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  1. High accuracy Sleep is a really bad idea unless the Pokemon with it are heavily restricted. Sleep as a status is just very unbalanced. In a situation where Sleep was a more mundane status, ala PLA's version of Sleep, I could see this existing, although I do think it's unnecessary.
  2. They're both dreaming about their pasts before becoming fairies... but Triandra's is of the pain she endured, while Peony's is of the person who protected her from it... that's really cute... Furthermore, these could either be about Freyja and Freyr respectively OR each other... which is really nice. As much as the TT story itself kinda blows, the alts at least are nice.
  3. Considering Inverse Battles, while super cool, were already very ignored, it's not something I could see many people being interested in relatively. That said, Super Effective/NVE identifiers on the UI were added after Inverse Battles were removed, so it may be a more accessible battle style now. But ultimately. I have to agree that it'd be better off as more of a main story gimmick/post game challenge or move effect rather than a whole new battle style. Extra battle styles have sadly kind of been dead in the water without even getting off the ground, Triple/Rotation barely ever had a scene and Inverse even less so (triple/rotation was already kind of a bad idea anyways). I also honestly think a Room move might be a bit too much as well. It's significantly more impactful and difficult to work around than TR. Ideally, imo, you'd make it a status like Soak, Trick-or-Treat, etc, where the afflicted Pokemon's type matchups are reversed after being hit. This would let you use it both offensively and defensively by targeting your ally while being much more manageable for both parties. I think you'd even want it to be a single turn thing, although that'd obviously make it a Doubles only strategy (which is fine).
  4. From a competitive standpoint, it definitely would be. Not only for the 100% accurate damaging move sleep chance, but also because one of the other conditions is Confusion, which both is not mutually exclusive with Sleep, and assists in allowing for players to fish for more chances for Sleep to apply. Kyurem got banned in during SwSh OU in part for a 10% Freeze chance on an extremely spammable Freeze Dry, which compounded other things. Relic Song is only a 10% chance, only 75 BP, exclusive to 1 Pokemon (who doesn't even want to spam it bc it swaps it's Atk and Spatk), and is Normal Type meaning it's not inherently offensively threatening either. Ghost is much more spammable of a type since offensively it's resisted by much less, as well as the higher BP on this move. That said, I do like the idea, and given it's Ghost type, it could maybe use some more niche effects like Torment, Embargo or Disable (and Confusion would still be fine). Honestly, I've wanted damaging moves that apply Torment or Embargo for a while now, they're very cool effects but it's hard to justify running a whole slot for them unless it's for a specific matchup. Taunt too. Hell, we've got a Heal Block damaging move coming in DLC2 (which is a good replacement for. the move being removed, lmao).
  5. With the release of Engage, we're seriously up to six versions of With Mila's Divine Protection, and with that I was genuinely curious as to which version people like the most. We have, Celica Map 1 from Gaiden With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1) from Super Smash Bros Brawl With Mila's Divine Protection from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia With Mila's Divine Protection from Fire Emblem Premium Arrange Trial of Echoes from Fire Emblem Engage and Trial of Echoes (Care for Us) from Fire Emblem Engage I decided to list the Ablaze version from Engage separately just bc I personally feel that they're distinct enough on their own to be considered different for the sake of the poll.
