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  1. So today's Game Awards just revealed a new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage. They just announced an Expansion Pass is coming to Fire Emblem Engage. They just revealed the new Emblem Rings that are coming to DLC are the Three Houses leaders, Edelgard, Dimitri, & Claude (just showed off their pre-timeskip outfits) and Tiki (the younger version and currently the only Manakete Emblem Ring using Dragon Powers). Other type of content mentioned in the Wave 1 info are In-game Support Items, In-game accessories, and the Silver Card. The first wave is going to be on January 20th. Nintendo just dropped the trailer right now.
  2. I was going to do the latest Grand Conquest that was open right now, but that part of the current event had just crashed the app for strange reasons. Did anyone experience this similar problem from the latest Grand Conquest Event to fight with the Three House Leaders?
  3. After working on trying to de-toxify myself fro the reddit BS, I began to think about the state of the characters in 3H, how they operate, what they believe in, and why things happened the way it did. After a while, it finally hit me. It's something that Itachi says in Naruto: And that's basically it. Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Rhea. They are all bound by their own beliefs and ideals, which became their reality, that they simply could not see what the others saw or felt. To them, the reality of each other was nothing more than an illusion. Consider how each character acted. Rhea: Suffering from a trauma of genocide, Rhea simply could not trust humanity. She couldn't believe in opening up to people and confiding her secrets. Because of that, she simply doesn't accept anyone that would dare to oppose the Church or her way of using her power. She cannot accept the choices that Edelgard makes, and especially the idea that Byleth would join her. Her trauma made her unable to accept it and to her reality, this was Nemsis 2.0. She even censors and hides information, constantly keeping secrets, and it took five years of imprisonment in the non-CF routes for Rhea to finally change and start confessing her secrets, but for someone that's lied for so long, it's hard to tell how much actually true. Dimitri: He's been consumed by his desire for vengeance because of the trauma he suffered from the Tragedy of Duscur. He was so traumatized that his own mind kept thinking about the events and manifested into "ghosts" that told him to seek revenge. It's a delusion, yes, but it's Dimitri's reality. Not only that, but despite Byleth telling Dimitri to try and reconnect with Edelgard, Dimitri refuses to, believing that they both changed too much. And though misguided and false, he believed that Edelgard was responsible for the Tragedy of Duscur. The truth is not so, but the truth is what Dimitri made of it. He saw and ultimately believed what he thought was the truth. And because of that, he refused to listen to anything Edelgard had to say, whether it was the truth or not. Even in CF, Dimitri wasn't going to listen to reason, cause it's still the same insane Dimitri as Part 1, that cannot believe in anything else and refuses to listen to any explanations. Claude: Claude might not be as traumatized emotionally like the other three, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't bear his own trauma. Being persecuted by Almyrans for being half-Fódlan, then going to Fódlan and learning that they view Almyrans as beasts. It made Claude unable to trust people with his true heritage and instead kept trying to use and scheme his way to getting what he desired. Edelgard tried to talk to Claude and even offered to exchange secrets, but Claude basically made an unreasonable demand, making Edelgard drop the matter. In fact, despite how they hold similar ideals, whether it's VW or even CF, Claude refused to ally with her, with VW cause Edelgard went off more on the deep end and made too much violence, and in CF cause he wanted to rule Fódlan himself, as he admitted. He only backs off when he has no way of winning anymore. Edelgard: Poor Edelgard, there is so much about her reality that makes it hard for her to really open up. For one thing, she's the ONLY one that learns that Rhea is a dragon and the alternate history of Fódlan from her father. Just HOW does she tell this to people? No one would believe her. And she's of a family who's political power was stripped by the corrupt nobles. And the Agarthans experimented her thanks to Duke Aegir and his cohorts locking her and her siblings up. She can't tell others. Not to mention, the trauma and environment during it made her forget some memories, so she doesn't remember Dimitri. And going to war against the Church of Seiros is something that none of her friends would have agreed with. And because of that, in the non-CF routes, because her reality was something she was not able to share with others that believed in, so she just became closed off. Regardless of whether Dimitri or Claude tried to talk to her or how badly she was being beaten, she was too set on her path by that point. She lost and sacrificed so much that there was no way that she could give up, else she had wasted lives for nothing. She needed to make the sacrifices mean something or die trying. - Had they all been able to believe in other people, and not be trapped under their own reality due to their personal emotional issues, and actually be able to talk to one another, thus being able to see each other's reality and become more understanding and accepting, then maybe, just maybe, they could have made the war be against the Agarthans, and not each other before the Agarthans. It'd have been a war where Edelgard fought with the others to free the Empire from the Agarthan's control. But that's not how reality works. People can't let go of their issues easily, because their reality is something that shaped them into what they are. Changing oneself is to break yourself and rebuild into something different, and that's not only scary, but even painful for the person. Rhea needed to spend five years imprisoned to finally change. Dimitri needed to have Rodrigue take a blow for him from someone that sought revenge like Dimitri had, and then be told that he doesn't have to listen to what others want and instead do what he wants. And Edelgard and Claude both learn to trust others more often, but for the former, only at the most critical moment when she needed someone to believe in her, while Claude simply had someone that was fighting with him the entire way. Ultimately, this conflict was inevitable. And that is the true tragedy of 3H. Which makes the story that much more beautiful.
  4. Hello, I was just doing an other playtrough of Fire emblem three houses maddening mode. I was on chapter 7 ( battle of the eagle and the lion ) and I noticed that I wasn't able to steal the ring of precision from Edelgard. The strange thing is that I was able to steal Dimitri's one. Any one have noticed that or is it a bug or a mistake from me ?
  5. Rules - Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.) - Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning. - Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help. +/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more. - Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~! -The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage." -The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse. - Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.." - Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please! -We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea." -The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable. Day 1: Edelgard
  6. Black eagles : Hard Blue Lions : Easy Golden Deer : Normal
  7. I'm really sad for this, why Byleth girl in a swimsuit is confirmed to be in this game, alongside with Mia, Masked Lucina and Rhea. Why Edelgard has not confirmed? I want to see Edelgard in a swimsuit/bikini to be confirmed.......... Don't make me sad again. I just want to contact to Nintendo.....
  8. I don't know about that. Why I posting this thread?, or I'm going to be in trouble. I don't wanted posting this, but, since, is the last straw....... Why Edelgard is the most hated Fire Emblem girl. Female Byleth is much loved than Edelgard. What's wrong with this young woman. I don't want to feeling so sad.
  9. This video really goes out to express the stuff that I love about Edelgard and how she's very much like Lelouch. And overall asks the big question about Edelgard's actions, of starting a war to attain freedom from the system, and whether it was actually the right thing or not. The answer is best understood if you actually watch the video from beginning to end. It isn't long, but it really tackles so many important things that makes you aware of how the struggle is.
