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Found 14 results

  1. For those who've heard of GenocIke... I present to you... GenocIke and Ryoma! In this story of sorts, Ryoma has gone insane from too many Conquest timelines and being forced to kill himself over and over again. Then he finds the infamous GenocIke... The story so far: Panels 1-9: Panels 10-21: Panels 22 - 30 (Mild Blood Warning): Panels 31 - 40 (Mild Gore Warning): Panels 41-50: Panels 51-61: Panels 62-70 Panels 71-80 Panels 81-90: Panels 91-100: Panels 101 - 110 More coming eventually... Also, not only will I regularly update this with more of Ryoma's maddness, but I shall also allow you to make suggestions of any panels you want to add. Just tell me: 1. The character(s) you want in the panel. 2. What they say 3. The expression when they say it (optional) 4. Location (optional) 5. Optional things that are happening (i.e. someone being stabbed) and I can get it done using little more than the conversation generator and Paint.net.
  2. I have corrin and takumi as butlers. im having trouble with ryoma. how do i do it>
  3. So, I just got back from another run of Birthright, and it amazes me how toxic the community is over Fates. I will acknowledge that the game CERTAINLY isn't perfect. And while I will say that Birthright is the best path in my opinion, due to balance and plot reasons, people are just destined to argue over the game for all eternity. But is it really that horrible? Well, Conquest and Revelations are pretty bad balance-wise, and Conquest is even worse in the plot department. But I digress, because Birthright is one of the best games I have played, personally. So, let me explain this to you guys. First, I didn't try too hard to compare it to the rest of the series. And that seems to be what's earning this game, as well as Awakening, negativity in the community. Don't think of it as much as a Fire Emblem game, and especially don't try to compare it to Blazing Blade or Radiant Dawn; you'll almost certainly be disappointed. But think of it as a standalone experience. Here's my analysis: I thought the game was BRILLIANT. The setup was amazing; the whole "pick a family" dynamic was just so cruel, it was good. As you know, this IS a Birthright analysis, so I would choose Hoshido. And this, dear readers, is where the fun begins. For convenience, I've sorted my review into four main categories; characters, gameplay, story, and map design. For the purpose of this review, I'm playing Classic Normal, and I've also decided to use female Corrin, because personally, I generally prefer her to male Corrin. Section 1: Characters Section 2: Gameplay Section 3: Story Section 4: Map Design So with all of that in mind (and keep in mind, this IS my opinion), I give the game a 3/5 on my part. I'm planning on picking up Awakening next, and if it's anything like what I've heard (similar to Birthright, but better), I'll probably enjoy it. But what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!
  4. I want to ask, what are your favorite royals from all 3 Kingdoms?
  5. Ryoma, Peerless Samurai "I see you're taking notice of my armor. Do you find it...unusual?" What much is there to say about the this guy. He's well-rounded and like his Fates counterpart is excellent through one battle, and then attempts to make up for the damage taken by reverting to being a surprise attacker. Level 40 Stats: HP: 37/41/44 Atk: 31/34/37 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 23/27/30 Res: 18/21/24 BST: 157-158 Skills: Weapon: Raijinto Assist: - Special: Astra A: Defiant Atk 3 B: - C: Hone Spd 3 Movement: Infantry - Access to Infantry Pulse, Wrath, Steady Breath ...etc. Endless "Crits" Calm Recipient Peace and War
  6. If you don't see your favorite character from fates, in this poll, feel free to leave him/her in the comments.
  7. Every time he has a conversation in the story or in supports, he takes up like 60% of the entire screen.
  8. VIEW RESULTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST UNDER "EDIT" The Fire Emblem Fates community has been pretty split on which of the two samurai retainers for the Hoshidan Royal Family is better, so the time has finally come to end it, once and for all! I am personally on Team Hinata, but I want to know YOUR opinion! (Note: Please choose between the first two, if at all possible. The last choice is really just for laughs. Only pick it if you don't like either Hana or Hinata.) EDIT: The results are in! At the time in which I am typing this Hinata is technically winning by two votes (42, 44, 19, 19), but due to the short distance between the two (which was constantly fluctuating) and request from other users I've decided to call this poll a tie. Many thanks to all who voted!