  6. Nah, I don't think so. Even Arcadia is closer to Wind Hell honestly, the map heavily restricts movement (Sand for Arcadia, winding pathways for CQ20), there's an incentive to rush the boss asap (for Arcadia it's the Gaiden, for Wind Hell it's escaping the hell) but the quick clear for both is challenged by the fact you have optional rewards scattered about the map, and both have you rushed by fliers that are consistently able to outmaneuver you due to the terrain. The main difference is that Arcadia has FoW (and also an escort but its not that bad tbh) while CQ20 has the wind gimmick. Both of which, coincidentally, can be trivialized by using online resources to see how to get around them (but in terms of actual design it's a heavy negative to both). Regardless of how frustrating the design of those are, they're still DESIGNED. Kitsune Lair quite literally feels like they wanted to make a chapter for the Kitsune, came up with a gimmick, had absolutely no idea how to make it fun, and then said "fuck it" and just barfed up a bland as shit map with 0 real structure alongside scattering enemies about with no regard to how the gimmick system works, and then when it came to making the Hard/Lunatic versions they just gave a ton of them Pass to make positioning impossible and Life and Death to make it so you have to rely on turtling/lowmanning even more. There's not even an incentive to like, kill the boss quickly, or go for treasure, or literally anything other than routing 37 enemies that you can only even target every other turn. There's at least a clear intended strategy for the other two maps that isn't just hunkering down and letting enemies slowly come to you, even if they're annoyingly player unfriendly. Kitsune Lair is just designed by someone who has absolutely no idea how to design a Fire Emblem map in the slightest. It's a case where at least, for me, I'd rather see a map designed poorly than a map that's basically not designed at all.
  7. 17 was a typo lmao 17 I've always had no issue with actually, Xander literally just trivializes the entire map as long as you pay attention to which enemies have Lunge. Getting the Calamity Gates from Ophelia's Paralogue helps any mages contribute well too. 19 is not difficult, I've never had issues actually clearing it. It's just how terribly designed it is and unfun to actually do any strategy besides just turtling, as you said, or lowmanning. An entire map full of a single, high evasion enemy type, all (maybe its not all of them but its MOSt of them) of which being Cavalry effective in a route where a good few of your best options for a lot of things are cavalry, alongside a map design where 90% of the tiles are Forest tiles, increasing their evasion even further, alongside a gimmick of literally being unable to target specific enemies on a turn by turn basis that's done in a way where you cannot target them on Player Phase but they can immediately attack you on Enemy Phase... It's not difficult, it's super easy to just slap the Beast Killer on someone like I said and rout. The problem is there's no actually enjoyable way to go through this map unless you genuinely enjoy sitting in a specific defensive formation and pressing end turn for half an hour. Elise is also probably the worst character to bring to this map due to the open terrain, majority of enemies with Cav effectiveness and/or Life and Death, not to mention if you don't do the specific all-sides defensive formation you mentioned, she'll be eviscerated anyways because enemies on Hard and Lunatic have Pass too, over HALF of them on Lunatic even. And while in theory this isn't the worst to deal with, you still have their evasion, forest tiles, AND illusion gimmicks making taking down the specific threats that you might otherwise be able to handle before they reach your more fragile units either very inconsistent, or actively impossible. It's not a DIFFICULT map, not at all, even just reclassing Xander to Wyvern solves the entire map, it's just an unfun slog and extremely poorly designed. While in theory that's fine, this map also has actual rewards scattered about and wants you to actually go out and collect them, including one of the very few Rescue staves in CQ, 10k Gold which is a more limited resource in CQ, and the only Dragonstone+ in the entire route. Actively trying to play through this map normally requires either preplanning a flier heavy team that can ferry your units around, which while not entirely unreasonable (unlike Ch 19 basically banning Cavalry to not have to turtle) due to some easy reclasses for characters like Xander, it does make it frustrating alongside the inability to consistently position your units. Not to mention the multitude of Bow users on this map, seemingly put there specifically to prevent you from cheesing your way through the gimmick. If the wind was on a smaller cycle, it may have been less frustrating as you could plan out moves a bit easier without being forced to look up online resources, but as is the cycle is a 6 turn cycle which makes it awkward to utilize the wind meaningfully as well. It doesn't help that the actual placement of the wind currents don't have any real rhyme or reason for when and where they happen, no consistent pattern to make use of. I don't even think the wind gimmick is a terrible idea but there needs to be more ways for the player to deal with it besides just having half your team be fliers, looking up a guide to turn order online, or just quick clearing the map and ignoring the actually valuable chests. It's basically just the final room, the final room is a horror to try and get through. The enemy placements and density in such a small space is just not fun.
