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  1. So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  2. Basically what happens when the likes of Mortis Ghost and Claude Higgins get their hands on Fire Emblem Fates. So this is a fangame, done in RPG Maker XP, so it will not have the same mechanics as Fire Emblem Fates. In fact, it will have very similar mechanics to OFF by Mortis Ghost (along with its own fangames, including UNKNOWN). But it is based off Fire Emblem Fates and pretty well 99% of the content is Fire Emblem Fates, even if portrayed differently (e.g. not the official resources). Okay so what happens is there is a Revelation timeline, created over a Conquest timeline but then Conquest tries to take over (hence the creepypasta-esque name Conquest.exe) and a huge struggle ensues. Like UNKNOWN, there will be multiple endings, based on the player's actions and the methods to get them will be secret (meaning the game itself won't give you hints, you'll have to find out for yourself or ask others how to get all the endings). It's going to be incredibly dark and stuff. It centres around the Avatar and her (headcanon) married family - Ryoma, Kana and Shiro and their determination to keep the timeline stable and protect it from characters from the Conquest timeline (but of course the other characters from the Rev. timeline will be assisting). Then along comes a Puppeteer... The Puppeteer decides to help the Rev!Characters out (if you don't want to help them out, then don't play at all, it's that simple) but evil ensues. So yeah, take care out there, my friends, and- YXZvaWQgc2VwcHVrdQ==
  3. Revelation could be a main route ? True route ? I don't know.
  4. I wanted to share this 3-part orchestral suite I wrote with those that might be interested. Each movement features a different game (I. Birthright, II. Conquest, III. Revelation) and totals to around 27 minutes of orchestrated and arranged Fire Emblem music. Had a blast making these over the course of this last year, and hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I do. Given that, I appreciate comments as they are a good source of motivation and if you like my stuff, feel free to follow me! I plan to keep releasing Fire Emblem orchestral music over time (as well as a bunch of other Nintendo arrangements) :D
  5. I changed my Corrin into the Dark Falcon class, and she seems unstoppable if they aren't any archers up against her, but what should I make Dwyer or Kana into?
  6. Hello! This is my first post to this site! Ok, so I’m not the best at explaining things but here goes...the holiday season is upon us in the US, and I wanted to give my best bud my physical copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (since he always watches me play it) so that I could buy Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for myself (since I kinda regret not picking that first, for irl reasons). I already bought Conquest and Revelation as DLC for the Birthright cartridge. Is there a way I could put them both on an SD card and give that and Birthright to him so that he’ll have all 3 versions on his 2DS? Or will he be forced to rebuy them (if he wanted to play the other routes) and I can just give him an eShop gift card with it instead? I really hope I explained that clearly, really super sorry if I didn’t! ALSO, since I’ll be getting a physical copy of Conquest, is it posible I can still retain my DLC of Revelation on my 3DS if its still on the SD card, or will I be forced to rebuy that too? Again, sorry if I missed any details or said something confusing! Feel free to ask me to clarify any points, and thank you for taking the time to read and help me!
  7. I'm planning to optimize almost every unit on a Revelation-Classic Lunatic Run that i plan to be doing. I'm up to Sakura on the list, and I saw that her best class was Priestess. What would be some supportive skills to put on her?
  8. I heard that Shura is a good unit in Revelations because of his godlike base stats when he joins. I plan on creating a female avatar and marrying him. My plan was to reclass him into a Butler and grab Seal Strength, Seal Magic, and Seal Speed from other playthroughs. His personal skill, Highwayman, plus these three seals and daggers will result in an unholy level of debuffing.I am now looking at his growths and caps as a Butler, and they seem.... lackluster, at best.30% HP, 35% Str, 20% Mag, 35% Skl, 50% Spd, 40% Lck, 45% Def, and 45% ResI want to know if I should use him or not, I really feel like he would fall behind if I i did.He looks great on paper, considering the fact that using a Sacrificial Knife, the enemy will obtain -8 Luck, -5 Def/Res, -9 Str, -9 Mag, and -9 Speed every time he initiates combat, but his growths are killing me. If i could have some assistance, that would be great. Thanks.