  9. I'm playing Birthright, and I decided to put Ryoma's Raijinto into the Convey, as I was curious as to what his actual strength stat was. Without the Raijinto, Ryoma has 24 strength. He is a level 14 Swordmaster. Sakura, a level 11 Priestess, has 25 strength. That is the joint second highest strength total in the entire army. I did not use a single energy drop on her. I promoted her when she hit level 20 in her unpromoted class. And no, I haven't reclassed Sakura either. She has just been a Priestess and her unpromoted class. Is this normal? Edit: Pictures, to show that I am not making this up:
  10. I know this has been touched on in more than one thread - usually one not just about the topic - and seeing it again might annoy some people. If you don’t want to rehash your side of the argument, that’s fine. Skip this thread. But I feel that what I consider my side, the side of wanting to criticize Ryoma for his actions is often not well argued or fails to touch on the parts that really bother me about his actions here. I’ve always felt there is a real lack of clarity to why Ryoma comes across badly here. I mean, I remember reading discussions surrounding dislike of Robin’s actions in Awakening when the enemy fleet is burned and the lack of remorse/discussion among the characters about the act. But for some reason whenever someone says “Ryoma was kinda a jerk in Chapter 12” he gets defended a lot. But while Nohr is presented as a “morally ambiguous place” that often does questionable things, the story presents Hoshido as good and honorable. Which is why it is so easy to have a kneejerk disgusted reaction of Ryoma’s choices in Chapter 12. Because it’s a guy claiming he’s on the high ground while doing questionable things. Skip to the end for the Tl;dr version. We can look at it this way – people were so bothered by the treatment in war of prisoners and the wounded, we got the Geneva Conventions (back in 1860s) which defines the basic rights of wartime prisoners (civilians and military personnel); established protections for the wounded and sick; and established protections for the civilians in and around a war-zone. Specifically it states that persons taking no active part in the hostilities, including members of armed forces who have laid down their arms and those placed hors de combat (aka taken out of combat) by sickness, wounds, detention, or any other cause, shall in all circumstances be treated humanely. To this end, the following acts are and shall remain prohibited at any time and in any place whatsoever with respect to the above-mentioned persons: violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture, taking of hostages, outrages upon dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment, executions. Plus a second part which states after combat the wounded and sick shall be collected and cared for. But the Geneva Conventions weren’t the first historical event where people came out and considered just what was considered ‘acceptable’ during times of war – there is much literature on basically the treatment of the wounded, sick and shipwrecked that date quite a ways back. Back in the day, that could include the injured giving their parole (a promise not to fight) and retaining their weapons, or giving up all their weapons in order to pass. But, more problematically, what if you have a cultural tradition of killing the enemy’s badly wounded, or not giving aid? – people turned around and returned the ‘favor’. Many cultures therefor went out of their way to do both. Saladin sending his physicians to a sick Richard the Lionheart – talk about an early example of helping an enemy who was not all that well liked by his enemies because it was honorable and the right thing to do in Saladin’s eyes. A similar debate was engendered when Edward I took the female relatives of Robert the Bruce captive, then hung them in cages outside the castle walls for years at a time as bait to get Robert to surrender. Edward claimed he was justified because Robert the Bruce had been excommunicated, and bringing him to heel was more important than other moral imperatives. There was, however, a lot of criticism, both straight up moral outrage and worry about what might happen if English noble noncombatants were captured. – though this is a much more extreme example. I’m outlining this not as an argument that Fate’s had this sort of laws in place, but that humans have long had a knee jerk reaction to certain acts they define as inhumane. Ryoma’s act in the chapter where he not only refuses to allow Elise to seek aid but then uses her as a bargaining chip to get what he wants can easily fall under what people classify as lacking morals. Some of my personal problems with his acts here are thus: - He uses Elise’s condition to further a person vendetta – not to help the war effort: He wants Nohrrin, not a surrender of the Nohrian army. (If you’re going to do something questionable, at least make it useful. As it stood, he didn’t do anything to actually help end the war here and still went down a path that put a non-combatant (as outlined by hocs de combat) in danger. I struggle to even tell myself that Ryoma “was trying to capture an enemy general” since at this point Nohrrin has actually not held any campaigns on Hoshido soil, unlike other divisions of the Nohr army, nor was Nohrrin currently heading to fight on Hoshido soil. Nohrrin is running around dealing with uprising in Nohr. Which mean Ryoma had to ignore all those segments of the army actually fighting Hoshido along the border to enter Nohr and track down Nohrrin. I can’t see it as anything other than personal) - He puts his own men at risk to literally stop Nohrrin from saving Elise – he was not holding the castle because it was strategic, but because he knew Nohrrin would be there and wanted Nohrin back. “I’ve been waiting for you!”