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Found 51 results

  1. My favourite thing about the newer Fire Emblem games is kid optimisation and this is my current marriage list. I would appreciate some feedback about who to swap or even kid set ideas, anything would be much appreciated. Thanks :) MU X Ophelia Jakob X Peri Silas X Nyx Arthur X Effie Odin X Elise Niles X Selena Kaze X Azura Benny X Beruka Lazlow X Mozu Flannel X Camilla Leo X Felicia Xander X Charlotte
  2. I don't know if this has been done! But I couldn't find a topic like this, so if there is one... Sorry in advance! Well, I really like Renka's voice (also Aqua/Azura as a character) and the grunts Garon makes throughout it just pisses me off So I just removed his voice in the song! My editing skills are bad aren't the best but this is still way better than hearing the extra noises in the background!!! Enjoy! Nohr: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-nohr-version Hoshido: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-hoshido-version Renka vocals only: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-renka-vocals-only
  3. So for the third route my avatar's planned skillset is Hoshido, Nohr, Ogre Strike, Roundhouse, and Flamboyant, and I'm planning for Kanna to have four of Dragon Fang, Luna, Lethality, Astra, and Breaking sky, and then Copycat Puppet. The plan is to have kanna make a copy, have her pair up with my avatar, and then go on a criting skill procing spree. Question is, does Nohr have my avatar activate Kanna's skills when he's the support unit or when he's the main unit? I don't fully understand the whole attack and guard stance thing, so any help would be appreciated. Also, does Nohr not just work for pair up, but also if my avatar were to be on an adjacent square to Kanna? Thanks!
  4. I realised that there has not been a proper marriage poll yet, so I decided to make one. Whom did you marry your MU to? Which route(s)? Why did you pick that character? Which marriage was your favourite (if you married more than one character)?
  5. Are you insane like me? Do you plan on taking on one of the hardest routes in Fire Emblem Fates? Then this is for you. This will be a chapter/map guide of chapter 10 Nohr path on lunatic. This took about 3 hours to gain and make all this information, so I hope you all find this useful. If there is anything I miss, feel free to tell me about it so it can be fixed, thank you. (This will focuses on the self made map in the attached files section, so make sure to refer to that.) If not colored, the tile is a normal area. Black are walls, which can not be passed. Brown is areas that can be based by flying units. Red are special enemies. Blue is water (by the end of turn 6 all water is gone, and turned into normal tiles.) Peach (or light brown) are bridges and boats. Sky Blue will be your starting point for your units. Green is the area you have to defend from enemies. Aqua Green will be your houses. Purple are your turrets. Orange is normal starting enemies. Avatar Starting point: K5 Reinforcements (Allies): Belka: K4 Camilla: L4 Luna: M4 Belka: Wyvern Rider Level:9 HP:23 Str:13 Mag:0 Skl:14 Spd:9 Lck:10 Def:14 Res:7 Mov:7 Skills: Strength +2, Ambush Duty Equipment:Iron Axe Weapon Level: Axe D half way to C Camilla: Revenat Knight Level:1 HP:30 Str:19 Mag:11 Skl:15 Spd:19 Lck:12 Def:18 Res:15 Mov:8 Skills: Strength +2, Cut Through, Bewitching Flower Equipment: Steel Axe, Thunder Weapon Level: Axe C, Tome D Luna: Mercenary Level:10 HP:24 Str:12 Mag:3 Skl:12 Spd:15 Lck:9 Def:11 Res:8 Mov:5 Skills: Stubbornness, Patient Assurance, Competitive Equipment: Iron sword, Bronze Sword Weapon Level: Sword D, half way to C Now for all enemy reinforcements. Reinforcements (Enemy): End of turn 2: Pegasus Warrior: 21H, 21O, 21V End of turn 3: Lancer's: F19 F20, H19 Archer's: Z14, Z15, Y15 End of turn 4: Pegasus Warrior: F21, Q21 Dual Guard Pegasus Warrior's: K21 End of turn 5: Oni Savage: A8, B8, Q19,Q20 Dual Guard Oni Savage: B9, O19 End of turn 6: Pegasus Warrior: K12 Oni Savage: T17,T18 Dual Guard: Pegasus Warrior's: F21, T21, V21 Oni Savage's: T19 End of turn 7: Oni Savage: A8, B8, B9, O19,Q19 Ninja: A9, H20, O20 Archer: Z15 Dual Guards: Ninja's: F19 Archer's :Z14 End Of enemy reinforcements Start of Tactics For the Chapter So, you got an idea of where all the enemies will be, so now what can you do to beat it? Lets start with some basics. On the right side of the map are archers, meaning that its best to keep flyers away from them, but it is only on the right side that archers come from, so everywhere is free rain. ‚ÄčThere are no magic units on this map, so you don't have to worry about having low Res for this map. Make sure no one touches the turrets besides your self, or you will have problems. Get your self a hand axe for Belka, as that will be use full with her personal skill to skill of units faster. Also might want to get a beast killer, as that can help kill off any