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Found 3 results

  1. So I don't see a different topic for this, which is surprising to me, but whatever. Nintendo is holding a sale of various titles, including Mario Party 10, Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, ALBW, LEGO Batman 3, LEGO The Hobbit, AC:NL, FE13, Kid Icarus: Uprising, etc. Many of these are actually significantly discounted (Hyrule Warriors for like $42, for instance), like ~30% off. I already yolobought Uprising, myself. The full list is found on Nintendo's E3 website's "Offers" page. EDIT: Dual Dragons informs us that Etrian Oddyssey: Untold is also on sale!
  2. So I was playing the Wii U version with my sister earlier.... And something really odd happened. We were playing no items two stock doubles on Wooly World Ω, myself (Marth) and her (Ike) vs CPU Yoshi and Falco. She knocked out Falco.... then I did, before we could KO Yoshi once. However, Falco did not suffer the second KO reducing his stock. Instead, Yoshi took the blow. Falco returned, his remaining stock still intact. Yoshi's first stock randomly vanished. To make matters weirder, the announcer began saying: " Computer Player: Defea--" before cutting off for Falco's odd return. In the results screen, the KO's were three falls Falco, one Yoshi. Has anyone else encountered this? I want to know what triggered it.
  3. Feel free to use this to discuss characters from the DK, Yoshi and Wario series as well. So this is Nintendo's biggest series, entering the ring with over 200 games under it's belt. Mario is one of the most recognizable fictional characters ever. Likely Newcomers: Bowser Jr., Toad, Paper Mario, Waluigi, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool Bowser Jr., and Toad are who I consider to be the two most likely newcomers if the Super Mario series. Toad has been around for just as long as Luigi, Peach and Bowser have been, and he was one of the most requested characters for Melee. An appearance in Mario 3D World can only help his chances as well. Bowser Jr., however, has a lot more prevalance in the series as of late. He's been a very recurring villain since he appeared in 2001, appearing in over 28 games in 12 years. Paper Mario would be a character to showcase the Paper Mario games, and probably Mario RPGs as a whole because Geno's chances aren't good at all. I'm not too sure why people want Waluigi, but he is a very recognizable character since the N64. Though he has the problem that he hasn't exactly done anything... noteworthy. While Bowser Jr., Toad and Paper Mario are either villains, sidekicks or heros, respectively, Waluigi just really exists. After DKC: Tropical Freeze was announced, most people right now are thinking Dixie has a higher chance of being playable than King K. Rool. Though King K Rool is an incredibly popular choice as well. It's very possible that DKC could get two new characters, because of how few notable characters are left (and I certainly wouldn't be against it!). Feel free to discuss these guys, alongside any other characters related to these games that you wish.
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