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  2. Okay, role analysis, this may be completely useless, but who cares, this is me being myself Town flipped roles: 1. Via - 1 shot cop (that is all that matters anyways, IMO). Has to do a lot of things just to gain it and only 2 chances of getting it and is a OS, so, I would assume this role doesn't need a counter 2. Snike/Mr. Gundam - Vanilla. Pretty sure this does not need a counter 3. Kaoz - hook+doc, however doesn't prevent killing roles from acting. I assume this is to prevent ITP (who I am guessing is an SK variant?) and mafia (more near lategame for maf members) members from being caught easily. The point of time I am in, I am assuming this role is not strong enough to stop 2 killing forces every night and town has some other power role that can do something more useful than the previous 2 roles up there... 4. Mack - martyr who cannot be protected. So, basically the town safeguard, who also can die for his target. This shows mafia probably has multiple messing roles. This role kinda covers up for the 2nd kill issue that Kaoz needed back up on, however, does not fully do it due to lack of being able to be protected. I would assume some other role exists, probably OS that can protect (Not trying to form a defense, but I can see my role working well with both these roles to stop kills) 5. Barto - Reflexive disabler. High risk, very high reward. It can in theory block mafia or SK from acting the night after. It can also ruin the roles of townies... I would say this makes up for protective role shortage mentioned for Kaoz/Mack 6. Eury - JOAT with unknown roles. Not having any idea on what each role will do is bad. It could be the best role in the game, but it certainly is not more useful in effectiveness than a vanilla. Should not need a counter 7. BBM - insomniac. Slightly better than a vanilla, but very slightly 8. Arcanite - announcer. slightly worse than an insomniac. Surely better than a vanill.... not really Flipped Scum: 1. Junko - compulsive roleblocker - the compulsive IMO is a disadvantage for being caught by roles like tracker/watcher. Makes me think those roles are more likely town. The mass hook is really powerful, but needs two people from faction dead... 2. Shinori - inventor with hijack/vanillizer/immunity to hijack/roleblocks along with a 3 shot delayed strongman. Strongman works well against the doctor roles and the 3 roles work very well to look townie. Except the hijack, but I would think saving that for a buddy would be more productive. Roles that can counter well would be cop types. Watcher/tracker would also help. 3. JB - rogue and janitor - blocks people from targeting self, blocks people being killed from targeting self. Analysis on scum role, every role blocks or redirects in some way. Shinori is the special protection destroyer while JB creates mischief. Yes, info role is missing from maf side, but do they need it? They have enough mischief and blocks on their side, IMO Though, I would say there is a little too much and town needs better roles. I am gonna need to read up on the claimed roles sometime later, I need to sleep now. BUT, I do want to say, the SK probably has immunity to roleblocks to protect against the mafia and a good townie sounding role to blend in to town. I would not assume it to be a neighnorizer or a vanilla esq role, it should be something better, IMO. Based on this theory, I do not see Fable as an ITP SK. The ITP's passive should be hookproof. It also should not have extra kills on it, but bookie could be a good fake claim, no? Will try to rest of analysis tomorrow... (I am basically throwing around role specs, which I love doing)
  3. btw, what is a Bookie, I am gonna make my sorta analysis post soon and go to sleep you may find me after work tomorrow, depending on how work goes. Tomorrow is the estimate due day, so, may not be around until after
  4. no, I haven't read on him, but me assuming he claimed on D2, made me suspicious. Since that is not the case and it happened D4, his claim is not suspicious. I don't have much of a read on anyone other than a very few people based on meta
  5. Doing it earlier would be without reason though, so would set off a lot of red flags
  6. but on D2? that is too early.... what good is outing it over getting hit by it and then getting the vanillized person to get caught in a trap?
  7. btw @Refa when you use your role, do you get one liners or the whole thing?
  8. I wasnt thinking it was a fake claim, I just thought it was detrimental to claim that? Like, you never want to claim bomb, so that you can use your role right, unless you are so good at the game, you will be killed regardless, lmao, no?
  9. Makaze cannot correct himself when he is in tunnel vision mode, which seems to be the case atm.... anyways, do we know what the numbers are? also, do we know why the number of kills at night have not been consistent?
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