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  1. So, since the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG has officially released as of today, a lot of us will be either looking for some cards to finish off our decks/collections, or maybe there are some cards that we don't need and want to sell/trade them away. Basically, I'd say post what you're looking for and what you have for trade/sale, and then communicate via PMs on shipping, payment, etc. We can have a "ranking", where each time you have a successful trade or sale with a person, you give them +1; that way others can see who are the reliable sellers/traders. This ranking will simply be kept updated on the first post of this thread, so I'll be managing it. Obviously, if you trade with a person, you'll have to be comfortable with giving each other your addresses (by private messages, of course). Other than that; happy trading! -------------------------------------------------------------------- RATINGS: (last updated: 13 December) +144 Sokloeum +103 totafan888 +75 Omegaweapon +62 yunjaelove +59 LucinaofYlisse +57 ChibiToastExplosion +54 Aquantis +54 oh.glory +53 Wobblinghood +50 Kirie +46 LunartailSteffi +43 Chuy +41 Sjon1904 +34 Marcuz +33 viewtifulkye +33 Foodies +28 Frayed Hero +23 Dv_US +22 Freyja +22 Together We Ride +22 Skedar +22 Ineednoname +22 wumples +21 AyvuirRed (Ayvuir) +20 Draxal +20 TheVinceKnight +17 Mallow +16 fruits_punchsamurai +14 Zenakku +14 DifferentFight +14 MaskedMarth +12 Fuujin +12 lokiedokie +13 Shizuun +13 insignia +11 DATbee +11 Ether (a.k.a. Satin. Dark Lord of Fabric) +11 Kyokko +10 Judorunner +9 itzjaytea +9 Amielleon +9 Rusty_winnebago +8 Tambu +8 Eyester +8 Vikeo +8 ell +8 Yaen +8 Trymer +8 Charmedx3 +8 Ching +7 Reikenan +7 ozman147 +7 Cipher Hunter +6 Astralunasol +6 slyfox152spaz +5 FaranRenais +5 FoliFF +5 mothmanex +5 Motts +5 Gonzak +4 negi25 +4 Wolt +4 Zukonima +4 LatiosG +4 ghlegend8 +4 nekogami92 +3 Microwaveit +3 Flipperflap +3 kenmasters7977 +3 DaisukeRei +3 Shinkai Shoujo +3 Hakkari +3 Naturesshadow +3 Mason +3 OriginalProf +3 PrinceofIris +3 laCruel +3 sangyuplee +3 ManNamedDan +3 fapplecider +3 341 +3 whase +3 Zero +2 Oyuson +2 hayate07 +2 Ruby +2 Gigz +2 Vay +2 Poledoo +2 L95 +2 Dapperlace +2 negi25 +2 DonDon +2 Barkly +2 eyester +2 Amethyst +2 Astray Zero +2 daiyj201 +2 s07195 +2 lightremnant +2 ShadowDrifter +2 BPM316 +2 EternalLuciel +2 ChippZ +2 Roflolxp52 +2 KKtelo +2 Oscarsome +2 redshirtontherock +2 SalShich10N +2 TheBlackKnightRules +2 Backer +1 DLNarshen +1 Mox +1 kurokzg +1 jibunrashiku +1 VincentASM +1 CaitlynMellark +1 daisyj201 +1 Coopa +1 audiotronica +1 Musisshin +1 Sanakitty +1 best_vi_earth +1 Gigz +1 demonspartanx20 +1 crono +1 iWonder +1 heyboyletsdestiny +1 Pokemutant +1 DLNarshen +1 KP Joey +1 Lenh +1 Lyroxxia +1 InfinitySoul +1 Leonarbow +1 Kamikam70 +1 luyairis +1 galajo +1 Cipher +1 puastar +1 Kwakado +1 Zoelius +1 Damosel +1 dude620 +1 phoenixmiko +1 SquareCube +1 Yorozya +1 LodestarRoy +1 Gulcasa766 +1 Dylan Corona +1 Alto +1 LeahFoxDen +1 Chromusuke +1 Templa23 +1 helloard3n +1 Kradeelav +1 ttna +1 Tuvillo +1 Azmco +1 TDD25 +1 Bellrose +1 Morinth +1 Bitprodigy +1 Vespinae -------------------------------------------------------
  2. Not posting in the Cipher tab as this is less to do with cards and I would like more exposure on this particular thing. I'm a fan of the Cipher mascots and got the 2016 Cipher Drama CD with 65 minutes of dialogue. Issue is I don't understand japanese so that's where I shall turn to the community for help on that. I've ripped the CD so I can share them with you all for a listen [ mediafire ], I will post them on YT as itself as well when I get around to it. I just would like to find people who would help in listening and writing down how it translates into english so then I could make a fully captioned video, sorta like the translated FE Echoes drama CD.
