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Found 9 results

  1. I love pain. I also love FE6. I also also like drafting. Why not combine the three into the world’s most perfect form of entertainment!? I pretty much lifted these rules straight from the last FE6 Sadist Draft + the proposed changes therein, so uh, there you have it. We need a lot of players so this will prolly take a bit to fill out. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 11 players. Each player will draft 3 units. Mounted units are not allowed to be drafted. 2. Roy, Lalum/Elphin, and Merlinus are free for everyone to use. 3. The third round of drafting is reversed. (ie. the order is 1-2-3-4, 4-3-2-1, 4-3-2-1) 4. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit shops and armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: Meatshielding, building supports, or opening doors or chests. 3. All gaidens are required to be visited. 4. Chapter 20x is free up to 20 turns. 5. Roy may not be warp-rescue-chained. If a units is warped or counts as warped-rescue-chained, then any unit they carry or use the Rescue Staff on also counts as being warp-rescue-chained. 6. Other units may do as they please. Penalties: 1. Undrafted infantry units have a 4 turn penalty per unit per chapter. 2. Unpromoted mounted units have an 8 turn penalty per unit per chapter. 3. Promoted mounted units have a 12 turn penalty per unit per chapter. No cheesing earlygame with Marcus and getting a lower tuncount than you would have without him despite the penalty. Exceptions (a lot of them): 1. Undrafted units are allowed to engage in combat in the first five chapters before the preparations screen without countering. 2. Marcus and Zealot are free for Chapter 7, but may not rescue or rescue-drop Roy. 3. Noah and Treck are free to be attacked without countering and visit villages if recruited in Chapter 7. 4. One unpromoted mounted unit of your choice is free for Chapter 8. 5. An undrafted unit may visit Lugh's village in Chapter 3 if you drafted Lugh. 6. Chad or Lugh is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 12 if you drafted Ray. 7. Cecilia is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 14. 8. Milady is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 16. 9. Zealot is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 20. 10. Fae is free to be attacked without countering in Chapter 24. Participants 1. JudgeWargrave: Deke, Bartre, Karel 2. Finalinsanity: Lugh, Niime, Garret 3. Noh Bodi (empty): Bors, Chad, Sophia 4. Eltosian Kadath: Lot, Dorothy, Fae 5. Doses Not Exest (empty): Wade, Elen, Cath 6. SRC: Rutger, Geese, Douglas 7. XiSrOn: Echidna, Gonzalez, Yodel 8. Eclipse: Lilina, Barth, Igrene 9. Jedi: Ogier, Wolt, Hugh 10. CarmineSword: Fir, Saul, Wendy 11. Gradivus.: Astore, Raigh, Klein Undrafted Scrubs:
  2. So Jonin and Sven, avid FE fans two friends of mine, did what I can only describe as a "minimalist spoken text LP" of FE7 of sorts to compensate for multiple recording failures: https://youtu.be/U606qVCB2D4?t=48m20s At 48 mins 20 seconds they talk about the bosses Paul and Jasmine, a running joke since FE6 and one that has continued into FE10 and FE13. Simply put, they're sick of these characters, or more specifically the "Gay people are funny" joke that comes with them, not only on the grounds that they don't find the joke funny, which on those grounds I fully respect, but also that it's not progressive or appropriate for Fire Emblem or IS/Nintendo, especially with the possibly bisexual Legault being treated as a tragic character rather than a joke. This is what I wanted to make the talking point. Jonin and Sven have never made a statement on their own sexuality, and I'd say this ties into their desire to see Nintendo progress as an inclusive and accepting company more than anything else (In their most recent episode of their podcast "Monkey Broadcast" or "MB", they have a whole discussion on Nintendo and progression that you can listen to at your leisure). I will admit that I found Paul and Jasmine funny during my first play-through of FE7 just because of how surreal the characters were in comparison to everyone else, and while the joke feels childish now, I'd like to think that the inclusion of Legault, and later Heather, are IS's acknowledgement that "not all gays are like this". However, as a straight man, I admit that I'm likely not the best person to talk about this outside of what I've already said, and don't want to come off as insensitive or ignorant, and if I have I apologise. My bisexual friend thought that Jonin and Sven were making mountains out of mole hills, but he's just one guy. So with that, I pose a question to this forum; is the whole "Paul and Jasmine" joke appropriate considering nintendo's wide appeal and should they be cut from future entries in the series in the name of acceptance?
