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Found 19 results

  1. THREE YEARS AGO (IT'S NOT QUITE FOUR YEARS YET SHUT UP) Many moons ago, when I was but a wee lad on Serenes Forest, I did... well, this shitty thing. It wasn't actually that shitty though, go read it! You'll miss a lot of great good decent jokes in there if you don't! Eventually, after ten thousand years - and the loss of some data and in no small part due to imgur fuckery - I finally completed the run on November 10th, 2014. Naturally, Bartre killed the fire dragon, just as prophecised by none other than our fabled Eliedad. And then of course canonically everything goes to fucking dogshit twenty years later, so naturally I had to do a second run of Flan Emblem in FE6, right? Right??? please fucking end my entire ass. RUN NOTES TIME: -run will be done on normal mode. fe6 hard mode is ass, my dude. -i'm using the latest numbers patch (version 1.5!) by gringe, so everything should hopefully be a little less dogshit. -i will try my best to use MOST units in this game if the readers request it. we'll see about the shitlords. So... lessgo. Ritenow.
  2. Date: April 17th, 2015 Time: 9:42 PM Location: ??? "... And that concludes our report on this strange new Ersatz Syndrome that has begun crippling our streets. Join us at 11 for more breaking ne-" The screen clicked off with a loud blip, as a remote was gently placed onto the nearby desk. "Uh, Mr. Serizawa, they didn't run the interview they did with you. Did you want me to file a formal complaint on behalf of the Chruch?" One of the men in the room, a much younger male in his mid-20s, inquired from one side of the desk, moonlight glaring into his eyes, looming over him as if about to swallow him whole. "... No, that will not be necessary, Saburo. You are... dismissed for the evening." The man sitting at the desk suddenly stood upright, sauntering towards the middle of the room, passing his apparent assistant. "Oh, and do say hi to your wife for me. It has been a while since they came to the church, has it not?" Serizawa suddenly inquired, turning back towards his assistant. Saburo gulped. "U-uh... well, sir, that's because she's having a hard time getting around... y'know, with the baby and all..." He sheepishly replied, prompting Serizawa to stroke his chin. "Hmm, yes... how far along is she? Six months, if I recall?" Serizawa replied, his gaze piercing into Saburo's as if analyzing him, waiting for a response. "S-seven, actually... u-uh, sir, I really should be going..." Saburo replied weakly, as he made for the door. Before he could leave, however, Serizawa said one last thing to him. "Do be careful on the streets... more people are becoming lost to the void each day. For your sake and hers, I hope you do not join them." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As Saburo left the church, he began rifling through his work bag for his phone; he'd hoped to call his wife and let her know that he was coming home late. Dammit... Miya's gonna kill me... Saburo thought frantically as he passed by the towering glass buildings that were home to several business's offices, in order to maximize revenue. Kyoshoku really was a place where money talked bigger than your words ever could. Before he could find his phone, however, Saburo heard something rather odd: the chiming of a bell. Whirling around, but finding nothing, Saburo tensed up and began to walk just a little bit faster, hoping that whatever it was, he would be able to leave it behind him quickly. Fate is never so kind, however. A hand gripped onto Saburo's shoulder, and before he knew what was truly going on, he was gone without any trace of his ever being there, his space on the city streets replaced by that of a mirror, nothing that you couldn't find in a normal house. Mirror, mirror...~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As the gates of Torodara Preparatory opened up, Nagita Inoue frowned as she surveyed the students approaching her school, looking for any potential symptoms of Ersatz Syndrome. The news seemed to be eating this phenomenon up for everything that it was worth, which was actually something hysterical to the principal, considering how she'd already lost a few of her most promising students to this. Sighing with both sadness and relief in her breath, Inoue sat down in her desk chair - she really did need to get a new one, this chair was getting worn down - and reached into her desk drawer to pull out a stack of papers to ready herself for the morning ahead of her. One way or another, dammit, the show must go on. And her school was no different. As the students finished piling into the school and began to enter their classrooms, she began her announcements, and finished them almost in record time. Life goes on... [You may now post.] Player info, and other important information, is located here.
  3. Personally, I'd go option A, but, hell, to each their own I guess.
  4. Following the confirmation of multiple sources cited in this thread via Famitsu scans, I've decided that I'll take it upon myself to give a quick overview of the JP cast to those that may not be super aware of seiyuus. I'll also be updating the list with more info as it comes out pre-release, as well as with English VAs when that news begins to roll in. With that in mind... [spoiler=Japanese Seiyuu][spoiler=The Mains] Male Kamui: Nobunaga Shimazaki Best Known As: Haruka Nanase, gay swimming anime Free!. Other Notable Roles: Guan Xing (Dynasty Warriors 8), Yusuke Godai aka Kamen Rider Kuuga (Kamen Rider Battride War), Ryo Sakurai (gay basketball anime Kuroko no Basket) and Shido Itsuka (Date a Live) Poly's Thoughts: Sadly, I have not seen Free! at all to really judge his voice super well, but there's at least some big name factor to it considering. Will update this one. Female Kamui: Satomi Sato Best Known As: Ritsu Tainaka, K-On! Other Notable Roles: Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail), Banri Edosaki (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Eru Chitanda (Hyouka), Hong Meiling (Koumajou Dentetsu II), Nova (Tales of Xillia 2) Poly's Thoughts: This isn't too bad. A bit higher than I probably would have gone for an Avatar, but it still works, considering. Besides, Sawashiro went higher for certain voices, so... sure. Aqua: "Lynn" Best Known As: Fuuko, Conception 2 Other Notable Roles: Young!Shigeru Miura (Death Parade) Poly's Thoughts: OH GOD CONCEPTION 2 PTSD GO AWAY NO PLS. [spoiler=Hoshido] Ryouma: Yuuichi Nakamura Best Known As: Hazama/Yuuki Terumi, BlazBlue Other Notable Roles: Graham Aker (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail), Ren Kouen (Magi), Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD), Fei Long (Street Fighter IV), Alto Saotome (Macross