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Found 5 results

  1. TLDR: 8 Magic Children Rinkah!Asugi Beruka!Nina Elise!Ignatius Nyx!Caeldori Orochi!Rhajat Sakura!Midori Selena!Forrest Felicia!Ophelia I was looking over the stat caps of the mothers, and noticed there were 8 mothers who have higher magic cap than strength cap modifiers. This lead to an "How can I make 8 usable magic children from these mothers?" Mothers: Elise, Orochi, Felicia, Nyx, Sakura, Rinkah, Beruka, Selena Looking at the children, there are only 6 children whose fathers have higher magic cap mods than strength cap mods. Reaching farther, Ignatius is the only child who comes from a father with neutral strength/magic mods, and Asugi has great magic growth base and is only 1 strength cap higher than magic cap. So that gives us: Children: Forrest, Ophelia, Rhajat, Nina, Midori, Caeldori, Ignatius, Asugi Rinkah, Beruka, and Selena cripple magic growth, so their child needs to have a high magic base if they're going to produce magic children. On the Children side, Midori and Ignatius have awful magic growth, and caeldori's is bad too, so they'll need one of the better magic mothers to patch theirs up. Rinkah can pair off with Asugi to make a nice hybrid unit that can do both strength and magic. Selena makes an ok mom for both Forrest and Ophelia, but they'll have some shaky stats either way. Beruka is extremely hard to pair up to make a magic child. She does pass down malig knight at least, but she cripples both speed cap and magic growth. The only child who might actually want her as their mother is Rhajat, but Hayato won't get within a 100 feet of Beruka's loins. Of the children with any magic growth of note she can birth, Nina is the only one who can eat her speed penalty. Beruka!Nina will need to marry a Kana who gives it or buy tomefaire from a castle to get access to it too and only has 20% individual mag growth. Still, this seems like the best Beruka can do for magic children. For Ignatius... Elise and Nyx are the only options for a mother who can give him a magic growth worth mentioning, and Nyx!Ignatius doesn't have enough mag growth for my tastes so Elise!Ignatius it is. On the Midori Side, she has two good Options. Sakura and Orochi. Orochi gives a better magic class, but sakura has better stat growths(Other than mag which is a tiny bit shaky) and better stat caps. Caeldori is happy to snatch up Nyx and her magic growth is quite fine like that. Rhajat steals Orochi since she wants Orochi's skill and doesn't mind Orochi's speed, although Sakura would be fine too. Forrest and Ophelia have Selena for one mother and for the other the only mom left is Felicia. This could go either really, but Selena!Ophelia's magic growth is just a tad low for me, although Ophelia wants Selena's defense more. Rinkah!Asugi Beruka!Nina Elise!Ignatius Nyx!Caeldori Orochi!Rhajat Sakura!Midori Selena!Forrest Felicia!Ophelia Got any better combinations of these 8? And how would you pair up the remaining couples on Revelations?
  2. Hey guys, I was hoping that the Fates community here might be able to help me come to a decision regarding Kanna. I would like my M!Kanna (Manna) to be able to use the dragonstone regularly since his personal skill relies on it and since the dragonstone depends on magic I thought that it would only be logical to make a Manna who is more magically inclined for offence and who has really good defence to balance out the perks/penalties issued from the dragonstones. To do this I was hoping to marry: Femui +MAG/-LCK: -1/3/0/2/-3/0/2 To Rinkah!Ignis ... Rinkah!Ignis: 0/1/-1/-1/1/6/2 To get a Manna with these mods... Ignis!Manna: 0/5/0/2/1/7/4 Does this look ok for a Manna that will utilise the dragonstone more? Upon saying this, I have other questions... Would this waste my Femui's potential? Seeing that magic (and dragonstone) has been nerfed in this game and taking into account how amazing Yato is, would my Femui be wasted? Of course, upon saying this, I can still use Yato with my Dark Blood Femui, however with this set up she will have a magic bias and would not be as effective with it. Would it be better to give up on the dragon Manna and go for a more physical Ignis!Manna? Ignis Manna with +STR/-LCK mother: 4/1/2/0/-1/9/3 For those who have played the game ... How does a physical Kanna perform compared to a magical or dragonstone based Kanna? Is magical/dragonstone Kanna really worth it???
  3. Hey Guys. I'm pretty new to the concept of 'breeding' children for optimal stats and skills and wanted to give it a go during my FEF: Invisible Kingdom run through. I have already calculated the max stats and growth rates for each child as the result of each pairing available to the father or mother in Azura's case. This is where things begin to get a little confusing for me. How do you determine which mother is the best for what child? Is it more preferable to balance the child units stats or polarise them towards having higher stats in some areas (i.e. a +6 in DEF or a +7 in STR, etc)? Then, going on from the stats, how do you determine which of their available class sets would complement them the best? I understand how skill inheritance, class inheritance and seals work and have not gotten around to considering the best options in depth for the child units yet. If anybody would like to use Shinonome as an example to explain how to determine who the best mother is l have provided all of the stats from each pairing below. (The stats next to Shinonome's name are Ryoma's stats). Ignore the colours, they are for my own reference. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Dai

    Trading Help

    I'm looking for two pokemon of specific natures and egg groups, both male. First, I need one from the Bug Group with an Impish nature, and the other I need is from the field group with a Bold nature. If anyone can help me with those, I would greatly appreciate it, though I'm unsure of how I would be able to repay you, in truth. Edit: Got one. Need the other. Double Edit: Well, I feel bad. I got what I needed rather quickly...feel free to lock or delete this topic, I suppose.
  5. Excluding Lucina, of course, as she comes first. On my very first run, the first kid I got was Owain, because Lissa was one of the first characters I had married to someone at the time.
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