  3. Today, I'm doing something I never would have done if not for peer pressure... GHEBFE! Okay, so, essentially, after FE8 came out in the US, some guy looked at it and said, "wow, this Gheb guy is cool". He went on the internet and found others who shared the same opinion. When they finally found enough people, they all said "let's all build a shrine to our lord and savior!"(Gheb was not originally regarded as a Savior, but the more followers Gheb has, the more convinced people became of his nonexistent beauty). So, they all snuck naked into the deep Canadian woods, and constructed a giant wooden shrine in the shape of Gheb. They were all convinced that if lightning struck it, it would come to life as a REAL GHEB. Finally, a thunderstorm came, and the shrine was hit by lightning... but all it did was catch fire and burn to the ground, because it was just shaped wood. And so, they all headed home and decided it would be easier to make this hack instead. Literally none of that was true, because I have no idea what the actual history of this hack is. It was made way before I joined these forums, like before 2010 even. This hack is positively ANCIENT by hack standards. I'm shocked the download is still working, but whatever. Normally I'd link you to it, but you know what? If for some reason you want to play this, you can find it yourself. I don't want to be a part of propagating this hack's legacy... more than I already am by doing this, at least.e Anyways. This is a blind LP, as I know little to nothing about the hack. So, let's get started! PRELUDE TO GHEBFE: GROWTHS:
  4. So I was attempting chapter 20 of conquest today after the countless restarts I had to do and I actually felt confident about my performance at the time. The wind didn't screw me over that much, my flying units were doing alright, and my boys Xander, Keaton, Kaze, and Shura were at the front lines obliterating the enemies. At one point, there were only five enemies left, and I thought that I won for sure. After Fuga was the only one left, however, the reinforcements arrived... I remember at that point thinking "how could they bring in reinforcements after I killed everyone? That's so cruel!" But I shrugged it off though because the only enemies that showed up were three Pegasus knights on the other side of the map and two lance wielders and one Mage where my team was. So I figured I could have some of my team damage the nearby units while Xander would come in and tank the hits by Fuga and everyone else could finish him off. I learned at that moment though that plans don't always go the way you want them to go. It was too late to fix anything when I found out that Fuga is a TOUGH opponent. Xander got hit by him and he had 10 HP left. I was relieved that he didn't die at first until the lancer went in the offensive. That weak little lancer, the little lancer that could, the lancer that could only deal out 7 double hits on Xander, took him out, causing me to restart the game yet again. And you know what the worst part is? I failed after 29 turns... TWENTY-NINE. FUCKING. TURNS. At first, I wasn't angry, but now I realize that I was in shock for half an hour. Now the rage is slowly building like a fire that is being fed with tiny amounts of gasoline. From now on, due to the tragedy that occurred, I will hunt down the man who thought chapter 20 was a good idea and throw him into a tornado! (or something, you know, because he loves the wind and everything) Sorry for that huge rant everyone. I had to get it all out one way or another. While I'm here though, I might as well say that if anyone wants to share advice as to how I can get beat Fuga (cause he's tough as hell), that would be great. I'd also like to tip my hat to anyone who got past chapter 20 because you guys are awesome. Now if you excuse me, I need some alone time... TL;DR: I had to restart chapter 20 of conquest because Xander died after 29 turns and now I'm mad.