  10. I personally really enjoyed most of the characters in Three Houses, but I especially liked the characterization of the lords and how they fit into themes within the main story. So I thought it'd be fun to have a thread discussing their separate character arcs and comparing and contrasting the characters to see how different people interpret them. Personally my favorite of the lords is Dimitri because of his redemptive character arc where he was able to reevaluate his views on the world and to move past his destructive path to become a better person. I also think Edelgard is a very interesting character, even if her route is too short, because even though she's an antagonist within most of the routes she still can't be easily classified as a villain. I'll leave this open to anyone who wants to respond now and possibly talk more about why I like claude's character later. If you guys want my extended thoughts on Dimitri and Edelgard I made some character analyses on youtube if you want to check them out and talk about them too. Here are the videos to those who are interested: Dimitri: Edelgard:
  11. If anyone familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons alignments. What character do you think belongs to what alignment? http://easydamus.com/alignment.html Personally, this is my reading. Edelgard: chaotic good The girl has a good heart and the best of intentions, but she is very much against traditions, and the oppressive effect such traditions can have on people. Edelgard follows her own moral compass and will do what she thinks is right, regardless of what other people or society as a whole thinks. To achieve what she considers her ideal society. She is willing to plunge the world into chaos to rebuild it anew. Saw her listed as lawful evil on another site, but I don't think this is accurate. Mainly that, because according to the alignment system, the evil alignment usually points to selfish motivations. Hubert: lawful evil/lawful neutral This is a tricky one, Hubert is incredibly loyal to Edelgard, but is willing to go pretty far to serve his mistress, further than even Edelgard. And unlike Edelgard he doesn't do so, as much for the greater good. As much as to protect and serve a single person, he cares about. His loyalty definitely makes him lawful, but I am uncertain of is if his casual murder and assassination makes him of the evil alignment, even if it usually requires selfish motivations, but Hubert doesn't do it to benefit himself as much as to benefit Edelgard. Dimitri: lawful good Dimitri have the best of intentions, and believe in preserving life, order and peace. He is often unwilling to accept that sacrifices is sometimes necessary, and will do anything to protect those he think is getting trampled on by the strong. Even his dark side is ultimately lawful good as this side of him is overly focused on justice and the punishment of evildoers, which are usually associated with this alignment, regardless of how destructive. Dimitri is basically a retribution Paladin and represents really well both the bad and the good of this alignment. Good in that he protects the innocent and promotes order and stability, bad in that it can get overly sadistic in punishing those he sees as evil. Rhea: lawful good She believes order stability and peace needs to be prioritised by any cost, as she has seen just how bad things can get when things get out of hand. While she is kind to those who obey the laws. She is incredibly uncompromising towards those who break her laws and traditions. But she isn't evil as she doesn't do this to promote her own power as much as she generally believes this is what is best for the world. Claude: neutral good Claude is a good guy, he desires for everyone to be treated equally regardless of where they are from and wants to unite all people under one banner of tolerance. His primary fault is just that he is often unwilling to go to extreme measures to achieve his goals. Which often means that without help. He is often times not successful. Thales: chaotic evil he wants revenge against the church and is willing to raise the world to the ground to do it. Unlike Edelgard he doesn't have a greater good in mind while spreading destruction across Fodlan. He is also responsible for genocide, causing multiple wars and torturing innocent children all to destabilise the region to make it easier to fulfil his plans.
  12. An another non-canon love couples... You don't say that, Male Byleth and Edelgatd love shipping is canon? And Dimitri and Female Byleth love shipping is canon too? I don't want if Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and Yuzuke Kosaki are confirm Byleth Boy x Edelgard and Byleth Girl x Dimitri love couples. Same like Robin Boy x Lucina. I just wanted to ship Dimigard....... They are NOT blood related, no bashing, and don't make me feeling sad please......
  13. I cannot help but to regard Edelgard as a shining beacon of light in the darkness and hope among hopelessness. While many people see a villain, I see a girl giving her all for the sake of a better future. She always puts her own personal desires second to what she thinks is the greater good, while she does start a war she doesn't even hesitate to give her own life, if that means fewer people would die when she is defeated. That level of dedication is truly admirable. Just how much she is burdened by all the bloodshed and the guilt she seems to be feeling. As a consequence, that she does feel regret and isn't enjoying any of it. Speaks volumes about her character. She constantly speaks of how the blood that flows at her feet is a burden. The way she talks about it makes it clear that she takes full responsibility for every casualty. It Edelgard is a villain. She is the most noble villain I have ever encountered, the contrast between her true good nature and the things she feels she has to do for the greater good makes are quite tragic and the level of sympathy I feel for her as a consequence is indescribable. I originally discovered three houses during a period I struggled with major anxiety and depression, it caught my interest quite fast and served as a distraction from my issues. Edelgard as a character was especially important to me and for one reason or another she gave me hope. Where none existed before. I am not quite sure why this is but Edelgard gave me a sense of motivation, she showed me how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. I think this is because all the trauma she suffered, and instead of becoming obsessed with revenge against the person responsible for her suffering, she looked towards the system that allowed this to happen and trauma motivated her to make sure what happened to her couldn't happen to anyone else ever again. It is very inspiring to see someone taking experiences that would break the spirit of almost anyone and use it as a drive to change the world for the better. I am still dealing with my mental issues, but words cannot describe just how much Edelgard has helped me through it. Do anyone feel the way I do about this character? Is there any other character from this game that has had a major impact in your life?
  14. I recently had an argument with a friend who also played through the game. Which is really about how Edelgard made a massive mistake in making an alliance with the Agarthans. Which of course was originally suggested by Hubert. Was he truly right that there was no other way? It seems to kind of be a fact that a lot of Hubert's decisions put Edelgard in a bad light in the eyes of others, is decisions are often pragmatic, but terrible when it comes to PR. So there is an argument to be made that Edelgard wouldn't look nearly as bad if it wasn't for Hubert or the Agarthans and would probably have an easier time gaining allies in the other kingdoms who are also sick of the crest system if her supposed it allies didn't just randomly massacre Remire village. Hubert is technically responsible for both her alliance with the Agarthans and their eventual destruction. Do you think that Hubert is good or bad for Edelgard's cause?
