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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, The question has been asked a few years ago, but I want to throw it in once more, to see if things have changed. How would you like form-changers to return in a new entry or a fan project/hack/mod? Laguz: they have a transformation gauge, in PoR they could only transform by filling the gauge in human form, but they had Taguel-like bonus stats when they were transformed with good base stats compared with Beorcs and better caps although they lacked late game weapon might scaling; in RD they had better gauge management, transformation on demand once the gauge was filled, they could hit back when in human form and gain massive exp, but their human form was very vulnerable, rendering them unusable when untransformed in higher difficulties. In both games, their Con was too high most of the time to be rescued (even in human form they were excessively heavy) but skills like Smite made units like Mordecai somewhat useful anyway (and smite + massive Con was really practical). They had normal moement while in human form and cavalier movement while in beast form, without the cavalry terrain penalties. Manakete (old school): 1 range locked, vulnerable to arrows, their dragonstones made them sturdy and strong enough to get exp without help in their joining chapter (at least Myrrh) at base while being massively underlevelled. Their growth rates made them top combat units in 10 level ups (rivaling with Seth and Duessel for Myrrh's case). But they had only 50 uses of the only weapon they could ever use without cheating. They could fly. Manakete (Awakening): 1-2 range, slow and awful start (needing to pair up with Gregor just not to get ORKOd in her joining chapter, Nowi starts like a snail, not even flyer mobility like Myrrh had going for her), but dragonstones are busted and 1-2 with massive stat bonuses is overkill and they were like the middle-ground between Deghinsea and king Kurthnaga gameplay-wise, without the tide skill though, meaning that Awakening Manaketes were only very selfish units without anything useful for the team except stats. They used breath to hit but their main stat was strength o_o just like old school Manaketes (but these were old times, we can understand some lack of logic in GBA games, while in the 3DS they could have used their experience and logic to be more careful with that, specially when Tellius games had physical AND magical dragons). Manakete (Fates): 1 range locked again, this time dragonstone is way shittier than it has ever been. You can't double (okay, manaketes were never known for their speed) BUT THEY CAN BE DOUBLED with a stupid speed debuff, rendering dragonstone tanking more risky, they use physical horn impalement in their animation although it scales with magic (please IS stop the crap, fire isn't physical and horn attack isn't magical! Even 1996 Pokémon games knew that, although they had ghost hitting physical for 3 gens while dark hit special for 2 gens...), they hit hard but struggle to OHKO , which leads to asking why on earth did they make the main lord weak to dragon-killing weapons whatever his/her class is while dragonstone isn't even half decent before you finally get the upgraded version, dragonstone+, which comes by late game when you don't use dragonstone anymore anyway, since you can rather use tomes or shuriken for 1-2 range, ability to double and to proc skills and horse spirit is better than the basic dragonstone in every way that is not raw damage (although the fact you can double with it means it can deal more damage on ennemies with middling res at best). Dragonstone + is obtainable through battle or visit points...yes...when you've been visiting 3k castles and battling them, good luck see you in 5 years no-life. Taguel: 1 range locked, specializing in the same areas than swordmasters, only 50 uses before chapter 10 boss is defeated. Straight up garbage class with a garbage weapon until around chapter 20. Meanwhile Manaketes can buy as much dragonstone + as you have the gold for from einherjar Tiki and gain insane stats from it. Ninetailed fox: Taguel with unlimited uses, actual res stat, the first one you get has good level and bases, but t1 foot unit movement is really garbage for a unit with a beast weakness he carries in whatever class he goes. Good against mages, decent against cavalry, good avoid compared with 90% of the Fates cast (even in t1 he has good avoid,being a good dodge tank is better than not being one), gives speed on pair up (useful reclassed for orochi backpack, at least). Comes with beastbane. Their beaststone is garbage for him though, doesn't do anything for his res, kills his mediocre def and buffs his overkill speed and average skill. Beastrune is better in every way. Good t2 skills at least, for what it's worth considering he won't learn lv 35 skill before endgame. Bulk-thing that could have been a wolf: if only beaststone didn't lower def, it would be very good. The first unit in this class you can play chooses between doubling but loosing bulk to do so and not doubling but tanking more (around 5 more def and 3 res) and dealing more raw damage. Nice tank bonus stats in t2 but not as good as swordmaster...sorry, ninetailed fox bonus to avoid and crit. Middle-ground between warrior and berserker with only 1 range weapons. What do you think was the best implementation between these and how could we make a better one? transformation gauge or stone? unbreakable stone or limited uses? stat balance or only stat bonuses (Awakening and old school vs Fates)? weakness to arrow or not? flight or not? 1 range or 1-2? For Manaketes I think flight gives them a niche while arrow weakness keeps them in check, they don't need to double but they can use some raw damage. Range or not I don't know. Don't need to be a 1 kid army. For beasts/birds etc. I liked the tactical aspect of RD gauge management, choice between wild heart or full transformation, but I think PoR did the stats a little better because they weren't useles when in human form (meatbag is still useful). I liked different skills too. A middle ground between PoR and RD would be my best way to enjoy them (with mobility, since it's what kills any interest from Fates metamorphs, being footlocked without any bonus movement outside certains areas).
  2. Hi, I was wondering, since I've been told that Beastbane doubles the weapon might on beasts and horses, is that true or is it classic 3x damage? It would be a huge gap between 12 and 18, 18 and 27 and whatever Mt beaststone+ may have. If it's only 2x like in FE6 then it's quite mediocre (no more than a silver weapon for base beaststone) but if it's 3x then it's insanely good (forged +3 silver then). At the end of the day, it's still unpenalized silver Mt, but stones/runes can't be forged sadly (after all you can buy them, why wouldn't they be forgeable/boostable one way or another?) so you can't get to insane damage if it's only double damage. At least beastrune is better than guard naginata and nohrian blade because it has 9 Mt and can deal effective damage to some of the most annoying ennemy types.
  3. So apparently they have the stones in hand! Here's them all with the base stones! They actually have differing colors based on which version you use! (I assume the Kitsune and Garou have the same color, so I only used the Garou since it's easier.) This shows that time of day doesn't change the color. (Also it's the Beastrune.) Here's the Beaststone +! It's a bit redder I think. Finally, the Dragonstone +! It's more purple!
  4. Well, since I'm curious, I'd thought I'd figure out Serenes' preferred method of handling shapeshifting units such as Manaketes or Laguz in FE games Method A: Dragon/Beast Stone Pros: constant Stat buffs, generally among the more powerful weapons in the game without forgeing Cons: stones are very rare, with several games only giving you one to work with. Limited durability in most games. Method B: Transformation gauge Pros: Transformation gives movement bonuses in addition to other stats, I'm not sure but I believe the stats boosts while transformed are higher than those of stones. It's been a while since I've played Tellius, so my memory is foggy there Cons: Stat buffs only apply when transformed, one either has to wait several turns to transform again, let themselves in their weakened state be attacked several times, or use a item to boost the meter in order to transform back into animal form and thus get their stat buffs back My personal preference is Stones, due how much more reliable they are IMO, but I'm curious as to everyone else's preferred transformation method from a game mechanics perspective.
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