(This makes me irked as his ability to lead and his lack of care for the men under him. He shows he’d rather put his own men in danger to take a location in the first place just to confront Nohrrin. Then when Nohrrin proposes they don’t have to fight, that Nohrrin only wants the medicine Ryoma pushes the fight. He engages even though other options are on the table – and Nohrrin is willing to negotiate - and does so because he wants Nohrrin. This kinda ties back with my first point of personal vendetta, but has to do with endangering your men for something personal) - He is aware of Elise’s condition and doesn’t offer aid: When presented with the reason why Nohrian was there, he didn’t care (this goes against the previously presented ‘kind’ and ‘honorable’ character Ryoma. Would you consider it inhumane if an enemy commander refused to let a sick and dying person past to receive aid? He could have let just Elise past. Or let a doctor leave. But he refused both options – well, ok, they’re not presented, but there is hardly any discussion about his options. Once Nohrian refuses to surrender but wants to talk it out, Ryoma literally attacks instead, saying it’s surrender or fight, no in between. You could easily argue that Nohrian wasn’t even given a chance to request a doctor or turn Elise over to the enemy to be treated. Neither action reflects particularly well on Ryoma imho. He chose to let Elise suffer to further his agenda that wasn’t even a strategic or military one. This is a hard thing to feel good about, especially since the game has set up Ryoma as a “good” and “honorable” man. It’s the same thing with Xander being a “good” and “honorable” man who is tortured by his actions which he commits in the name of “duty”. At least the game acknowledges his actions are wrong, yet Ryoma doesn’t even see the moral problems with his.). Now, that all being said, it is clear from the game that Hoshido regularly employs practices that would be against today’s morality standards about war. Jacob and Oboro have a conversation about battlefield ‘clean-up’ aka, killing the wounded. This is also directly against today’s standards. But the reason I’m outlining this is I often see people saying we shouldn’t hold Ryoma’s actions in Chapter 12 against him. But that’s ignoring the understanding of war and rules we hold today. (I’ll note here that Japan subscribes to the Geneva Conventions. So it’s likely that their current society does take umbrage with poor treatment of wounded and sick. So this might actually be a purposeful enacting of trying to create disgust with a “good” man). By the morals and rules of warfare we uphold today, his actions are something that results in kneejerk disgust . Even more so because he’s been present as an honorable and good man who claims to be better than Nohr. But that isn’t shown through his actions. I think leaders should lead, not extort. Which was what Ryoma was doing in Chapter 12, and worse, he was doing it for personal reasons, not combative ones. So I think it is fair for people to hold these actions against him. Tl;dr In the end, I am bothered by the claim that Ryoma’s actions were logical – he marched across enemy territory to confront his missing sibling and get them to come back with him. Not logical, emotional. Once he’s there, even though the option is on the table to discuss things, he demands surrender or fight – putting the lives of his men in danger in favor of a personal need to have a sibling “come home” with him. Still emotional, not logical. Further, a poor sign of leadership as he’s literally prioritizing his personal need over his men. His refusal to give Elise medicine or let her have access to doctors? I’ve seen it argued that it’s pragmatic, but it’s not. He loses nothing by allowing her treatment. However, considering she is a royal who he is willing to let die in a non-combative situation, he has now set the standard for how his own sisters and brother might be treated as prisoners. He loses any goodwill they might otherwise have. One might argue that the goodwill was never there, but to Ryoma there is no evidence of this. While Nohr has treated its prisoners of low birth poorly (see Kaze and Rinka), it currently has a history of treating prisoners of high birth well. After all, his last sibling to be taken by Nohr wasn’t killed....and was raised as a royal. Letting Elise die is almost guaranteed to change this. Saving her, however, builds goodwill towards how himself or his family might be treated during the war. Definitely not logical or smart, especially since Nohrrin was willing to negotiate, so it was not like he didn’t have any other choice. Ryoma was the one who made the choice that it was surrender or fight. So this is my argument that we should be able to hold Ryoma’s actions against him as they feel moral questionable, that he did not act logically nor pragmatically, and that he failed to behave in manner befitting a leader and general.