  3. So if you haven't already heard, Cipher will be ending in October, but it doesn't have to. As some of you may know, the fire emblem rom hack community does an e3 every year to showcase future rom hacks. So, I figure we do that with Cipher; gather a bunch of fellow artists to help make the fan art for a fan series of Fire emblem Cipher. Then, we get people who actually know how the game works to make sure the skills aren't too broken and they have synergy with other cards. For people who play on Lackey, we can add it to the Cipher plugin so people can play with them. We could also start a discord where we can create talk about the Cipher fanseries. As for who can participate, anyone can. Anyone with a passion to draw, no matter the skill level, can take part. So, what do you guys think? I'm gonna pitch this in other places as well....unless it's already being done, but I'd really like to give this a shot. I also ran it by Eclipse first before posting this. Cipher doesn't have to die, we can keep it alive as its loyal fans! Set 1 Gallery Set 2
  4. A more comprehensive and recently-updated version of the FE Cipher Rules can be found on the FE Cipher Wiki here. The Play Area for each player: The card: To begin the game: Each player places his/her Lord facedown in the Front Line Players decide (by Rock/Paper/Scissors, flipping a coin, rolling a die, etc.) who will go first Each player draws a hand of 6 cards. Each player has a chance to Mulligan, which means to return all cards from his/her hand to the deck and shuffle it, then draw a new hand of 6 cards Next each player places the top 5 cards of his/her deck into the Orb Area, facedown. Both players flip their Lords face-up simultaneously and the game begins, starting with the player who it was determined earlier would be going first. Turn Structure: Opening Phase - Draw one card and "untap" all characters Bond Phase - Place one card from your hand into the Bond Area Deployment Phase - Play cards or Class Change Action Phase - Attack, Move, and use Skills End Phase - Your turn ends and the opponent's begins Opening Phase, Bond Phase, and End Phase are automatic; they are always exactly the same. Deployment Phase: Each card has a Cost in the circle in the top left corner. The Cost is what it takes to put a card into the Battlefield Area from your hand. A Cost is a number as well as a color. This post will talk about monocolor decks. Some information about multicolor decks will be at the end. Each card in your Bond Area counts for 1 Cost of the same color. If there are 5 Blue cards in your Bond Area, you can play 1 Blue card with Cost 5, or 5 Blue cards with Cost 1, or 1 Blue card with Cost 2 and 1 Blue card with Cost 3, etc. You can also play 1 Blue card of Cost 3 and nothing else. You do not have to use all of your Bond cards each turn. (As far as I know, Bond cards do not go away, they continue to pile up each turn.) To the left of the Class box is another box that will say if the card is a basic (unpromoted, 下級職) Unit, or a Promoted (上級職) Unit. Promoted Units have a normal Cost as well as a Promotion Cost in a smaller circle beneath the normal Cost. They can be Deployed regularly for their normal Cost, or if a basic Unit with the same name is already in the Battlefield Area, they can be deployed by paying the Promotion Cost instead. In this case the Promoted Unit will be placed on top of the basic Unit it is Promoting from. This is also how Class Changing works. If you Change Classes, draw one card from the deck. Action Phase: Attacking: The attacking player chooses Attackers. The attacking player chooses targets for each Attacker. The targets must be within the Attackers' Ranges. Range is the number in the smaller box, just to the right of the bottom left circled number. Each Unit's Attack Power is the number in the bottom left circle. Each card's Support Power is the number in the bottom right circle. A Critical Attack can be performed during the Attack by discarding a card of the same name as your Attacker to double your Attacker's Attack Power. It is currently unclear whether it must be exactly the same card or if a different class version of the character can also be used. (It seems like it probably has to be the same exact card because the page this information comes