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Found 1 result

  1. So, I guess 2016 is just the year of eimms. You think there has been too many eimms and people are no longer hyped for them? then why do I have 17 sign ups already?!?!? Also, Monde is cohost. Game won't start until I die in Kirby mafia.... [spoiler=stolen from Paperblade which was stolen from Refa which was stolen from Paperblade] 1. Don't edit in thread posts. (personally, I don't care) 2. You can either post in thread or communicate via OC (please send all OC logs to me via your Role PM, thanks), just don't spam the thread.(I personally don't care if you spam the thread, but I want you all to add me and Monde to all convos) 3. Don't be a jerk outside of the usual confines of the game. 4. Night 1 is 48 hours, Night 2 and onwards are 24 hours. This is negotiable before the game starts but not after. 5. Once I receive all actions and publicly declare that, said actions are considered locked and the phase ends. If you don't submit any actions or announce your intent to idle, consequences may be dire. (I might be lazy and not uphold these rules though) 6. Everyone will have one Bullet Proof Vest (BPV) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die. 7. You can't target yourself unless your role specifically states that you can. 8. You can target the dead, but I can't guarantee that will do anything. 9. Should your action fail for any reason, it will count as never having been done. Please ask me for clarification if you're not sure about this. 10. Every player is on the player list (see a list of them below). 11. This game uses aliases (see a list of them below). 12. Wincons and/or roles may be related to the characters, so I take no responsibility for that. 13. Alternate Win Conditions exist, however, loveirzers and cult does not. 14. Will add more stuff IF I feel the need to. [spoiler=Players Alive] 1 Paperblade 2 Euklyd 3 Refa 4 Makaze [spoiler=Aliases Alive] 1 Cipher 2 Cosmos 3 Fallacy 4 Neon [spoiler=Players signed up] 1 Paperblade 2 Reinfleche 3 Euklyd 4 Refa 5 Makaze 6 Clarinets 7 Knight of Argentum 8 Chen 9 Gaius 10 Reiyson 11 Lil Bean 12 Sylveon 13 Bizz 14 Xinnidy 15 Andrews 16 Proto 17 Marth 18 Izhuark 19 Elieson 20 Ars Nova 21 Hannah 22 Prims 23 SB 24 Zeonth 25 rssp1 26 Javelinlover 27 Sharp and Pointy 28 Mancer 29 Kirsche 30 vigvig 31 Dorian 32 Juliette 33 Koneko 34 Nightmare 35 Jiac 36 Faerie Knight 37 Redja12 [spoiler=full alias list] 1 Amber 2 Arboneow 3 Audible 4 Bourbon 5 Bridge 6 Chaton 7 Cipher 8 Cosmos 9 Crayola 10 Fallacy 11 Flapjack 12 Foucault 13 Glade 14 Grimm 15 Guilt 16 Hastur 17 Hope 18 Isabelle 19 Lackadaisical 20 Leaf 21 Magane 22 mediocre 23 Miracle 24 Mountain 25 Neon 26 Nightfall 27 nobody 28 Poutine 29 rhythm 30 Rundas 31 RX-93 ν Gundam 32 Several 33 Stan 34 Tharja 35 Tiramisu 36 Tuls 37 you [spoiler=players dead] [spoiler=aliases dead] Useful links Night 1 start End of Night 1 End of Night 2 End of Night 3 End of Night 4 End of Night 5
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