  9. So I've been planning a playthrough of Revelations for a bit, and for it I've really been considering have Corrin end up in the Vanguard class. And I started to wonder what skills, boon, and banes synergized with the class best. So, What are some skills, boons and banes that synergize well with the Vanguard class? Looking at it, it looks to be a very physical class, that would appreciate a bit more speed but I'd like hear more about it.
  10. I'm replaying Conquest on Lunatic, and following the best marriage pairings guide here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/48u8b4/fe14_optimal_fates_pairings_birthright_conquest/ I have been Googling around for the best classes I should be working towards for each character, and skill sets for them... But I have only found this thread which didn't go anywhere: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73487346 Access to DLC and amiibo classes is fine, I'm very early into the game still with school keeping me busy, but have been trying to play around with different skill sets. Maybe this thread could develop into some fun discussion about classes and skill sets? Have you created or seen any interesting skill sets for characters via online battles that interested you? :)
  11. Hey all, So I've finally gotten to my Revelation playthrough, and I was wondering what promotions you did for what units. Not necessarily for min/maxing, but rather for general ease of playthrough. Also since I own all 3 paths now, which characters did you promote to the bonus items (Dark Falcon, Dread Fighter and Witch)? I don't own any of the non-free DLC, in case there was more stuff included there.
  12. This is a Revelation run. Here are the maleficent rules: 1.) Thou shall choose one character from Fire Emblem Fates. There will be 4 female characters and 3 male characters, along with 8 child characters w/ their alternate parent. 2.) Thou shall choose my Male Avatar's name, boon, bane, and talent. 3.) I can only use those 15 characters and my avatar. 4.) I have yet to aquire the funds for the DLC map that allows me to recruit the Anna unit, but I have aquired the Lucina amiibo, so that is a choice. 5.) I shall lose if all my units die in battle. If the avatar dies, I shall just not move him in battle.
  13. Just curious. Not much else to say. EDIT: For those wondering, I'm the cunt that finished Revelation first.
  14. Next week I hope to start something I've been looking forward to doing for a while. I recently finished creating a web page that can be used to generate a random "skill tree" (set of skills each class learns) for Fire Emblem Fates (see details here) and am planning to to use it for a run through the Revelation path on Lunatic-Classic difficulty. The way this works is that each time one of my units earns a skill by reaching a level milestone in their class, I consult the table generated using that webpage to find the shuffler-chosen skill corresponding to that milestone. Then at the end of the chapter, I use a save editor to overwrite the skill that the game awarded, replacing it with the one chosen by the shuffler. The shuffler will never give a class a completely useless skill, so e.g. Swordfaire will always go to a Sword-using class. The reason I call this a "double-blind" run is that, first of all, it's my first time through Revelation, and second of all, I'll be using the "Surprise Mode" on the shuffler, so each skill is hidden until one of my units reaches the class/level milestone to earn it. Since it is a blind run, I'll be commenting on the story as well as the gameplay, and there will be spoilers for all 3 routes (as I have played the other ones already). Please do not give story spoilers for Revelation chapters I haven't played! The run will start at Chapter 7 using a +Mag -Str female Avatar. The run will not use DLC or Path Bonuses. However, it will use Challenges/Scouting to train underleveled characters (as Revelation is infamous for units joining at a way-too-low level, that much I know). ----------- Anyway, one feature of the shuffler is that it allows the user to optionally include some or all of the enemy skills in the shuffle, in case the player wanted to see what it's like being able to earn them by leveling up and turn some of the game's nastiest tricks against itself. I can see why doing that would be appealing to some and unappealing to others, so... BRANCH OF FATE: CHOOSE YOUR PATH! Option 1 *LOSER (1 vote)* I will use only the standard skills from the classes in the base game. They'll be shuffled around, so who knows which'll get what, but they'll all be there. -or- Option 2 *WINNER (5 votes)* I will set the shuffler to exclude some of the less exciting standard skills, and replace them with the lowest-power tier of enemy skills. These enemy skills will have to be earned by reaching the class/level milestones chosen by the shuffler, just like any other skill. The following changes would occur if option 2 is chosen: Excluded: Golembane, Future Sight, Shove, Swap, Skill +2, Luck +4 Included: Point Blank, Winged Shield, Bold Stance, Hit/Avo +10, Resist Status, and the one...the only...the dreaded...Inevitable End. I'll leave it up to you, the eventual readers, to decide. I won't start the run until sometime on or after Monday, September 19, so you have until then to vote in the topic poll. The topic poll is now closed. Until we meet again, have a nice weekend everyone!