from normally uses 名前 for name when talking about Class Change, but uses 名称 when talking about Critical Attacks.) There is also something called "God Speed Evasion" that works similarly to Critical Attacks. The defending player may discard a card of the same name as the Defender. In this case, however, the Attack Powers do not matter, the attack is simply nullified as if it had not happened and both characters are safe. Each player turns over the top card of his/her deck and puts it into the Support Area simultaneously. Add the Support Power to the Attacker's or Defender's Attack Power. Support Skills can be used at this time. Now compare the Total Attack Power of the Attacker to that of the Defender. If the attacker has a higher Total Attack Power or if it is equal to that of the Defender, the Defender is destroyed, and the card is moved to the Discard Pile. If the Defender that would be destroyed is the defending player's Lord, instead of destroying it the defending player chooses a card from the Orb Area and puts it into his/her hand. If there are no cards left in the Orb Area (whether before or after putting one into the hand is not clear) the Lord is defeated and the attacking player wins. If the Defender's Total Attack Power is higher than the Attacker's, then neither is destroyed and both are safe. An Attacker can never be destroyed as a result of combat, but a Defender may be. If the Front Line becomes completely empty, all Rear Guard characters are moved to the Front Line. This is called a March. Any Movement or Skill use also occurs during this Phase. When a Unit is moved, it is tapped, or turned 90º clockwise to signify that it cannot be used for anything else. This may also happen when a Unit attacks or uses a skill, it's not clear at this time. After the Action Phase completes, the game moves to the End Phase and the next player's turn begins. Players alternate turns until one player's Lord is defeated and the other player wins. Notes: *Tapping means to turn card 90º clockwise to signify that it cannot be used for anything else. It is still unclear exactly when it's used. It is probably necessary to tap Units when attacking or using some Skills as well as after moving them. A lot of questions are answered in the first few pages here. Also read this post where FutureKnightX lists many of the rules that have been added and the post 2 posts later.
  5. Has anyone ever crafted, or come across, a cube draft list for this game? I have seen that the game is draftable-- had anyone home so far as to make a cube? For reference, drafting is where a group of players pass packs around a table, each person taking one card at a time from each booster until everyone has a semi-curated, semi-random stack of cards to make a deck out of. Cube draft is where you curate the cardpool. In a normal draft, you would grab four booster packs from the same booster series or season. Instead for cube, you make 10-card packs from a custom list. Maybe in your cube, you want to see a particular set of games represented and not others, or bloodlines, or maybe your cube just has all the most powerful combos and characters, or maybe it's a blue-haired cube where every card art has someone with blue hair in it.
  6. Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that the Cipher Droid cipher sim is now complete! Its features include: PC and android compatible. Online play. Crossplay! Cards up to the latest set, and updates for when the new sets come out, all in englosh thanks to Holsety's and Vanceknight's translations. Bellow are some screenshots of gameplay as well as the deckbuilder and tutorial section. At the moment it only has an 8 CCU server since I can't yet pay for the 100 CCU one, but that will probably come in the near future. Download links: PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lp2tDfW9F09cn3n9w8rqgG7OLH_sJ-Nn/view?usp=drivesdk Android:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XO2vP6F4GJiWkkpxWIKwnfDuZXZ245pw/view?usp=drivesdk If you want to find people to play with, I encourage you to join the main cipher discord, it has really helpful people and a very friendñy community. Hoping to see you there! Cipher Discord server: https://discord.gg/VZU9pqe Thank you for your support and excitement cipher community!