  5. Took some of the H5 adaptations from an old draft that Integ hosted. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Generics will be drafted at the same time as character units. 21 units will remain undrafted. 3. Marth, Jagen, Gotoh/Nagi, Xane, Wrys, Jeorge and Rickard are free for everyone. 4. Each player may pick one of Jake and Beck seperately from the drafting phase. 5. Caeda / Shiida is free for use until Chapter 12x and counts as undrafted for everyone later. 6. The game will be played on Hard 5. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: move, buy or sell things, visit houses, meatshield, recruit units, trade and use map saves. 2. Forging is allowed up to +3 Mt, +15 Hit, +9 Crt and -3 Wt. 3. Gaidens are optional and not counted for the final turncount up to 20 turns, with penalties being counted seperately. 4. The Warp staff and the online shop are strictly banned. 5. Totally unreliable earlygame bosskills are fair game. Extra: 1. Chapter 19 must not be cleared before turn 5. 2. Ogma is allowed to attack the bosses of chapters 2 and 3. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units doing anything not allowed by the rules results in a 4-turn penalty, per unit per chapter. Teams: Skellow: Abel, Draug, Sedgar, Merric, Athena, Horace, Roshea, Etzel, Trim/Ossa, Elice, Julius/Merenta, Aurelius/Kofinas, Vladek/Kyfnos, Hendexa/Voras + Jake - 169 turns KP 2010: Cain, Bord, Cord, Darros, Julian, Lena, Catria, Linde, Maria, Penvo/Athos, Hepto/Foloi, Wieklin/Lyrkia, Dua/Ida, Dexa/Divri, Lucer/Gramos + Jake Gradivus.: Hardin, Wolf, Castor, Navarre, Roger, Matthis, Vyland, Boah, Ymir, Auffle/Chasia, Lorenz, Duadexa/Movri, Unil/Zas, Naunu/Kalon, Owend/Delos + Jake - 160 turns momogeek2141: Ogma, Barst, Gordin, Wendell, Minerva, Palla, Midia, Tiki, Astram, Arran, Xestu/Kerkis, Wymp/Dirfys, Quatro/Aenos, Octu/Giona, Laim/Verno + Jake [spoiler=Remaining units]Bantu Caesar Radd Maria Dolph Macellan Tomas Samson Est Rejek / Ithome Wladis / Lakmos Jeffers / Othrys Augustus / Parnon Jiminez / Pelion Antony / Pindus Pinkley / Skarpa Lever / Cynthus Justinian / Kypariss Sawyer / Cholomon
  6. Hello, everyone! I am here to provide you all with an LP of FE7 CHAOS MODE, brought to me, and maybe to you, by KLOKINATOR! Yes, I know that FE7 chaos mode is quite possibly the most LPed hack in all of serenes forest, but I decided to LP it anyways, partially because none of the LPs has actually been finished(although with its official release, there are a few still in progress), and partially because FE7 chaos mode is a pretty awesome hack and deserves more attention. HERE IS ITS THREAD: FE7 Chaos Mode Thread Klokinator said that when he made this, he wanted to make a hack different from all the other inflation hacks, with just ludicrously inflated enemy and player stats, fake difficulty, and lots of BS everywhere that tries to trick you into thinking it's hard(the other hacks had those things, not this one.). And, although I wouldn't know because this is the only hack of that type I've ever played, I think he succeeded! FE7 Chaos Mode is the best hack of its type that I've ever played! Maybe you want to know a bit more about the hack before I start. Well, I'll tell you about all the many changes Klok made to everything as we go along. Let me just say that EVERYTHING is different. EVERYTHING. Except the maps. And the game's genre and premise. And the plot, which is only a little different. And probably a few other things that I missed. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT, I PROMISE. Of course, as I introduce them to you, I'll assume you have absolutely no foreknowledge of this hack. I'm new to this whole LPing thing, of course, so tell me how I do. And without further ado, it's time for EVEN MORE ADO: THE INTRODUCTION: Before I go, I realize I need something to make this LP DIFFERENT. So, I will be running a lot on audience participation! You guys get to choose who to drop, who to keep, who to uberboost, and maybe even who to kill! All I ask is that you please be decisive, it is very tempting to try to include every character, as all of them make you want to use them, but we have very limited deployment spots, and if we don't focus our limited XP(no arenas!), I'll be in big trouble. I'm done...for now.