Frontier), Kyohei Kadota (Durarara!) Poly's Thoughts: AUDIBLE SCREECHING ALL THE WANT GIVE NOW. ... Ahem. Sorry. Anyways, Nakamura is probably my second favourite seiyuu after Hiroki Yasumoto (who I'm still hoping will be doing work on this game), so this choice is great. Not 100% sure about the fit as Ryouma specifically, but it works. Hinoka: Kaori Nazuka Best Known As: Nunnally Lamperouge, Code Geass Other Notable Roles: Rei (Persona Q), Maria Ross (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Eureka (Eureka Seven), Kisa Sohma (Fruits Basket), Kiyoko Shimizu (Haikyuu) Poly's Thoughts: I, uh. Wasn't expecting a voice quite this feminine. I mean, sure, if you wanna go that route, okay, but... Hinoka seemed like a tomboy, so they went with a decidedly feminine voice. I... suppose it works? Not particularly who I was hoping for, but it'll work. Takumi: Yuuki Kaji Best Known As: Eren Yeager, Attack on Titan Other Notable Roles: Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII), Alibaba (Magi), Haruyuki Arita (Accel World), Hyoudou Issei (Highschool DXD), Johnny Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle), Seth (Under Night In-Birth), Tatara Totsuka (K Project), Zen (Persona Q) Poly's Thoughts: Well, I can think of at least one person who's happy with this one. cough cough Vashi cough cough. Really, it fits well enough; Kaji's voice can certainly work, considering how surprisingly deep he can get it (see: Seth and Zen). Sakura: Hisako Kanemoto Best Known As: Ika Musume, Squid Girl Other Notable Roles: Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon Crystal), Flandre Scarlet (Koumajou Dentetsu), Kururi Orihara (Durarara!), Kanata Sorami (So Ra No Wo To), Lucky Chloe (Tekken 7) Poly's Thoughts: I actually got a good laugh out of this one, but it works out okay. The range fits, so it should be... okay. Man, I'm tired, don't mock my vocabulary. Suzukaze: Daisuke Ono Best Known As: Itsuki Koizumi, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Other Notable Roles: Frederick/Priam (Awakening), Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure), Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan), Sebastian Michalis (Black Butler), Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII), Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!), Kuroh Yatogami (K Project), Battler Ushiromiya (Umineko: When They Cry), Dezel (Tales of Zestiria), Sinbad (Magi) Poly's Thoughts: Hey man, it's fuckin' Jotaro. I ain't gonna shit on this. Saizou: Tarusuke Shingaki Best Known As: Kariya Matou, Fate/Zero Other Notable Roles: Stahl/Gerome (Awakening), Crimson Kingbolt (Accel World), Togusa (Ghost in the Shell: Arise), Orion Tsang (Sin and Punishment: Star Successor) Poly's Thoughts: I'd need to watch F/Z subbed to really get an idea of this voice, but... I dunno, it doesn't really seem great for him, considering none of those major roles are super hot-blooded like Saizou supposedly is? We'll see. Kagerou: Rie Murakawa Best Known As: Escha Malier, Atelier Escha & Logy Other Notable Roles: Beth Vanderwood/Coco (Fairy Tail), Reina (Hunter x Hunter 2011), Liese/Pianissimo (Log Horizon 2), Alisaie (Final Fantasy XIV), Chuko (Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II) Poly's Thoughts: I still don't really know who this is, orz. Hinata: Mitsuhiro Ichiki Best Known As: Donnel, Awakening Other Notable Roles: Yukio Hans Voralberna( Bleach), Hibiki Kohaku (BlazBlue), Shouto Shiroyama (Kokoro Connect), Shu Nakajima (Persona 4: The Animation), Takayama (Angel Beats), Tomohiko Kazama (Another) Poly's Thoughts: ayyyyyyyyyyyyy Hibiki. I'm down with this. Oboro: Nozomi Sasaki (see Felicia's entry) Rinka: Yui Ishikawa Best Known As: Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan Other Notable Roles: Filia (Sword Art Online), China Kousaka (Gundam Build Fighters), Reina (Pokemon Origins), Reira Akaba/Olga (YuGiOh! Arc-V) Poly's Thoughts: Alright, sure. I guess this could work. Tsukuyomi: VALSHE Best Known As: N/A Other Notable Roles: N/A Hey look, a singer. Pchoo. Wiki article here. [spoiler=Nohr] Marx: Katsuyuki Konishi Best Known As: Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Other Notable Roles: America & Canada (Axis Powers Hetalia), Captain Ginyu (Dragon Ball Z Kai), Henry Cooldown (No More Heroes), Jonathan Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood [film version only]), Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia), Laxus Dreyar (Fairy Tail), Tsumugu Kinagase (Kill la Kill) Poly's Thoughts: Love it. Marx needs a deep, authorative voice to really get his point across to some people, and there's the possibility of good ol' spiral-sliced ham. Related, but there needs to be a line where he goes "KAMUI! LET'S SEE YA GRIT THOSE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETH!" now. Camilla: Miyuki Sawashiro Best Known As: Puchiko, Di Gi Charat (at least, according to TV Tropes, though I'd argue several other roles as this) Other Notable Roles: Female Robin & Morgan (Awakening), Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia), Elizabeth (Persona 3), Celty Sturlson (Durarara!), Carl Clover (BlazBlue), Cammy & Decapre (Street Fighter IV), Fujiko Mine (Lupin III), Ivy (Soul Calibur V), Jolyne Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle), Sakuya Izayoi (Koumajou Dentetsu II), Seri Awashima (K Project), Touko Fukawa (Dangan Ronpa), Ur/Ultear/Virgo (Fairy Tail), Sinon (Sword Art Online) Poly's Thoughts: It's Sawashiro. Though I'm surprised that they went back to her after she voiced Robin in Awakening... but hey, that's her range for you. Leon: Mamoru Miyano Best Known As: Light Yagami, Death Note Other Notable Roles: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Cilan (Pokemon), Death the Kid (Soul Eater), Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Masaomi Kida (Durarara!), Rin Matsuoka (Free!), Rintarou Okabe (Steins;Gate), Saruhiko Fushimi (K Project), Setsuna F. Seiei (Mobile Suit Gundam 00) Poly's Thoughts: Dammit Light. I guess that it works, considering I figured he was gonna get voiced by Koji Yusa (for some reason), so the idea of having someone who can pull off a 'manipulative asshole' voice was kept. They just... went with a bigger name. Okay. Elise: Ayaka Suwa Best Known As: Hijiri Kasuga, Trinity Seven Other Notable Roles: Tokaku Azuma (Akuma no Riddle), Toka Yada (Assassination Classroom), Kyoko (Log Horizon 2), Saori (Hyperdevotion Noire) Poly's Thoughts: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Felicia: Nozomi Sasaki Best Known As: Pyrrha, Soul Calibur V Other Notable Roles: Misaka-10032 (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Patricia Martin (Lucky Star) Poly's Thoughts: Y'know what? Okay. Pyrrha's fine so I'm fine. Joker: Junichi Suwabe Best Known As: Archer, Fate/stay night Other Notable Roles: Relius Clover (BlazBlue), Sting Oakley (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny), Theodore (Persona 3), Fried Justine (Fairy Tail), Yamato Hotsuin (Devil Survivor 2), Jamil (Magi), Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (Bleach), Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003), Khronos (Tales of Xillia 2), Lars Alexandersson (Tekken), Omega (Mega Man Zero), Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X), Vega (Street Fighter 4), Undertaker (Black Butler) Poly's Thoughts: (unavailable to due fangirlish screeching) Gunter: Nayaru Kurou Best Known As: uhhhhhh Other Notable Roles: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Poly's Thoughts: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (BTVA has nothing on him either, whoops) [spoiler=English VAs] [spoiler=The Mains] (TBD) [spoiler=Hoshido] (TBD) [spoiler=Nohr] (TBD)