  7. I'm only interested in these 3 SR cards from B18... Tharja SR, (F)Grima Robin SR, (M)Byleth SR. Will these also be available as SR+? Is there even a chance of them being SR+? Wondering if I should buy boxes.. since SR+ are rare on the market and also expensive. Don't have much experience with booster boxes and wondering how the SR+ get chosen in a set.
  8. Hello All! My friend and I have started a local play group at my store and as part of that effort we created half-card proxies for sets 11 to 15, and we thought it would be nice to share them with the community! You can find the zip files here! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tlWfIiXsvVZjbHiZwjsQhDxjN6YmbxhAy Let me know if you find any mistakes in any of them! We're currently experimenting with alternate rules for smaller decks to make it easier for people to get started. I'll let you all know how it goes!
  9. Hi Folks! The set 16 proxies are almost done, I uploaded the colors that are set, just need to finish purple! UPDATE The whole set is now proxied.
  10. Hi folks! I just wanted to post in here to talk a little bit about the amazing experience I've had since my friend asked me a few months ago if I was interested in playing Cipher with him. I own a hobby/cardstore called Akiba Underground (link here for those curious: http://akibaunderground.com/) and I decided after we started playing to go really hard on stocking Fire Emblem boosters and trying to start a scene at the store and hopefully be able to do organized play down the line. A little less than three months in we now have over half of the sets in stock in our case, a small but growing collection of singles, and we just had a legit release day for set 16 where a TON of cipher boxes came in my door and then went right back out. The response we've gotten is pretty amazing, and even just getting like 6-8 people together at once to play is so much more than I expected, considering the substantial barriers to play (we are using half-card printed translations, some which we created and others we found on here). I just wanted to share with the forum because it's been so surprising how many people have been interested, and thought it would be cool to show a few pics as well (it's still neat for me to look in our case and see cipher boosters next to magic ones). I just acquired a bunch of the sealed promo card packs, to give out as prizes for our next organized event in a few weeks, and I'm hoping we get a good turnout. : ) (The picture of the card case is actually a little old, we now have even more sets in stock and a little display with cipher singles too!)
  11. Hi, I'm Scott and I'm a high school teacher. I'm also a huge Fire Emblem fan, I've never posted really on the Serenes forums but I decided to share my story today because I thought it might interest people here. A group of students started a gaming club at the school where I work, and I'm the sponsor of the club. One year ago, on our first meeting I met a young man (for the sake of privacy I'll be using different names for each student) we'll call him Juan. Juan was playing a card game with a friend and when I passed by the place they were playing I was stunned, the game was Fire Emblem Cipher! He had the Corrin M and Corrin F starter decks and was teaching his friend Daniel how to play. I started chatting with them, and next thing I knew I had a Path of Radiance and Tokyo Mirage Starter Decks coming in the mail. Fast forward a year and there's around 20 students at the school with Cipher decks, many who attend meetings regularly to trade and play. We have monthly tournaments, and even "Festival Events" with prizes. I enjoy collecting Cipher cards so much that many of my extra cards become prizes for students to earn, I have 10 complete Cipher decks and some of my students even have multiple decks. It may seem super elaborate but I've even come up with ways for students to earn free cards from participating in different events. For example: I give out "Exhibition Passes" to each tournament participant, they can spend a pass one of two ways, exchange it for a pack of 10 common cards. Or use it to challenge me to a Best of 3 Round with its own rules, if they beat me they get to choose 1 SR card from my binder. At tournaments I host raffles, where I give out R cards or even booster packs (The club has about 4 boxes of packs donated by some online friends of mine to be used as prizes) and the top 5 players at each tournament get to pick a R card from my binder (at festival events every player gets an R and the top 5 get SRs) It's been a pretty amazing experience to not only bond with my students but also to play this amazing card game. You might be thinking "How do you read the cards?" Well, as posted on this very forum in the past, users such as AsheoftheEmblem, Murdock, and SAIKLEX have made English Half-Card Proxies which I have been using for this club. It's helped enormously for opening the game up to many more students and I haven't been bothered by the extra work of assembling the proxy documents for the kids. Attached are some pictures of my own decks, and I'm in the process of assembling a picture collection of my student's decks to show off not only how many students are involved, but also their creativity in creating decks. Just a small sample of my decks are here to show how some of them are proxied.