  11. Topic ^^ I intended to pair Ryoma with Hana, but you know how Hana is (one hit KO), and I'm afraid it'll reduct Shiro's ability to tank... Kagero seems to be a good choice, but I was thinking of going for Saizo+Kagero; Mozu = Aptitude = OP, but I was thinking of Aptitude Midori; Halp!
  12. Yay, I just finished Birthright Lunatic after giving up on Endgame Conquest Lunatic, and it was a very fun, very balanced ride in my opinion. I didn't find myself needing to use grinding for either gold or experience much, but was happy to be able to go back and catch some units up for their children. Plot Thoughts: Invasions and Nohr? *I was under the impression that a lot of the game would be about defending Hoshido from invaders, but from like Chapter 11-on the focus of the game seemed to be invading the shit out of Nohr. Looking at both Conquest and Birthright, I get the impression that Nohr is a completely ineffective and weak nation. The escape Xander and Garon level was the only one that came close to making them feel like a force to be reckoned with. Siblings * I was very pleased with the characterization of the Nohr siblings. You really get the sense that they love you and feel betrayed, and the battles you have with them are quite epic. Camilla, Elise, and Leo stood out to me as well-written compared to the way they act on Conquest. Unfortunately, this seems to come across at the expense of the Hoshido siblings who just seemed to talk about what was going on or where we were headed instead of having really fleshed-out personalities to me. Sakura likes to heal people and gets scared a lot. Hinoka likes trash talking even though her stats barely back it up. The reveal of Ryoma in Cheve felt completely random and poorly plotted to me. I could have used more character development/scenes for Xander but he was built up as a total badass! They were supposed to be my allies and close family, but I didn't feel like I got much of anything in the scenes and dialogue I saw. Takumi's "betrayal" could have been foreshadowed better or maybe just more utilized? Something like a recurring murder mystery subplot where a couple named looks or allies get hurt or outright murdered and we can't find the culprit? The only thing that stood out to me amongst the Hoshidan Siblings were the kindnesses and sympathies they seemed to have in certain situations like upon Elise's death. Their bond with Azura also felt very palpable. Villains * I didn't feel like Garon made enough appearances to really feel like the main villain, but I guess we learned everything we needed to learn about him in the early choice chapters. I understood that they kept some details hidden for both Conquest and Revelations, but one or two lines hinting that he was no longer human or of his motives would have been helpful. I guess I liked when he threatened Iago, more of that would have been fun to watch. *Iago in this path actually seemed like he was trying to do harm and got away with it, but the execution was still way off. Again, it made no sense to reveal Takumi as the traitor without him genuinely having done something awful or violent. Iago begging for mercy only to be killed by Leo felt silly to me as well. There was no reason for Leo to step in there when Corrin and co. had the situation under control. Hans is almost irrelevant in this path, but his killing Lilith generally seemed like a better writing choice than a random Faceless. Supporting Villains *There were some generally shocking twists like Flora's betrayal. I guess Zola's involvement in the plot was handled better, too. Hoshido felt like it had more supporting characters. And the leadup to Azura's song wasn't a travesty of logic like it is in Conquest. Azura *I liked Azura's involvement in the plot much better than in Conquest. She's still enigmatic for no reason and only as helpful as the plot demands, but at least her song saw some freaking use and got explained. I think you get to hear it like 5-7 times over the course of the game--now that's how you use a theme song. In Nohr