  15. I have been thinking lately about how the societies of the different leaders they create after the war would be structured and what the state of the world won't really be like. I have been trying to create a role-playing setting set after the events of Crimson Flower. So I have been trying to expand on what we know about how this future society of Edelgard would actually work. I wrote up this text to try to cover the different regions of the new Adrestian Empire and its neighbours and what its political climate and policies would be like. As of yet very much just on the surface. But there are quite a few things I discovered made a lot of sense. Here is what I wrote: "The people of Fodlan used to be divided into three nations, the Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance, all of them united by their worship of the goddess Sothis and the influence of the Church of Seiros. In recent years, Emperor Edelgard of the Adrestian Empire led a war against the church of Seiros after discovering that its leadership were immortal dragons that had been suppressing the technological advancement of humanity for over a millennia. The holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance fought against the Empire in the war, and were absorbed into the Empire by the end of the war. While the nations of Faerghus and Leicester doesn’t exist, some of its people still hold on to their old cultural identities and are hostile towards Edelgard and her Empire. Others are grateful for just how much things have improved under Emperor Edelgard and have started to identify as Adrestian, rejecting their old nation’s culture outright. The Adrestian Empire The Empire was originally founded by Emperor Willhelm with the help of Saint Seiros, the founder of the Church of Seiros, it used to span the entire continent of Fodlan, but later rebellions made it splinter into the kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester alliance. Under Emperor Edelgard Faerghus and Leicester was reabsorbed into the Empire and they are once again as powerful as they were in their prime. Some would say the golden age brought upon by Emperor Edelgard by far eclipses the old Empire in prosperity. The Empire used to be closely aligned with the church, and controlled by nobles bearing the crest of the four Saints. The Emperor having the crest of Seiros herself. But after Edelgard’s war of liberation this system of nobility was disbanded and replaced by a meritocratic system where positions of power are determined by merit of rather than bloodline. The current officials of the Empire hand-picked by Emperor Edelgard herself as the most qualified for the job. The Emperor has declared that future emperors will not be chosen from her blood relatives, but chosen by the previous Emperor as the person most qualified to succeed them. While Emperor Edelgard is an absolute monarch, she has an equal in her co-ruler and wife Byleth, a former professor at Garreg Mach War Academy and a prolific general during the war of liberation. Edelgard respects Byleth to the point that some are starting to wonder if Edelgard is truly the one in charge of the Empire. Edelgard is also surrounded by hand-picked advisors, the most prominent person in this group being the Prime Minister, Ferdinand von Aiger, who Edelgard essentially pays to question her decisions and see things from a different perspective. Brigid Formerly a vassal of the Empire, Brigid regained its independence after the war, thanks to the accomplished efforts of Petra Macneary, originally a political prisoner who, thanks to her personal friendship to Edelgard became generally loyal to the emperor’s cause and Edelgard rewarded that loyalty by releasing her hold upon Brigid and making Petra Queen. The people of Brigid live in a tropical climate and are known for their shamanism and communing with spirits. The Faerghus Territory The primary enemy of the Adrestian Empire during the war, some in the former kingdom of Faerghus still swear by the claim of the Mad Boar King Dimitri that Edelgard was behind the assassination of King Lambert and Queen Patricia, leading to this region giving rise to rebellions the most frequently. But not everyone from Faerghus opposes the reign of Edelgard as some remember how Archbishop Rhea put their capital to the torch during the end of the war and how its citizens were saved by none other than Emperor Edelgard and her forces. Leading many to believe that maybe Edelgard wasn’t the villain many assumed she was. Faerghus has always had a strong knightly tradition, this continues even to this day, with the caveat that Emperor Edelgard made a proclamation that waived the requirement for knights to be of noble birth. Meaning that nowadays anyone who has shown to be capable of heroic deeds and loyalty can be knighted. The Faergus territory is governed by Governor Ingrid Brandl Galatea and her husband Sylvain Jose Gautier, both former nobles that has nonetheless proven to be Emperor to be capable leaders due to their accomplishments during the war. Both exemplars of the knightly values of Faergus Duscur Duscur exist mostly in ruin after a genocide committed in their territory by the kingdom of Faergus because they were falsely believed to have been behind the death of King Lambert and Queen Patricia. While the idea that the people of Duscur were behind the assassination has been officially denounced by the emperor, many of its people still suffer heavy discrimination. But legal protection for its citizens has been introduced by the Empire and nowadays to discriminate against a man or woman of Duscur by the basis of their ethnicity is against Imperial law. The people of Duscur has started to rebuild their homeland and with the end of the religious monopoly of the church of Seiros. They have taken up to worship their old pantheon of gods. The Leicester Territory the Leicester alliance used to be home to a lot of political squabbling between its Lords, being a territory controlled not through an absolute ruler, but through a council of nobles. While said council still exists, by imperial edicts. Its membership is no longer determined by birthright, but by the edict of the regional governor, which in turn is appointed by the emperor. Hostile action between members of the council is strictly forbidden as Emperor Edelgard has little tolerance for the collateral damage this causes among the people in the territory, taking military action against another member of the council is treated as an act of rebellion against the Empire itself, and they are usually crushed under the full might of the imperial army. While this has happened a few times, it is fortunately not a common occurrence. The current governor of the Leicester territory is Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. Almyra A proud warrior culture with a history of invading Fodlan. The Leicester territory, especially used to be threatened by their constant attempts to invade. However, in recent times . Emperor Edelgard has managed to forge a peace treaty between Almyra and the Adrestian Empire. She has recently met with the new King of Almyra, someone calling himself King Khalid. Who to her surprise and delight was none other than Claude von Riegan, one of her more reasonable rivals during the war. King Khalid and Emperor Edelgard are currently good friends, and that friendship also extends to their nations. The Church of Seiros While Archbishop Rhea was overthrown and the church losing its overwhelming political power and personal army, the faith and worship of Sothis across Fodlan still remains. As Edelgard went to war with the church, not the faith, the Emperor allowed the creation of a new church on the stipulation that they would keep out of politics and focus on their faith in the goddess. This new church considers Byleth a prophet of the goddess even if she has herself neither confirmed or denied this. Despite calling herself Seiros, Rhea is generally considered an impostor. As few believers could believe that the real Seiros would ever do anything as awful as burning down the capital of Faergus. There is a sect that considers Byleth to be the goddess herself and Edelgard to be divine in her own right as the spouse of the goddess. Not wanting to be worshipped in a religious sense, Edelgard has tried to crack down on this particular sect as she considers them a threat to the sense of secular scepticism she has been trying to instil in her Empire. Has been unwilling to use violent means against people whose only crime is overadoration of their leader. There are also still some remnants of the faithful who maintain that Rhea was the righteous one and that Byleth and Edelgard are heretics who are opposed to the will of the true goddess." Do you think that this makes sense for a setting set after the war, if Edelgard wins? (Tell me if I made any major mistakes that contradicts the canon of the game) I was thinking that it is likely that the new Adrestian Empire would operate with Emperor appointed governors when it comes to the Faergus and Leicester regions, which logically should be people originally from that region who are capable in the role, popular with the people and loyal to the emperor. While all the regions adapt Edelgard's meritocratic values, the all interpret it differently based on what there regional nation used to value. Like Faergus, with its knightly traditions considering the traits that makes someone a true knight to be the traits of merit that makes someone worthy of rule. I also like to imagine Edelgard trying their best to help the people of Duscur as she knows full well they were an innocent party in the assassination of King Lambert. Do anyone have any speculation about what things would be like under King Dimitri, Claude or Archbishop Byleth? How exactly would their society be structured logically? And what threats would still exist under their rule? As you can see, I did speculate that there would be some rebellions against Edelgard, both from people who still believe Dimitri in that Edelgard was responsible for the death of King Lambert and by remaining followers of Rhea.