  12. Newly into cipher and idk if this is appropriate to ask here, apologies if not, but there aren't really any online resources for making decks, besides what the starter decks give, for what that's worth, and it all just seems very overwhelming. I was wondering if anyone had an idea where to start or could help in building/building advice. Thanks to anyone in advanced.
  13. I am currently working with a group to create translated proxies for cipher cards and there have been a few quotes on some cards that haven't been translated. If anyone is interested in helping out with translating the missing quotes or knows someone that might be able to help please comment below.
  14. I was wondering if there was a free version of Lackey CCG, and if there is, how would I play FE: Cipher on it?
  15. I have a couple of codes from cipher starter decks I bought and I can't use them. They are Japan region locked, so if you want them just let me know. The one that came in the Hoshido Deck had a code for some 25th FE anniversary thing on it. The Marth code had something to do with Minerva I think.
  16. I just checked Sagemaster15's YouTube channel and there is going to be two new characters coming to Heroes. And plus, he saids those two Cipher cards were labeled under in Heroes, but I haven't checked the official Twitter post yet, I only just saw the video. The first character is a princess named Alice (with a Staff and a Tome) and the other character is a Knight who appeared to be a butler like Jakob. Edit: I just checked the official Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account, it doesn't look like those two were shown. It's definitely leaked. 2nd Edit: Sorry, disregard with the topic, I just found out those two characters were original characters for Cipher and they were been announced in Series 10 already.
  17. Introduction Hello All! I have undertaken a project to create half-card English proxies for each set of Fire Emblem Cipher. The purpose behind the project is to increase the accessibility for newcomers into the game. It is recommended to double-sleeve all cards using the proxies: sleeving the card in a perfect fit sleeve, and then the proxy and card into a sleeve with a non-transparent back (like KMC Matte Sleeves). Early 'Proof of Concept' Photos EDIT: Summary on recent work. The following changes are included in the second run: Characters with more than 2 skills will now have their absent skills included. Characters with more than 1 support skill will now have their absent skills included. To reduce the quantity of ink, actual card backgrounds were substituted for the solid black background. Skills are now surround by their own background (similar to the cipher cards). To save space, the bottom half off the proxy was condensed. Skills with leading icons now have the icons present. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Starter Decks Starter Deck 1 - War of Darkness Full PDF (under revision) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 2 - Awakening Full PDF (under revision) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 3 - White Night Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 4 - Black Night Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 5 - Path of Radiance Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 6 - Illusory Revelations Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 7 - Binding Blade Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 8 - Genealogy of the Holy War Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Starter Deck 9 - Land of the Gods Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Booster Sets Booster Set 1: Warblade of Heroes Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 2: Soulful Flames of Light and Dark Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 3: Twin Swords of Hope Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 4: Illusory Revelations Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 5: Overcoming Rivalry Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 6: Storm of the Knights' Shadows Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 7: Rise to Honor Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 8: Life and Death: Beyond Fate Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) Booster Set 9: Thunderous Earth Full PDF (unavailable) Singles (complete set, rev. 2) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Help Contribute Any feedback regarding the proxies is welcome! If you would like to collaborate, feel free to PM me. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Known Issues Some text bleeds into the lower half of the proxy. Quotes may not be visible or readable on some proxies. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Current Phase Revision: Complete 2nd Complete Set: Complete Refactor: Underway 2nd Revision: Incomplete 3rd Complete Set: Incomplete Online PDF Builder: Incomplete
  18. So basically my sister opened a pack and got the one character that she hates in all of FE, Tsubasa! It's SR+ with the signature and golden border and all, lol. So I was wondering if anyone in the forums can tell me how much it's worth (and maybe where I can sell it). Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
  19. Has anyone posted the cipher characters base convs? I can't seem to get them to appear
  20. Anyone? i dig them. They all designed nicely, and have cute personalities. Emma is young but cheerful or plucky. Randal is a salty gambling sort that reminds me a bit of Joshua from FE8. Yuzu means business but has a softer side. I like how shes funny by being unfunny. What a nerd. Shade's design is fucking amazing and shes cute on top of it. A little lazy, kinda goth, but a bit fussy. I like her a lot. As units they seem pretty ok. I want gonna get this dlc, until I realized there were four characters with supports. Worth it.
