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  1. I can stop playing mafia anytime. Clearly not consider me interested
  2. Imagine giving SS2 to new units when SS3 exists, thats petty
  3. Why great knight, why not wyvern lord instead, it has axefair, doesn't axe her speed, gives her flying utility and it requires less lance ranking and doesn't require her to push a skill she has a weakness in in exchange for -5% magic growth (which is on average 1 less magic every twenty levels)
  4. It's extremely jarring that there is only one advanced class with a lance requirement (paladin) while half the master classes require a high lance rank, there should be a halbadier class or something in advanced so your Pegasus knights aren't forced to sit in Pegasus knight for 25 levels and Atleast have a switch out option
  5. Are we playing the same game, post timeskip in Blue Lions (Hard) the difficulty took a massive jump and the enemies actually started being a threat, by endgame most of my units even my fastest weren't consistently doubling and often got doubled and enemy brawlers could rip apart anyone except my great knight on initiation
  6. Dimitri automatically gains his relic in the story he does not have it at the start of act 2
  7. Is there any reason to pick mercenary over thief, the two classes seem identical except thief gets locktouch and steal
  8. For anyone that cares, with that revival banner I finished two 5*+10 projects at once My first (and only) 5* exclusive +10. And my favourite character from awakening
  9. Fairly sure that's for Manuela Characters just kind of shrug at you and go not mine, no penalty as far as I can see
  10. I'd say before chapter 23 Lunatic!Birthright is significantly easier than hard!conquest at that chapter the difficulty spikes so the difficulty of the endgame is basically on par with hard!conquest
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