  16. I just finished verdant wind and I don't think I can't understand how Nemesis is still alive. There seem to be an implication that the crest of flames had the power to resurrect him due to having the power of the goddess, that maybe his body was reconstituted by its power over the centuries. Is this interpretation correct or has it more to do with the science of the Agarthans? If this interpretation is correct, then that has interesting implications for Byleth and Edelgard. Would this mean that Edelgard would eventually return from the grave like Nemesis did? Could Byleth even die at all? Let's say Edelgard returns to the world after 100 years due to the power of her crest, would she be as aggressive as Nemesis or would she see that the world had become a better place in her absence and not pursue any violent action? At the very least, I think that Byleth and Edelgard in crimson flower are immune to this fate due to neither of them having the crest of flames any more
  17. Before you read further we should understand the rules by which this Tier-List was made and the restrictions/considerations that went into it. They are as follows: 1) The game is played on New Game, not New Game+ 2) No paid DLC items/benefits/characters can be used. 3) Efficient, but not LTC level play is assumed. 4) The Tier List represents my evaluation of unit performance on Maddening Mode throughout Crimson Flower after 6 playthroughs of the route. My fastest run is 19:57 with a healthy amount of messing around/testing/unnecessary exploration/doing unnecessary paralogues. I'm still mapping out a lot of the details but It's more than possible to shave 4-6 hours off of this time. S+ Tier: Edelgard: Not too much to say about this one, it should be fairly uncontroversial. She hits like a train, has access to the Peg-Knight Class, has Monster Breaker for big-hits, near-perfect availability, decent growths, and easy access to the Wyvern class line for flying and a Class-fare. Amyr is also hilariously broken, to add. Too bad her personal classes are garbage. F!Byleth: In my opinion, easy access to the Lance of Ruin (LOR) from her ability to recruit Slyvain with no requirements other than being female (lol) is the main thing that makes F!Byleth better than M!Byleth. She also can become a Peg-Knight, which is amazing for the ability to fly and access to Darting Blow. Sylvain is also an amazing guard-adjutant; recruit him before the Miklan chapter, get him a single level during said chapter and promote him to armour-knight when you're able to. On another note, She and Edlegard are among a select few who can reliably survive being exposed on enemy-phase without the use of Impenetrable Wall/Blessing, especially in the early/mid-game where it matters most. The Sword of the Creator is meh in the early game due to its weight but its 1-2 range and special Combat Art are nice. Though if you're attacking at range you're better off using an Iron Bow+ for the accuracy/lighter weight/lower cost and Curved Shot access unless you are also are exposing her on enemy phase without any means to switch her weapon. I generally focus on lances/axes on F!Byleth because of promotion requirements. The Sublime Creator Sword is fairly decent when you get it, though I rarely find myself using it. F!Byleth is solid all around, it's hard to go wrong here unless you make her a mage. Bernadetta: Probably the most controversial placement on this list. She is carried almost entirely by her early access to the Vengeance Combat Art, Pass Skill, and high-average Dexterity. Bernie's Vengeance has a C+ Lance rank requirement and synergizes well with her personal skill; this is easy to get before Chapter 5 with her boon in Lances. Bernie has easy access to the Cavalier and Peg-Knight classes early on, as well. She's one of the few units on your squad in the early game that can dish out heavy single attack damage, all she needs is a steel lance/bow and her personal skill activated for her to deal 20+ damage with Tempest Lance in the first few chapters The damage formula for Vengeance is as follows: (Missing HP + 2). This seems unassuming at first but is incredibly powerful. This means her attack value, when using this combat art, scales off her HP and STR, so her mediocre growths in those areas are almost entirely offset by their combined value and ability to boost to a class' stat bases. That said, she'll be able to use Training Lances and One-Hit-Kill (OHK) nearly every enemy generic throughout the game with 100% accuracy from the moment she unlocks Vengeance. Toss her the accuracy ring and a +hit battalion and you'll seldom need to think about accuracy. Continuing, the Paladin class has a base STR of 17 and a class modifier of +2 for a minimum physical attack value of 19. This boost, in conjunction with other modifiers like the HP +5 skill (the early game skill most people switch out) that effectively acts as a Fare-skill, battalions, strong weapons, HP boosters (Seraph robes also give her what is effectively +5 attack) and you can get to some insane numbers. Why is this important? Because every CF post-time skip map is defeat boss(es) and can be cleared quickly with warp/stride setups. She just so happens to be one of the few units who can reliably OHK even the most dangerous enemies in the game. Bernie also has access to the Pass skill via her Budding Talent. You can use this to ride/fly right through enemy formations that would otherwise hinder other potential boss killers. She also gets an insane attack bonus from the Paladin promotion due to the minimum strength stat adjustment in addition to the Class' HP boost and Lance-fare. Let's assume that you did Alois' easily one-turnable paralogue and gave Bernie the Seraph Robe you get from it. We're now at C12 and Bernie is a level 23 Paladin with roughly 41+5 HP, 20 STR and has a D-Rank battalion (Lv. 5 Empire Pegasus Co. ) that gives her +4 attack and +15 hit. Let's give her the LOR (22mt weapon) and the Str + 2 skill as well. After factoring in a STR rally, her personal skill, and other variables, this Bernie has, when using Vengeance, an attack value of 109. What does this mean in practice? !Maddening C12 Seteth has a maximum physical endurance of 97. Bernie can easily OHK him. !Maddening C12 Rhea has a maximum physical endurance of 90. Bernie can easily OHK her. Pass is useful to reach her easily. !Maddening C14 Claude has a maximum physical endurance of 92. Bernie can easily OHK him for a two-turn clear. !Maddening C15 Seteth has a maximum physical endurance of 114. Bernie is the only unit in the game who can reliably reach this value by this point in the game without grinding levels and/or stat boosters and/or getting RNG blessed. Use the +3 HP meals (which stack) to boost yourself to that number if you need to. Pass is useful to reach him easily and clear the chapter in 5-6 turns with a stride/warp setup. !Maddening C17 Rhea has a maximum physical endurance of ‭118‬. Use a +3 meal if you need to. Bernie, again, can easily OHK her by the time you reach this point assuming she gets average level-ups as a Paladin/Flier. !Maddening C17 Dimitri has a maximum physical endurance of 117. Bernie can easily OHK him by time you reach this chapter. This map can also be cleared reliably in 5-6 turns by setting up stride and warp; it can be cleared in 1-3 turns if you're willing to do some Amyr RNG abusing with an above-average strength Edelgard. This methods also ensures you don't need to survive a round against his 85 physical attack and 39 attack speed. There is a multitude of bosses that are far less durable than those listed above; Bernie easily slaps them and almost every generic you'll come across. Those that don't such as bosses with extreme physical durability like Gwendal and Gilbert are easily dispatched with effective weapons and magic. The main downside to using her in this way is that she has no enemy phase presence, restricts the use of fortify (if you're even using it) and cannot ever take a counter. However, this is almost a non-issue in an efficient playthrough as everyone except your dedicated combat units will get ORKO'd by Maddening mode enemies without the use of Impenetrable Wall/Blessing; you will need to find a way to keep people safe regardless. Thankfully FETH Maddening is among, if not the most player-phase oriented game in the franchise. She's best off of course as a Cav/Paladin/Flier, all of which have Canto and good movement; these traits in conjunction with the Pass Skill help in making sure she's safe after assassinating a target of your choice. TL:DR Contrary to the opinions of many, especially those of more prominent figures in the community, Bernie starts OHK'ing the vast majority enemies from the moment she gets Vengeance (which she can have as early as Chapter 4) and has myriad ways to reach OHK thresholds for many of every route's most dangerous bosses. She enables fast clears of CF Maddening (and Maddening in general) with minimal grinding/setup/thinking involved. She doesn't require any additional skills to function, unlike most other combat units which all pine for Death Blow and Darting Blow. The only skills she benefits strongly from is Hit+20 which is overkill in most cases if you're setting up linked-attacks for boss kills. Most units in my runs don't even promote to an advanced class before it's over. Bernie is 10/10 on CF and 9.5/10 on the other three routes. Two other units (Dedue and Cyril) also have Vengeance (both units need A-rank lances) but do not have the other traits that allow Bernie to make such excellent use of the Combat Art. PS: You can use guard-adjutants, shields, enemy bow users with poison strikes, rusted weapons (so that Bernie gets doubled), battalions and/or devil weapons to ensure Bernie gets dropped to 1HP with minimal difficulty. S Tier: M!Byleth: Mostly the same as F!Byleth, just without early flying access (which hurts) and early access to the LOR and a decent guard-adjutant in