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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, everyone! Ever since Engage came out, thinking up how other characters could work if they were Emblems was something lots of people partaked on. I know I did, and even created a thread here to encourage it. At some point I got the desire to write down an actual encounter in story format, so I did. Since I wanted it to be as compatible with the game as possible, I did it as if they were another DLC Emblem. That said, I still fleshed it out, as the Divine Paralogues don't have much in term of dialogue. At least, not when it comes to addressing certain things I feel they should. To give an example, the base game Emblems talk about the places their own Paralogues are based from, but DLC Emblems don't. But well, why read it from me if you can read it from the story itself. So... enjoy! Author's Notes: Okay, that would be all, I hope. If you have feedback or anything to say about it, feel free to post it. Well, hope you enjoyed it!
  2. Hello everyone, this will be my first ever post in the forums, though it's not my first time here. I love a good story, in any form, which has led me to numerous books, games, etc. Over time, I developed a desire to create my own stories, whether they be originals or fanfictions. After I first found the written works section of the forum, I immediately delved into the stories people have written here and one in particular stood out to me: Emmeryn's Daughter by Runehood66 stood out to me for a couple reasons: 1. it was the first time I had ever read a Fire emblem fanfiction that crossed games 2. I have never played awakening (though I've always wanted to, just never had the chance) so it immediately caught my eye 3. The writing for it is honestly spectacular, at least in my opinion. It really left me yearning for more. 4. The biggest reason, is that it uses Past Alear as the main character (plus dragon transformation, always a good thing). Past Alear has always interested me, as I personally find her more interesting of a character than the Alear we play as, and after I read this (multiple times) I thought: what if past Alear or just Alear from some time before she met Lumera is transported to Fodlan (for some reason... which I'm still working on) So... now that I've very clearly expressed myself, I hope you enjoy my Three Houses/Engage Fanfic: Forever Family (title still a work in progress) Chapter 1: Storm of Sorrow After Notes: Also here's the feedback thread!
  3. Since WarioWare Move It! has been released and I did saw some YouTubers did posted some of the Nintendo Microgames and Fire Emblem Engage was included in one of the Microgames in 9-Volt's Stage similar to like WarioWare Gold has the Awakening Microgame where it showed Chrom & the FEA Boss Victor and WarioWare Let's Get It Together has the Three Houses Microgame that features the Tea Time Management that only features the Three Houses leaders Claude, Edelgard, and Dimitri (no Byleth was shown on screen in that game). I did look at some of the footages about that Fire Emblem Engage Microgame has Alear (both genders are random) gets the ring put on and also shows the Regular Rings as well. I did saw Marth, Celica, Female Corrin, and Byleth were shown in gameplay footages when Alear does the Emblem Engage in the microgames. I have to ask this as a Fire Emblem related content for the thread if anyone who owns a copy of WarioWare Move It! played the Fire Emblem Engage Microgame. I got three questions about the Fire Emblem Engage microgame that was featured in WarioWare Move It! Are there any other main Emblem Ring characters appear in the microgame that I haven't mentioned like Roy, Ike, Eirika, etc. Does any of the DLC Emblem Bracelet characters from the Fire Emblem DLC appear in this microgame can changes up like changes up the play style like say "Wear the Bracelet!" instead of "Wear the Ring" or it only shows up the Emblem Ring Characters only in this microgame? What happens if you let Alear wear the non-Emblem Ring? Does that make the player loses a point in the microgame or would Alear might still be little bit unpleased and still wants to fights?
  4. Flavors are red fruit punch and blue spirulina lemonade, with coconut soft-serve ice cream with lemon drizzle. Also carbonated.
  5. Hello, everyone! Here I am, once again delivering a one-shot fic. Another Engage one. This one's about an idea I thought up recently. A possible headcanon, if you will, considering the game doesn't say anything about the matter. At least, that I know of. So then... enjoy! To Fabricate a Miracle
  6. Hello everybody! Here I am once again delivering another Engage related piece I wrote. A one-shot this time around. As such, any comment or feedback can be put here. Notes will be placed afterwards, so without further ado... enjoy! Divine Legacy - The Dragon Child And now, some author's notes: I think that should be it. If I forgot anything... well, can always answer it in a later post. I hope you enjoyed it!