  5. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S HERE. THE SEQUEL-PREQUEL THING OF A GAME. THE MANLY TEAM IS BACK. You know the drill, the MANLIEST OF MEN only. The difference is, this run will be played on HHM. I have never played HHM before (except for the first two chapters), so there is going to be a small exception to the rule. Serra can be used very occasionally if necessary, because this run is more for entertainment, and it can't really be that if I can't complete the levels (Dusk probably can with his eyes closed, but I suck at FE, so...). Yeah. Once Canas or Lucius promote, Serra will no longer be permitted, yada yada. Let's just play the game! [spoiler=This level reminded me why I stopped playing HHM] THE PREQUEL-SEQUEL YEAH THIS TIME WE AREN'T PUSSIES SORTA Accurate ELIDAD NO MANLY friends *implying he isn't already* That's right, it is another journey Now we're playing a game with hit rates OsTHWOMP doesn't like it as rough as Hector OH SHIT THWOMP BROTHER but love and adventure PLOT HECTOR HIS EYES ARE UP THERE DUN DUN DUNNNNN 'rendezvous' kinky 'Move out of the way or I'll penetrate you!' Wait that didn't come out right Yeah No Yeah your strength sucks Point proven THWOMP I like you already I like money I am already getting owned, awesome HECTOR COME ON IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER THWOMP SO GOOD OH IT'S ON NOW BRO This went on for a couple turns until Hector got there God dammit Hector too THWOMP for you Wow some boss *gestures towards Matthew* Nah, Hector loves to make a mess Kinky Oh shit If I were that knight, I'd waddle away as fast as I could Why is this guy easier to take out than half the enemies in this level HEY SPOILER ALERT MAN HECTOR STOP SUCKING Hector doesn't have enough speed for that And so it begins SHUT IT GENERIC SOLDIER FIGHT ME Having back problems there, old man? OSTHWOMP, the MANLIEST OF THWOMPS, joins us Next time, we meet up with some of the MANLY MEN and fight crime together!
  6. You know the drill by now. Don't expect super-prompt responses or anything, I'm gonna try and be detailed and shit.
  7. [spoiler=The WHAT] As Kyoshoku, a fast-rising and fast-living city of the future, begins to take shape, many people have come and made their homes in the sprawling urban lands in order to build their futures, and to reflect upon their pasts. In some cases, literally. Of late, many of the city's growing populace - of all ages, genders, and walks of life - have been vanishing off the streets with a flourish, only to reappear seven days later a shell of their former selves. Bodies mangled beyond perfect repair, minds warped into a nearly demented haze of self-doubt and paranoia. The sudden change in both body and mind has become known through the streets and the local media as Ersatz Syndrome, and those who have it either remain at home by choice - likely overcome by their own paranoia - or simply quarantined off to prevent any "undesirables" from walking the streets. One commonality has been noted - wherever a disappearance has been reported, two particular items has been found splayed across the ground, as if a calling card: an everyday mirror, and a donation tin earmarked for the Church of Ameno-Koyane... [spoiler=The WHERE] The city of Kyoshoku, a high-speed, never-sleeping metropolis where the lights are never completely faded away and neither have the dreams of the people within. A mecca for young twenty-somethings to jump start their budding careers, or for aging salarymen to earn a larger paycheck for their budding families. The city is divided into four major districts: The business district, which is generally the busiest area of the city during weekdays. Many businesses hold office here; as well, The Torodara Preparatory School is located near the edge of the district, as if serving as a constant gateway to the futures of the students that go there. Also located here is The Church of Ameno-Koyame, a religious facility that functions nothing like a church, and more akin to a country club with little entertainment. There appears to be an ominous air about the building of late, perhaps connected to Ersatz Syndrome... The red-light district, generally the busiest area during the night time, especially on weekends. Among the most popular destinations here are: Tu t'amour - a high-end night club owned by an eccentric foreign millionaire Orion's Belt - an adults-only establishment noted for their savoury dancers and not-so-savoury clientele Nenekoko - a maid cafe noted for their high number of high-school aged employees - and a high turnover ratio as well Chevalier - a recently-opened teen-friendly club, open 24/7, located very close to Tu t'amour for ease of access when teens come of age The central shopping district, a perennially jam-packed area of the city. Many shops are condensed into a surprisingly small area, with such oddities as Drei Hard, a tattoo parlour whose owner also experiments with metallurgy in his spare time (with... allegedly mixed results), MediPaX, a self-proclaimed "super-pharmacy" known for their bizarre stock of international products, and Aquamarine, a store only open for very select clientele, and whose owner is known for being a rather... bizarre man. The residential district, where spacious houses with a beautiful sense of decorum are accompanied by less-than-spacious apartment buildings made more for utility than comfort. Despite that, there is a sense of camaraderie amongst many of the smaller neighbourhoods that make up the bulk of the district. [spoiler=The WHO] Some of the more notable residents of the city - at least, relevant to the primary landmarks - include: Kenichirou Kondou, the current mayor of the city who seems to be obsessed with the Ersatz Syndrome phenomena and the protection of his people. Despite his best efforts to make the city streets