Sylvain. He does have access to Quick-Reposite but isn't that useful as he will usually be strong enough to not need it by the time you get it (which is late in the game as War-Master is a Master Class). Dorothea: Heal, physic and 1-3 range magic damage in the early game is useful. She doesn't require any special treatment if you're planning on using her as a dancer. Arguably, she's probably the best dancer option because of her high natural charm (don't have to worry about failing the dance contest/getting charm screwed) and access to the Meteor spell. She's able to equip Meteor to give an accuracy and evasion boost via supports to any of your units that enter combat in her range; it also helps with gambit damage/accuracy. She also has a boon in Black Magic which can help her hit A-Rank easier. She's fairly important in clearing maps quickly, setting up linked-attacks for boss kills, and just improving the reliability of any attack. Giving her the Thyrsus can also help with this (I don't use any combat mages so there isn't any competition for the item). A Tier: Linhart: Has warp, perfect availability, and a solid support spell list. He can also chip if you need him to. Can't really go wrong here. Manuela: She has Warp. That's enough for an A-Rank. Use her silence/ward spells to level up while other people do stuff. I suggest unlocking the magic +2 skill for slightly larger warp range, as well. Felix: I usually don't focus swords on Byleth but requirement Felix is usually worth it. You can get him fairly easily with a C or B support. He auto levels well and if recruited around C10-12 he'll be in a position to start scaling with a bit of favouritism/attention. Unlike other units, this favouritism translates into a fairly powerful unit. He also has supports with Sylvain (guard adjutant) and Ingrid (flying adjutant) that give him +1 attack per support level. Heavy Draw (+8) damage is also a decent combat art. I generally class change from Mercenary to archer then assassin then Wyvern rider or Sniper once he's gained enough skill ranks. He's among the few combat units worth using in a ground-locked class. B Tier: Ferdinand Von Aegir - team debuffer/buffer. I only use Byleth/Edelgard/Felix/Jeritiza as combat units so Ferdie doesn't get enough EXP to be combat viable. Swift-strikes is cool but requires A-Rank Lances, which sucks. I generally make him a Cavalier, give him a guard adjutant, and let him use Shatter Slash with Seal Speed to cripple select targets in the early/mid-game. This combination can make Golem/Monster-slaying really easy as well. His Crest also has a %30 chance to let him prevent a counter-attack, which is nice but never necessary. His Dex rally can help Bernie/Edel/F!Byleth reach 100% accuracy for boss kills, as well. Ingrid: She auto-levels like a beast and has generally goods stats all around. She usually has decent charm that synergizes well with her personal skill, making for a reliable offensive gambit user. She's arguably not worth training as a combat unit but she can definitely chip/finish off enemies. She has attack boosting supports with Felix and Sylvain, which can be useful. Her paralogue is also amazing as it gets you a flying B-rank battalion, the Luin (17 MT lance), and a devil weapon, along with some other less important items. This is one of the few paralogues worth doing. Jeritiza: By the time you get him you should have a team situated to clear the rest of the game. He's strong and has decent skill-ranks across the board. Lysithea: Don't recruit her pre-time skip. You can recruit her in C14 and deploy her in the month of C15 onward. She's level 29 when you recruit her post-time-skip and has excellent magic (29 at base). It is worth it to use a knowledge gem and do a single auxiliary battle to quickly get her access to Warp. It doesn't matter much if she's a Gremory or Bishop, she's only useful for the X2 Warp uses. You only get to use her for the last few chapters but she's far better than she otherwise would be compared to a pre-time skip recruitment due to not needing to feed her exp, not taking up a deployment slot, or risk her getting RNG-screwed. If you don't need the extra Warper then just bench her. Shamir: Decent option to fill a slot on your team if you need it. She has the earliest access to Hunter's Volley which can be nice. C Tier: Slyvain: Not worth using on his own in my opinion but he makes an excellent guard adjutant as he auto-levels in axes. Attach him to someone who needs a guard adjutant or someone like Felix to get the most mileage out of him. His paralogue also gives a stride battalion and the LOR if you didn't recruit him before the Miklan chapter and refuse to give the LOR to Rhea. Ashe: Auto levels in axes which means that he's a good option for a guard adjutant. He is recruited via Charm/Lances which is easy enough if you're playing F!Byleth. His paralogue can be cleared quickly with preparation, it also gives a consumable item that grants +1 move. It is debatable whether it's worth doing, though. Alois: Strength/luck rally. Use him as a guard adjutant when not rallying. Annette: Is kind of a pain to recruit, but her speed/str rally is useful. Though the speed boost is seldom relevant. She can be a backup gambit user as she auto-levels in authority. Petra: She usually ends up too frail and weak to fight efficiently on Maddening, she has no strong niches to compensate for this short-coming. Hubert: Huburt is super useful even at a low level. Mire can inflict -6 DEF on an enemy from 3-range. He can deal decent chip damage in the early game, debuff, and immobilize enemies; he has an easier time doing this with range boosting items like the Thrysus. You could have 1-6 range with the Valkryie Class but that's DLC so RIP. D Tier: Leonie: She can make a decent combat unit and auto-levels well. There are simply better combat units with more useful niches/traits. Hanneman: Meh. He's a decent mage with access to Meteor which I suppose lets him function as a dancer. I haven't found a good use for him, perhaps someone has a non-meme setup for him. Lorenz: Only useful for the Thyrsus. His paralogue can easily be cleared in 1-2 turns with stride and fliers. He can do some funny things with battalion vantage if you train him as a magic unit due to most magic users having high single attack damage. E Tier: Ignatz: He has what is probably the best personal skill in the game in Hit +20. I'm trying to find some uses for him but haven't had much success. Mercedes: You don't need another long-term healer. To be fair, she is hands down the best no-nonsense healer in the game (Fortify/Physic/Heal/Restore). I always ask her to assist with missions in the early game as her ability to deal decent chip damage and heal with physic is nice. She doesn't siphon exp away from your main squad like what would be the case with offense units you might ask for mission assistance. Marianne: Mostly the same as above, just slightly worse. Raph: You don't need a bulky male fighter-type character. He's good if you're playing casually but is mostly useless in a fast play-through. Casper: Male fighter with no redeeming traits. Among the worst units in the game along with Dedue and Raph. Flayn was excluded for what I hope are obvious reasons. Feel free to disagree/offer suggestions, just keep it civil.
  18. This is a question I have asked myself for quite some time. I think that the only chance these two would have ever be able to coexist as if these two specific versions of these characters would be the ones to make peace between their different ideologies. Let's say if hypothetically due to some kind of anomaly, either. King Dimitri from the end of Azure Moon would end up in the world Edelgard created at the end of Crimson Flower, or the Edelgard from the end of Crimson Flower would end up in the kingdom created by Azure Moon Dimitri. What would they think of the realities of the other created? Would seeing what the other intended for a world lead to greater understanding of the other's motives and the events of the war? Would Edelgard and Dimitri be able to rekindle the relationship they had in their youth if they had a chance to interact with a far more ideal version of the other than existed in their respective world? I do personally think that Edelgard having to kill Dimitri and Dimitri having to kill Edelgard would be actions that would haunt the both of them for decades to come, both wondering if there was ever a chance things might have turned out differently. How do you think they would react to a chance to undo past mistakes and reach an understanding they were never able to in their respective timelines.
  19. Not going to lie, I really love pairing Edelgard and Dimitri, probably my favourite ship with Edelgard after both versions of Byleth. I don't know if this is a controversial opinion or not, but given their role in the game, I would have expected Dimitri and Edelgard romantic art to be more prevalent. I think what makes this pairing appealing to me is because I know it could never be in any of the established timelines. But it is something the both of them might have wanted by one point or another. They are likely Romeo and Juliet type of tragedy if Romeo became convinced that Juliet killed his father and his love turn into absolute hatred, and if Juliet started a war because she got sick of the family feud. Dimitri and Edelgard, the pair that could never be. I have also seen it mentioned in another topic that Byleth and Flayn is controversial for whatever reason, don't really understand why, it isn't really that much different from Byleth and Lysithea except Flayn is likely much older than any non-green haired character in the game. I also wonder if there is anyone who is shipping Edelgard and Rhea, because that is the most insane pairing I could think of and would be neat just because it is so ironic. So does anyone else support any pairings of characters that are unconventional or unpopular?