  15. I received Birthright and Conquest as separate games/cartridges for my birthday a little while ago and I've beaten Birthright and Conquest. I recently purchased Revelations through my Birthright cartridge and it really annoys me that when I check the records hall it shows my Revelation and Birthright cutscenes, but not the Conquest ones. Is there any way to somehow save my file or the cutscenes themselves from Conquest to my DS so that I can watch all three sets of cutscenes on the one cartridge?
  16. I have some S-ranks already, but I only went ahead with the pairs I really ship. Since this is for my main file, I really want to be sure that I like all of the S-ranks I go with, but I honestly have no idea what other S-supports I should go for. I want all of the kids, and I could just go for the hair colour I like, but I think I'd regret pairing a couple who's supports I don't like or care for. So, concerning the characters I haven't paired yet, are there any supports that are really good? Either interesting or entertaining. Like Selkie and Asugi, where they went on missions together, that sort of thing~ Honestly, anything will do if it's not just the standard "Apparently I fell in love with you while we were cleaning that one shelf yesterday. I'm so glad we met two days ago." Here's my list of the S-ranks I have: Ryouma x Mozu Queen Mozu is best Mozu. I really like the idea of a peasant becoming queen. <3 Mozu is probably good with Xander, too, but I don't think Mozu has a single bad support. Hinoka x Subaki Mainly for Not-Cordelia's hair colour, but Subaki is rather prince-like. As well as that, though their supports weren't very interesting, they did suggest that Hinoka and Subaki have known each other for a long time. Takami x Setsuna Setsuna is one of my favourites, I don't know why but I seriously adore her, pft. ;; I think she and Takumi look really cute together, and though Setsuna's supports are basically all the same, her support with Takumi made me laugh a lot. Azura x Kaden They remind me of a Princess Mononoke-type of couple, and their supports were the cutest I've seen. I don't think I could pair them with anyone else. <3 Xander x Sakura I wanted to marry one of the siblings to each other, but I shipped things for the other Hoshido siblings already. Xander and Sakura are weird for the age, but I think he'd treat her well. Leo x Nyx Leo probably has better supports, but his with Nyx was pretty good. Nyx has my favourite hair colour for Forrest, I think he just looks better with darker hair. Camilla x Keaton I didn't get the impression that Camilla actually liked him, but I like Keaton's daughter being a princess. Kaze x Felicia They're really cute, and they look good together! Odin x Selena Owain and Severa were married on Awakening, so it's as if their marriage carried over into Fates. Extra rambling: I'm not sure if Niles and Beruka's supported were really that interesting, but they look like they'd be a cute couple. I could see him putting a bow in her hair or something, with her not really saying anything for or against it, but then never taking it out. <3 For Peri, I'm between Laslow and Arthur. She looks nicer with Laslow, and from what I've seen, that's the pairing most people prefer. However, Arthur and Peri seem kind of interesting, since they're like a hero and villain duo from a comic book or something. (Superman and Harley Quinn?) On the other hand, though, Peri's too cute for Arthur, and they don't look good when