  7. I have yet to play Engage, and I probably won't be playing it for some time due to various reasons (university, monster hunter rise, etc.). When Engage was announced and it was made clear that the protagonist, Alear, is a divine dragon, my one hope was that this game would better utilize the protagonist being a dragon than Fates did with Corrin, where Corrin being a dragon was relevant for all of one story chapter and the dragon transformation was fairly barebones in terms of gameplay. Without any spoilers other than the answer to the question, I simply ask: does Alear have a dragon form in Engage? If so, is it part of the gameplay?
  8. Warning that there are some spoilers for Engage in this. So, I'm still not done with writing the first chapter. But basically, the premise of the story is that after chapter 24 of Engage, Past Alear is transported to Awakening. This is a year or two before Chrom discovers Robin. And the kindness of Emmeryn is something that Alear latches onto rather quickly. In turn Emmeryn practically adopts Alear. Weirdly enough while Alear views Emmeryn like one would a mother, she views Chrom and Lissa like her siblings. The way the story is written is through supports, different characters, snippets, and once and a while Alear herself. Currently I'm still planning the first chapter. and I'm not sure if I'll be jumping around or not. But this was just because this wouldn't leave my mind no matter what I did. (Emblem Marth does come up as well though he's silent because of this being Fell!Alear) But I do hope you guys enjoy a brief snippet which will takes place in the future. And I would love to know what you guys would like to see. As for the pairing, ironically, I'm thinking Tiki x Alear but I might do Robin x Alear maybe. I will say that Fell!Robin has an unhealthy obsession with Alear because of what she is. And the pairing for the other characters haven't been decided yet though I'll take some suggestions. I think Sumia and Sully will be one, only because that the first pairing I did with the gay Awakening mod. But anyways here a preview. (Note this is still a rough draft, but I'm working on it.) Preview Falling, falling, falling to the ground. Alear could only watch as Emmeryn falls. Only watch as Emmeryn's blood runs onto the stone. Everything around her was muted. Maybe her father was right; maybe she was defective. It was the first time she had felt this emotion. She had felt sadness, muted though it was like her other emotions. She had felt it when her cocky older brother was drowned, when her kind older sister was burned alive. She had felt it immensely when her little brother and sister had been torn apart by the Corrupted. It was a feeling she felt when all her siblings were killed. Alear had also felt fear. Fear had been a constant in her life. Fear of being labeled a defect. Fear of disappointing her father. Fear of being killed, of being murdered by the Corrupted. It was only recently that Alear felt anything other than those two emotions. Only recently that she had felt happiness. Happiness from Emmeryn being kind and taken care of her. Happiness when training with Chrom or dealing with some of his antics. Happiness when she joined Lissa in some of her pranks. They treated her like family. Emmeryn had practically adopted her two years ago, and Alear looked up to her like she was her mother. Those two years were the happiest that she had ever been. Now though, Alear felt a new emotion. It bubbled and boiled under her skin. It twisted her insides up and spread through her body like fire or sickness. It was a feeling Alear didn't care for, but she still embraced it. It grew and grew as if it would rip out of her chest. "Ah," Alear did know this feeling. She had seen it on some of her siblings faces when they stared at father, seen it on the faces of the enemies she had cut down in the war. Chrom was in front of her now saying something she couldn't hear. She could only focus on Emmeryn's body. It was Robin who led Chrom to safety. Later on, Alear would be glad, she wouldn't know what to do if Chrom got hurt or worst killed as well. This feeling was festering. It was almost painful like an infected wound. She knew the feeling from having seen it on others. It was rage; a burning hot mass that seemed to consume her thoughts. Rage and hatred. It was Plegia that had killed Emmeryn. Plegia that had caused her to suffer. It was Gangrel who instigated this whole thing. Took Emmeryn from her. Hate. Hate. Hate. It was a never-ending all-consuming thought. It took her mind over, twisting it. Something had broken inside of Alear. Finally, she let out a scream. A blood curdling scream. A scream that was more animal than it was Human. In a flash of light, Alear was gone. In her place was a dragon. A fell dragon. Black scales gleamed in the light of the desert sun. The dragon's four eyes glowed a scarlet red. When it spread its four wings, those who saw it were remind of a bloody battlefield. End of Preview That's all I have for the preview. I'll work a bit more on this, but it's pretty much a side project. This does change Chapter 10 and 11 of Awakening, as Plegia was pretty much destroyed by Alear. Chrom also has to deal with refugees from Plegia and other kingdoms and countries blaming Ylisse for the destruction of Plegia. This also bring Alear to the attention of Grima and Naga. And Walhart takes an interest in her as well. So, a lot of things change with the destruction of Plegia. Some are good and some are bad. But again I would love to know what you guys would like to see for this.