Pegasus Warrior that get past. Your flying units you get in this chapter will be your flyer killers, as they have enough strength to kill them off easy. Most units in this map have a Def around 10 when not paired up with anyone, meaning that they are a bit squish, so your Power dealers will be useful here. Strength is also around the 10-12 area, so make sure to place your defense units in the right spot to make a great wall. Since there are a few ninja's running around, you might want to focus them down as they have high speed and have Hidden Weapons, which can break your Stats down to an unfavorable amount. If your willing to forge a weapon, it can help to kill enemies faster, but you will only be able to forge around a +2 weapon at this time, but it can very much help. The AI seems to work like this; Pegasus Warrior's Move as far as the can to the goal, then if an enemy is in range, they will attack. For most other units, they will try to attack more then getting the Defending Point, unless there is no one to stop them, then they will head for the Point. With that out of the way, lets move on too 3 different ways to take this map head on. Defense: More then likely the best way to deal with this map. With this strategy in mind, you will want to keep around you starting area, from the left bridge to the two arrow turrets. Use your flyers and archers to take down and flyers in you way, and block bridges and stay in this position unit the end of the map. Effie and Cyrus will more then likely be your Defense units, but if you have a female Avatar and switch Jacob over to Great knight, he can also do a great job at tanking. Belka, Camilla and Zero will be your flyer killers. Make sure to bring one magic unit for the one magic turret, as it can help taking care of waves of enemies. Make sure archers don't get the right arrow turret, as things can become bad from there. Once the water is gone, you have to try your best to put units in the right area and take down any units that slip by as much as possible. A Mix: The idea here is to take paired units of your choice (Say Belka and the Avatar) and go down to Takumi so that the water does not go down, but to do so is a bit hard. First off, you have to fight through a good amount of units just to get to him, more then likely Hinata included, meaning that you would have to take down about 5-7 units to go against takumi, unless you use a flying unit, which normal only get one by turn 3 of the map, unless you re class aqua, which is not the best option due to her being frail. Once you get to him, he has two skills of importance, being Confined Defense, meaning you can only attack him once, and Proximity Shot, meaning do NOT engage with any flying unit. So your best option is take a strong physical unit and pair up with either Belka or Camilla and fly over to takumi and take him down before the end of turn 6, or else he will remove the water, making that whole trouble point less. Once he is down, do the same thing as defense strategy and you should make it through. Offense: ‚ÄčThis will more then likely be the hardest way to do this chapter, but still can work great. The idea is to wipe out all enemies before they have a chance to get to the Defense Point. With that in mind, you will want units around the spawning points to take them down before they can do anything, and make sure to take down takumi before the end of turn 6, or else you will have to switch to defense right away if your lucky. With this in mind, you will want to send units from the sides and the middle, then keep some around the middle, send some to the left or right if needed. Flyers should stay to the left and middle areas of the map to avoid archers. Have your deference units make a wall so that enemies cant reach your squishier units or healers. If there is more info that i miss, feel free to talk about it below, and it will be added to the guide, thanks, I hope this was helpful to you. Extra: Thanks to Tooru for the extra information, you can find it down bellow. Got some good looking information that can help a bunch if you need even more info then what I have here.
  6. I guess this is kind've similar to a "What's your favorite class?" type of question, but I'm sure some have other reasons as to why they would make Kamui a certain class, like gameplay reasons, what they feel fits into the story, and so on. Of course picking just based on your favorite class is fine, it's what I'm doing. Top 5 for me: Butler, Ballistician, Holy Lancer, Puppeteer, Weapon Master
  7. This poll talks about which side has the better classes! You can vote for skills, design, obviously the classes themselves, and uniqueness if you really want to!
  8. Just a quick question for those who have used the Lv15 Dark Blood skill. If the avatar/child character who has this skill equipped is partnered with someone with an skill like Astra or Lethality, do they have a chance of triggering it or is it only non-combat skills?
