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Found 11 results

  1. Pretty weird but we can play axe weapon and their class (Warrior, Wyvern...) in Valentia games. I want to know.
  2. I want to check but I want to know what class can use Sword, Lance and Axe.
  3. I was watching some FE6 videos a few days ago and I started thinking: Should Legendary Weapons even have uses? They're the arms of ancient heroes, forged to kill dragons, demons, and gods! If they break and disappear forever after 40 or so attacks, doesn't that undermine their significance in the game's lore?
  4. Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  5. Hi, I'm starting a challenge for fun (not a try hard in normal/hard mode but a funny PT in easy mode). Axes, thunder tomes users and tigers are the only classes allowed with maybe an exception for Volug since the DB needs a few units for p3 defend chapters, and Sothe/Heather just for utility (as few combat involved as possible). I'm planning on using: Nolan (quite forced to anyway), Ilyana, Jill, Sothe (as told), Volug (as told, and in replacement of tiger Laguz), Muharim isn't worth the investment (sadly because I like him), because LOLavailability. /Haar (not like there are other axe users in his joining chapter anyway), Brom (same) and Mordecai (if I can make anything out of his crap bases and mediocre growths), Kieran (I'll try, don't blame me for the shit he could do because his accuracy and avoid are so bad and his personnal skill isn't made for him + paladins are really not that great in FE10 because of terrain), little heron will be used only if vital and kept in security. /Ike (forced if I intend to finish the run or the Burger King will OS him), not Boyd (please guys his bases for his level are awful and he's far from the promotion bonuses, he sucks in his joining chapter and takes forever to start paying off), Ilyana again, not Soren (1 sage is hard enough to protect and he doesn't even access to high level thunder tomes), Titania (she's nearly forced to finish 3-1 in time), and Gatrie only if his T2 has acess to axes, if not then sadly Gatrie won't be my guy (well Brom will join fast enough anyway), Mordecai (if he truned good enough), Haar (if I need him or else bye bye god tier flyer), Heather (utility), and I think that's it for axe/thunder/tigers. /The same ones + the new tiger (yes, the shitty one, but there's something about him I've always wanted to try, so I'll do it now), and I think that's it. Or are there other ones? Paragon will be given to the latest units exp-wise (notably said baby tiger who clearly has cat growths, at least he won't get doubled much ^^ unlike Mordecai). /Well now I won't change the cast for the tower, just keeping the best ones and benching the ones who couldn't survive. No POR boosts in case you ask. --- I did prologue with Micayah killing the mobs, then Nolan only until I get Ilyana. End of chapter 1: Micayah 5,14: 17 hp, 2 str, 11 mag, 9 skl, 8 spd, 13 lck, 2 def, 8 res. Nolan 13,59: 12 str, 1 mag, 15 skl, 14 spd, 7 lck, 13 def (I gave him the dracoshield), 4 res. Got unlucky on strength...I didn't modify my level ups, I didn't use Cheat Engine, everything legit. Maybe I'll use save/reload to maximize stats per level for the bad sarting characters (Jill, Volug whose exp gains suck, Brom at the beginning if he doesn't get good level ups from the get-go, Mordecai, the other tiger, Ike because he needs good stats to beat Fast Food) but not like resetting 30 times until I get a near-perfect level up like I like to do (just going for the stats they lack will be enough). Ike will be forced to use axes once he can, unless the boss attacks him from 2 range (forcing a 1-2 range legendary weapon named Ragnell). If he can be beaten with Urvan then Ike will use Urvan, but I highly doubt it (range, stats, WTD).
  6. So far it looks like Brigands are the only axe using class, while all classes seem to use one weapon like the original ruling out axe using Generals/Barons as such axes are seeming unlikely right now. Do you think will a Brigand will be recruitable or will another axe using class appear unlike the original. There's also the amiibos apparently summoning normally unplayable classes for player use. I thought this is an interesting topic of discussion that would be worth discussing here.
  7. I have a question about the Wyvern Lord Axe animation. I added it to the game correctly in HxD and FEditor and gave it the Axe and Lance as weapons while removing the Sword weapon level from the original Wyvern Lord tab in Nightmare while adding the palette fix patch. The problem I'm having is the axe, lance animations worked while Cormag was already a Wyvern Lord, but when I started a new game he can no longer promote at all. It shows a black screen with no music and it sticks there. Is there any advice on how to fix this problem?
  8. The design of the Swanchika is identical to the French Francisque double stylisée, a mythical axe used in 1940s Vichy Regime's coat of arms. Double stylisée means that a second cutting edge has been added. It is a symbol of power and punishment, as a reference to the lictores from the Roman Empire, who used to execute the sentences of the court, like death penalty and torture. The francisque was a typical weapon from the Francs, the people who founded our glorious nation, and only elite soldiers were able to wield it. There is a very famous short story in the French folklore involving Charlemagne using a francisque, called Le vase de Soissons. Check it out here: https://en.wikipedia...ase_of_Soissons The tomahawk is a weapon directly inspired from this axe, and the fasces or faisceau in french is still used in our Republic's coat of arms, the double stylisée being replaced in order to avoid the sad memories of the Vichy Regime, who collaborated with the Nazi under Maréchal Pétain's rule. This is not the first Weapon related to early Franch history, two other weapons, Durendal and Hauteclaire are from the Chanson de Roland
  9. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the weapon for Astra should have been an axe, and not a bow? If they had made it an axe, the three weapons (Sol, Luna, and Astra) would've completed the weapon triangle. Also, the first letter of each weapon's name would've matched the first letter of their weapon type's name (Sol and Sword, Luna and Lance, Astra and Axe), which would've been a nice touch.
  10. During my attempt in editing spell animation for axe, it seems that standard battle animation for axe can't be used to ranged animation, and even throwing axe animation can't handle any animation other than throwing axe. The battle screen is stalled, and HP increment won't stop if nosferatu animation is used. 1. Is it offset problem, or is it script problem? 2. Hasn't there be any patch to fix them (if it's a script problem) Thanks.
  11. If you get the dreadfighter/bride dlc, then take out the SD card with a dread fighter or bride in your party, that unit will be in a class called Outrealm Class, then their model will change to the tactician model, right? I would want to see that, but, I can't do this because I have the digital version, so does anyone happen have a pic of the tactician model with lances, bows, axes and staves? I would really appreciate if someone could do that. Sorry for the trouble.
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