  8. Honestly when it comes to critical discussion of it, I've soured on Conquest a bit myself over the last year or so. Fates as a whole has a plethora of great ideas in it's gameplay, but a lot of letdown in execution. The weapon system, the reclass system, they all function fine but really have very notable flaws, ones I think the series is now addressing going forward and using Fates as a stepping stone to better gameplay systems. It's kinda funny because I basically just say this exact thing about most of Fates' content lmao One of the biggest things though is realizing how many CQ maps I just... don't enjoy to any degree, and dread having to slog through on replay. 17, 19, 20, the latter half of 23, 26... it's a solid chunk of the lategame that just feels unfun or is just notably poorly designed. I'll forever cite Kitsune Forest as probably the worst designed FE map ever. Just because you can pair up Corrin behind Effie/Wyvern Xander and use a Beast Killer to clear the map easily doesn't make it any better design wise. At least Wind has SOMETHING going on, regardless of how chaotic it's design is. Yeah that's extremely understandable. Awakening, and by extension Fates, really leaned into the individual characteristics of units as well as reducing the amount of overlap between roles of units of the same Class (Effie and Benny being very key examples, Arthur and Charlotte too). While Ironman playthroughs are certainly still possible, it's a very, very different game from the series prior to Awakening by design, and as such suffers in that regard. FE from Awakening onward feels as though it's designed with Casual Mode primarily in mind, for better or worse.
  9. If you don't equip an Emblem or Bond Ring, you just straight up don't gain SP at all iirc. It's definitely recommended to at least make enough of them if only just to equip them to the rest of your army that lacks Emblems. Some of the minor stat boosts can actually be pretty good too, including increasing Build.
  10. I'm technically on a second playthrough, I got to Ch 16 Maddening before realizing I really didn't optimize too great and felt the need to restart and get a better feel for the game on Hard. I've been optimizing my SP gain and EXP distribution much better the second time around. I decided to promote Chloe to Wyvern Knight ASAP after benching her early the first time and regretting it, and it's been really good. The extra strength and defense while retaining speed makes her stupidly strong. Griffin has better Magic base/growth for Levin Sword/Flame Lance shenanigans, which I do think might be a little better in the long run admittedly. I also tried promoting Lapis immediately to Lance Hero, which I think was a pretty good choice. It shores up her mediocre base strength and bulk stats a bit while also giving extra Build over Swordmaster, and Brave Assist is just really, really good. I do wish I could give her the SM outfit over Hero's, though. I did this with Jean through Mage > Mage Knight, and while I absolutely wouldn't recommend this on Maddening due to lower EXP gain, as long as you make sure he gets kills or abuses Great Sacrifice on Hard mode, it's totally workable and makes his stats a bit wild. I honestly kind of like this version of Aptitude more, it makes building the character with it a lot more interesting. This should also work with, I think, Fighter and Armor due to their growths. That said if you fiend Healing/Micaiah spam/Chain Guard and get him to Level 10 before reclassing, you might as well just promote him lmao there's really no downside. But yeah with the way this game works, you don't drop off any EXP gain after promotion and it's all based on internal level, so reclassing before promoting is pretty niche of a thing to do. The only times I can really think of it being potentially worthwhile is Anna going Mage and Clanne going a Phys class, but because of how late seals are it's just not worth it. I wish the Anna Paralogue came with a Second Seal instead of a Master Seal.