  9. Firstly, I don't actually own the game. I am planning marriages and children ahead of time so that I'm ready for Invisible Kingdom, the campaign in which I will be taking the couples and children seriously. I am planning on marrying Charlotte with Flannel, however Flannel's secondary Class is that of a Fighter, Charlotte's primary class. What class will she inherit? I think that I read somewhere that if this happens the character acquires the complementary class from the other nation (Nohr <--> Hoshido), so in this case, Oni Savage. However, I am unsure how true the previous statement is. I'm unsure on what this means for her, so I just thought that I would ask to clear the air.
  10. So I saw some preview pictures of the starter decks and booster box pack art and just wanted to share them. Edit [27/07/2015]: Ok! So we have more information about the cards now. I just thought that I might add those details here for those who are curious. Hoshido Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for a '25th Anniversary Heroes' 3DS theme. Nohr Starter Pack - 1,300 Yen (w/out tax) Comes with a download code for '25th Anniversary Heroines' 3DS theme. Booster Packs - "Soulful Flames of Light and Dark" (Originally I put "Holy Fire of Light and Darkness") - 350 yen (w/out tax) Booster Box comes with a Series 3 (Radiant Dawn) Promotional Card and 2 limited edition card sleeves. Source: http://fecipher.jp/item/
  11. So I just rather want to hear it straight. I like to nit pick and dig down deep into my games. I've done pretty well so far dodging spoilers. Even when I open some up and not even get a cent of what it meant (though I know IK is the true). I played Awakening, I thought the story was meh, I played Blazing Sword and found it exceptional. So, topic. What do you think about Fire Emblem: Fates story/plot of each path? I'm aware not every story can be good, but I might not consider this gen if I'm going to play 24+ hours of an RPG and find the story not engaging enough. I'm willing to give these weird characters, mechanics and everything else a try, but only if the story is actually worth it, I'll regret it after a week of play. So I want honest opinions. - One of the Best!: Fully engaging and you could never say the story was bad in any way. Worth every cent. - Above Par.: Really good. You'll probably play more playthroughs you usually go through, weather you find the rest of the game mediocre. Worth the money. - Good Enough.: It's tolerable. Nothing spectacular. You'd probably enjoy it as much as Awakenings story. You probably stick with this version though. - Rather disappointing...: You wouldn't buy this game for the sake of the story. You better hope you like everything else. This versions story isn't worth it. Just rent or borrow it. If you going to post something about the story from one of the 3 paths, please put it in "Spoilers". Votes and Posts from members who've played the game or currently knows the story very well preferably.
  12. I'm curious as to how varied chapter goals are in the three different routes. I know Hoshido is advertised to be the second coming of Awakening, so I assume Rout and defeat boss goals are all that are in that route, but I am curious as to what Nohr and the Invisible Kingdom have to offer in map objective variety, and would like it to be presented in a spoiler free environment, so I made this thread. Feel free to discuss the various chapter goals the game(s) throw at you here.
  13. Since I haven't found this topic anywhere, I decided to create one myself for everyone who wants to share ending epilogues of the characters, married or not. The only one I've found so far is the one with Marx and F!Kamui married: http://prevolt.tumblr.com/post/123625160926/can-you-translate-epilogue-marx-and-femkamui
  14. Hello everyone. I'm finally done with both routes and I felt like discussing the story; since the Nohr version was hyped up a lot more, I felt it was appropriate to create a separate thread to discuss it at length. For those of you who haven't spoiled yourselves or played through the game yet, please note that there will be major spoilers throughout the thread, some of which may not be in in spoiler tags since the name of the thread plus this warning should be enough to keep people from accidentally finding out about things they don't want to know. Also, I should point out that my Japanese is poor and that I don't understand a lot of the details, but while I should know more than I do, I feel like I at least know enough to have a semi-informed opinion. Now, where to begin... I thought it was dumb. Oh don't get me wrong, the premise they gave us is fantastic, the choice presented feels heavy and the game doesn't shy away from really making you feel like crap from choosing one side over the other - that's good, it makes us all feel something. When choosing the Nohr path, you decide to stop the invasion of Hoshido as quickly as you can, and the trailers and all the information we received before the release date talked about reforming the country from within, and I believe I heard the word revolution being mentioned several times. However, that's just not true. After following your father's every whim for a while, you invade Hoshido - straight up invade Hoshido, still hoping to end the war quickly...by