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  1. First off, hey folks! While I'm a new member, I have actually been sleuthing around on Serenes Forest looking through guides, translations, forums, etc for years. I'm not sure why I waited so long to join up til now, but whatever. Secondly, with regards to FE games that I return to playing again and again are the GBA series (FE6-FE8) and FE4 and FE5, with FE4 being my favorite. Despite there being no English translations for when the FE4 rom was initially available, I had a blast playing it to the end. And then, Project Naga came out, which translated the entire game to properly enjoy the story and dialogue, and that inspired me to replay it a couple of more times while trying out different pairings. Kudos to the mod team! I looked at other mods for FE4 since then and came across FE4 binary, which provided a lot of quality of life tweaks and balancing to the game play as well adding new features such as promotion choices, new weapons, minor blood characters using holy weapons, etc. to make things more fun. Overall, game play wise, it's a masterpiece (with the exception of some bugs when dismounting units or that holy weapons could not be directly inherited from the 1st generation). My only other gripe is that it lacked the translations of Project Naga. As far as I know, there haven't been any attempts to combine both mods, which I imagine it would be a massive headache to do since it would require seamlessly meshing together two codes without breaking the game...BUT MAN, it would be amazing if there was a way to have the best of two worlds together for the best FE 4 experience! I, myself, don't have any experience with coding, let alone modding a SNES rom, but I feel inspired to at least give it a shot and attempt to figure out the basics of modding and make it happen. TL;DR I want to learn a way to combine FE4 Binary and Project Naga mods to maximize the FE4 experience!
  2. Hey all, I've spent the last two-ish days making a bunch of new Nightmare Modules to use when modifying FE4 and wanted to share them, hopefully they come in use for some people! Download .zip All the modules can be used as-is in the download, or you can also paste them all into the folders of the original Nightmare, just make sure to overwrite any duplicate files. Here's explanations for all the modules, which is also included as a readme within the .zip file: NEW MODULES: Character Editors: Character Stat Cap Editor - This one lets you modify the personal stat caps for HP/Str/Mag/Skl/Spd/Def/Res/Lck. Unfortunately, increasing them is a bit limited since your personal+class stats still can't go above 30 for practical use, so it's mostly better to use this to lower caps if you wanted to for some reason. When modifying these caps, you change Cap 1 and Cap 2 to the same new value you want, and then Cap + 1 is that new value plus 1. Level Cap Editor - This one is similar to the stat cap editor, not very good for increasing the level cap (from what I've read you can bring it up to 33 safely but anything past that will cause issues when relaoded), and as such serves more use if you want to lower the cap. Player Character Reload Authority Star Editor - This one lets you modify the amount of Authority Stars Sigurd, Quan, Seliph, Altena, and Hannibal have when you save and reload the game (think about how in base FE4 Seliph goes from 2 to 3 stars upon a reload). Quan, Altena, and Hannibal's stars only matter when they're not player-controlled units, this won't give them stars when they are on your side. Seize Editor - This one isn't really a sensible module that should exist, I mostly just made it so if you're deathly afraid of hex-editing you can make it so Sigurd and Seliph seize regardless of their class. Just select the other option in all the dropdowns and you should be set! (I promise hex-editing isn't as scary as it sounds, though, give it a shot!) Class Change Screen Portrait Pointer Editor - This one lets you modify the portraits that appear in the Gen 1 and Gen 2 promotion screens. The portrait pointers used here are the same as the ones used in the portrait editor that comes with the original nightmare package. Portrait Definition Editor - This one lets you modify where the game looks for graphics data for portraits, which is different from where portraits are assigned to the characters themselves (the Portrait Pointer Editor in the base Nightmare package). This is most useful when you're wanting to add a portrait that would take up too much space to fit in the space of whatever portrait you're replacing. To get the bytes you want to put in the editor, I suggest using Lunar Address and selecting the ExHiROM - PC setting, making sure that "Include $200 Copier Header" is checked if the rom you're working with has a header. Combat Palette Definition Editor - This one lets you modify where the game looks for the color palettes used by combat sprites, which is different from where those palettes are assigned to the sprites themselves (Custom Battle Palette Editor and Battle Sprite Editor in the base Nightmare package). This behaves similarly to the Portrait Definition Editor, although now each entry also has a length value assigned to it (1E for 15 colors for palettes for unmounted classes, 3E for 31 colors for palettes for mounted classes). Additionally, the entries in this table are not the pointers used in the mentioned editors (refer to the Combat Palette Re-Index Editor). To get the bytes you want to put in the editor, I suggest using Lunar Address and selecting the ExHiROM - PC setting, making sure that "Include $200 Copier Header" is checked if the rom you're working with has a header. Combat Palette Re-Index Editor - This one lets you modify what entry within the Combat Palette Definition Editor the combat palettes refer to. For example, Lene's unique Dancer palette, 0x27, is entry 0x27 in this table, which has the value of 0x21, meaning that palette 0x27 refers to the data at entry 0x21 in the Combat Palette Definition Editor. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR COMBAT PALETTES - As far as I can tell, when an enemy uses a class palette (i.e. one used in the Battle Sprite Editor), they actually use the data immediately after where their pointer indicates. For example, Male Paladins use palette 0A, which is index 07 in the Combat Palette Definition Editor. This entry contains an address of 0xE00C1C, which refers to $200E1C in a headered ROM. Because the length of this palette is 3E, this means the enemy Male Paladin Palette begins immediately after at $200E5A (headered). As such, whenever repointing palettes you intend to use for a class that will be used by non-player units, make sure that there is data for an enemy palette right after the "main" palette data (this can be a duplicate of the "main" palette data, as is already the case with Dark Prince, among other classes). Children Editors: Seliph Blood Editor - This one lets you modify Seliph's holy blood, since it's hardcoded despite him being a dynamic unit. Gen 2 Initial Authority Star Editor - This one lets you modify the amount of Authority Stars that Seliph and Altena have before you reload the game once they exist (like how Seliph starts with 2 stars [unless you've used the Project Naga patch, which just changed this value to 3]), since they're stored differently from units like Sigurd and Hannibal on account of Seliph and Altena being dynamic units. Inheritance Lock Editor - This one is weird and I'd honestly advise against using it just because I haven't had the chance to experiment much with it yet. Unlocking Seliph with this makes it so his Blood is properly determined by his parents (so he'll get Deirdre's minor Loptous blood), and also seems to make him start with no Authority Stars, ignoring the value assigned in the previously described module. I assume Altena's lock behaves similarly, but I haven't checked personally. Class Editors: Terrain Avoid Editor - This one lets you modify the avoid given by all the types of terrain. The first table corresponds to the avoid given to non-flying units, and the second table corresponds to the avoid given to flying units. Class Weakness Editor - This one lets you modify what weapon effectiveness types a given class is vulnerable to. There's even two effectively unused vulnerability types that seem to correspond to Wyverns and Infantry Mages that you can have fun with using this and the modified Weapon/Staff Editors! Class Sound Editor - This one lets you modify the sounds used when a unit in each class moves in battle animations. Class Map Battle Sprite Editor - This one lets you set the sprites used for combat with animations turned off for all classes. This looks scary, but basically you can just swap out all entries from one class for another. For example, if you wanted the map battle sprites for Lance Knight to look like Sword Master's for some reason, copy all the entries in the Sword Master page to the Lance Knight page, and set the Class Type to Infantry (I honestly don't know what the class type designator does, if anything, but I'd just do it to be safe). Do keep in mind that using weapon types that sprites were not intended to use can cause issues, so a class you gave the Sword Master map battle sprites to would probably cause issues when using Lances. This does go the other way though, so if you want to give a class access to new weapon types you can use the map battle sprites from a class like Baron or Master Knight to avoid any issues when it comes to animations-off combat. Female Map Battle Sprite Editor - This one lets you modify what, if any, sprites are used instead of a class's normal sprites for combat with animations turned off when a unit in that class is Female. With this one, you have to have the class you want to change in the entry corresponding to its class ID, (so if you wanted to make an entry for Social Knights, it would have to be in the very first slot in the editor) or it will have no effect. The sprite IDs here are the ones modified in the Class Map Battle Sprite Editor, so changing them there will change what they appear like when assigned here as well. Custom Map Battle Sprite Editor - This one lets you modify the sprites used when a specific unit in a specific class engages in combat with animations turned off. Sadly there's only one entry, which is used for Seliph's custom Lord Knight map sprites, but you can use it for something else if you want to. Class Map Receiving Sprite Editor - This one determines the weapon held in the sprite used when a unit is being healed, receiving gold, or in the special glowy animation when they receive a Holy Weapon. Make sure each class uses a weapon type their Map Combat sprites are compatible with, or things will get all weird. Item Editors: Player Weapon Sound Editor - This one lets you modify the sounds used when player characters use weapons. Enemy Weapon Sound Editor - This one lets you modify the sounds used when non-player characters use weapons, because it's managed separately for some reason. Minimum Damage Editor - This one lets you modify the amount of damage dealt when someone's attack is less than or equal to their enemy's defending stat. If you set it to 0 you even get the little "tink"! Weapon Battle Sprite Definition Editor - This one lets you modify where the game looks for graphics data for weapon sprites, which is different from where those sprites are assigned to the weapons themselves (Lorena's Item Sprite Editor in the base Nightmare package). This is most useful when you're wanting to add weapon sprites that would take up too much space to fit in the space of whatever sprite you're replacing. To get the bytes you want to put in the editor, I suggest