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Found 2 results

  1. So something I immediately noticed during the gameplay we've gotten featuring Byleth and the Sword of the Creator features the sword with 20 durability. Yes, 20. But, I felt that was way too low for a legendary sword, and the amount they used this weapon in gameplay. So here's what I think: The weapon will have 20 durability. The weapon durability decreases the same as any weapon. The weapon still breaks, but here's the catch. I think the weapon will return to its original 20 durability (even if the weapon did not break) after the battle/chapter. If this is true, It'll be interesting how it will play out. And if I'm wrong then, this weapon is pretty much a weapon you'll just be carrying around in your inventory for most of the game and rarely taking it out. However if I'm right, it'll be pretty broken with it's Might and range. But you can't just solo with the weapon basically. TL;DR: I think Byleth's weapon will regen it's durability after the battle.
  2. OK, I'm pretty sure you could say this is pretty late, but considering Fates has been out for a while, I wanted to throw my 2 cents into this pile. This is just MY personal thoughts. No official stuff here! (Also, ...I AM NOT BASHING FATES (OR AWAKENING)! Probably didn't need to say it, but I said it just to be safe. Ok, I'm good now!) Now, weapon durability...I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few people who actually like weapon durability...mostly, but I'll get to what I mean by that in a minute. While I'm sure weapon durability is something people kinda find as a "nuisance", for lack of a better word, I personally like it for two reasons. One, it kinda requires you to micromanage what you have, be aware of you need & what you lack, and being mindful of how many uses you have before a weapon breaks. This also makes money have quite an importance since you need to keep your army supplied as time goes on...which goes into number two...it's a bit more realistic.I know weapons can last a long time, but at the same time, they can still break after awhile. A sword's edge can get dull after a while, a spear can break quite easily with amount of force, yada, yada, yada, you get the point(hopefully). Also, while I get issue that, "it can make you feel hesitant to use a weapon when it's close to breaking", but I feel like that's more of a first playthrough issue honestly. Even then, you can still most likely get through a first playthrough fine without that weapon anyway(or just chose to use it when necessary), especially after you reach halfway through the game(when you are way more capable at that point...probably even close to lvl.20 and promotion). So, what about the "mostly" part? Well, it's more an issue that kinda steams from Awakening. See, in the games before it, you went from chapter to chapter and didn't have much time to grind much. Sacred Stones is a bit of an exception mainly because of the Arena, which you could grind for money(same for Blazing Sword, but like I said, you didn't really have the option to grind, well, except for there. Although, you'll be fine even if you don't grind much money from the arena). In Awakening, unless you had DLC, getting money for weapons was a pain! There were next to no opportunities to get money(and weapons to an extent) besides DLC, which meant you had to rely on the...glowly spots...(?) on a map to get a RANDOM weapon(ranging from good to sucky). This made weapon durability more of an annoyance since getting (good)weapons became a bit more of a hassle. This is probably why it was done away with in Fates and all they had were status effects to them, but it kinda made another issue all together. For one thing, every weapons has some draw back(or plus) to them. Some not so bad(and are rather simple), but others make things a bit more complex. Not saying it's a completely bad thing, but there is some part of me that prefers to just worry about if a weapon slows my unit instead of if my unit will not kill another enemy that attacks on their turn because I happened to use an axe(or sword) that had a -2 Strength/Skill or a weapon makes it harder to make follow up attacks(a.k.a. attack twice in a fight). I know it sounds kinda simple and not too detrimental, but that could honestly screw you over in some situations. Also, some weapons are kinda worthless to use(since I'm sure NO ONE wants to use a weapon that gives 4+ speed to your enemies after a battle)! Now another issue I find is that money...kinda loses it's value. While I only have Conquest under my belt, I honestly felt like money didn't have as much importance as the other games. That's partly because you randomly get weapons from talking to people in MyCastle, so you could honestly get a lot of weapons from just checking back every now and then. NOT TO MENTION, you could also easily get weapons from the rewards of visiting and battling others via MyCastle. That and you most likely stuck to 1 or 2(or 3) weapons on some characters and that was what they used for most of the game. Now while Master Seals could be a good reason for money, it doesn't seem so to me. Staves seem like the main thing that give money purpose, but unless they're status effecting staves, you would only need one for maybe...5 or so chapters before needing another one, but like I said, the game gives you weapons...as well as staves. This can make money even less valuable. This next issue is partly a problem, but also partly because I'm a bit spoiled from previous games. Now, I don't know about you, but to me...The Forge...sucks. In order to forge weapons, you need two of the same weapons, simple enough. However, you need to fuse two weapons on the same "level" (in order to make an Axe+3, you need 2 Axe+2, 4 of the same Axes). For the lower weapons, it's not too bad, but higher ones are more of a pain since they aren't as easy to get(some weapons can only be gotten through getting it randomly from talking to someone). Although at the same time though, when you DO forge a weapon, the increase is very small and you need a maybe a +3 or +4 weapon before it makes a big difference! I'm a bit spoiled from the forge of FE9 & FE10, which not only lets you MAKE a weapon, but it also let you customize it to your liking(change the stats, change the color, etc.) Heck, FE10 also let you have a chance of increasing it's capabilities even more so if you had coins(and got luck via cards). Would I say that system was kinda broken(more so in FE10)......yeah, it kinda was, but it cost a good amount of money to make the weapon and the Forge actually felt like a Forge(where you make your own weapon from scratch and make it how you want), not what Fates(or Awakening) had, which felt kinda lackluster! Lastly, and this is more of a nitpick, but it makes things a lot more complex(like I kinda brought up before). It can be a good thing(and make things more interesting)...and kinda a bad thing(and make things more annoying). I like complexity, but I also kinda like my simplicity too. So...what does this mean I want going forward? Well, for one thing, I want weapon durability back, but I also want the weight system back. As for which type...I'm not too sure. There is the one from the gba games that pretty makes you have to make up a heavy weapon with good stats or the one from the Tellius games where if you have enough strength, you're weapon won't hinder you any more. Both have their problems(the one from the Gba games being it you either really need a body ring to increase it or you need really good stats so the heavy, more powerful weapons won't screw you over. The one from the Tellius games being that units like mages can almost always be hindered since strength isn't a stat that goes up often for them and it kinda makes Silver Weapons your main weapons after a while...which could possibly break the game...mainly in FE10...which is fun to do), but I do want the weight system back. Maybe let the weapons have long durability or heck, let you fix a weapon at the forge like in FE4(that's the only game I know that does that)! And...that's what I mainly have to say. So...any thoughts? Do you agree, do you disagree, are my opinions crap? I'm curious to see how much my thoughts differ or are similar to everyone elses.
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