safer utilizing his political clout, his citizens are vanishing into the haze of Ersatz Syndrome, and his general approval rating appears to be in a steady decline in favour of... Aikuro Serizawa, the apparent head of The Chruch of Ameno-Koyame. A rather boisterous man for a fourty-something head of a powerful religious facility, though notably he does not appear to believe in the theory of creation or in the existence of Izanagi, the creator god, as a whole. While many of his speeches seem to be inspiring, one can sense a hint of nihilism seeping into his usually honeyed words... Nagita Inoue, the principal of Torodara Preparatory. Typically a no-nonsense disciplinarian, she has recently began to soften her ways, as if in response to the onset of Ersatz Syndrome, especially within her school. She's also noted to be a lover of animals, though the amount of affection she is willing to show varies on the animal and its owner. Guiamme Louis-aime, the owner of Tu t'amour and Chevalier and an especially eccentric foreigner. Noted for constantly wearing a yukata to any public appearances, despite his size and skin tone. Takako Yaguruma, the owner of Drei Hard and an amateur metalworker. An especially intimidating man by appearance, many people nonetheless call him "The Papa Bear of Kyoshoku" for his tendency to (attempt to) help anyone in need, regardless of the emergency. Yuki Kyouno, the manager of MediPaX who has a tendency to flirt with any attractive male in her store, regardless of age (though even she has a limit, though it's unclear how far that goes - most staff, however, say her youngest "conquest" was 17, implying she tries to avoid youth). Her ability to manage a workforce and maintain profits is exceedingly high, however. [spoiler=The HOW] How the signups will work is as follows: Name: Gender (anything will do): Age: Arcana of Choice (pick up to four): Preference of Role: Personality: Appearance: Backstory: Anything else to add: Send these signups VIA SF PM. I don't care if I have you on Skype (and if I don't have you on Skype, please send me your info so that I may rectify that), don't flood my Skype with signups. Just PM me and we'll deal with the creation process from there. If you wish to be a social link, provided you get the Arcana you desire, you will be accepted and immediately implemented into the fold. If you wish to be a Persona user and are accepted as such, you will then need to complete an additional application, as such: Persona: History of the Persona: Arcana: General Statistical Spread (Strength/Magic/Agility/Endurance/Luck)(NOTE: This is mostly for your own sake, to aid you in writing battles more effectively.): Skillset (up to 4 starting skills and 4 eventual skills prior to Persona evolution, subject to my nerfing as needed): Appearance: When we reach the point in the story in which Personae evolve, I'll contact you to revise this list with your evolved Persona's info. For now, just focus on one Persona. [spoiler=The RULES] For the love of all the gods of all the pantheons in the world, DO NOT SPAM HONORIFICS. For your own sake as a writer, and my own sake as a reader. Don't do it. If, at some point by the end, you decide to toss them in as part of someone's nickname, that may be fine. Just don't push it. NO CONTROLLING OTHER CHARACTERS WITHOUT PROPER CONSENT. NO GODMODDING. If I start seeing it, you get a warning. If it doesn't change, you'll be written out of the narrative for a time. Third time, you're exiled from the RP. If you're wanting out of the RP, please inform me. I'll make sure you're written out of the narrative in a succinct and probably-not-bloody way. Probably. Aside from that, disputes and other such hoohah will be dealt with as we go along. On that note, flood me, baby. And have fun with this. (oh, and make sure to post in here when you've sent your sign-up, may as well get acquainted with each other while I'm sorting everything out~)
  8. wao much Poly such thread so LAME Anyways, with the apparent recent influx of new RPs (and new RPers) to SF, and the (relative) success of Fate/endeavour so far aka nobody's had to have been killed off yet I feel like it's time to address something that was attempted before but never really got off the ground. Namely, a Persona-style RP. Basic knowledge of Persona is recommended (at the very least, 3 or 4), but not necessarily required to sign up; if you need a brief rundown, I can provide one to you upon request. I don't think everyone in the RP section needs one, so I'll just send you one if you need it. [spoiler=Juuuuuuuuuuuuust in case, super high school level rundown] Japanese high school students facing their own problems in the form of exaggerated doppelgangers of themselves (4 and on multiple occasions in 2), then fighting eldritch-style monsters by summoning deities from their heads. Guns to the temple optional. Weapons recommended. Everything has a tarot motif, and loads of Jungian psychology is involved (at least in 4). Usually some big bad evil deity that you can't actually summon is involved, as is an Earthly avatar who carries things out in their name, unwittingly or otherwise. Also waifus. Lots of waifus. Yukiko worst girl. So, there you go, if you reeeeeeeeeeeeally need more detail, I can send you a more detailed version of the rundown. If I can get the interest for it, I'll set up a full-out signup thread going more into detail about the setting, basic plotline, as well as hopefully formulating a team of Persona-users. Setting the ground rule now, though: For the love of god, don't be throwing around Japanese honorifics left and right. I mean, the occasional one is okay if you know how to work it into your posts without sounding annoying, but please try and avoid it if at all possible. Find a more... er, English substitute, just for convenience's sake.. If you could post the following, it'd be greatly appreciated: Preference (Persona User/Social Link): Opinion on the basic idea: Level of pre-existing knowledge (THIS IS WHERE YOU ASK FOR A RUNDOWN OF PERSONA IN GENERAL IF YOU STILL WANT MORE): Ability to put in time for this: Any other comments? Suggestions? Rear tears about Yukiko being worst girl? Shoot, I'm all ears here: If you can/wanna, that is. \ '3' /