  20. I went with a variant human with the inspiring leader feat, and a skill proficiency in performance of due to political speeches and canonically being skilled at dancing.Made her of a fighter with the eldritch knight archetype to represent her talent for martial combat and magic, with the great weapon fighting style.Chaotic good alignment (mostly basing this on the crimson flower Edelgard, I think it is appropriate because she wants to tear down an established system for reasons she thinks will benefit the people). Deity: atheist (will not follow deity and dislike organised religion)Picked the noble background for proficiency in persuasion and history.Her ability scores focused mainly on strength, charisma and intelligence in that order, with a bad ability score in wisdom (or being bad in the faith skill and making some questionable decisions sometimes)As for class proficiencies, I went with athletics and intimidation. I also picked up great weapon master as a feat on level 4As for personality traits, ideals and bonds, I went with the following:Personality Trait: Idealistic: while born of nobility, Edelgard doesn't look down on commoners, she is often compassionate towards others unless they stand in the way of her ideals Or pose a threat to other people.Personality Trait: Dislike of Traditions: Edelgard feels that many traditions exist only to oppress and control the masses and stand in the way of true freedom and equality.Ideal: Meritocracy: positions of power should be earned, not inherited.Bond: Evil Uncle: Edelgard's father was ousted from power, she was kept imprisoned by her uncle for years until eventually escaping.Flaw: By any means necessary: while highly idealistic, Edelgard doesn't shy any means in overthrowing oppression. If a few people need to be sacrificed for the needs of the many, so be it. Edelgard often prioritise her ideology over even her own lifeI do plan to role-play Edelgard as a rabble-rouser seeking to rally the common people against the nobility in order to establish a new and in her eyes a more equal society. Using a disguise as the masked vigilante known as the Flame Emperor to punish corrupt nobility.So what do you people think? I have seen a lot of people argue that Edelgard should be a Conquest Paladin, but I don't think that any kind of holy magic really works with Edelgard, so I think her spells should be arcaneHave anyone else here ever created a character from three houses as a Dungeons & Dragons character? What class do you think that Claude, Dimitri and the rest would be? Edelgard DnD.pdf
  21. There is going to be spoilers here, so if you have not played the three routes and don't want to be spoiled, don't read. I think some people are under some misconceptions about things in 3H and are easily swept by early things they see and tend to not realize aspects of the story in 3H that becomes rather clear abundantly. The primary thing is that people that condemn Edelgard as a villain or an antagonist and see her nothing beyond that, they tend to see her as someone that is unjustifiable, or just hate the fact that she started the war in 3H and think that it was totally unnecessary. This is completely false. The war in Fodlan was something that was going to be inevitable no matter what. Even if Edelgard didn't start it, war was going to happen one way or another. In fact, had she not done it, Dimitri and Claude would have definitely caused a war to happen. I'll go and explain each case. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dimitri: Surprised? Really shouldn't be. Dimitri is someone that, had he been left alone, would have caused a war to ignite. Dimitri's entire reason for going to Garreg Mach was always for the sake of revenge for the Tragedy of Duscur. He admits to as such to Byleth during the rain scene after Rodrigue's death during Chapter 17 of Azure Moon: He was not in Garreg Mach to have fun, but to gather evidence to confirm that the Empire was indeed behind the Tragedy of Duscur. Sylvain even makes note of it during Chapter 16 of Crimson Flower, along with Ingrid's dialogue in Chapter 18 of Verdant Wind and Chapter 17 of Silver Snow respectively: Dimitri believed that the Empire was responsible for the Tragedy of Duscur, and therefore, he tried to investigate using any information he could pull up from the Church. This is even proven during the events of Chapter 6 after Flayn had been kidnapped. Dedue and Byleth went around during the night and headed toward the library, only to find Dimitri there. Dimitri already had a suspect, Arundel, his step-uncle and Edelgard's maternal uncle. Now here's the thing. Provided that Dimitri was convinced that Arundel was indeed behind it, does anyone realize the position that Arundel had in the Empire? He was the Regent. So, if Dimitri, the crown prince of Faerghus, were to attack the regent of the Empire, it would have caused a war to happen. Keep in mind that Faerghus is insane in itself with its toxic chivalric culture, as the death of Lambert made them so furious that they went and committed genocide on the people of Duscur. If Dimitri reveals that Arundel was behind the regicide, then the people of Faerghus would be outraged and would go to war with the Empire. And during Crimson Flower, Dimtiri went and allied himself with the Church and joined the war against the Empire. A lot of people are under the misconception that the Empire attacked Faerghus first and Dimitri was just defending himself, but that is overall false. Dimitri joined the war of his own volition, so it was not actually him trying to defend himself. He wanted revenge, once again for the Tragedy of Duscur. Overall, it's clear that even if Edelgard had done nothing, Dimitri would have done something that would have inevitably sparked a war. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Claude: Poor Claude. People really take him for granted and undermine the things he does or says and think he's a jokester most of the time. But that's more at fault with Treehouse being utter shit at localization and thus messed up a lot of the lines and dialogue, removing some of the more dark and ominous things he says in the end. But let's get something straight. Claude might not want to cause a war, but his plans and actions would have inevitably caused one to happen as well. Claude is half-Almyran, which he mentions in his A support with Marianne (albeit in the form of a story) and how he wants to end the prejudice of the two realms so that there is no racism: But the thing about Claude's plan is overall something that isn't actually as peaceful as quite a few people seem to insist on. When Edelgard confronts Claude during Golden Deer in Chapter 5, wanting to learn more about him, Claude makes a little hint about how he intended to try and accomplish his dream: Keep in mind that he says that he needs "power" and others to help him. If you consider how Claude acts in the other routes, Claude basically does a lot to ensure that he holds onto power as much as possible. Crimson Flower: Causes diplomatic infighting to keep the Alliance from breaking apart. SS/AM: Still tries to keep the infighting going, less diplomatic and more violent in cases thanks to Count Gloucester, to still cling to power until he can't. VW: Same as above with SS/AM, but this time, he manages to form a resistance with the Knights and Seiros by putting Byleth in charge. And that's just the political power. But Claude also wants actual fighting power. Hence why Claude basically coveted the power of the Sword of the Creator, mentioned by Edelgard to have the power to wipe out entire armies, and Nader to be able to cleave a mountain in two. It's basically a nuke. And when Byleth gets it in Chapter 4 in Golden Deer, Claude says this: And in both CF and his A support with Byleth, he reveals he wanted to unify Fódlan himself. One thing about Claude is that Claude can and WILL use more lethal and violent force if it comes to it. He might want to avoid killing anyone and preserve lives, but that does not mean that he won't kill someone that stands in his way, as proven by how he intends to deal with Edelgard when it comes to: So if he is trying to use the Sword of the Creator to force the borders to be opened, would anyone actually comply? Actually, would Rhea even comply? The idea that someone was using her mother as a bargaining chip for demands? The woman would outright declare war on Claude herself. And therefore, Claude would have to retaliate, and a war would escalate as a result. We might like to joke and meme about Claude, but the guy is capable of causing wars and being just as ruthless as anyone else if push comes to shove. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edelgard: Now we are at our primary instigator. Do people think that Edelgard even really had that much of a choice in the war? Let's review Edelgard's case. If you look into the library records in Garreg Mach, we learn some important details when reading up on the register of nobles in the Empire, primarily, the case of House Hresvelg, House Aegir, and House Arundel. When Edelgard was still a child, during 1171, the Insurrection of the Seven began, where nobles had a power struggle against Emperor Ionius IX's power centralization policy. When it first happened, the real Arundel defected from Adrestia and went to Faerghus with Edelgard, likely to protect her. But by 1174, the year she returned all of a sudden, is the year that Arundel likely was killed and replaced by Thales, indicated from what we learn in Blue Lions: And after he was replaced, we learn what happened from Hubert's B support: So when that happened, House Hresvelg lost all political power. Edelgard's father was nothing more than a puppet emperor by that point. And then what happened with Edelgard when she was experimented on. Edelgard herself was nothing more than to be a puppet emperor herself. To be a "peerless emperor" that would help rule Fodlan. The point was, the corrupt nobles wanted to have a war, because as mentioned in Chapter 7, Ferdinand mentions this: So the corrupt nobles clearly wanted a war to reunify Fódlan. And those who slither in the dark wanted nothing more than to kill Rhea, whom they consider to be their most hated enemy. The moment that Edelgard survived her experiments and bore the Crest of Flames, the war was inevitable. Edelgard would be used to have the war happen. She wouldn't really have had a choice in the matter. What power did she have? None. The Insurrection rendered her family powerless. But Edelgard, choosing to take the war to her own hands, started to work behind the scenes. And during Chapter 12, Linhardt analyzes how Edelgard got to power: And the slithers also backed her up with Arundel. And Hubert passing his own personal judgment on his father, it made Hubert be the next head of House Vestra. That allowed Edelgard to have most of the power in the Empire, and allowed her to rise to the position of Emperor, allowing her to strip any other nobles that would go against her. Hence why Duke Aegir, after realizing that Edelgard became the Emperor, didn't try to make any protests and accepted what Edelgard putting him under house arrest. But overall, her power only came from having promised the war and the power supplied to her by the slithers and other nobles that sided with her. If she tried to backtrack, she would just as easily lose her power once again. Say that Edelgard tried to get help from the Church or other nations (even though she had absolutely zero reason to trust any of them realistically), that would still cause a war to happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope you guys managed to follow through with everything. No matter how you wanna look at it, the war of Fódlan was inevitable. Edelgard was simply the one that started it first before anyone else could.