next to each other. So then, though, who would I pair Arthur with? I don't really ship anyone with him. Is there anyone he's actually good with, as far as either chemistry goes or how interesting/entertaining the supports are? I have the same issue with Azama. I really don't like him with anyone, but I have to pair him with someone since I like Mitama. ;; I've seen that Effie is really popular with Azama, but she deserves so much better. Effie is popular with Arthur, too, but I think I actually like her with Benny. At least he'd treat her well. I paired Azama with Oboro in Birthright, and I don't want to pair her with him again. I just can't look at them and say "Ah yes, these two are a couple." I suppose I'll have to suck it up and marry Azama and Arthur with someone, but I can't for the life of me decide who with. Gotta do it for the kids, even if I'd much rather have pairings that I actually ship. As far as Laslow goes, aside from Peri, I was wondering if he was good with Elise. They're kind of awkward because of the ages, but in Awakening, I married Inigo to someone with Libra as the father, so Elise would give him a blond Solei. Maybe I could just marry him to whoever, and say his first marriage didn't work out? Or just pretend it never happened-? For Oboro, I have half a mind to pair her with Hinata. It's mostly because I guess they just look good together? Or, well, they're pretty similar in height and stuff, and they just look like they could be love interests. They just look... natural with each other? Aside from them, are there any Oboro or Hinata pairings that are better? Oboro and Takumi are perfect, and I'm afraid to ever do their supports in case I like them too much. I really ship Takumi and Setsuna, so~ I married Jakob to Hana in Birthright, and they're alright if not a bit boring. I do like the proposal, though. Jakob and Rinka seem to be unpopular, but they had one of the few supports where I actually couldn't wait to see what came next. It was just Jakob being a jerk to her, but the banter was really entertaining to me, I guess? That said, I don''t want to pair them for my main file. In Birthright, I married Saizo to Kagero, and I guess that aside from Effie, she's the only one who really looks old enough for him, and they're both mature looking. Despite that, are there any Saizo and Kagero supports that are better? I remember someone saying that Saizo and Charlotte were good. Also, should I pair Hayato with Orochi? It feels like I shouldn't just because they're "the two mages", but I like Rhajat with Orochi's hair colour. She looks strange with lighter hair colour, but with Orochi's colour, it won't be dark enough to make her look like Tharja, so it's not a bad colour at all. Sorry for all this, I think that's everything I had to say?
  17. Hi guys, I recently got the FE Fates games and am currently on Revelations. There are many threads regarding which mother is best for which child but they involve units that I've already paired with someone. I've been pondering the following pairings: Laslow x Peri Niles x Felicia Subaki x Hinoka Hinata x Selena Takumi x Camilla Silas x Rinkah Jakob x Oboro I've recruited an Oboro!Dwyer in a previous save file and he seemed alright but I'd like to get an opinion about this pairing too. I'm really looking for any sort of opinion, apart from the Subaki x Selena fanservice. I don't mind switching around some of the girls Thanks in advance and apologies if this is an overly repetitive topic.
