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  1. Quick Update: The situation was a bit worse than we originally thought (actually a lot worse but what can you do) so I'm still dealing with IRL shit. I'm going to try to get a post out in the next couple hours but I'm not guaranteeing anything.
  2. Sorry IRL shit popped up I'll be back in 12~18 hours. Again sorry.
  3. So if scum has, as you yourself say, no reason to be afraid in RVS then why would Athena being nervous be or non-comital be scummy. You can say that it was RVS, but you continue to keep the option of a scum!Athena read open for a while. Like I don't see why you say scum has no reason to do something when you were using it as your reason to vote Athena. Like I don't have a problem with you reading Athena as town after their latest posts, since they were fine, but I honestly still don't get your early reads on Athena. 1. Activity: Shinori was active and posting content as opposed to what was essentially non-content coming out of KTS. Which actually brings up a more notable point, @Killthestory why did you not just post your thoughts and reads when baldrick asked you to explain your view on the interaction between me and Shinori? Why did I need to specifically ask for you to justify your thoughts before you posted anything more than a sentence or two? Imma elaborate on my thoughts on KTS further down. 2. Expectations: I've played with Shinori before and I remember him being a good player. I have no idea who KTS is, have never played with him so I have no expectations. I actually have a problem with this then. Like if you have a null read on me and your bothered by the pushes on me, then explain why. Do you have a scum read on anybody who's been pushing me? You mention Baldrick and SB off a gut read but mention nobody else who is voting me and don't really explain any specific parts about their cases. I get your demotivated but I feel like I expect more. Here's My problem with how KTS has been playing: 1. You go on about Eury for the entire post and you don't mention anywhere that your read on Eury swings to town. The parts I bolded I feel are saying you still scum read Eury and then you just like never explain why you change to Eury is ObvTown 2. You vote Ice Sage after barely mentioning him, and you really don't give us any reason for this. Like what makes Ice Sage worse then like SB, myself, Refa, or EvanManMan. It just seems completely arbitrary. This is the same thing I have an issue with Shinori's Refa vote for and I don't think this is just me being confused this time or misreading something. I feel like this is so much worse than Shinori's though, because you had more to work off of. ##Unvote ##Vote: KTS I feel confident with this for now. Yeah I think I posted like 5 minutes after you did cause I forgot to prepost check. Honestly I agree with this point not gonna lie. So basic rundown. I'm leaning more towards a null/town reading on Shinori. I am mostly null on SB and slightly scum on Refa. I'll address Eury and Bartozio and whoever else has posted since I started writing when I get around to it.
  4. No. See that's the thing I can have a different opinion on whether or not your reads are clear than you do. It doesn't mean I 'm lying just means I don't think your reads were clear relative to each other. I'm not asking you to be 100% on your scum reads, I was asking for you to explain how your reads compare to each other in terms of confidence, which I don't think was particularly clear, which is why I have an issue. Imma read the rest of whats been posted rather than just skim and get back to you on the rest. To be fair most of what was posted while i slept was about me iirc. Sounds about right. I don't even blame you for it given some of the games I've played in with you. That being said tell me why I'm scum and not just me.
  5. true. I think that becomes more of an issue with people who still haven't produced content tho.
  6. ok I thought its was one of the new things added in a site update or something.
  7. Just want to point out one thing you said throughout the post, remember the first 2/3 pages or however many pages is signup/confirmation, so I wouldn't say we had a lot to go off of for a while.
  8. what are that quote style and how do you do that?
