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  1. Hi! Any chance you still exist?

  2. Game has more in common with Game of Thrones than Harry Potter. The Officers Academy's dynamic is vastly different than Hogwarts'. The school is also a part of a religious organization. While the three houses, some aesthetic, and Rhea's role in the first half are similar to HP, thats where that similarity ends. Agarthans are a like a weird amalgamation of the White Walkers/Others, and the Faceless Men with a dash of those spooky warlocks of Qarth. Edelgard is Daenerys Targaryen with the serial numbers filed off. (She even looks exactly like Dany!) Claude is similar to Jon Snow in ideology and being seen as an outsider. Dimitri is a Stark gone wrong, Count Glouscester is a watered down Tywin Lannister. Hell, Annette's time skip look looks like it was based on Sansa Stark! Not to mention that, outside of the Agarthans being Obviously Evil, everyone else can be seen in many different moral compass directions. Three Houses is basically GoT with the power of anime lol.
  3. And how. He even says in Hopes, that reform is unnecessary. (See image) i wal always put off by Dimitri, but that made me a bit...nauseous Thems fightin' words, lmao
  4. I romanced Rhea in a run just to see what would happen. The ending there is cool, but i do agree that actually romancing her is awkward for a multitude of spoilery reasons. Gilbert is... an unreliable sack of offal for running out on his family not my favorite lmao. Especially since Azure Moon is not my favorite route.
  5. Petra is supposed to be 15 pre-timeskip? Daaayum Shes 16 preskip. But yeah. I tend to like the older students/faculty myself. Hubert is like 20 when the game starts. Mercedes is 23 when the game starts. Ferdinand is about 19 etc. While i have romanced Edelgard and Claude on their respective routes, I vastly prefer other characters (despite me liking Byleth/Edelgard a lot). There are definitely characters i feel weird about romancing tho.
  6. Wow yes. In fact, its enraging. I say Lorenz gets a bit too much undue hate. Makes me wonder if people just didnt bother reading his supports. His supports with Claude are some of the best ive seen in FE history.
  7. Part of me doubts there will be more. But it would be sweet if we got some. Especially if its kicking the crap out of the Agarthans in CF
  8. Im not calling anyone creepy, mate. I said "some people find it creepy to romance this character." Which means "personally creepy to someone" Also, you are veering into a slippery slope. A really nasty one.
  9. Wait, theres even a question of why Flayn/Byleth is funky? You do not hook up with characters when they are students. Everyone is well over the age of 18, and look the part post skip. Flayn doesnt change. This is a clue to her true nature, but its also what turns people off. She stays pretty much an underage girl (dont give me that "shes really hella old" shite) visibly, and its freaking creepy to some folx to romance her. (For the record, i find romancing Sothis highly disturbing as well. Perhaps moreso) Flayn is one of my favorite characters, but hell no im not marrying her. N o p e. Im no teenager, my Byleth is no teenager, im not gonna bonk a teenager. Especially considering Seteth is right there and perfect spouse material Ill be honest, i dont even like the idea of romancing Bernadetta be ause of how petite and young she looks. Even post skip.
  10. This. I dont share them at all. Fates was fun to play.....if you just skip the entirety of the story on any route. Gameplay wise, it was pretty versatile and Conquests maps were dope. Everything else? B i n. I t. *fog horn noise* I doubt ill be able to bring myself to replay Fates again. The only beef i have with 3H, is the maps needed more variety. I think this is why Cindered Shadows was so bomb, because the maps were all different. The main game tends to recycle maps far too much. The unique ones really stand out. (Massive shout out to ch 17 of CF *chef's kiss*) Other than that, and only a couple minor quibbles with some story stuff, 3H just roflstomps. It took a great deal to dethrone FE7 as my favorite in series. The characters and interaction with them is fucking superb on 3H. The game's world feels real and organic given the building of it. It has a real history thats super interesting. And of course, my boi Seteth. 3H gave me what Fates failed to deliver: A story about perspectives, and moral dilemmas in which no main character is truly in the wrong. Choices that matter, characters that feel real, and a place to explore that feels like a real location. And battalions. I got the Game of Thrones style narrative that i was hoping for, but never got in Fates.
  11. Marianne without question. Shes the only character that doesn't show up in part 2 if you dont recuit her. The implications of why are....too awful to contemplate.
  12. I like the cut of your gib and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. I refuse to kill Seteth and Flayn. Also, poor Hubie. I hate killing him too. Hes my non-Seteth husband
  13. Jeralt. Byleth literally tries everything they can to stop it from happening, but its not enough. Or just is futile. I relared so hard to that, i just fucking lost it first time i played. Too familiar of a feel.
  14. More pious characters (Ashe, Mercedes, Marianne, Ignatz, Seteth, and Flayn) are usually found in the cathedral. Especially in part 1. Church route and possibly Golden Deer route, if you bring Seteth, Flayn, Dorothea, and Manuela to the Enbarr level, there's special dialogue and goodies. Seteth and Flayn, put them near the church on the map. Dorothea and Manuela, near the opera house. You might even gain a battalion! Seteth and Flayn have VERY revealing dialogue if brought to two paralogues and attack the bosses. (Those paralogues being Lindhardt and Leonie's, and Claude's) Flayn's dialogue in those is hilarious. Bernadetta is found out of her room throughout Crimson Flower route, but hides in it in the other routes. Meaning, she actually goes through more character growth on that route. Flayn is superhyped when Byleth undergoes their hair and eye color changed. Its cute af. She mentions it more than you'd expect.
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