using Lunar Address and selecting the ExHiROM - PC setting, making sure that "Include $200 Copier Header" is checked if the rom you're working with has a header. Weapon Map Sprite Editor - This one lets you modify the sprite and palette each weapon uses in combat with animations turned off. As far as I can tell there is no Definition table for these like there is for Portraits and Weapon Battle Sprites, but fortunately the graphics (stored at $2CCC17 unheadered, being $705 bytes long) are rather poorly compressed, so any modifications you make to the graphics should fit in the original space once re-compressed. MODIFIED MODULES: Class Editors: Class Editor by Camus - This one has been modified to better indicate what all entries in the table correspond to. Most notably are the Promotion-Into Level and Terrain Avoid Type entries. The Promotion-Into Level determines the level at which a class can be promoted into (Note: this is NOT the level at which the class can promote), and the Terrain Avoid Type determines which of the two tables in the Terrain Avoid Editor the class uses to determine their Terrain Avoid bonuses. Item Editors: Weapon Editor 1/Weapon Editor 2 - I didn't even really change the module for these, just gave more options for the Critical entry, which determines what effectiveness the weapon has (refer to the Class Weakness Editor for the other end of how to handle weapon effectiveness).
  3. A few months ago I posed a theoretical question on Reddit: can you beat Genealogy using only female units? The answer I found as I documented my own attempt was yes. Yes you can. In fact, I’m currently running this challenge a second time working to hit some optional objectives I didn’t get the first time (the speed ring in the prologue, the knight ring, and I want to clear it with Creidne instead of Larcei because I like Creidne better). With the current state of Reddit and potential blackouts making it harder to access posts on there, I thought I’d document that journey on a second platform. So what are the restrictions of this run? The very nature of Genealogy means the men can’t just do literally nothing. They’ll need to be allowed on the field for supports because I can almost 100% guarantee an all substitute version of this run is impossible (but maybe not for the reason you think). Plus you’ve got to let them recruit women (Tine, Altena, Julia…). The easiest blanket rule is that they can’t do anything to get experience. No attacking, no healing, and no thief shenanigans for Dew. I also add no rescuing villages just to keep in the spirit of the run. They can: - see combat if they are unarmed OR cannot counter (the latter is only relevant for one situation but it’s a very important one) - give and receive gold from a lover - buy and sell items - talk to people - be recruited That’s pretty much it. And it’s all completely doable with ZERO asterisks. Yes, with your tiny army and next to zero Holy Weapons. Seriously, you get Yewfelle in gen 1 (which you might not even be able to use much depending on your strategy for Patty), Gae Bolg in gen 2, and Naga for one castle. So what are the big hurdles? The first one is obvious: you have to solo the prologue and the first castle of chapter 1 with Ethlyn. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. While it’s a very slow process, it’s pretty reliable and not very luck dependent. The second one is the reason why an all sub version has to be impossible: chapter 7. There is no way to get to Patty and Shannan on turn 1, so you are at the mercy of whatever you can pass down to Patty. You need to keep her alive while making sure Shannan doesn’t touch anyone (and yes, it’s possible!). It’s the one part of the run where you can absolutely softlock if you don’t get the inheritance right. Which brings me to one of the most important parts of the run: inheritance. This is an interesting run for inheritance because you’re only optimizing one child (and in many cases it’s the child that isn’t usually prioritized). There’s still room for personal preference but I do have two must-haves and one that is required for the run to work: - Tine: Azelle. She is your only real source of magic damage for most gen 2. Give her the pursuit and sky high magic she deserves - Lana: Claud. Only way to have the rescue staff in chapter 6, which opens up a lot of fun shenanigans - Patty: a sword dad. That part is non-negotiable (otherwise he can’t buy what he needs to pass down to her) In general you’ll want the moms to pass down at least one 50+ kill weapon if they can (all the sword moms and Erinys should have no problem with it) plus any rings. Lachesis and Edain should do their staffs. Tailtiu is really fine just passing down a magic and barrier ring (Tine can’t get Thoron anyway). Larcei will want to have more than one sword since she’ll have to solo the first part of chapter 6 (just so she won’t have to worry about weapon uses). I like the leg ring on Erinys->Fee (makes her feel like a normal Fire Emblem flier and not a Genealogy flier). Patty needs the miracle sword (it will need to be broken so her dad can buy it and repair it), the return ring, and, if you can get it from the prologue, the speed ring (you can do it without it but you’ll most likely have to rig the RNG more). Up next: getting into the run itself
  4. Well, since I have been kinda bored of engage, I decided to fire up FE4 for the first time in like 10ish years, problem is the game has that real obtuse individual pools of money per character thing, and trading is even more obtuse. I spent the better part of three hours fiddling around with memory values, but I cannot get the money value to stay locked at 99999 (what I am assuming to be the maximum) I kinda just want to bypass the money issue when it comes to "trading". Does anybody have a set of infinite money codes for the entire cast? Thanks very much.