  9. I figured I'd get in on this FireRed Nuzlocke action, but normal ones are so LAME. So, I randomized it a bit, just for variety, which some say is the spice of life! Randomizer Settings were put as follows: -Remove Trade Evos (everything either evolves from holding an item on level up or through level threshholds) -Update Moves to their Gen 6 stats -National Dex from the outset -Random starters (Stage 1/3) with random held items -Random wilds (similar strength, so no SURPRISE WILD RAYQUAZA in the beginning) -Randomized trainers, type themed (does full randomization make Gyms the same? will test later, but this works for now) -Randomized TMs, preferring same-type compatibility -Event Pokemon are also randomized: Legendary->Legendary, Normal->Normal Dupes clause is in effect, but I doubt I'll have to worry about that. Also, event 'Mons will be treated as separate from main encounters, because I'm a slag and will probably die by the time I get to Misty anyway. RETSUGO. [spoiler=GASTLY WILL CARRY TEH URN (Beginning to Viridian Forest)] MORE LIKE FLANRED AMIRITE EH no? okay ALREADY OFF TO A GOOD START according to assbee I am a gurl FUH Q rage I never had one as a kid TV so smrt option fuckery because I hate slow text speed SO SENILE wow calm down this doesn't involve your curry-senpai HOW THE FUCK DID THIS STAY THE SAME GASTLY WILL CARRY THE RUN Chikorita is there too I guess WE WENT GASTLY BECAUSE MARF IS A CHUMP PLANTBACK s-senpai why are you giving me pearls now I just met you ALSO ARE YOU BOLD I'LL FUCK YOU UP WITH MY GOAST HYPNOSIS STRATS SO EZ TAKE THAT CHUMP ONE OAK'S PACKAGE LATER TIME TO CONSCRIPT STUFF AT LEAST I CAN HIT NORMALS NOW I'm pretty sure that association with Scorri means you have to do this in some form OH MAN TM 06 WHAT IS IT RAGE NO I COULDN'T AVOID CATCHING ONE The game is taunting me already. I blame Shin. WHY DO I HAVE SHIT NATURES EVERYWHERE also them Satan stats what even is this berry FOR FUCK'S SAKE I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU THIS CAME RIGHT AFTER GAME FUCK OFF SHIN FUCK OFF FUCK YOU TRISTIE OAK I'LL WALL YER SHIT (Leech Seed sucks by the way) it's still chumpy though tbh a Rattata would be better than this piece of shit team I have so far NEXT TIME ON FLANRED SPOOBY WOODS [spoiler=The Master List of Mons] ASSly (Gastly) - Starter Starting Level: 5 Current Level: 13 Status: Alive/Active Scurri (Skitty) - Route 1 Starting Level: 3 Current Level: 12 Status: Alive/Active NANANANA (Batman!) (Zubat) - Route 22 Starting Level: 2 Current Level: 6 Status: Alive/Active FUCK (Smeargle) - Route 2 Starting Level: 2 Current Level: 2 Status: Alive/Inactive Ass Needle (Kakuna) - Viridian Forest Starting Level: 5 Current Level: 5 Status: Alive/Active
  10. Because I don't feel like doing the Persona Emblem run anymore Welcome, all, as everyone's favorite flan man plays FE7! Watch as Lyn tanks axes with her face, flan sex non-specific jokes are plentiful, Sain kills everything in sight, and Bartre uses a Hand Axe on things he shouldn't, all in the name of love flan bitchin' 90's technology. Game will be played on LHM/HNM because I don't think I can handle doing an LP of HHM. Also, I make no promises about doing all sidequests. Fucking Pent stealing all my EXP in the damn desert level... [spoiler=Prologue: Flan & The Dumb Broad] Obligatory title screen shot FLANMAN AHOY This is actually legit aside from Flan. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT THE PROLOGUE IS CALLED obv. not Then explain that ominous light that threatens to engulf us. At least it's original, ya dumb broad. (1) ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, DO NOT STEAL But... you... but... ugh. Pfft, I have an S rank in swords. These bitches can't even touch me. Because no backgrounds are too mainstream. LYN YES LYN NO #brotactics DA BATTA YA DUMB BROAD (2) #brotactics2.0 She tanked your axe with her face, bruh. THWOMP IN THE MAKING No strength, doe. Let's not. GOOD MORNING, CRONO Or maybe it was that ruffie you slipped into my drink. No, ya dumb broad. (3) THE SACAEN FEMINIST MOVEMENT, FOLKS. You're not gonna do that with only 4 strength. I've heard of enough hentai to know where this is going. PROLOGUE: COMPLETE Dumb broad count: 3 (Lyn: 3)
  11. So, yeah. I think the title should be indicative of what this is. ... Or maybe not. This is basically an awful (read: awful) playthrough of TEW (Total Extreme Wrestling) 2005, in which I take control of a wrestling federation and attempt to DO BUSINESS THINGS with it. Being the masochist that I am, I intend to do this by building up a promotion from the ground up. Why? I dunno. Probably because this playthrough is inspired by a certain Football Manager thread. Also, credit to Jprebs for actually teaching me how to screenshot this shit properly. Because I had no idea puush was a program, lol. [spoiler=DA SETUP] the actual setup for my promotion aside from popularity. no pre-existing contracts, 10% popularity in my home region and 0% in all others. we hardcore backyard mode now. also, super-quick overview of styles: [spoiler=Major Promotion Styles] Sports Entertainment: Fucktons of promos and short matches. Good wrestlers need not apply. Traditional: Old school wrasslin'. Just watch 80s stuff and you'll get what this style entails. Pure: Japanese wrasslin', basically. Lucha Traditional: Mexican wrasslin'. Lucha Pure: What happens when a luchador buttfucks Kenta Kobashi and the spawn makes a fed. See also: Dragon Gate USA. Hybrid: Some MMA shit. Hardcore: ECW. No, really, this is pretty much ECW. Garbage: ECW if Paul Heyman wasn't around. Family Friendly: PG ERA Cutting Edge: The only thing I 100% know how to book. It's cool because fuck storylines. Women's Wrasslin': Comes in three flavours: WWE lite, SHIMMER and porn. anyways. moving on. THE FACE OF MERCY IS NOT FOUND HERE. so right away my game tells me I have NO ANNOUNCERS and no SHINY BELTS to fight for. alas. checking settings, I must adjust shit. okay, now I'm good. the task now: FIND WRASSLERS. the recommended water for my backwater promotion. I'll go with it, I guess. first, get the FUTURE FACE OF THE PROMOTION by looking for young folk. I decide on this guy. [spoiler=NOOIE LEE, THE WEEB KING OF 200% MAD WRESTLING] more detailed description later lel then I change to looking for 24 year olds and find an even better future king. a guy who broke his neck on pay-per-view once. legit. [spoiler=JESSE SORENSEN, THE ACTUAL FUTURE KING] so yeah. then I try and sign a dude named TWEEK. south park jokes, etc etc. [spoiler=TWEEK. JUST TWEEK.] then I see THIS GUY and his QUALITY description. [spoiler=MIKE ALIAS, OR IS IT ATLAS?] also, I like this guy's name, so I go for it. apparently he used to be in WCW, which is weird. [spoiler=LASH THE VASH LEROUX] then I look at a couple of slightly-less-scrubby people. [spoiler=DUDE WITH MOHAWK] [spoiler=DUDE WITH BESBAW MASK] then I go to sign a ref. [spoiler=THE BARBERNATOR] and an announcer, too. [spoiler=this guy] and a commentator. [spoiler=BIG SCARY BLACK MAN COMMENTATOR.] and a road agent. [spoiler=A GUY I'VE NEVER HEARD OF.] okay, now to wait a few days and get some shit back from these guys. ooh, but before I do: [spoiler=THE TITLE TO END ALL TITLES] and now we wait. and probably go broke waiting. alas. wheeeee. I regret this already.