  11. Sure, but I'm talking about the Mons, not their moves. Normal type moves are bad coverage, but so are Dragon type moves under most circumstances. Both have 1 immune and at least 1 resisted, and Dragon's only super effective on itself, which is suuuuper niche application, especially with the Fairy Immune has being way more common than Ghost Immune. What makes them strong is what the do WITH those moves, not necessarily the moves themselves. Dragon and Normal are kinda similar types in that way, where having the Moves without being that type typically doesn't give you too much (outside of Draco Meteor, which is usually an Event only thing on non-Dragons), but being said type can give you some very consistent damage output due to the type being relatively unresisted, combined with common coverage options. So yes, no one uses Normal for coverage. But that doesn't make it a bad type to be. The same thing goes for Dragon. All things considered, the only difference between the two types is that Dragon types typically have much higher BSTs, but that doesn't necessarily stop some Normal types from being really good, and most are usually pretty solid picks for the competitive tier they reside in. I'd like to point out that in Japanese, Body Slam is just called "Lean On", roughly. The implication is it's not really a practiced art, moreso just falling on top, or into, the opponent to deal damage. Not particularly fitting the Fighting type. Oh, and I'll mention that Incineroar, the Pro Wrestling Pokemon, didn't even learn Body Slam until it became a TR in Gen 8 that like, half or more of the Dex learns. So I definitely don't think it's intended to be that. Flying Press is definitely supposed to though, considering the nature of Hawlucha. Which... also doesn't learn Body Slam.
  12. As far as single player goes, that's honestly not that bad, it's still really good coverage despite the low stats and will definitely put in work. The x2 power from super-effectiveness isn't to be ignored. As far as comp goes, they have enough coverage in other areas. While Raticate and Purugly lack Earthquake, a staple move for Normals due to Normal/Ground coverage hitting everything for at least neutral except for Steel/Flying and Rock/Flying, they do have a lower power alternative in Stomping Tantrum (Possibly High Horsepower in the future, although unknown due to them not existing in Gen 8 which has the TR), as well as plenty of other solid Physical coverage moves, albeit lacking in strong elemental ones usually, Wild Charge is about the best they usually get, mostly because Physical Fire/Electric/Ice moves just are rarely available outside their own type, and are rare in the first place.
  13. I don't have much to say on the actual topic itself, I think Beast type could be interesting but I feel Normal already fits the bill well enough given the whole point is it being unaspected, almost every non-Normal Pokemon learn Normal type moves, because they're... Normal. Just because Charmeleon isn't Normal type doesn't mean it can't do Normal things, Normal types just have some element of mundane-ness to them, such as Litleo/Pyroar. They do have some element of Fire to them, but externally it's only visually, where as something like Emboar has the Fire externally. But this I need to heavily argue against. Normal is absolutely nowhere near a bad type to be. Seriously, 1 Weakness and 1 Immunity is really good and consistent. And while normal does lack any super-effectives, it also is only resisted by 2 types and immuned by 1, which makes it the most consistent neutral damage in the whole type chart besides Dragon, which is an amazing type on it's own entirely due to that and the type's mons typical high stats and coverage. And similarly to them, pure Normal types also have really good coverage, with many having access to Thunderbolt and other elemental moves. Honestly their real issue most of the time is a lack of stats holding them back, but as far as single player content goes, it's not a major issue. While their STAB option lacks targets to hit for full ohkos without boosts, it's still extremely consistent and hard to switch into unless there's a Ghost on their team, and even then, plenty of Normal types learn Dark type moves, so even that isn't consistent.
  14. Yeah this is way more my mood than anything else in this thread. Because like honestly I think complaining about "most units being unusable" is just, like, actually wrong. And hit rates, yeah they're lower than most FEs, but thats a very universal thing across the whole game and supposed to change how you approach situations, which while I can get is uncomfortable for some people to do (myself included) it doesn't inherently make it wrong. Except nomads and the shit bosses, christ, fuck them. But the issue is those, on their own, aren't bad design decisions, but piling those on top of all the other shit that the game also does really makes it annoying, between gaiden requirements, tons of fuckin siege tomes across mid-lategame, really makes certain sections of the game tedious as hell.
  15. mistake? no no, this is clearly intentional. you've had this coming
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