  18. Wanted feedback before actually starting. I can explain any pairings if you need me too. This was the list. * indicates a royal child. (Dragon Vein) *Caeldori = Subaki xSakura *Kana = Avatar (+MAG/-LCK) x Caeldori --> Also wondering which talent to take for Avatar: Dragon or Mage were top picks. *Shigure = Niles x Azura *Nina = Niles x Azura Dwyer = Jakob x Effie *Sophie = Silas x Hinoka Midori = Kaze x Rinkah *Shiro = Ryoma x Oboro *Kiragi = Takumi x Hana Asugi = Saizo x Charlotte Selkie = Kaden x Kagero Hisame = Hinata x Setsuna Mitama = Azama x Felicia Rhajat = Hayato x Orochi *Siegbert = Xander x Selena *Forrest = Leo x Beruka Ignatius = Benny x Nyx Velouria = Keatonx Peri Percy = Arthurx Mozu *Ophelia = Odin xElise *Soleil = Laslow xCamilla
  19. Mild spoilers for FE13 and FE14 ahead Hi all! So I have had a Revelations file planned for a while now, in which I pair couples based on the colours the mother will pass down to her child to get the closest to the official sprites as I can. Official sprites (as used on Twitter) compiled here This poses some immediate challenges. Some children could use the same mother for the closest hairstyle. My choice? The characters with the most hair or the most plot significance (i.e. Heirs of Fates or Awakening references) will get precedence over non-plot relevant children. For example, this would imply that Soleil wins Felicia's hair colour over Miitama as Soleil's hair references Olivia. There are some highly sought after hair colours (i.e. blonde) that we just don't have enough units for or colours that are rare/inaccessible. So I will be using a female Avatar to wed one lucky guy - though I'm undecided on who. This is where you come in! Below is a list of chosen pairings that create near-canon hair colours for the children. Midori - Kaze x Setsuna (closest to green) Asugi - Saizo x Sakura (commonly paired for near-orange hair) Caeldori - Subaki x Selena (implied as Caeldori's 'canon' mother) Siegbert - Xander x Charlotte (Siegbert is an Heir of Fate. Charlotte provides a near ideal blonde.) Soleil - Laslow x Felicia (Priority over Miitama as reference to Awakening) Ophelia - Odin x Elise (provides same shade of hair as Odin) Shiro - Ryoma x Mozu (Mozu's hair is darker and thus closer to Shiro's canon shade than her other contender, Kagero) Rhajat - Hayato x Nyx (Black hair that references Tharja in Awakening) Miitama - Azama x Rinkah (White is closest to her sherbet pink) Kiragi - Takumi x Hana (Closest to Takumi's hair colour) Hisame - Hinata x Kagerou (slightly lighter brown is closest to Hisame after Hana) Dwyer - Jakob x Effie (Silver hair is close to Dwyer's grey) Unsure: Sophie - Silas x Beruka? Selkie - Kaden x Hinoka? Percy - Arthur x ??? Nina - Niles x Azura? Forrest - Leo x ??? Ignatius - Benny x ??? Velouria - Keaton x ??? Please post your feedback and suggestions below! All suggestions for couples will be considered, even the "established" ones! Let's canonize!
  20. Just your typical standard PMU. Rules: - There are no rules - DLC is present - Every character can be chosen. Everything. - Customize my corrin including talent, name, appearance, boon/bane and gender - 16 units total Characters: - Paladin!Michel (+ Str -Luck) (S Selena) (A+ Silas) - Grandmaster!Leo (S Nyx) - Adventurer!Nyx (S Leo) - Dread Fighter!Selena (S Avatar) - Falcon Knight!Laslow (S Azura) - Master Ninja!Azura!Soleil - Hero!Laslow!Shigure - Bow Knight!Selena!Kana - Wyvern Lord!Camilla (S Niles) - Vanguard!Niles (S Camilla) - Dark Knight!Camilla!Nina - Malig Knight!Gunter - Malig Knight!Odin (S Beruka) - Witch!Elise - Adventurer!Nyx!Forrest - Great Knight!Effie