murdering people in droves. Oh sure, you try to save as many people as you can, but Iago and Ganz are there and they murder people Kamui want to let go no less than three times during the story, not only making me question why on earth the siblings don't just kill them since Garon doesn't seem to care about anything, but also makes me get tired of the story's attempt at being darker than it is. - We got it the first two times, and your evil monologues have made it very clear that you're evil. We get it. The fact that the siblings hadn't even entertained the idea of killing Garon after seeing him being straight up evil and going against absolutely everything they believe in until before Kamui suggests it - right before you fight him - is beyond me. They also seem to be opposed to the idea for whatever reason, until they see that he's a slime monster, then it's okay to kill your old man. Neat. Why are the Awakening kids serving these people again? I guess losing their world filled them with some kind of lust for revenge so they decided to ruin a country. But I digress, they're unimportant in the overall narrative. Anyway, so you end up indirectly causing Ryouma's death simply because you don't like going against Iago's evil little plans. I know I'm simplifying things here, and I actually liked the scene where Iago threw Hinoka's spear down in front of Ryouma, but knowing that this entire battle could have been avoided if Kamui just gave him SOME kind of warning makes me roll my eyes. The fact that he believes Kamui after the battle when he can no longer move is also mind boggling - but that might just be because of my poor Japanese. So how is Kamui okay with all this? Well, you see, Aqua, who tagged along for no particular reason and doesn't get her motives questioned nor explains why the hell she made a casual trip to a different dimension, had a magic crystal ball that showed us that Garon was a slime monster all along - then it explodes, meaning that you can't show it to your siblings and have them believe you. How convenient. Now, let's not mention it to them until we're about to fight him anyway. So Kamui and Aqua's master plan is to invade a nation and force the old man/flubber guy to sit his tender fanny on the Hoshido throne, which reveals a person's true self. That's so stupid that I don't even know where to begin, but I'll settle for "why the fuck couldn't you just tell your Nohrian siblings that, you fucking morons?" Leon even asks that, and hopefully Kamui gives a damn good explanation in like two lines of dialogue, because I didn't understand his reasoning. And then when Mr. Personality is down, Takumi shows up to be the final boss. Huh...I actually rather like that idea, maybe... "That's not me. Please kill my body, brother." ...What. Wait, no, seriously, WHAT?! Not only does (Hoshido end game spoilers): However, unlike in that route, Kamui doesn't deserve it here. He's committed atrocities, or at least have let them happen. He wiped out Takumi's army, killed his subordinates and we're to believe Takumi of all people has forgiven him in that short amount of time? Why? Why would he? Even if he was "corrupted" for the lack of a better word during the whole route, he still never trusted or liked you in the beginning AND you killed his men after invading his homeland! Please tell me this is just because I misunderstood something vital, because this just left such a bad taste in my mouth. What happened to the revolution, or changing the country from the inside? You're not the "light that shines in the dark", you're the mother fucking right hand of darkness in the form of a yes-sayer who's constantly being told what to do and follows through with it even though it goes against everything you believe in! Like I said before, I liked the premise and the choice, and there are many great scenes in the game and some genuine emotion, but the ending just doesn't add up. Kamui tried to save as many people as he could, but the fact that he can be happy at the end AND forgiven by Sakura and Hinoka is beyond me. Hoshido spoilers: Also, I mentioned it briefly before but what does Aqua even do here? She tags along and instructs Kamui to do this or that, takes a casual trip to another dimension which isn't brought up again (if it were me, I'd be kind of curious) and then she dissolves or whatever after singing a song to weaken Takumi. Why is this character considered so important? Oh, she'll definitely be a major player in the third path, without a doubt, since it seems to be the path to explain EVERYTHING. Do the Hoshidian siblings even mention that she's gone, or care for that matter? Hopefully, people will tell me I've got everything wrong and that it's my poor Japanese that has caused me to feel this way, which I sincerely hope since I DO want to like this route, but at this point, I just can't like the story with its awful ending. What did you guys think?
  15. Hello friends, I know there is a lot of interest in Marx/Xander, the elder prince of Nohr. So here would be the discussion where we can all come together, speculate, share information (like sweet damn where are those S-supports), and just generally enjoy and reveal in all things Marxist. :P First order of the thread: do we have any S-support translations? Or an amie video list?