  5. I said I was going to make this thread like a year ago, but it had completely slipped my mind, and I had set out on looking into FE9, getting burned out, and then getting everything back together again to actually make things happen. In any case, here's the link to the repo for Yune. Link Latest Release: 0.9.3 The downloads can be found in the releases section. The readme also goes over how all of the options work and what they do. As the randomizer is written in Java, the only requirement is that you need a somewhat recent JRE installed to be able to run the randomizer. It has been compiled for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), MacOS, and Linux (GTK). Supported titles: Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War - Requires JP ROM (headered or unheadered) or Pre-patched ROM with Project Naga translation patch. Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade - Requires JP ROM or Pre-patched ROM with the Redux translation patch. Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance - Requires US ISO (Note that there is a good chance of an out of memory error when using a 32-bit JRE for FE9 randomization). I trust FE4 and the GBAFEs to be fairly stable, but FE9 is a bit shaky (and likely quite buggy, if you enable too many options that I haven't had the chance to test simultaneously), because it's not quite up to the standard I would have liked for it to be. I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out for how FE9 actually works and the next step is one that will likely take a long time because it involves chapter scripting. Rather than hold it for that long, I'd rather have people able to test it and start finding bugs that need to be addressed, as well as solicit information if anybody has anything that might help with FE9 quirks. Those bugs could also help give me other ideas on how FE9 might actually work under the covers. Please file any bugs you find in the GitHub repository directly in the Issues section so that I can track them, alongside any suggestions that could help me improve Yune. EDIT: 0.9.1 is now available. Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.2 is now available! Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.3 is now available! Changelog:
  6. So, some general context - I've beaten Genealogy of the Holy War about four or five times. However, every one of those playthroughs has been "traditional", in the sense of making sure every potential mother gets paired up. It's not called "Eugenics Emblem" for nothing! The only exception was my very first playthrough, where I killed Ayra before I could recruit her, and let Erinys die on Eldigan's blade. So not only have I never done a full "subs run", but I've never even met most of the substitutes. This time, though, that changed. i decided that it was time to finally do a substitutes run. Not only that, but I would make sure to get every "secret event" that is available to the substitute units. And not only that that, but I would try to go for a maximum ranking! ...Er, sort of. At a certain point, I accepted that I wouldn't be achieving A-ranks all around. I was worried, in the first generation, that certain units would "auto-pair", making my goal impossible - since I would have to "sacrifice" at least one parent from any given pairing. Thankfully, that didn't wind up being the case - everyone in Gen I made it to the barbecue, single and equipped to mingle. Still, while that assured I would get the substitutes in Gen II, it didn't guarantee great rankings for me. So, how did it go? Experience: A The one area I'm proud of. I got more than half of my units to level 30. Sure, there were quite a few who missed it, like Dew, Arden, and Azelle in Gen I; as well as Hannibal, Laylea, and Daisy in Gen II. Still, I like to think I did as much Arena-ing as possible, and was fairly efficient in passing around the Paragon Band. Not really an area to worry about in the future, at least. Survival: B I had a single fatality throughout the run - Asaello. He fell in the Endgame, to the Falcoknight trio. Despite being on a mountain. And wielding his lightest weapon, the Killer Bow. And getting Authority from Sigurd. And getting Charisma from Laylea. It was very much a "what's a man to do?" moment. And I didn't have much future need for Asaello, so I accepted it. Still, definitely something that could have been avoided, or else reset for. Combat: C By far, my worst area. I suffered 14 losses across the run. An average of just over one per map may not sound bad, but it's above the cap of 10 for B-rank, and well above the cap of 3 for A-rank. In the future, this could be avoided via some combination of more