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Found 5 results

  1. This is my place to share my assets. Give credit where it's due, I was lazy and decided to indicate who needs to be credited by the folders in the "all of my weapoon icons.rar" file! I hope you all will enjoy my work! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/81slm49dquypf/Fates-Blade's+Assets Also, everything in there is F2E (or free 2 edit) just be sure to credit.
  2. I just started playing FE7 and I'm nearing the end of Normal Lyn Mode. I'm wondering if the assets are determined by the items of full price, or if they are halved by this sale equation for shops? What about prices that have decimals in the calculations, are they rounded up or down? I'm wondering because I'm trying to save up for Lyn's White/Blue/Red Gem that she gets when she's recruited in Chapter 15, and if I've already dropped below the wealth threshold, if I did, I might as well use the knight crest & energy ring to my liking. From what I've found what gem you get is determined this way: For reference, I've used the glitch to take Wallace's Knight Crest, and I used the Angelic Robe on Florina since I intend on using her as much as possible. Would using the Knight Crest on my preferred unit (Kent) & using the Energy Ring on who ever needs it be more beneficial or would trying to save up for the gems be more beneficial?
  3. I've seen this mentioned off-hand in other threads but never in-depth so I thought this was worth posting. I hope you agree! Anyway: not only have IS acknowledged the IV mechanic (and named them Assets and Flaws), from February onwards all units who have been merged at least once will lose their Flaws. If a unit had neutral IVs they'll instead get an extra point in three stats based on its existing stat allocation (I hope someone can explain this better than me). So, what do you think? I hate that this requires you to have at least two copies of a unit to utilise, so any 5* exclusive units are screwed unless you're a whale, doubly so if they're seasonals, but it's certainly something to compensate for getting screwed over and a reason to merge spare copies of units you have instead of foddering them. For example, I got spooked by a -Atk/+Spd Laegjarn in the recent Voting Gauntlet banner, but I didn't know whether to fodder her for Red Duel Flying or merge my existing Laegjarn (-Spd/+Res) into her since I'd already invested Skills into the latter. Now I can go ahead with the merge and won't even have to worry about the -Atk...but again I was just lucky to have two copies of her. All my other 5*s with bad IVs are still as inconvenienced as ever. Also, maybe this means we'll finally get to see Assets/ Flaws in-game? FEHKeeper and other IV trackers are already gonna have trouble with the IV fixes ruining their algorithms...
  4. Anyone know how I could get a hold of the empty versions of the battle maps for Echoes? If you don't know what I mean this picture is what I am looking for the only difference is that this is the Gaiden version and not the echoes version.If Anyone could tell me how I could get a hold of the Echoes version I would appreciate it, I haven't been able to find them anywhere.
  5. Can't seem to find any ripped assets from Fire Emblem 5. I'm particularly looking for tilesets. If anyone knows where I can find these and could point me in the right direction please do. I plan to take these assets and scale them to be used in SRPG Studio. Always loved the art of 5.
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