  16. So initially i assumed the 3rd route would recycle supports, but recently ive been hearing that the two royal families can support with one another, so it seems like there will be some new supports. Does anyone know if these are the only new supports? Or do characters like Oboro and Zero get new supports with characters from the other nation? If anyone has access to 3rd route support rosters that would be really helpful, especially odins :)
  17. Everyone else is doing it, so I figured I might create a topic for the cutest girl in the game! Once I found out I couldn't have adopted babies with Zero I immediately flocked to Flora, she's cute, and her supports with Mamui are adorable. Discuss whatever you want about her but I feel like we should establish how we recruit her, I can't find any info on that. Also that personal skill is WTF tier
  18. Hey there- new member finally coming out of a long time of lurking! I dunno if anyone else is as confused as I am, but about those Nohr and Hoshido royals,
  19. Not sure if anyone saw these but there's new videos introducing classes in both versions of Fire Emblem Fates! Nohr: https://youtu.be/4WjKqx6iTFk Hoshido: https://youtu.be/bcDpKihUWTY
  20. We assume you get to choose to kill (royal) members of the opposing side or otherwise let them live. Who dies and who lives? Also: Who would be your executioner? Which enemy character would suffer death at the hand of a designated allied character? Who is doomed to die, because you do not like XY about their character? Who is fortunate enough to live, because you do like XY about their character? Last words? As for me: Executioners -Nohr: if possible Zero as an assassin or Beniot with the biggest axe weapon I can find -Hoshido: Kagerou promoted class closest to ninja. Exeptions: - Takumi dies through Kamui - Elise dies through Rinka
  21. So Fire Emblem If is coming out. They've released all these trailers and leaked all this info, but my one question remains: Will the American version's gameplay be as good as the Japanese version's? I ponder this due to the fact that once the game comes out in 20 days (for Japan, at least) there will most likely be lots of spoilers on the internet. Everyone will post Let's Plays with translations (because some people who know English and Japanese have a Japanese 3ds), so in theory it will be hard to avoid those kinds of things. Now, given the fact I have no prior experience (Awakening is my only game, and I got it last year) on what happens when Fire Emblem games are released and you guys most likely do, how do you think the gameplay will turn out if there's already spoilers everywhere? In my opinion, it might be moderate, but let me know what you guys think.
  22. So... Watched all the videos so far on the My Castle, and while it was dominated by the Hoshido version a fair bit I think we saw a bit of Nohr... and possibly a third My Castle? Here's some images to illustrate what I am talking about. [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 1] -note the dark dragon statue in the background, and more European style buildings [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 2] -note Zero the Nohr exclusive Thief/Archer and European style buildings... Also a Lack of Cherry Blossom/Sakura trees and general darker colors [spoiler=Nohr My Castle 3] -Nohr exclusive Severa Luna in a Nohr my Castle... Same terrain/colors as other Nohr My Castles... Compare with the Hoshido My Castle -So bright, and filled with Cherry blossoms! :0 Even when the Hoshido My castle looks a Lil bare it still looks more bright than Nohr's... [spoiler=Nohr My Castle?] -Is this an extension of Nohr my castle? Possibly... Desolate looking, dark colors... Or maybe something different? [spoiler=Desert My Castle?] -I find this section the most fascinating as it looks completely different from Hoshido and Nohr's My Castle areas shown so far... Could this be for the third path? ...a castle in the desert? ...so then my question is what do we have in these images here? Is it 3 distinct areas? 1) Usual blossoming hoshido with the sakura trees. 2) a darker looking area with either green or dead trees but European type buildings and dark dragon statue. 3) desert-like area full of chasms but seems to have mixed buildings? Or something different entirely? I guess my theory is, the desert-like area is the third path My Castle. Another possibility is that your my castle terrain changes during the story, or based on choices/actions taken by the player within the My Castle environments. ...possibly lack of interaction with your My Castle could result in it being barren instead of the green it starts out as? Or maybe its something to do with seasons as Vincent seemed to suggest? What do you think? Anyone else have some good theories or finds?
  23. As we know My Castle has its spot on the Nohr side, too. This got me a little worried, because Nohr is supposed to be harder and is said to have limited amount of exp. However the My Castle features different types of building as well as an arena like pic related: http://postimg.org/image/7fplh9blz/ You have to pay with resources to start a duell, but you also win double the amount. You get where I'm going with this. Could lead to: - infinite resources - blood for the rngod - broken reset buttons As the image suggests you can spend different resources for different opponents. This + the fact that you can boost your stats temporally with food, gives a hugh advantage over the arena meat. Past arenas worked similarily. The more meat you sliced, the thicker the meat got. In this case it would be rather impractical, because that way only very few very strong units could benefit from the feature. Thoughts?