  12. hoo boy. Tontao & Kalas did the Emerald version of this, now I'm doing the FireRed version. I instantly regret this. [spoiler=NOT ACTUALLY KANTO BUT IT IS] awright time to load up FireRe- what what what IT BEGINS again because I'm no longer blind on this game >Boneka I'm just gonna call them mons OR LOLIMONS Oak is Kalas confirmed so yeah instead of determining gender you pick age because you're a girl trainer anyways NEVER MIND THAT THERE'S MALE TRAINERS STILL ehhhhh FULL METAL LOLIS: THE JOURNEY it can be no other name >"What was her name" >Only gives male options okay even better they don't bother changing Blue's sprite here though it is different elsewhere so also TONTAO NO HE'S ALREADY SUCCUMBED TO WEEB the balls are redesigned and they look like yin-yang symbols that's actually pretty baller STOP IT BULLSHIT SHE'S WEAK TO THE RATTATA EXPY OF THE GAME SANAE IS LEGIT HARD MODE I used Alice in my first run of this game and she kinda sucked compared to LOLI DIO (who shares her typing) so let's go, bunnelby wait da stats the type chart's really weird in this game and is why Sanae is hard mode because her type is weak to shit like Tackle Illusion's pretty much the normal type while I think Heart corresponds to Bug? idk >Ghostly Club why do they call it this someone more versed in the toohoos elaborate for me anyways Sanae's scrubby, she's pretty much TANK FOR DAYS basically Pidgey useful enough, much like Pidgey Rattata, basically not quite as good as Tokiko WHY IS IT BONEKA to tell you you're adopted, you weeb OH I GET IT CUZ THEY'RE NOT POKEMON SO IT'S NOT A POKEDEX HAAAAAAAAA stop calling them that oh yeah, the "orbs" (balls) are named for difficulty levels it's kinda okay looks like they missed some rival dialogue either that or Tontao's legitimately an ass dammit Daisy so yeah I went and grinded and caught this (note: actually at L5 at capture) I don't remember what nature Bashful is? HAX YOU CAN'T GET THAT UNTIL CERULEAN YOU DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BUT WHIP A BALL AT A LOLI spoilers: Nazrin sucks especially since you can get a much better Beast type later and the best maingame Mon you can have is part-Beast WOOD EVERYWHERE I regret this already
  13. Alright. Since there's been a snag in my run of Flan Emblem (read: my data on this laptop is outdated and I don't have my new data), I'm just scrubbing it now and doing a new run of something. Yeah. It's ANOTHER RRT run. Retsu go. [spoiler=IT BEGINS (Beginning to Tiny Woods End)] YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO one questionnaire later and I get brave boy I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING OH BOY I WANNA BE A MAGICAL GIRL HENSHIN HERO THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM LET IT BEGIN at the request of said user this is a Chikorita partner btw BOY I'M GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THE BOSSES IN THIS GAME SINCE THEY'RE ALL FLYING-TYPES >pleasant >Breezy snicker jk he's a bro GOOD MORNING, CRONO this isn't Disneyworld what the fuck wait don't I know you well Machop's fairly human-looking DID YOU HONESTLY EXPECT SOMETHING ELSE YOU MEMES well fuck you too HA SCRUB well yeah here, EVERYTHING is a wild encounter bitch there's Sunkern there if you can't handle a Sunkern you have issues it's a Butterfree she can tank it BUT NOPE NOW WE GOTTA DO THINGS PHAT LOOT BLOOD IT IS GOOD after this my B button on my emulator started being a shit SO exp gains were slowed down from when I did this game on my actual GBA The first level, it was meh and yes, I'm already at critical health because Machop's actually pretty frail FOUR HP DOE still not gaining 4s in stats your mommy doesn't love you, nerd LET ME CRUSH THE KID'S SPIRITS LIKE I ALWAYS DO YOU NERD GIVE US YOUR PHAT LOOT pff you lie it was not I DO NOT SHIP THIS DO NOT WANT LOOT l-lewd "I'M NOT HOMELESS ANYMORE, ERMAHGERD" pff nah it's the homeless thing what why are we making this jump hmm nope I SAID NO guh curse you forced choices YOU SHOEHORNED ME INTO IT oh I got a name for this motherfucker THE RETURN OF TEAM SHITTY OCTOPUS VAGINA because bad fanfic plot it actually does get better tbh but still hwacking it in his trailer and then we didn't bug him
  14. So, yeah. I just kinda wanted a thread to organize all my themes since I've decided to do that now. And no, this isn't a stolen concept, stop it. [spoiler=Themes Done] Aikuro Mikisugi - Kill la Kill Mami Tomoe - PMMM [spoiler=Requested Themes] haha none [spoiler=Personally Planned Themes] Shinjiro Aragaki - Persona 3
  15. Alright, so remember a few months back when I started thinking of doing a Gen V Pokemon hack? Well, I tried to make progress, but then a couple weeks back, all my data got lost. I've tried re-doing what I had before, but I simply just decided to restart to accommodate some other things I wanted. As with the old one, I'd like a new cast of Gym Leaders, antagonists (including Admins? idk if this is possible in Gen V), Elite Four, Rivals... And maybe some other mook trainers. We'll see. Wanna get in on this? Cool beans. Here's a template or two (you only fill out one): [spoiler=Rival Template (MAY BE FULL, WILL KEEP YOU POSTED)] Name: Reference Picture (for spriting purposes): Team(s) [NOTE: MUST INCLUDE AN INTERCHANGEABLE GEN V STARTER]: Personality (for script writing): [spoiler=Gym Leader Template] Name: Reference Picture: Type Specialty: Location: Team (limitations below): Badge Awarded: TM Awarded (number + move): Postgame Rematch? (if yes, include a new team): [spoiler=Antagonist Template] Name: Rank (N is an acceptable rank here): Reference Picture: Team(s): Leitmotif: Postgame Rematch?: [spoiler=Elite Four Template (SIGNUPS NOW FULL)] Name: Reference Picture: Rank (1-4): Type Specialty: Team: [spoiler=Misc. Template] Name: Trainer Class: Location: Team: Rematchable?: [spoiler=Team Limitations] All YOU MAY PICK OUTSIDE OF GEN V. I can't stress enough how I want this to be noted. Gym Leaders Must maintain a monotype (dual-types are fine) Must not be hackleveled (see: Drayden's Haxorus in BW1) Must fall under the following limits on # of Pokemon: Leaders 1/2: 2-3 Pokemon Leaders 3/4/5: 3-4 Pokemon Leaders 6/7/8: 4-5 Pokemon Elite Four Must maintain a monotype (dual types are fine) Must not be hackleveled Are allowed one lesser legendary of their specialized type (no version legendaries, however) Normal Trainers Must have Pokemon they can catch by that point (I'll let you know if you need to change or not) Must not be stronger than the next Gym Leader # of Pokemon varies [spoiler=Monotype Chart] Bug: Glac Dark: Tende Dragon: Maya Electric: Noah Fighting: Comet Fire: Michael Psychic: Spaceman Rock: ??? (DA BALDRICK) Steel: Lux Water: Austin ???: Tonton (he reserved a spot over Skype) [spoiler=The Cast] Pokemon Professor Eliedad Gym Leader Tende Gym Leader Glac Gym Leader Michael Gym Leader Spaceman Gym Leader Comet Elite Four Noah Elite Four Austin Elite Four Lux Elite Four Maya Team ??? Ciraxis Pokemon Trainer/Team ??? Elise Rival Declan Rival Silva Worker Acacia Don't wanna be in the hack, but want to help me out? No problem! If you can sprite or do any ASM hacking, let me know and I'll get in touch with you! Let's go hijack the world of Pokemon!
  16. Hey all, longtime lurker and VERY occasional poster here, doing an FE7 THWOMP run in HHM for your enjoyment. I calculated the THWOMPness of all the FE7 characters based on the simple formula of HP + Def + Res - Spd. I wasn't sure how to include base stats without skewing in favour of prepromotes, but here's the top 10 THWOMP units based on the calculation (and who I will likely be using): (145) Oswin (130) Hector, Lowen (120) Wallace (115) Ninils (105) Eliwood, Canas (100) Dorcas, Bartre (95) Harken Extremely good earlygame, but no healer until promoted Canas. For your perusal, here's the rest of the list: (90) Kent, Marcus, Fiora, Jaffar (85) Lucius, Heath, Geitz, Farina, Renault (80) Sain, Wil, Serra, Raven, Hawkeye (75) Erk, Merlinus, Pent (70) Priscilla, Isadora, Louise (65) Rath (60) Lyn, Nino, Vaida (55) Florina (50) Matthew, Legault (45) Rebecca, Guy, Dart, Karel, Karla I feel like it's a good list, all things considering. I'll be doing a screenshot LP, so hopefully this will be fun for both you guys and me. As an aside, an FE8 THWOMP would probably fun if you exclude Seth (who would undoubtedly make the list given his crazy growths). I was also considering an Anti-THWOMP playthrough using the bottom ten on the list, but that would mean Ch11 would require Hector use for the boss, and Ch12 would be a Matthew + Rebecca solo, which sounds like way too much hassle to me. Here's the first chapter, feedback is appreciated: Again, feedback is appreciated! As an aside, how do you guys want me to play? Should I play draft-style where I cannot use any of the other characters? Or should I be allowed thieves and clerics? I'll leave it up to you guys to let me know in your posts
  17. Okay, so. I'm pretty sure Vashi's rubbing off on me, because much like her, I've started dreaming of an FE game myself, though I have a bit more to start with than I believe that she originally did. A few things: 1. This uses RD's three-tiered promo system. Because three tiers are awesome. 2. Ideas in this post may be shittier than they appear. 3. Insanity is probably going to ensue from this. 4. Names will... probably not come to me through all this, so RNG is used. Setting The game takes place on the continent Peinsam (heavily based on England), which features a lot of lush fields and large cities, usually run by a governor that answers to the continent's kingdom, which is actually ruled over by four "lesser" rulers who more or less handle one quarter of the continent's major matters out of the central capital, Ciasioum. They are protected by a large standing army in each sector, and an elite fighting force known as the Eight Orders, with two members of the force hailing from each different area. [spoiler=Hulea] The northwestern area of the continent, Hulea, is the one that flourishes, primarily due to its much more manageable climate. This is where much of the farming takes place for the entire continent, and as such, trade and inevitably money flows into the area at a rapid pace. This is also the most notorious "bandit country", as with more money around, there are inevitably greedy savages who wish to get their filthy hands on as much of it as possible. Coincidentally, this area is also where our story begins. The area is ruled over by Pancras, considered to be the most loutish of the Four Kings. His primary M.O. is to lavish himself in his riches without any care in the world. His primary guardians of the Eight Orders are Driscoll of the Silver Night - a Ranger with superior skill with sword and bow - and Jeannine of the Corona Sunset - a Seraph Knight who is known far and wide by her golden mount and ruthless efficiency with the lance - both of whom are very serious about their duty and are considered to be more of the ruling party than Pancras is. They lead a very traditional army, filled with heavily armoured lancemen and horsemen of all sorts. [spoiler=Aunuam] Aunuam is the arid southwestern area of the continent, and is typically considered the weakest financially of the four due to the lack of natural resources. It does house some mining, and farming near the border of Hulea is becoming more and more common, but typically Aunuam relies on trade with the other three sectors to function normally. The military of the area, however, is considered to be the most elite of the group due to their wyvern corps and magical prowess, likely attributing to their Eight Order representatives. The sector is governed primarily by Lanny, considered a general coward considering the high-powered defenses that he has shored up in his area. However, he is considered to be an honest ruler, and has the full support of his people. His Eight Orders representatives are Theodore of the Rose Wing - a powerful Dragonmaster with crushing power with the axe and a natural charisma to ensure undying loyalty - and