  9. Haven't bought the game, so I don't know exactly. But spoilers are welcome.
  10. Since we know that Fire Emblem franchise had been adding LGTB options since Fates and had been using it for future games except for the remakes. We do know that Corrin and Byleth had LGTB marriage options for some other Fire Emblem units and this would possibly have Alear have it as well. Since we just saw Engage trailer reveal last month, we still don't have a confirmation of any of the new playable characters who are technically have any LGTB supports for Alear. Since Three Houses gave Byleth about 10 Same Gender Marriage Options, I don't know if Alear might possibly going to have about above 10 or less depending on how Engage really gave it out in the final version gets released? So, I'm going to make a guessing thread of what playable characters debut from Fire Emblem Enage who you think they could possibly get LGTB supports for Alear and you can't pick the Legacy Fire Emblem characters for this guessing topic? I'm might go to limit the guessing on the limit to 3 characters as of right now till we see who does have the LGTB supports for Alear when the game comes out? (I could possibly have it cranked up to 5 around in December since we might get more news of more characters before the release) My guessing picks might possibly be: Purple Hair Magic User Woman - She kind of gives me the Tharja vibes, but her incarnation, Rhajat, did have LGTB support with Corrin in Fates. Cramme* - Since his profile does say he idolizes Alear, I am don't know if Gust is going to give him the same LGTB marriage for Alear or not? Citrinne - I think she's going to pull the LGTB surprise at the release. (We don't have an official localized name revealed for Cramme yet)
  11. I was watching Lucky Crit's Full Breakdown Video of Fire Emblem Engage on YouTube to point out some stuff he notices. He did say that he pretty speculating the voice of Male Alear in the trailer cutscene sounded closely to Johnny Yong Bosch that gives the Lelouch moment from Code Geass there and plus, I do know that Johnny Yong Bosch did have other roles in Cup of Tea Productions before like Guy & Emil from Tales of Series games & BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle when he returned to voice Yu & Tohru Adachi. Since we know that pretty much the Avatars when they have been introduced when the voice acting Fire Emblem games gets announced that have VA introduced in Fire Emblem games for the Avatar who have not appeared in previous FE titles. (except for Shez who both his & her VAs did voice Saul & Ullr in Fire Emblem Heroes before Shez was introduced in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes) I was listening to the other roles comparing to the cutscene and some in the trailer, it sounded might be close enough that make it sounded like Johnny Yong Bosch as Male Alear, but the rest like battle and Emblem Enage scene that I am not too sure about it yet. But I do also think that could have also been Lucien Dodge (VA of Leon, Felix, and Naesala) as well since he does sound similar to Johnny Yong Bosch. But it does sound somewhere calmly in the cutscene. Do you think Lucky Crit's voice actor speculation of Male Alear's could have been Johnny Yong Bosch or not? I was thinking it on 50-50 on this topic.
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