  7. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Hector, Marcus, Bartre, Merlinus, Ninian/Nils, and Athos are free for all to use. 3. This game will be played on the only mode, Hector Hard Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors or Chests, talking to Fargus in Chapter 17x, or Seizing Castles in Chapter 25. 3. Gaiden chapters are all optional and don't count for turns up to 20 turns taken each. 4. Other units may do as they please without penalty. 5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. 6. Savestate abuse is encouraged. 7. Mine glitching is encouraged. 8. RNG abuse is allowed if needed but discouraged. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. I fully expect I'll have to take this penalty at some point; go nuts. Exceptions: 1. Matthew is free for Chapter 11. 2. Meatshielding is allowed for Chapter 13x. 3. Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil are free for Chapter 16. Teams: SwordofAeons - Serra, Rebecca, Sain, Isadora, Farina, Nino, Florina, Dart, Jaffar littlebunny - Eliwood, Fiora, Wil, Priscilla, Lyn, Guy, Karla, Legault, Geitz Rapier - Lowen, Lucius, Raven, Pent, Matthew, Louise, Karel, Heath, Hawkeye Nintales - Oswin, Dorcas, Rath, Leila, Erk, Kent, Canas, Harken, Wallace So I've been following the development of Chaos Mode since Phobia's initial LP, and it looks like a ton of fun. Reading LPs gives a sense of what the new characters can do, but I don't think there's any way to internalize BOWSWORDS other than to actually play. I've no idea if the game is even completable in a draft format, but drafts are more fun so let's do it anyway! The hack: [Link] -use the optional savegame; I'm told the Mario Kart items are VERY helpful Notes: Assassins can steal, but don't have desert-find. Base-level Bartre can be used to get Karla. There's a critical item to find in the desert. Magic users have a T3 promotion. Leila breaks her recruitment chapter; reset the game to fix. [spoiler=Units with classes and Klok's rating] Vaida - Bishop - Excellent light user. Low CON but good third tier access. Renault - Druid - Slightly better than vanilla. He's the last chance for a Dark Wizard. [spoiler=Picked units for reference] Jaffar - General - Usable general, but mainly useful for his CON rating. Dart - Monk - Has significant potential, but lackluster upon recruitment Heath - Cleric - Excellent all the way to the endgame. Best when given a stimulant. Karla - Warrior - Insane CON. Best bow user. Can also wield Armads/Wolf Beil. Karel - Paladin - Fairly usable paladin and has great RES. Comes with an Iron Rune! Harken - Sage - Fairly usable sage, and he comes with a fortify + fimbulvetr! Canas - Thief - Probably the closest thing to a perfect assassin that you'll ever get. Kent - HORSEBIRD - Overall, probably the worst playable flier character. Matthew - Cavalier - Speedy cavalier, but lackluster strength may break him in the long run. Serra - Lyn Lord - Possibly the best sword user in the game. Use all the way to the end. Oswin - Mercenary - Incredible earlygame unit. He is lackluster after midgame though. Eliwood - Mage - Incredible end-game unit. He suffers in early and midgame though. Lowen - Wyvern Knight - Great flier, with good STR/DEF. However, he has sacred weapon weakness. Rebecca - Brigand - Likely the best endgame axe unit, but shitastic res may hamper her. Dorcas - Cavalier - The best paladin candidate in the game. Awesome growths but shitty res. Guy - Knight - Excellent early and midgame unit. Can be useful up to endgame as well. Erk - Fighter - Solid early and midgame unit. Risky endgame if promoted early. Priscilla - Cavalier - Growths are 50% in all stats. Easily RNG-screwed or blessed. Florina - Nomad - Good bow user and only nomad, but horrible CON rating hampers her. Lyn - Corsair - Excellent endgame, and +4 luck on recruitment. Complements Rebecca well. Sain - Shaman - Bad bases, but great potential. Makes the best Dark Wizard, easily. Wil - Soldier - Has a custom promotion class. Insane unit once trained up. Use him! Raven - Mage - Excellent mage, possesses roughly the same potential as Eliwood does. Lucius - Eliwood Lord - Stellar unit, but made of paper. Give dragonshields where possible. Leila - Shaman - ??? Fiora - Myrmidon - Second best sword user in the game. Can use the Katti weapons. Isadora - Mage - Literally the best magic user in the game, barring none. Rath - Hector Lord - Excellent unit, but may not max STR and DEF. Lacks RES too Farina - Dragoon - Less CON than will, but for the price, a fairly good stat tradeoff. Pent - Swordmaster - Good sword user. Can wield the Rapier and Durandel weapons. Louise - Berzerker - Good berzerker, but like her husband, not suited to the endgame. Nino - Wyvern Lord - Totally insane growths. Best flier, slowed only by sacred weapon weakness. Legault - HORSEBIRD - Good upon recruitment, but growths are sorta 'meh'. Wallace - Valkyrie - Significantly better than Marcus. Definitely worth using.