  21. Got all units! Please no more requests, thank you all! Castle Adress : 06215-84252 07541-25264 (EU) Sooo, I've recently finished my Lunatic/Classic Revelation playthrough and it wasn't really challenging, so why not do a fun challenge? PMU is short for ''Pick My Unit'', meaning you guys can choose the units I have to use. The difficulty will be Lunatic/Classic and the route is Revelation as well. The file was already prepared with a +Mag/-Luck F!Corrin (I played to the part where you get the first access to your castle). Rules : - I will need about 15 units. - Any female units except Flora (due to late joining time) and Scarlet are allowed. You know what? Let's include Forrest :^) - Child Units are allowed as well and will be recruited once I finished Ch 18. I choose the parents and who I S rank together, however (unless the requested class requires a certain parent). -> Concerning child units : I cannot guarantee if I'm able to recruit Nohrian children, as the maps will be as difficult as Conquest Lunatic maps. I'd appreciate if an alternative unit is given, in case I don't manage to complete the map successfully, but I will certainly try! - You can request classes I should reclass the said unit(s) into as well - as long as the reclass still is usable (for example no crap like Strategist Effie or Wyvern Lord Elise). - Please vote for the class I have to reclass Corrin into as well! You may choose between Nohr Noble, Dark Flier, Witch,Priestess ,Dark Knight or Sorcerer (sorry, but ulitising the +Mag is a blessing). The most voted one will be used! - Subsitute units sadly have to be used until I have all the requested units ready, my apologies. It would be really hard to pull through the earlier chapters with barely no units at all. Once I got a unit I'll actually use ready, the subsitute will immediately be dumped. - I beg for a healer ;~; (and a Dragon Vein user besides Corrin, but it's optional). - DLC classes and characters (Anna) are allowed! So far : Corrin class : Witch 1. Maid!Sakura (A+ Elise) - Onion Chieftain of da ring 2. Dread Fighter!Selena - Ether 3. Oni Chieftain!Rhajat (mother Azura)- Jave, BindingFate, Wayward Alchemist 4. Wyvern Lord!Oboro (A+ Beruka) - CooledSheep, a friend 5. Falcon Knight!Elise (A+ Azura) / potentially Maid or witch - BindingFate, (kcirrot) 6. Spear Master!Rinkah (A+ Oboro) - Funky Tim 7. Basara!Ophelia (mother Orochi) - TrueEm (Note : I'll try my best!) 8. Swordmaster!Camilla (S rank Ryoma) - Guardian 9. Hero!Beruka - Michelaar 10. Maid!Peri (A+ Felicia) - Lord_Grima 11. Beserker!Velouria (mother Effie) - Bandit (I'll try my best recruiting her as well!) 12. Strategist!Anna - Levant Mir Celestia 13. Sniper!Selkie (mother Charlotte) - Vale 14. Master of Arms!Mitama (mother Hana) - SuperWow121 15. General!Effie - 11volt (THANK GOD) [spoiler={Chapter 7 to 13}] Chapter 7 : Basically soloed it with Corrin and her Dragonstone, Jakob supported and Azura did some nice dancing things. But all battle EXP was fed to good old Corn. Chapter 8 : This one was really easy as well, Corrin nearly one shotted everything. Gunter was her loyal pair up. Sakura and her retainers (+ Kaze) joined at the end of the chapter, so here comes a new actual team member! Chapter 9 : Oh, Chapter 9... Mr Wind's Wild Ride, how I hate it. This one took two tries, in the first one a unfortunate gust of wind fucked everything up. The second one worked well, except that it ended with Gunter being permanently killed because he was blown up to the 'platform' where Fuga stands. He is my favourite Fates character, but who needs him in Revelation anyway. No supports, crap growth and he's not a part of the PMU so - bye bye, rest well, old man! Rinkah, a unit I can use to actually fight, and Hayato joined. Chapter 10 : Let's just say it took me 50 turns because I was super careful. Every EXP possible was given to big buff fire puff Rinkah. Hayato and Jakob had some fun solely being used to plow some snow. Azura did some nice singing action for Rinkah, that's about it. The guy that needs to be blamed, irrelevant guy and Oboro joined! It's nice to get units you actually have to use. Paralogue 1 : Giving all EXP to Oboro and Rinkah, that's it. They didn't even gain too much EXP, but I needed some support grinding to get Rinkah into Spear Master. Some grinding on the first map aaaand - Rinkah was reclassed into a Spear Fighter! Chapter 11 : This one was tricky, but I managed it my first try without anyone dying! Reina and Takumi had to be used as a last resort two or three times, especially fighting against the prepromoted Master Ninjas. Oboro and Rinkah were already really high in level and didn't gain as much EXP as others. And let's not talk about overleveled Corrin and Sakura. But seriously, the Master Ninjas are REALLY scary, overleveled Witch