  24. Picture, here: http://i.imgur.com/uYZhLi9.jpg Found on reddit, which was found on GFAQ's, so all credit here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-if-black-kingdom/71878051 Relevant information paraphrased: Cyrus (Cavalier) - both verisons Elfie (Female Knight) - Nohr Harold (Gaston/Fighter) - Nohr Hinata (Myrmidon) - Hoshido Oboro (Lance Fighter) - Hoshido Rinka (Oni) - Hoshido Tsukuyomi (Red Hair) - Hoshido Felicia can reclass(promote?) to a Brave Hero, a Bow Knight and a Strategist Multiple promotion options seem more likely. EDIT Report on the main site EDIT2: Digital issue is now out. Only new piece of info I can find is that Harold can promote from a Fighter(?) to a Berserker. [spoiler=???]http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-1.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-2.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-3.jpg http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/famitsu2805-4.jpg
  25. Hi, Kagehoshi here again - you might remember me as the one who ranted on a different topic about the release date gap. Anywho, I'm not here to rant, I just wish to talk about something I picked up on after having watched the trailers/screenshot a lot, and I want to hear everyone's thoughts. My apologies for the lengthy post. Screenshots I'm mentioning can be found on this site under "Images and Videos." Something I would like to point out (and I'm most likely not the first to think of it) is that there might not be any gender-locked classes in FE:if, but rather, faction-locked; Amongst Hoshido's forces (seen in screenshots etc.) we see mymidons and swordmasters, based on their battle stance (same as Awakening) which fits with how someone would wield a katana. We also see assassins on the Hoshido side, as they share the same sprites from Awakening again, but we don't see any cavaliers at all. Ryoma himself looks like a swordmaster, same stance and all. On the Nohr side, however (screenshots, again) we see that there are no assassins/swordmasters/myrmidons around - only knights and cavaliers. My theory/speculation is that the myrmidons/assassins/swordmasters will be for Hoshido only since they're more reminiscent to samurais and ninjas, which goes with the "feudal Japan" feel on Hoshido, while cavaliers, knights, great knights, and paladins will be exclusive to Nohr as they traditionally look more western/european in appearance, which goes with the western influence of Nohr. We don't see any of these classes on the opposite sides at all so far - so if certain classes are faction-locked, it could explain why we might see male pegasus knights and female warriors (Rinka, the horned-masked girl seen in trailers, screenshots, and next toRyoma as he tells Kamui about being his brother, appears to be a warrior with a kanabo - the eastern version of an axe - her attack animation is just like warriors/berserkers in Awakening); it would still give your forces more class options despite that some are exlcusive to the opposite faction. It does makes sense, in the way that a knight, with it's western-inspired armour, would look outlandish on Hoshido's side, while a ninja/assassin (Saizou being an example, appearance wise) would look strange in the Nohr army. Again, before people bash me, remember that we don't see any of these classes in the opposite faction; all screenshots show these classes fighting the other side, such as knights and cavaliers agains myrmidons/swordmasters, and the only assassin sprites are shown with other Hoshido characters. Hell, maybe even Dark Knights will only be for Nohr as well? We know that Leon is a Dark Knight, and we've seen (appearance wise, at least) Dark Knights being the enemy in screenshot and the first trailer, at least. Your thoughts? EDIT: Someone pointed out that perhaps it was just showcased to look like there were faction-locked classes, but in the second trailer (speficially, when both your families beckons you to their side) you can see Hoshido's and Nohr's armies in the background - Nohr has soldiers similar to Awakening with their western style, complese with lances, while Hoshido show katana-wielding myrmidons as their main force, further supporting my theory. However, there's a possibility that you can recruit units from the opposite faction, as seen on these screenshots: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/7/70/Saizou_sprite.png/revision/latest?cb=20150410071751 http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/gallery/january-2015-nintendo-direct/Jan_006.jpg Notice how the sprite is the same - first, a Nohrian marked as red, the standard colour of enemies in the series, and in the next, blue - he's with you. It's not a stretch to say that the only way you could get your faction's missing classes is by recruiting them from the opposite side?
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