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  1. Just finished reading through this thread and I have one conclusion. This is shaping up to be the best FE game ever made. It fixes literally every "mistake" Awakening and Fates did, and the result is excellent. Will definitely be picking a copy (or 10) up. If FE Switch learns anything from this game, I have high hopes.
  2. That has nothing to do with it. I'm not talking timelines. It's literally just the devs recognizing their previous work. They do it all the time.
  3. They're probably just references. Each of the towns in Zelda 2 shares its name with a sage from OoT. It's the same thing here.
  4. Where can I get the Fire Rod on the plateau?
  5. Elie is the best! It's downloading on my phone now.
  6. I actually find Calill to be the best mage in the game. Fire is the best type of magic and Rexflame is the best tome in the game. Soren is slow and frail for basically the entire game, and he'll never be a frontliner. Calill's durability is better (not by much, but it's better; it takes Soren 10 levels to match her base durability, and by then she has a massive speed lead) and she's capping speed early. The speed boost from Rexflame makes her the best endgame mage as well. Though granted, the difference between them is like half a point.
  7. Enlighten us troglodytes on your Sanaki strategy then, please.
  8. Keep in mind this is for a low tier unit. Regarding biorhythm, what if Sanaki happens to be in high biorythym? Nosferatu's rank is honestly not a problem with how much this game hands you Arms Scrolls.
  9. It's actually fairly reliable for 4-3. Once Sanaki is in Resolve range, she's doubling everything. Getting her into said range is the hardest part, but it's still not hard. In Resolve range, the following options exist: - 36% Vantage, where the enemy is taking massive damage - 18% Flare, where the enemy is dead and Sanaki is out of Resolve range In the event that the enemy survives, or Vantage doesn't activate, you have 106 avoid. Enemy hit in 4-3 is generally around 150, meaning they have a 46% (~43% true). But what happens when Sanaki is out of Resolve range? ...put her back in it. It's not hard, and it actually synergizes well because the result is that she never dies (which is ironic given how low her defensive stats are). For this reason, I'd actually suggest giving her the Nosferatu tome from the base conversation. My preferred method for doing 4-3 is this Resolve strategy on both Sanaki and Micaiah, with Haar and Sigrun to clean up the scraps. This lets me send more fliers to Tibarn's team, where they're more appreciated given how much terrain they deal with.
  10. If it was a Muslim ban, Saudi Arabia would've been on the list.
  11. It's a country ban. Nowhere in the official documents does it mention any form of religion. Condolences for the families. Like eclipse said, no place of quiet worship should have to deal with this. But damn, the media up here is sure quick to attribute this with Trump. There isn't any evidence (and likely won't be for a while), and the narrative pushing is strong with this one.
  12. I would argue Jill as well. The payoff is almost immediate. At the latest, she's paid for any investments by 3-6.
  13. That's also a small, and not representative, sample of the American population.
  14. Thankfully Trueblades have Wyrmslayers for your arbitrary rule (as Dheg has the highest defense in the game). Capped Str Edward with Wyrmslayer has 65 Attack on Dheg and doubles. This deals 30 damage to Dheg, without anything like Blood Tide or supports to impact it. For reference, 65 attack can only be reached with: - Urvan Boyd w/ +Attack support; doesn't double - any mage with Thoron/Rexbolt (though they get OHKOed in the process most of the time) - Caineghis/Giffca, but they don't double - Wyrmslayer Gold Knight/Marshall, though they don't double The opportunity cost of blessing a Wyrmslayer instead of Alondite/Vague Katti isn't even that high considering that physical defense is rather low in the final two maps given all of the magic enemies you fight.
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