Corrin wouldn't have managed to hit or defeat them efficiently. At least there aren't a ton of reinforcements like in Birthright, else it would have taken multiple tries. Anna on the Run : I wanted another team member, soooo why not get Anna by now. To be honest, I just threw Corrin with a Jakob pair up into the horde of Beserker bros and let her dodge and kill everything. Oboro and Rinkah aren't really able to do wonders here. Chapter 12 : Short : Attempt at getting up Anna's Level. In this one I got every unit on the two boats near Corrin and just hoped for the best. It took about two tries? This chapter isn't too bad, but the Corrin boat was in a pinch quite often. Once the Dragon Veins popped up, I cleared the boat with Beruka and Rinkah. After this it was just waiting for the reinforcements to end (ABOUT 30 TURNS, agh) and then move onto the Flora boat. All the reinforcements are quite dangerous because Sorcerers and Beserkers hit like trucks, but magic Corn can handle it. Rinkah, Oboro and especially Anna took out the weakened prepromotes. The Camilla squad joins! And then support grinding between Oboro and Beruka happened - Friendship sealed Oboro into Wyvern Rider. Beruka actually gained a level despite it being the first map. After she got Lunge, I reclassed her into a Fighter right away. Selena was reclassed into a Dread Fighter immediately, a Weapon Scroll was used on her as well. Chapter 13 : That one scared me quite a bit since the start of it is pretty hard, but it worked on the first try! Corrin took out the Onmyoji and Master of Arms on the right, once the Swordmaster was taken out, the coast was clear. Selena and Beruka were fed almost every EXP possible and now they are overleveled beasts as well. Anna got a bit of EXP too. I love how strong Beruka and Selena are! Selena is great with Shuriken and Beruka is still very accurate, even with the Gamble skill on her! The royal brothers are too strong in this chapter, so they had to be taken out with OP Corrin. Camilla was a pair up bot for Beruka all the time, I won't really use her until she'll actually gain EXP and is close to be reclassed into Swordmaster. I think Elise and Effie join in the next chapter, so that's something to look forward to! Thank you for reading, special thanks if you chose a unit! c: - Osi
  22. I'm replaying Revelation for the second time, but it's the first time on hard mode. Classic mode. I'm struggling more than I expected to. I've been put to tears. Please help me. I don't know if I'm going to need more help after this, but we'll start here: Chapter 12. My avatar (+spd/-str). Keeps dying. I gave her and almost every other unit deployed at least one of the following tonics (my avatar has all of them): HP, luck, defense, resistance. I believe some of them also had a meal that boosts speed. In the past, I've put other royals on the same boat as the avatar, because they've always had the best stats for me. But because I now know about the Dragon Veins and how tedious the map can be without putting one royal on each boat, she is the only royal on that boat. I've been putting Subaki (reclassed to Samurai) and Hayato alongside her. All of my units so far have survived except Kaze and Saizo. I also have two bond units, one a Samurai, another a Wyvern Rider. All three of those units on that boat get pretty banged up on, but my avatar gets it the most, especially from the Dark Mages. I feel like I've done all I can to prepare myself for this chapter, yet I can't stop letting myself down. Anyone, please give me tips. I need help.
  23. Since there are so many threads asking for help with their Revelation Pairings, I figured one big thread dedicated to posting any questions you may have would be better than clogging up the Forum with 2-3 new threads a day. If you want any help with your Pairings, please post them here.
  24. What is the best class / skill set for Velouria!Kana? (+Str -Def) I currently use her as Berserker Vantage, Awakening, Gamble, Death Blow, Heartseeker/Certain Blow Besides Berserker, is there other class that you would recommend? Would Nohrian Trust build be better for her? If yes, who is the best partner for her?
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