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Found 2 results

  1. For bonus points, let us know how likely you think it'll be for us to get said weapon/ type and maybe theorycraft what sort of effect you'd like to see! While it's nice that IS confirmed so quickly that weapon types will get revisited with Arcanes that fit different niches, I think it'd be nice to see the other tomes covered. Arcane Beast weapons (one for each movement type or maybe just a weapon that with a completely new effect that can go on all Beast units) would be good so we can finally inherit beast weapons too. However, the one I'm hoping for most is an Arcane Staff. Especially now that damaging specials and Tier 4 B Skills are a thing, it'd be great to get a Arcane Staff unit with a full premium kit to fodder! I guess the only concern on IS' part is figuring out what sort of effects/ refine to give it, e.g. if they should give it a standard skillset with the refines being a choice between Wrathful or Dazzling (as all new Prf Staffs should have gotten) or giving it a kit like other Prf Staffs with stat refines on top, which would make Arcane Staves wholly unique).
  2. Both weapons we have so far have Special acceleration and follow-up effects so I figured they'd all be weapons that "anyone can use" and thought it'd be fun to talk about what sorts of weapons seem feasible for FEH and/ or would be the most useful for their weapon type. For bonus points, feel free to guess who'll introduce them to the game too! For example, I'm certain Thrasir will introduce an Arcane Green Tome since both others we've seen so far have matched the original weapon that their wielders first had (sword for Lif, colorless breath for Grima), just with a different movement type. The weapons also seem to be "cursed" judging by their JPN name and the recent FB, so they'll likely end up with villains or anti-heroes, for further speculation fodder. I know we already have a theorycrafting thread, but that's pretty old and I didn't want to necropost. This is also a bit more specific (I think) so I hope that helps too. Craft away!
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