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  1. Although, I am definitely gonna use a controller for Secret of Mana. Okay, three Enforcers "down" (in several senses of down, hue). Will continue tomorrow.
  2. It's fine. Though I keep telling myself to use a controller when playing on Steam, I keep forgetting... well, recently I more or less just went with it anyway.
  3. Okay, time for the Axis Pillar. Combined with the red-painted Glorious, this is sounding very much familiar... I know there's the fast-travel through the rails, but I would've still preferred for the party members to, like, assembled outside. So at least switching the party wouldn't need too much backtracking.
  4. Heard about that. Biggest shame had to be the removal of multiplayer. Sounded so cool to have three people play together. I suppose it would, heh.
  5. Okay, the final stretch. Will continue tomorrow, perhaps. I'm finishing the game on the workweek for sure. Hmm, what to do later, on that subject. Was thinking Secret of Mana. I finished Adventures of Mana long enough already (which still baffles me why it's not on PC yet), so perhaps it's time to do Secret of Mana now.
  6. I didn't even let him attack for the third battle, pft.
  7. Guess they didn't want to go the extra mile there, huh. lol Now I'm wondering if something similar (not necessarily a battle happening while she's sleeping) did actually happen in Nadesico...
  8. Ah, I see, heh. Pft, now you reminded me of Lefina going to battle in her nightie. lol
  9. Well, that's true, heh. Also the familiarity, I guess. I think I mentioned before how FoM plays just like a SRW game, pretty much. So you won't be too lost trying to get the hang of it.
  10. Yeah, specially for a cast so large, it'd be way too complex. I could see that sort of thing working better in a more "regular" game where the party isn't as large. When did you finished GC, again? Feels like it was long ago already. XD My bias would say to go for it. Or maybe compromise. Pick up FoM and a different game and alternate? It's worth pointing out that FoM has two endings... though admittedly, I don't remember how different they are, but if you can still get two playthroughs out of it, you can do one now, and leave the other for much later, so you can move on to a non-mecha game or two before you pick up FoM or SRW again? --- Hmm, I wanted to use my Switch, but I currently can't. Well, maybe I can go back to Trails then...
  11. Okay, back at the Glorious, and now I'll stop for real for today. Phew.
  12. Well, without the "almost everyone died" bit, it has used the whole "start with a large enough party, then everyone scatters after X event and you slowly recover everyone as you go". Alpha Gaiden, to give an example. And my own skills, while perhaps barely enough for such a task, I'd still face so many hurdles trying to write something like that, heh. Oh lol, really? XD Are we sure Winkysoft didn't work on Suikoden Tactics? Since thanks to Fist of Mars, we know they were working with Konami on games.
  13. Yeah, Tierkreis is something of a Spin-Off. Or a Gaiden, if you will. Though with its multiverse setting, you can think it is a literal Gaiden to the "main" Suikoden world. Who knows, maybe any of the I-V teams were also fighting against the final boss during the whole "multiverse fight" bit. Speaking of, I think recalling IV had something of a pseudo-prequel. And the series also had like two Tactics-esque games too? Though I suppose those don't count either. They don't even have the full 108 Stars bit, if I recall. Sounds like an interesting idea. Wonder if FE could use it. I'll admit, much as I dislike the Fell Xenologue, the whole "bring back everyone as Corrupted" idea could've worked nicely for something like that. I'd be shocked if they don't do at least the latter. Or at least just polishing it. Since if I recall, Suikoden II had a... less than stellar translation work done to it.
  14. Well, okay, gonna go venture a bit through I-can't-believe-it's-not-Ys.
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