  21. This is probably a stupid question, but what's the difference between the Fire Emblem: Echoes dlc Cipher Legends I and II compared to the Cipher Companions Pack?
  22. Hi all, Still a relatively fresh player, and for the most part I only play casual games with a couple local friends. Most of what we have to work with are B08 series cards and a few others, but I had a few questions come up on rules/errata surrounding certain cards. A couple easy ones and few head-scratchers. Easy: B08-085R - Maiden of Purifying Lightning, Tinni - Do bonds that are consumed for the "critical hit" effect need to be face up to be sent to retreat, or can face-down bonds be used as long as they're tome cards? B08-038N - Serious Manakete, Nah - For a stone support to trigger Nah's effect it has to be a successful support, right? So a failed support with Nah herself wouldn't trigger the effect? And the head-scratchers: B08-096R - Emperor of Grannvale, Arvis - For the bond skill effect, which sends an opponent's unit into their bonds, how does this work with class changed or levelled up units? Does the top card go to the bond area or do all individual cards in the stack go into the bond area? Just curious because this could really throw the viability/non-viability of this ability. B08-026R - Searing Envy, Tharja - This one's confusing specifically because I'm seeing different translation on Lackey and on the wiki here concerning this card. Lackey's translation is that the card that is selected and possibly discarded is a random selection, where the wiki translation is that the player gets to select. Again, curious because this affects how viable the card is. B08-079SR - The Just Master Thief, Patty - This one's got me really confused. The third ability in the chain that Patty gets specifies that if the card in the opponent's hand is the same name as the main character, the main character is destroyed. If your opponent still has orbs left, does that mean you would just take an orb, or does that mean that the main character is destroyed regardless of orbs? If anyone knows any of the answers/rulings/translations or would be able to help me out on this I'd greatly appreciate it.
  23. As of now you probably know that the cipher mascots are gonna be downloadable. What do you think are gonna be the unique arts/spells ate they gonna have to set them apart from the rest? Personal speculation Shade - to emphasize her being a genius, she's gonna have a diverse spell set including some unused ones. They may add dine "underhanded" spells to emphasize her being a dark magic user. Emma - to emphasize her being a trainee, she will have noob friendly skills like underdog etc. Yuzu - despite being given a hybrid class, I believe her arts will focus more on her sword fighting to compensate her probably lack of spell pool. Lando - he was ruthless in his youth but have mellowed, He appears to be designed as a gambler. His arts May involve leaving things to RNG. And maybe a few underhanded arts as well.
  24. Okay, so while I'm waiting on my set 8 boxes to come in, I've been reading up on how the game works, and deck building tutorials and basics and such, and I'm hoping to eventually get a few local friends of mine in on building decks and just doing some casual games together. What I kind of want to try is build a deck that will either use Tharja (specifically Dark Knight from Series 8) as my main character. I know that I'll definitely need a bunch of support cards, but...past that I'm really not sure what card abilities work really well with her abilities, or what cards would help to make her viable as an MC. Specifically, I feel like I want to try and do something that will play off of or exploit the "Spiteful Flame" ability: "Select a card from your opponent's hand and reveal it. If the revealed card has a deployment cost of 3 or less, send that card to your opponent's Retreat Area." Offhand, can anyone think of cards that would synergize well with this or...ways of going about building a deck that might allow me to make use of this card? I figure like in general this means that I can more or less force out cards onto the field, reduce my opponent's hand, pick off weaker units with more powerful ones, but...I really don't know how to make that happen or how to go from there. Ideally, suggestions from Series 8 or cards from Series 8 would be great, but I'm definitely willing to invest or look into other series if there's something that would work well. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be hugely appreciated!
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