  9. I don't think I can disregard meta when talking about Shinori's logic. I think I mentioned it earlier but I have a friend I play mafia and secret hitler with IRL. Dude is super chill outside the game, bu when somebody new is playing with us he abuses the crap out of their inexperience and unfamiliarity with the system. Which is fine, but we all understand this and are able to differentiate the ways he picks new players apart. Anyways going back to Shinori's argument my experience tells me that a player does it consistently or not at all. can you elaborate on your reads or at the very least the reason for your reads. Like I got no issue if you have your own reason for scum reading me and aren't just sheeping shinori or baldrick, but I'd rather here what the reasons are. I did catch that, acknowledge it and explained my problem with the vote regardless But to elaborate on this the problem I have is that the vote now blurs what Shinori's scum reads are. Like he's talking about other people and explaining his thoughts on them, but then doesn't really follow any of that up. Like even just giving a quick run down of who he thinks is scummiest, or saying where everybody lines up relative to other reads and it makes the whole thing seem forced to me. Since people seem confused about this, I literally point out that nothing has happened at the point where I voted SB . The point of the vote is to try and make the game more active. I originally thought this was going to be by people discussing SB's questioning of Athena not actually leading to anything and whether people thought that was intentional, instead it wound up as people scum reading me, nothing unusual for me on any given day 1, and we actually have points to discuss. So yeah I think my vote accomplished its job.
  10. Ight I'm back and slightly hungover so give like 30~40.
  11. Like I said being passive is more of an issue going forward if it were to continue but that's something for future me to worry about.
  12. These are all my posts about you before my post at the top of page 5. I really don't think I'm throwing a lot of shade at you in any of these, I see two where I'm confused and need to reread and one where I'm saying my thoughts on you are mainly gut. I don't say if I think your scummy at any point, I say I have an issue but part of that might Be on my end and then that I need to reread to check for anything scummy. I really don't see where you're coming from when you're saying I'm throwing shade. Also I know literally nothing about Athena so how am I supposed to know their not new. I'm not doing that much research on every player. Now to be completely off topic and talking about the egotistical thing. Yeah no I'm an egotist 100% I don't doubt myself and act with complete confidence. I love the spot light and never shy away from being The center of attention. That is I'm pretty sure the definition of an egotist. At the same time I'm realistic about my capabilities. Compared to most of the people who play on this site I don't think I'm particularly smart, I don't think I'm particularly good at mafia, doesn't mean I'm going into a game lacking confidence in myself. I don't know my thoughts on myself tend to be complicated. Like don't get me wrong I love myself but I know as well as anybody else my flaws.
  13. I haven't played on SF in a fat minute so I have no idea who's new I just know you said they've only rolled mad, which either is horrible luck or their new. So given my perspective yes it is a valid argument. and again I literally said my actual content was going to come later. I was throwing dirt I was responding to baldrick in the vast majority of my posts. If you want to say it words without actions, I'd argue I wasn't saying that much (which again can be argued as white noise and would be a valid argument) but if I'm not saying anything substantial why should I be taking action.
  14. Yeah it was more of a gut read I'd say. Problem is I don't think a gut read has a lot of weight at this time. And like I said I needed to actually read the thread to try and get a more clear opinion on people. And here's the thing if I plan to actually make content I see no reason to change my vote before I actually form a solid opinion, barring extenuating circumstances of course. As for the last part that's not really faking activity, you can say it's faking content or creating a bunch of white noise but faking activity would more so be if I were trying to lurk without seeming like I'm lurking I guess, but I'm too egotistical too lurk tbh. In terms of your content it's the same as what I outlined above, I don't really see where you get your meta on SB from. But I'm readin the lead up into your vote on Refa I just question why you don't give even a cursory explanation to why you vote Refa. Like I get that you explain this in one of your previous posts, but your post talks about me, SB, and Athena and then you vote Refa. It make sure it difficult to read where your scum reads line up. I feel like overall your content seems forced, like I get that ED1 cases are almost always forced or reaches but this just seems worse than what I'm used to. Like I can understand this coming from a newer town player, but I know you've actually played is I don't feel like I can excuse this as much. ## Unvote ##Vote Shinori Also yeah my SB vote did its job pretty well I'd say considering the increase in activity and meaningful content since voting. As for other people i think SB is probs town if only because of his response to Refa's dumb question in RVS. I don't have any problems with baldrick even if I don't completely agree with his reasoning I don't think he's done anything inherently scummy. Eury feels very passive early on and if that keeps up imma probably have an issue with it but at this'll point I ain't stressing over it and everybody else hasn't really been active enough for me to take note. Reason
  15. No I don't think SB would. I don't know if Shinor's argument makes meta sense though cause I haven't played on site in like 2 years, but going off of what I remember i don't particularly think it's a reasonable argument and seemed very forced IMO.
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