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  1. I'd sure be interested in joining, pick up FE:F again. PS the link is invalid, in case you didn't know
  2. ah sorry, sure. Thanks.
  3. What banner is he appearing in next? I couldn't find this info anywhere
  4. That's not hard enough gimme mooooore Yeah no I don't hope to beat that ever really. I'm gonna have trouble with rev normal classic lol
  5. Why's that? The Endgame for Conquest doesn't seem all that difficult compared to the rest of the game; what makes it hard?
  6. That sounds dumb... I heard Conquest Lunatic is well balanced but that sounds like hell 😞 Infinite Enfeeble? With how much range? Apparently there's an infinite range entrap in the game somewhere
  7. Wow, I didn't know that. Strange. Probably on purpose. I'm not quite familiar with Conquest: where are they used? Probably on Hard or Lunatic?
  8. Would carrying multiple Raijinto give the +4 strength multiple times? Does it work like that for the Battle+Visitation Seal? Does staff savant work on Bifrost? Are there enemy Butlers and if so can you link a portrait?
  9. So a weapon instead of stave? That would make sense, as no staves in the game do actual damage (hexing rod could be considered doing damage though)
  10. In the purely hypothetical scenario of a staff user having the enemy-only skill Immobilize, would using a hexing rod or enfeeble activate Immobilize? Just while looking through skills today I was curious.
  11. Just because presumably the scythe was made like Athame and the Circe staff. Shares the black icon.
  12. In the Serenes Forest's list of crests, two of these were unclear. Is this crest used for archaic weapons like Scythe of Sariel and Athame? Crest of the Forge ??? Where do you get it, what does it do?
  13. I wanted to know if there is a way to get them after their banner/event. Also I merged my Ike with S!Corrin for Sol. Mistake. I wanted to get another
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