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Found 4 results

  1. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/948901835284283393 So yeah, an impressive feat for Nintendo and the Switch. That's breaking the previous record that the Wii held I believe.
  2. Hi everyone, As I am currently playing FE11 in the EUR version, I was looking for some codes to get some Elysian whip (online shop being shut down since long ago). Unfortunately, I couldn't find anywhere on Internet any code that were only giving the Elysian whip. The usual solution people suggested was to use the "Unlock all item" code and delete whatever you don't want. However, this solution mess up your storage with items you can't delete (Falchion and other key items), and is toilsome. A guy in Gamefaqs made his own code, which was exactly what I was looking for, but only working on the US version. Finally, because I cannot find any equivalent for the EUR version, I end up analysing existing codes for EUR and adapted stha guy's code. I've tested it and they seems to work, so I though it would be nice to share them: (The codes should be activated during a chapter) EUR: US (directly taking it from gf's topic): Here it is ! I hope it would be helpful :) Short introduction (as it is my first post here), I've been using Serenes forest since I started to play FE7. My first FE is Awakening ("booh") and I've decided recently to try them all ! So far I've finished FE 6, 7 and 8, currently playing FE11 and planning to do 12, then Fates. As I study in China, I'm considering playing FE4 with the Chinese fully translated patch, which could be a good practice, but with the potential remake coming (after FE15?), my motivation is going down haha. TLDR; : Working AR Code for FE11 to get ONLY Elysian whip and Master Seal
  3. Hi everyone, I think you know why you entered to this post, but if it is not obvious, well, I am challenging you! Yes, I am challenging everyone who has the next things: -Fire Emblem Fates: Any version of the game -Is in the American Fire Emblem Fates Servers: Sorry for the ones who are in the EU/OC/JP Servers, but my 3ds is from America -Anyone that is wanting a challenge. What is the challenge: Defeat my castle army: My castle army is a very hard army You can see my Layout there What are the conditions to win: DEFEAT, not seizing, DEFEAT my whole army. If you seize it your win will not count for the challenge. Take a screenshot of it: You can take a screenshot by going to the home menu and then to the miiverse app of Nintendo 3DS It must be on my feedback in my castle. You can only try it once per day. What you would win: -In the Serenes Forest Chat I would call you Milord or Milady [insert your name here] -When you enter to the chat I will say to you: Welcome back Milord/Milady [insert your name here] -You will gain my respect. -When I have a free day in the month you can choose for me from a pool of characters of Fates, what character you want me to draw. (I have atleast 1 free day every month). -If you SEIZE my castle then, good for you because you seized a hard castle but you didnt beat my army The prizes will last to you atleast 1 month. If you defeated my army, you can try to defeat it again the next month. My army is getting stronger every day, so, start now and try it now that is not that powerful. I will put to you some images of my army. Thats my Castle Layout. You can see who is in my army Thats my information, there you can go and take my castle address. Well, I think thats all, if I need to update something I will put something like this: ------------------------------ [ UPDATE: ] Updated things :) ------------------------------ With nothing more to add, thats my challenge, I hope you like it and try to DEFEAT my whole army. Thanks for passing by. ------------------------------
  4. Quick question before anybody makes a move. What level of disclosure, in terms of stat boosters, would you both prefer? Team Espinosa [spoiler=stats] Dart 60 30 21 28 20 16 8 13 Rebecca 58 22 25 29 23 13 20 8 Oswin 59 27 20 21 14 30 15 16 Matthew 56 18 19 30 21 16 9 9 Hector 56 30 23 23 14 28 15 15 Vs. Team Horace [spoiler=stats] Geitz 58 28 18 25 17 15 7 13 Isadora 56 19 19 25 25 18 11 10 Dart 60 30 21 28 14 14 14 13 Rebecca 44 22 25 29 23 11 14 6 Sain 58 25 18 24 17 16 9 11 (15) So Espinosa gets first move.
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