she sings like maybe twice and barely at all after the dance cutscene. There was absolutely no reason her dissolving cutscene couldn't have been featured in Nohr. She only walks offstage in the Conquest endgame because they did such a poor job at explaining her powers and importance to the plot. Granted, she had a few too many damsel in distress moments for my liking, but she felt central to the plot in Hoshido! On Female characters ***I haven't played any other Fire Emblem games beyond Awakening, but Birthright certainly felt like a horrible place to be a woman. Between Azura, Mikoto, Elise, Flora, and Lilith, the game felt like a series of Women in Refrigerators. I get that a lot of this deathtoll is shared between versions, but it felt higher and more "bloody" than usual to me. Gameplay Thoughts: The only chapters I found difficult enough to warrant multiple resets were: Chapter 9: Land of Gods * Only because my ranged units were still pretty squishy and I couldn't take my time because Hinata kept getting slaughtered before I could recruit him and Oboro. I eventually aced this chapter and have to thank it for really forcing me to learn the nuances of guard and attack stance. Bringing along a bunch of extra healers helped, too, though I regret missing one of the chests. Chapter 13: Another Hope * At this point in the game, you have a bunch of strong units who can kill fliers and cavaliers and knights no problem, but it really helps to know where the enemy AI will drag them because if too many swarm you you're screwed. I mostly reset because I wanted to get all the village items. Kagero and Saizo were invaluable at getting them for me. It really helps that you can plan your movement in such a way that Camilla can be baited before her minions and Hans can get dragon veined before you fight him, though it's not at all necessary to kite too much. Besides the thieves, only the promoted armored units were troublesome when they started lumbering over. I had fun reclassing Corrin to a magical class for that. Chapter 23: Camilla *A lot of people like to talk about the difficulty spike in this chapter. Between the infinite Dragon Vein Chip Damage, the narrow corridors, and the reinforcements, it's easy to get screwed. I got through it by putting my tanker characters in one corridor to clear while my weaker ones fell back and drew Camilla's fire. Putting my strength-blessed Sakura into Priestess and giving her a Bow ended up being a great investment here. Camilla and her retainers themselves weren't too difficult upon being kited. Ryoma, Dark Flier Caeldori, and Oboro were all-stars here! Chapter 25: Traitor Revealed *I think this one took more resets than Chapter 10 on Conquest Hard did for me. The opening reinforcements are just completely brutal--a waking nightmare if you're not prepared! I think there are like 3-4 waves on each side of Great Knights, Dark Knights, Paladins, and Bow Knights. It's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in awhile! Especially when you consider the lack of reinforcements in Chapter 27. Shigure with a Beast Killer, Silas, Ryoma, and Caeldori's Galeforce really saved the day. I had some trouble with the Fortify Strategists at first until I realized they could be baited out, and didn't always just use their staves. The Dragon Vein in the middle is so absurdly good, it made me question its presence. Where I made things close to impossible for myself was trying to give Takumi the kill on Iago for the special dialogue. Iago's Bowbreaker and Vengeance made that a very poor choice. Chapter 27: This Chapter wasn't hard or scary after I realized that Garon wouldn't have any reinforcements coming for you. Takumi with a Spy Yumi was invaluable in eliminating his Maid and General minions a 3-range. I was a little disappointed that there weren't any reinforcements at first, but after Chapter 25 I was grateful for it.
  13. I've seen a lot of people like Ryoma. I love him too, but I want to know why so many people love him.
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