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  1. (Wasn't sure if this would go here or in Fan Projects, so I flipped a coin.) This is just me being curious, but would it be possible to use FE4's engine to create a ROM hack? I don't mean a translation, but using the game's engine to create an entirely new game from scratch (new sprites, new map design, new classes, new weapons, etc.) Of course, all things in this area are difficult, but I'm wondering if it has ever been done before/could it be possible.
  2. So my original plan was to make Shura the ultimate debuffer, using his personal skill, Highwayman, Shurikens/Knives, and Seal skills. I know that Seal Skills and Knife debuffs dont stack, but I'm curious about Highwayman. Does Highwayman debuffs stack with others?
  3. So I'm turning my Hayato into a Dark Knight. Here are the growths and caps. Hayato: HP/65% Str/50% Mag/50% Skl/35% Spd/55% Lck/65% Def/55% Res/25% HP/55 Str/32 Mag/32 Skl/27 Spd/29 Lck/32 Def/33 Res/29 There are like no websites on good skills to give Hayato since barely anyone uses him. I was thinking about Death Blow and Certain Blow to patch up his shaky Skill, and maybe some Seal- skills since he isn't ORKOing any foes. What do you think I should give him?
  4. I'll take Quick Draw, but I got other plans for her. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. I don't care about early game stats, and I heard Azama is a good dread fighter so i might save that for him.
  6. Why is Counter useless? She is going to be tanking hits, so doing a little extra damage is always nice.
  7. Aight im back and i got the stats. I realized I shouldn't go Berserker with her because I'm trying to make her into a tanky Charlotte, and Berserker would diminish that. I'll grab HP +5 and Axefaire from Fighter though. I guess I'll try to make her into a Tanky Charlotte as an Oni Chieftain with Death Blow, Axefaire, HP + 5, Certain Blow, and Counter. How does that sound?
  8. Grabbing Profiteer might work in tandem with my Anna build (with getting gold bars 100% of the time). I just wanted to know if it would work, and it seems like it does. Thanks.
  9. (tbf, the Critmaster title belongs to Charlotte) I'll check out their stats and Berserker Rinkah. I'll get back to you when I have the stats ready. Ryoma PROBABLY deserves someone better than uh, Rinkah tbf. I heard they do work pretty well together, but there might be someone else so. EDIT: I gtg now so I'll calc the stats later :)
  10. I'm thinking about Hinata or Keaton. They patch up her weak spots (Str and Spd), which she really appreciates. Keaton also gives her access to the Fighter class, which I'm curious about.
  11. I'm doing several runs and buying skills from myself, so I can get anything. I'll check out what Takumi gives Rinkah, vice versa, and Kiragi. It does bother me that she loses 10% HP growth, but if really is the best class for her, I'll go for it. Thanks.
  12. Uh, thanks for the skills and weapons, but if you could help with her partner and final class, that would be great. Thanks for replying.
  13. Oh boy! Optimizing every unit can make me crazy sometimes. Anyways, I'm onto Rinkah, and I'm wondering if it's even possible to make her good. I heard that she works well as a bench warmer, but can't do that here. Anyways, what would be a good S-Support partner for her (Kaze is taken), good skills, and best final class for Rinkah.
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