Counter dark mage and thief on Turn 4 gave me a very hard time and I had to do some tricks like unequipping Panne via trading on turn 3, as you'll see. My Ricken got a bad level up (he needs mag) but oh well. I RNG abuse in this map and find the favorable sequence of movements by using Casual Mode battle saves. This just saves me an incredible amount of time by letting me get good level ups, get the crits and misses I need, etc. My Avatar used a Tiki's Tear here to guarantee her survival. A pretty nasty chapter overall. It's essential to get rid of the Wyvern Rider with the Concoction on turn 1 because weakened enemies with Pavise+ will use it to heal, even the boss.
  3. Rules: 1. Game will be played in Maniac difficulty (H2). 2. Anything goes to save the turns! This includes Lunatic Statboosters, the Rainbow Pot, you name it. 3. The goal is to get the absolute lowest turncount possible in Maniac difficulty. While rigging is allowed in this run, I dont make a habit of relying on it for strats and I wont rig stuff like a 1% crit on Jagen. 4. Units that Im planning to use: [spoiler=Units that will be used] 1. Cavalier Avatar- tested Fighter and Cavalier and Cavalier won. The extra bulk makes strategies more reliable and cuts 1 turn from Prologue 3 and Athena. Bases: HP 20 Str 7 Mag 0 Skl 7 Spd 9 Lck 3 Def 8 Res 0 Sword E Lance D Growths: HP 70% Str 55% Mag 20% Skl 60% Spd 45% Lck 60% Def 40% Res 5% 2. Marth- obviously, I need him to be competent by Chapter 12. He got the Growth Drop. Bases: HP 26 Str 8 Mag 0 Skl 10 Spd 10 Lck 9 Def 8 Res 0 Sword D Growths: HP 110% Str 70% Mag 5% Skl 75% Spd 75% Lck 90% Def 40% Res 15% <- after growth drop 3. Ryan- my plans include a competent horseman to ORKO Hardin with Parthia, and which unit would be better for the task than Ryan? Will be constantly changing from myrmidon to hunter to sniper to horseman to swordmaster. Might also be used as a second string Dracoknight. He got the Bond Drop. Bases: HP 18 Str 5 Mag 0 Skl 10 Spd 11 Lck 3 Def 5 Res 0 Sword E Bow D<- stats shown are him as a lv1 myrmidon. Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0 Skl 80% Spd 50% Lck 40% Def 30% Res 5% 4. Palla- of course, it wouldnt be a good run without the godess of destruction right? Bases: HP 24 Str 10 Mag 2 Skl 11 Spd 16 Lck 9 Def 9 Res 6 Lance B Growths: HP 70% Str 60% Mag 0% Skl 90% Spd 30% Lck 20% Def 30% Res 10% 5. Caeda- Wing Spear hax and Prologue. Bases: HP 19 Str 6 Mag 2 Skl 7 Spd 15 Lck 13 Def 7 Res 6 Lance D Growths: HP 60% Str 30% Mag 0% Skl 80% Spd 95% Lck 80% Def 25% Res 10% 6. Malicia- Hammerne, rescue, warp and again. Need her to save the most amount of turns possible. Bases: HP 16 Str 0 Mag 2 Skl 1 Spd 4 Lck 12 Def 1 Res 5 Staff C Growths: HP 50% Str 0% Mag 40% Skl 30% Spd 60% Lck 40% Def 20% Res 40% 7. Catria- as much as I hate her, Ill probably need her for the Wyvern Valley. If only I could bench her. Bases: HP 22 Str 7 Mag 2 Skl 8 Spd 14 Lck 9 Def 8 Res 6 Lance C Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0% Skl 80% Spd 80% Lck 50% Def 30% Res 10% 8. Luke- its a maybe. Havent had much luck giving him kills as of Prologue 5 but who knows... Luke is benched. 9. Sirius- I will siriusly use him. Bases: HP 28 Str 12 Mag 1 Skl 14 Spd 13 Lck 4 Def 11 Res 6 Sword B Lance A Growths: HP 95% Str 65% Mag 0% Skl 60% Spd 50% Lck 60% Def 50% Res 5% 10. Feena- Dancer/10 11. Wendell- starts close to warp rank which is cool. He also is promoted so some rescue strats might rely on him over Malicia. 12. Yumina- Physic and Rescue bot. 13. Navarre- he's an excellent unit and I picked up to make him the possible second horseman I need for 20x. Bases: HP 23 Str 9 Mag 0 Skl 16 Spd 16 Lck 7 Def 8 Res 0 Sword C Growths: HP 90% Str 45% Mag 0% Skl 50% Spd 70% Lck 70% Def 20% Res 5% 14. Minerva- comes promoted with an exquisite axe rank and dragonpike rank. Useful for the Dragon chapters. Bases: HP 32 Str 13 Mag 1 Skl 12 Spd 15 Lck 11 Def 16 Res 3 Axe A Lance C Growths: HP 80% Str 50% Mag 0% Skl 60% Spd 50% Lck 60% Def 30% Res 5% There are some other units that might also see some use here and there but thats the core of the team pretty much. 5. Obligatory the game must be played to the True Ending. 6. Drill Grounds will be used. Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOyEd86YwZldtbItelXudUdEIpL310VTn Turncounts: Prologue 21/21 Chapter 1 6/27 Chapter 2 6/33 Chapter 3 6/39 Chapter 3x 6/45 Chapter 4 3/48 Chapter 5 7/55 Chapter 6 5/60 Chapter 6x 1/61 Chapter 7 4/65 Chapter 8 3/68 Chapter 9 5/73 Chapter 10 2/75 Chapter 10x 1/76 Chapter 11 5/81 Chapter 12 5/86 Chapter 13 4/90 Chapter 13x 2/92 Chapter 14 1/93 Chapter 15 1/94 Chapter 16 1/95 Chapter 16x 1/96 Chapter 17 1/97 Chapter 18 1/98 Chapter 19 1/99 Chapter 20 1/100 Chapter 20x 3/103 Chapter 21 1/104 Chapter 22 1/105 Chapter 23 1/106 Endgame 1/107 [spoiler=Videos]: (up to 3 vid and link limit apparently, so copy and paste the link into your browser to see the rest) Prologue 1-4 Athena Prologue 5 Prologue 6 Draug and Prologue 7 Cain Prologue 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aOMNCXUzZE Chapter 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEUKpr6naws Chapter 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Owy2hjcmg Chapter 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGPSN4YpvN4 Chapter 3x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxs5iu4O5fk Chapter 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JEo5zCohhs Chapter 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdtY8CON4v8 Chapter 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_0AydJ5BK8 Chapter 6x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh6C3QTwOP4 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=dzxdG2muMiY Chapter 10 Chapter 10x Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cN8vtBfqzE Chapter 13x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQWNmoXV0RM Chapter 14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2S1iV-R92I Chapter 15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_cZayvHAs4 Chapter 16 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgySZZyr_gw Chapter 16x and 17 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYtaYJzyzjs Chapter 18 and 19 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDTjtJkqbvQ Chapter 20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gCwXwtm0sk Chapter 20x http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=hLAbey3jPA4 Chapters 21-Endgame http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=uSRG44vD-MQ
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