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Found 3 results

  1. As we all know, IntSys is being very generous with the February bonuses, like a free 50 orbs, our pick at a free 5 star out of the whole cast, and a completely new game mode. With the overwhelming amount of orbs we’ll be getting (they acknowledged so in the announcement) and free 5* unit, I personally don’t think they’ll be offering a free CYL unit, as I expect their business plan t be different. I expect them to rekindle interest in FEH, deplete orbs with the RD Ike banner and Hero Fest banner, then release CYL pt.2 to make their bank. Opinions? Hopes?
  2. So voting for the 2nd choose your legends just stared. If we go by the resaults of the previous one, Hector and Tharja are almost assured to get in, and Chrom and Camilla are Highly likely to win as well. Of course they could be overtaken if there’s a big enough push, so I want to know who you predict to win, and what they’ll be like on the banner. I’m thinking: -Sword infantry or armor knight Hector -Lance infantry Chrom -Mounted mage Tharja -Flying mage Camilla, though we already got one of those, so maybe an infantry mage? Since she can reclass to sorcerer.
  3. I'm a fan of the FE6 axe-fighter Lot, I find him one of the most interesting characters in the game and a personal favorite, but I do not deny that he has issues such as being a problematic (if still usable) unit and is overshadowed by several other interesting or more important characters. With this all out of the way, I wonder why he soared all the way to #88 in the series-wide "Choose Your Legends" poll, where he beat the likes of other popular characters such as Lewyn, Lyon, or Rutger. I'm even more curious as to why, as I saw no huge amounts of Lot praise in the fandom at the time. Why do you think this is?
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