  22. Beware: Spoilers Below Fire Emblem: Three Houses, for the most part, eschews straight definitions of good and evil with the four factions that you can ally with and opts for shades of grey. The exception to this is Those Who Slither in the Dark (Slithers for short). They are outright evil and generally have no real motivation in the grand scope of things, wanting just to kill the last of the Nabataens and then screw over the rest of humanity. While that is the case, it is interesting to consider what the Slithers were up to during the Academy Phase of Three Houses, as during that time, they were working with Edelgard and preparing to attack the monastery. There were plenty of times when their actions made no sense and felt completely out of place. I was in a discussion with a reddit user named SigurdVII, where he suggested a very interesting theory that we got rather invested into. So this thread is dedicated to analyzing the overall plan the Slithers had during the Academy Phase. The first real understanding we get is something that happened after Chapter 4 was completed when the Western Church made an assassination attempt on Rhea, as well as to try and retrieve the remains of Seiros. However, rather than find Seiros's remains (which they wouldn't have found, as Seiros is Rhea), what was left there was the Sword of the Creator. The Flame Emperor would report this to Thales, who was under the guise of Arundel. Thales was not expecting the Sword of the Creator there (even dropping a hint that Nemesis was just a thief, to the Flame Emperor's confusion), so by some account, the Slithers may very well have expected to have found Seiros's remains, and may not have guessed that Seiros was Rhea at the time. If so, the only logical explanation we could guess was that the Slithers wanted to obtain Seiros's remains because it would contain her bones and her Crest Stone, which would likely be used by the slithers to create a weapon out of it, presumably for Edelgard, who bears the Crest of Seiros. Remember that Edelgard has no Relic for her own, as Amyr was an artificial Relic created by the Slithers, meaning that Edelgard had no real weapon to channel the power of her Crest. Even Amyr's art shows that it has the Crest Stone of Maurice rather than Seiros. This is the best we can guess for the attack on Chapter 4. However, the interesting thing came during the same conversation between Thales and the Flame Emperor. The Flame Emperor reports that the Sword of the Creator had no Crest Stone, but Byleth had been able to use its power. This caught Thales off guard, as he states that there's no way that a Relic would even function without a Crest Stone and that even Nemesis couldn't have had any descendants for there to be someone with the Crest of Flames. This is where Thales stops himself and starts to think deeply about something. It's likely that Thales figured out that if Byleth could use the Sword of the Creator, despite the weapon lacking a Crest Stone, then it must mean that he has or is the Crest Stone. Recall that Slithers have a Crest Stone where their hearts are, as evidenced by Chapter 10 with Kronya. Now this is where we start to dive into the meat of the discussion During Chapter 6, after Flayn has been kidnapped, Leonie mentions that Tomas has been asking around about Flayn, but also was trying to learn about Byleth and Jeralt. When confronted, he waved this off about how he's been in the monastery for a long time, and how he never saw Jeralt age, or never knew Seteth had a sister. Sothis later even says that Tomas is definitely fishy. All of this seems odd, would you not say? But then you recall what Solon calls Byleth in Chapter 10: the Fell Star. This is no doubt referring to Sothis. Tomas was likely trying to investigate Byleth's origins and figure out if he really was their enemy. Once you realize this, something starts to make sense. Ask yourself: Would the Slithers want the Fell Star and Edelgard to actually work together? And this is the main topic of the discussion we had. It is very likely that the Slithers made all their attacks for the sole purpose of ensuring that Byleth and Edelgard NEVER work together by any means. It's clear that from the very beginning, regardless of route, Edelgard wanted to have Byleth join her, and, during the Black Eagles run, has been subtly hinting to him and the workings of the Church and how it was wrong. She likely hoped that if she could keep presenting enough information little by little, she could gain Byleth as an ally. But guess what completely started to sabotage Edelgard's chances of ever gaining Byleth's favor? The Slithers. During an Exploration during Chapter 5, Tomas tells Byleth that there's a chance that the Western Church attack was instigated by an outside force. This actually makes it clear that there's a mastermind behind the attack. And during Chapter 6, the Flame Emperor reveals himself for the first time, making it clear that the Flame Emperor is this outside force. But Chapter 8 was the real kicker. In that chapter, Tomas reveals himself as Solon and had conducted horrific experiments on Remire Village, so terrible that even Edelgard is completely taken aback by it. Solon even states that he could have conducted this experiment anywhere, so why Remire Village specifically? Recall how Remire Village seems to have sentimental feelings for Jeralt and Byleth, so much so that Byleth actually expresses anger from the attack. And after the attack, guess who shows up? The Flame Emperor. The Flame Emperor immediately tried to salvage the situation by denying any involvement with the attack but was unable to deny the connection they had with Solon before the Flame Emperor made a vain effort to try and get Byleth to join. It makes it incredibly easy to guess that Solon was there to link the Slithers with the Flame Emperor, hence the presence of the Death Knight during the attack, which damaged the credibility of the Flame Emperor for Byleth and Jeralt. This gets even worse when you recall that after Chapter 6, Monica is brought in, and she sticks VERY close to Edelgard the entire time, to the point that Hubert had to actually force Monica to separate herself from Edelgard. This is very important when you realize that a chapter after Remire Village, Monica reveals her true intentions and murdered Jeralt. When you explore during Chapter 10 after, there's an NPC student that comments about how close Edelgard and Monica were, and then considers the possibility of Edelgard possibly being involved, before she quickly shut herself up. Everything starts to add up. The Slithers were actually trying to ruin every chance Edelgard had with Byleth. In fact, Byleth still has a case of considering whether to join the Flame Emperor or not even after Chapter 8 and in Black Eagles, Edelgard does seem to believe that she could convince Byleth to join her. With Edelgard, she even suggests that perhaps that one day, the Flame Emperor would approach Byleth without a mask, with her perhaps holding a faint hope that Byleth can still join her. But after Chapter 9, Edelgard seems to have more or less given up on ever convincing Byleth to join her. She likely knows that the damage was done, and there was no way to salvage the situation. And even if there was the unlikely chance of still convincing him, the Slithers still tried to make it even less likely by ambushing Byleth when Kronya tried to kill Byleth and after failing, Solon tried to banish Byleth to the dark dimension of Zahras. And once Byleth inherited the power of the goddess, Edelgard definitely felt that there was no way that she and Byleth could share the same path. Which might make sense as to why Edelgard is so confused and insecure about Byleth joining her when it comes down to it since she feels that there's no way that Byleth would join her in all logical sense.
