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Found 18 results

  1. I did saw Nintendo just dropped a new trailer that is a mainline game. The trailer shows that it takes place before all the previous FE entries that it's a prequel to the the entire franchise. It's features a protagonist named Shirin that created the world of Fire Emblem and Naga appears as a teenager helps him in his quest to bring peace in the corrupted world and ended the first war called "War of Destruction". There are ancestors of the legacy FE characters appeared in this game similar to like how Pokemon Legends Arceus was handled and the world is called Inertia. Here's the link of the trailer that I found.
  2. Nintendo just put up the May 2021 Trailer that are releasing 6 SNES Games and One NES Game. I managed to look at the Japanese Trailer for NES and SNES Online (Famicom Online and Super Famicom Online) that they just revealed Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is coming to the Japanese SNES Online (Super Famicom Online). It is coming at May 26th. I'm pretty sure the two that replaces Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War for the International Game List could been Spanky's Quest or Super Baseball Simulator 1,000. Since Nintendo just put Genealogy of the Holy War in the Game Library, I'm definitely think that possible chances of a Jugdral Remake might going to show as unlikely deconfirm to be shown off for E3 2021 incase what Nintendo and Intelligent System going to show off a possible Fire Emblem game at E3.
  3. There is a trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem spinoff title that is bit more of the Tetris 99 and the late Super Mario Bros. 35 that is called Fire Emblem 30. You play in all 17 style titles against 29 Players in a Battle Royale similar to like Super Mario Bros. 35. It is coming to May 2021. The link of the trailer is in here. Edit from April 2nd: April Fools is now over.
  4. The 2nd trailer for Stories 2 finally released, revealing a lot more new information about the game: I also thought this trailer release would be a good time to create a discussion thread for this game. I only played the demo of the original game, but it was fantastic, and this game looks like it'll be great. Also, am I just hearing things, or does the Wyverian girl have the same voice actor as BOTW-Zelda? EDIT: I didn't realize until after I posted this that this new trailer was part of a huge announcement for both this game and Rise. Should I modify this thread into a discussion thread for the whole announcement or leave it as it is?
  5. Nintendo just released a third DLC Fighter trailer for the upcoming second Fighter Pass after Joker in their Super Smash Bros. YouTube Channel. This fighter was from the recently leak that was coded as Brave in the datamine. He will be released in June 21st, 2019. Here is the trailer: Edit from April 2nd: April Fools Day is over now.
  6. So yeah. I guess the trailer really is complete now. Also Tiki's British accent is cute.
  7. You can close this one, somebody has already posted.
  8. I just looked at the trailer that was uploaded by Nintendo of United Kingdom from 1 hour ago. I did see some of the stuff that we haven't looked at and we can hear more of the other character's voices since Mycen isn't speaking much in this trailer. I did see some that were shown in the trailer that are: The sword that contains dark energy is called "Shadow Sword", Alm's new line that we haven't heard yet, Kliff's new battle quotes, I did see Skills thing in the Stats that was shown in the North American footages and I did heard that the previous European footages called it as "Tec" is now changed to Skills like in the North American footages, the Arts Combat skill that Valbar learned is called Tempest Lance, Jesse learned is called Tigerstance, we can hear it clearier when Clive's voice spoke in his death quote since it was hard to hear when Mycen spoke in the North American trailer, and Jedah's battle model was shown. They didn't show off the enemies' names in Zofia Castle as "Alm's Army" like in the North American footage (I don't know if it's probably possible that they might have found out about that "Alm's Army" localization mistake or it's might be possible that that the team who worked on the North American trailer have been accidentally taken it some early gameplay scenes and use them as footages from the debug testing?)
  9. This was just posted in Nintendo of America's trailer about the classes. I did looked at the trailer, Silque has a Sage class added. (I'm pretty sure we didn't see that happen in the game data since Clerics can't promote to Sages which it's gender locked for male Mages and I am not entirely sure they might going to be involving reclassing as DLC?) And also, I saw that magical ring was localized as Mage Ring, Sausage is still Sausage, and Rusted Sword (same) + I did saw those skills that was shown in this trailer were localized are Thunderclap (same), Armorcrush, Crosswise Cut, Encloser (Archer), Archballista, Knightkneeler, Foudroyant, and Hit and Run (same).
  10. Mark your calendars, people! My first game, Power Master 1: A Strange Journey, comes out on March 26th of this year! I spent a long time making this game and now I finally have enough information to solidify a release date! This trailer shows off the content you can find in my game, from areas to characters to weapons/item to the enemies! This game is almost done!!! A few more sprites are needed along with some final testing, and then it's ready to be released! I was originally going to include my voice for this trailer, but decided against it because 1) My recording equipment sucks and 2) I didn't want to make it seem like voice acting was in the game. I know how to do so, but like I said, my equipment sucks, so I'm saving that idea for a future game. So for this trailer, you'll have to read the text, but I tried to keep it on screen long enough for everyone to read it. Questions? Comments? Analyses? Tell me below! You may discover some secrets if you look closely at the trailer enough... Learn more and download the demo at http://www.powermastergame.webs.com I'm honestly not sure whether to put this in creative or general gaming...
  11. Has anyone seen this trailer yet? I remember really loving the Awakening Accolades trailer, but this one just blows that out of the water. Its very beautiful and gripping~! I'm really celebrating over the fact that Nintendo finally seems to have gotten how to market a Fire Emblem game; the advertising is amazing! :0
  12. We've got trouble! They're memeing us!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoCc_MAI87M So after my first video, I decided to make a follow up to address new information discovered! Again, I'm looking for critique as well thoughts on the video, as well as starting discussion :) Enjoy.
  14. Just some cool and random Screenshots I took from the new trailer
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD-d8AArOb0 Been working on this non-stop since the trailer was released! Please leave feedback on my idea as well as production and enjoy the video!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAkIeH1RR00 This is my first time seeing this. [spoiler=If you don't know what this is and don't want to figure it out on your own.] This must be the Japanese trailer for Seisen no Keifu.
  17. Hope this hasn't been posted yet but I went digging around and GameXplain did a pretty good analysis on the trailer from Nintendo Direct. They pointed out alot of things I didn't notice before hand like the battle transitions reflecting the environment, story speculations, and the potential of playing as a third faction apart from the East and West. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRgDBJqeNQs&spfreload=10
  18. I'm sure I missed out on some details (In fact, I know I did because I added some of my other observations that I noticed during editing via text over the video) and there's more to uncover, but this are just some of the observations I found in the debut trailer for Fire Emblem If: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_3ef5Wo5UU Speaking of new observations: Chaos, Neutral or Law route anyone? I just find it odd the title split into 3 different colors.
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