  8. Hey, Fateborn here again. I'm going to do a Female!sword only run. If you are familiar with my FE8 run, then the rules will be the same, with few expectations that I have placed in poll to allow you to decide for me (I would do it myself but I like to see what you guys want to see me do.) First rule. Only women are allowed. (Unless Bartre is permitted permanently I won't use him.) And they are required to have either sword, or has promotion gain of swords. In other word... Lyndis, Florina, Fiora, Isadora, Vaida, Farina, and Karla are permitted. However, as an expectation due to low amount of units, Ninian/Nils are also permited. (If only I had a mamakute too...) If such a need arise, I won't hesitate to use a healing class or an additional female unit. But until then, I won't be required to use them. (Yeah, you heard me right. I'm WILLING to use Louise or Priscilla (Two most likely canditate of emergency if something's fucky with my run such as terribad growth on my characters since it usually happen... Fucking Tate, Vanessa and Syrene.) I also have to sell all items that are not swords and consumables (Which means, no axe, no lances, no bows, no staves, no tomes. I will however keeps few lances -for florina and fiora of course, and a couple of bow/staves for louise and priscilla in case of emergency.) As I will be unable to have any female sword users for 5 chapters of HHM, I am allowed to use Eliwood and Hector with no hestitation until I re-acquires Lyndis, to which I will then bench Failwood. (He always suck on my team no matter what happen. It'd be Lyndis who's most blessed, and Hector will be above average, that's always common for me...) I also will level up Priscilla with usages until the unnecessary of her approaches. If something is really messy between chapter 12 and 15, I will be permitted to use Marcus, but only with swords. I'll keep the poll running for 24 hours, or until sufficient votes are input. Till then, I bid you good read and entertainment of my mostly gangsta outburst and dumb references here and there of my run. (Mostly thwomp.) Now then I gotta go study a certain pattern of the chapters and see what I could do for each one (the ones between 11 and 15 anyway.) Edit: Main reason why I'd like to do LHM is so I can drag my balls through chapter 19xx :>
  9. After clearing FE6 with the similar run, I figured I'd tackle either FE7 or FE8 with the same challenge, and I was told to do FE8... After reviewing the roster, I must say it's whole lot tougher than FE6 run for a certainty. Being forced to only have SIX SEVEN units to use, of which one is the last unit to be recruited in the entire game. However, just like my FE6 run, I will also use the dancer and the mamakute. Tethys and Myrrah. The Units I am restricted to for the run... Eirika, Vanessa, Neimi, Tana, Marissa, and Syrene. And Amelia apparently. Tethys and Myrrah I am not allowed to use any other weapons, with expectation of the classes that only get swords on promotion, to which I will freely use their default weapons until they promote. (Vanessa, Neimi, and Tana. Amelia.) With no further explanation, let's begin! [spoiler=Prologue] Silent and Serene adventure begins. On second thought... not that quiet and gentle. Getting the Romance of the Five Kingdoms vibe Random nation is random. I like the wordings. Suicide time? Suicide time! But Daddy, this bracelet is so 15 years ago! Worst King Ever Surprise! Batt sekt! Must...? What? Roll in the mud and sneak through the forest in the camouflages of brownness? CreepValter is Creep Creepiest Character Japan NO! I SHALLN'T LOSE MAH VIRGINITY TO THIS PEDO Best Knight NA? But it's certainly a bother to see you gushing out like a fountain onto your beloved horse. Well, you won't die because it's FEMALE!SWORD ONLY RUN! Eiraka sucks, petitioning for Seth to be turned into a woman please. GIMME EVERYTHING YOU GOT SETHY Dead fighter is dead. Dead princess is dead. Twond try! One step behind the other fighter. SAFE ENOUGH RIGHT? Poke She's good looking at least. She already died though... Not too rash. With a flick of her wrist, that's how. WTB str. Quite so.
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