Regan of the Star Children - an Arch Sage with mastery over all magics and an insatiable lust for battle. [spoiler=Rallall] The northeastern territory of Peinsam is considered to be the most treacherous environment-wise, as it has many frigid areas and harsh mountain ranges that even experienced climbers would consider difficult. This natural landscape would normally pose problems for the people in the area in terms of economy, but they thrive off the cold and are considered to be a staple in the fishing and lumber trade of the nation, with their cold-water fishing and lush forests, cold as they may be. Their ruler is Calvin, the youngest of the Four Kings and arguably the most ambitious of the lot. His power lies in his ability to rouse his people if he needs them for any purpose, and the fact that he is the only one who remains a combatant if there ever arose a need for him to battle. The two representatives of the Eight Orders for Rallall are Tobias of the Eagle's Eye - a cruel and cunning Marksman who's bowmanship is unrivaled - and Roxanne of the Wild Cross - a Saint whose magic is rivaled only by her greed. The two make for an effective duo to aid in Calvin's ambitions. [spoiler=Gosche] The southeastern part of the continent, and the one that is most commonly used as the port of the area. As such, trade flourishes here, and the port is usually the first to be attacked in the event of another kingdom's advance. As it stands, the main cities of Gosche have been rebuilt several times; thus, their resources are lacking and more often then not the people in lower classes suffer much more than they should. The ruler of Gosche is Merrill, a shrewd man and the eldest of the Four Kings. Though his love of money is similar to that of Pancras, he does care for his people, even if he personally is unable to defend them from an invasion due to his age. The last two members of the Eight Orders, as well as the heads of Merrill's personal guard, are Basil of the Lodestar - a Gold Knight with great influence and a greater sense of justice - and Chelsea of the Gale Winds - a Trueblade who chooses to have her actions speak louder than her words. Player Units So Far Lords Recruit -> Commander -> Vanguard: Lamont Fencer -> Lord -> Noble: Rosalie Jade Edge Mercenary Group Mage Knight -> Sage Knight: Felicity Mage -> Sage -> Arch Sage: Cade Fighter -> Warrior -> Reaver: Elvin Archer -> Sniper -> Marksman: Brielle Mercenary -> Duelist -> Hero: Anita So... yeah. Uh... I'll figure out more stuff later, I guess? Mods, if this is the wrong place for this topic, then please move it.
  18. Hey guys. So, I presume most of you know me although I don't know why you would want to, and have all played through at least one of the Gen 5 games. Well, now I'm going to attempt something that I don't recall seeing on the site before: making a Gen V ROMhack. However, I want different leaders and whatnot. This is where you all come in. From you, the humble viewer of the thread, I need the following: Trainer Name: Trainer Class (only 8 Gym Leaders/4 Elite Four members/2 Rivals/1 N-type): Reference Picture (if not a generic trainer): Team/Teams (include levels, too, and try to keep it reasonable) [if Rival/N-type, put each team in spoilers + if Gym Leader/E4, make sure to stick with a specific type limitation]: Leitmotif (again, if a 'unique' trainer class): Special spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you can do some sprite stuff for this also, that'd be keen. You can either post them in here or send them to me in a PM. [spoiler=DA CAST] [spoiler=Rivals] Graham (Duck) Silvah (Silver Lightning) [spoiler=Gym Leaders] Gym 1: Kamon (Dragon type [this is not a fucking typo]) Gym 2: Yuuta (Fire type, ace is Houndoom) Gym 3: Derek (Poison Type, ace is Gengar) Gym 4: Kinumi (Psychic Type, ace is Gallade) Gym 5: Breezy (Flying Type, ace is Braviary) Gym 6: Abdul (HBG) [Water Type, ace is Empoleon] Gym 7: Garland (Dark Type, ace is Absol) Gym 8: David (SecondWorld) [steel Type, ace is Lucario] [spoiler=DAT N] Shirley (beauteous THINGS [also may or may not have a Mew]) [spoiler=E4] E4-1: LuxSpes (Fighting Type, ace is Cobalion) E4-2: Zak Stealer of Waifus (Electric Type, ace is Zapdos) E4-3: General Ciraxis (Ice type, ace is Regice) E4-4: Alkesta (Fateborn) [Ghost Type, ace is Giratina {I KNOW IT'S PLATINUM'S LEGENDARY SHUT UP THERE'S NO OTHER GHOST LEGENDARIES THOUGH}] [spoiler=Other ish] Something-or-other Vincent (ZM) [Post-game battle] Rich Boy Rey (I... THINK they have the Rich Boy still?) Ace Trainer Nick (Post-game battle) THE SIX MAGIKARP MAN (Spiky) Rich Boy Nobody (Victory Road) Also, some limits: -You may not use a legendary UNLESS you are either N (then you automatically get the other version legendary of whatever version I hack) or the Elite 4 (may not be a version legendary or Meloetta [i have plans for Meloetta] and must fit within your monotype) -If picking a Rival, you MUST have a Gen V starter on all of your teams. Other Pokes don't really matter. Monotype Chart: Normal Fire: Kirsche Water: HeavyBrawlsGuy Grass Electric: Zak Ice: General Ciraxis Rock Poison: DSG Bug Ground Psychic: Kinumi Ghost: Fateborn Dragon: Alfred Kamon Fighting: LuxSpes Flying: Breezy Dark: GarlandDaHero Steel: SecondWorld
  19. yeah. I'll do up an actual list later of who I'm restricting this run to but uh yeah surpriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise~ DA CREW Chrom (Zero!Kiritsugu) Fredbutt (Black Knight) Lissa (Animu!Saber) Virion (ZERO!CASTAH) Sully (temp. only so I can get her kid AKA ILYA~) Stahl/Donnel (Shirou) Miriel/Flavia (FSN!Caster who's totally my Nasu-waifu shhhhh) Cordy/Severa (Taiga) Tharja/Kjelle (ILYA~) Olivia/Anna (Zero!Assassin [one of 'em]/FSN!Rider) Inigo (GARCHER & MUFUCKIN' KARIYA) Noire (Movie!Saber [also Arc in the nonexistant Tsukihime animu]) Tiki (Rin fucking Tohsaka) Basilio (Zero!Assassin [again, one of 'em]/Kuzuki) {Yen'fay (FSN!Kiritsugu)/Priam (FSN!Kirei/ISKANDER, KING OF CONQUERORS!}
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