  23. I've been thinking about Edelgard's Route a lot lately and I had an idea how to improve it. Most people, myself included, have complained that Edelgard's Route is too short with only 18 Chapters and that a huge plot point (the Slither Buddies) are dealt with off-screen in the epilogue, even if there would be four more chapters of leeway to deal with them. Here's how I would add these four Chapters: - Chapter 19: After Rhea is dealt with and Fodlan is united under Edelgard's rule, it is now time to wage war on the Slither Buddies. Since Arianrhod had recently been nuked, the group heads there to investigate the ruins of the place, only to find Cornelia there (in this version of the story, she wasn't killed off-screen prior to the battle with Rhea) with a group of weirdly dressed mages. Here, we find out some of the Slither Buddies' motivation for why they do what they do: they've actually been banished to the underground by the children of the goddess who saw them as a danger (which they were, because the Slither Buddies' ancestors were skilled scientists who weren't opposed to conducting experiments on living beings with no regards as to whether or not they'll survive those experiments). You fight and kill Cornelia in the ruins of Arianrhod and Hubert vows to find out where the hideout of the Slither Buddies is. - Chapter 20: Arundel visits the monastery to talk to Edelgard and subtly threaten her with more nukes, because he is secretly Thales, the leader of the Slither Buddies (which is not revealed yet). He drops a few hints that "something might happen to Fort Merceus" and disappears again, prompting Edelgard and crew to go there. The battle of Fort Merceus plays out as normal, only this time, Arundel is the boss, not the Death Knight. He gloats that Edelgard walked right into his trap, but Hubert counters that this is a calculated risk to get rid of "unsavory elements", namely Arundel himself and he laughs, saying they didn't come unprepared. In that moment, the Death Knight appears as reinforcements for the Imperial Army, backed by a few other Green Units (this is to parallel the Almyran reinforcements on the Golden Deer Route). From there, the battle goes on as you would expect; after a few turns, Arundel flees and the cutscene plays where Fort Merceus gets nuked. Of course, Edelgard and crew miraculously survive the whole ordeal, even though nuclear fallout would have said otherwise in real life, but this is Fire Emblem. Everyone is stunned by the super weapon the Slither Buddies possess and are on the verge of throwing in the towel, but Hubert says that this second nuke drop was a fatal mistake on their part, because he could trace the magical energy back to the source: Shambalah (or however you spell it). After this battle, the Death Knight formally reveals himself as Jeritza and joins your party with insane base stats (because we don't have a Gotoh yet). - Chapter 21: The battle against the Slither Buddies in Shampoo happens as it does in every other route, but a few things are different this time: Arundel finally reveals himself as Thales, having posed as Arundel all these years to manipulate Edelgard into doing his bidding and, being the villain that he is, gloats to her that she fell for his every word. In the same vein, he reveals that it was the Slither Buddies who created the Crests and Relics in order to use their power to kill Those Who Shamble Through The Light and the Children of the Goddess and that the Sword of the Creator was created from the remains of the goddess Sothis and that Nemesis was in fact their pawn in acquiring these things. The battle proceeds as normal, Thales gets his ass kicked by your chosen unit and in a final act of defiance, Thales gloats: "This isn't the end. I have one final ace up my sleeve!" He does the thing with the glowing symbol as in Golden Deer and Church, but instead of nukes dropping from the sky, we get the cutscene of Nemesis and the Ten Elites awakening from their coffins somewhere deep underground. For Edelgard and the gang it looks like nothing happened, though. Thales dies, saying that Fodlan is finished and the group leaves Sha-la-la-land with an uneasy feeling. - Chapter 22: The group learns that Sham-bamba-lamba-bam-bam has collapsed, and that an unknown army has been tearing through the land on the way to the monastery and that the assailant looks strikingly like Nemesis and his Ten Elites from distant past. Byleth visits his parents' grave and decides on a spouse. From here, everything plays out as it does on the Golden Deer Route with your army battling Nemesis and the epic final cutscene, after which your chosen S-support and the ending happen. Of course, this means we must make some adjustments to the other Routes, as well. Here's what I would do: Fuse the Golden Deer and Church Routes together. Have the explanation as to who Byleth actually is and how they were born happen on the new Golden Deer Route, as well as the final battle against the insane Rhea. In order to make this seem less out of left field as it does, we of course need to drop some hints in the story leading up to this point that Rhea's powers might go out of control some day and that she's going bonkers because of it. What do you guys think? Makes sense? Would you play through this version of Edelgard's Route? Discuss away!
  24. So, I've been playing Three Houses for about two weeks non-stop, and I got some questions... Spoiler warning for the game here, and also forgive me, if grammar would be bad. English not my main language. After playing Two routs, GD and BE, I kinda get the feeling that the game doesn't like El. No, not because she is a villian. Well... Not all that. My points: - Her route is short. And clunky. I consider it almost a miracle, that i liked it the same as GD route, despite how rushed it was. And it the only one like that. Even Chearh route is longer. - She didn't have a confrontation with Cult. I mean, come on, she has the most connection to them. They tourchered her, and killed off (indirectly) her family. And yet, nothing? Also, Byleth in this route kinda forgets about them. They killed his/her father, and now El sided with them, and he/she doesn't mind? Also, it would made her significantly less evil in the eyes of players, because we would see that she isn't fond of their methods not just on words. - She is only one lord who dies on screen in every possibility. For example, on BE route I let Claude go, and Dima was killed like normal unit. Edelgard? Turn into monster (BL route), gets beaten, and then try to stub Dimitri in the back, like some lowlife traitor, only to get impeled. That's kinda harsh.... And also the reason I still didn't start the BL route. - With other lords, if you chose them, you stay with them. With El you can kill her if you like, and her class stays with you. - Depite being one of the main villians of the game, her motives ain't cleer in other routs, but her's. Thanks to that I'm gonna need to explain to my friends why I fell in love with Daenerys Crestborn. Myeh... - Her face on S-rank art is kinda weird... And all other cheracters get wounderfull artworks. That's all I can think off right now. My point is that despte being one of the most popular cheracters in the game, in game itself she has much less care and love put in her route and image in other routes. Because of that I have to deal with harassment on fact that I willingly S-rank her after GD route. I understand that she is moraly wrong. And I made my choice being aware of that. But the game itself is given the impression that I made the choice it would not be preapered for, starts to panic and throw some half-beaked storyline at me. But maybe it's just me, and my opinion could be wrong. That's why I want to know that other people think about that. Thanks.
  25. I was rooting around the fire emblem 3h wiki and I think I found potential Black Eagles route story spoilers... just bringing it to everyone's attention... From what I read it seemed pretty solid, so black eagle people are in for a good story Of course if the wiki is true, I have no way of telling because I didn't read Thani's leaks... So PSA, if you don't want to get spoiled on post-timeskip plot stuff, don't look up Edelgard or the Adrestian Empire! I skimmed the Faerghus/Dimitri and Leicester Alliance wikis and there's nothing too spoiler-ific there, just basic information (On Faerghus it has plot details about Cornelia and some lore behind her but that's it)
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