careful play, savestates, or a good old-fashioned willingness to reset. Tactics: B I took 444 turns total, which is to say, 45 more than the total allowable for A-rank. Individual chapter totals will be reviewed below. Prologue: 16. No real issues here. Chapter 1: 36. That forest is a nightmare. I remember getting Lex the Brave Axe forced a delay. Perhaps I should forgo it next time? Chapter 2: 45. Tends to take a long while, because I like to get Deirdre onto the plateau to Silence Clement. Might need to figure out a way to take him out in one turn instead. Chapter 3: 36. This is one I could shave a ton of time off of... if I have Sigurd head straight for Orgahill. But that would mean forsaking Yewfelle and the Wind Edge - not to mention, Arena time for the Bragi trio. Still debating whether it's worth it. Chapter 4: 34. Feel pretty good about this one. I couldn't exactly do anything while Mahnya and co were meeting their doom. Thanks, generic Wind Mage. Chapter 5: 29. This one, I felt solid about. And by the end of it, I was at 199 turns. Great, right? I just have to finish Gen II as quickly as Gen I! Well... Chapter 6: 46. Seliph got the Leg Ring, but even so, this was rough. Seizing Sophara Castle was an unnecessary diversion. And Schmidt kept retreating for more troops. Chapter 7: 58. Again, pretty miserable. Desert business is no fun, and re-capturing Leonster Castle was another unnecessary diversion. Not super aggressive against Liza, either. Chapter 8: 30. This one was really funny - I sent Seliph back to promote mid-chapter, then also needed to get his conversation with Muirne. Still think I made good time. Chapter 9: 32. Again, I mostly feel good here. I got all the relevant conversations, and I didn't see any of my castles wrecked. Chapter 10: 34. Could've probably saved a couple turns, if I weren't obsessed over sending Laylea to eat some civilians. Still, happy with my Leif-Rescue plays. Endgame: 48. I genuinely forgot that Seliph had to talk to Julia to de-hypnotize her, so next time, I'll try to "lure" her back to Castle Velthomer. But I'm really proud of my Brian "strategy", where I cornered him, killed his men, and he refused to attack, since he was in "regroup" mode. Otherwise, though... long map. Anyway, onto the substitute units! I'm going to be rating them on a totally unscientific "thumbs up/down" system, both based on how they performed in this run, and relative to the unit they're replacing. Creidne: Like Larcei, but without Astra, Nihil, Sword inheritance, Adept on promotion, and any skills or Holy Blood her father might have given her. No biggie! The secret convo with Johan was kinda alright, at least. Not enough for me to even get her to level 30, though. She gets a "thumbs down". Dalvin: He's got Vantage, a training session with Tristan, and *GAMEPLAY ASSET NUMBER 37 NOT FOUND*. Were he a mounted unit, I'd call his combat competent, but as infantry, he brings nothing to the table. He was near the top of my list of "stick this unit on a castle, and hope nobody scary swings by". So, "second thumbs down". Muirne: Change "Lana" to "Mana", and what does one letter mean? It means no staff inheritance, no Holy Blood, and no potential skills, either. No Warp until chapter 9 is especially a bummer, too. Get her to promotion, and her Arena combat will be... basically nothing. She gets a "staves down". Deimne: Free Pursuit? And +5 Strength in his join chapter? We might be on to something! He's like Midir, but packing a bigger punch. With a Steel Bow, he can one-round chapter 7's Dark Mages. And with the Killer or Brave Bow from chapter 8, his combat becomes "good, actually". He's probably better than most versions of Lester, honestly. "Two arrows up!" Jeanne: She can't perform Nanna's signature "return en masse" tactic in chapter 7, and she's got no Charisma or Holy Blood. That said, Troubadour is a genuinely excellent class, with the ability to use staves on wheels from day 1. It's a shame that she has to compete with Hermina for a secret event, but it's still enough to give her a "thumbs sideways". Tristan: Mine ended up super-bulky, with a ton of levels in Defense, but that looks to be atypical. He was decently useful, especially with the Pursuit Band in hand, but certainly pales next to Diarmuid. Kinda like Naoise without Javelins. Gonna give him a "thumbs down at a 45-degree angle". Laylea: Holy cow, a Dancer with a Strength growth? Azura better watch her back! Still, with no Miracle, she actually tends to have a harder time in the Arena than Sylvia. Not to mention, there's no chance to inherit swords or rings of value. Still, Charisma is a really useful skill to have, and the Barrier Blade can function as a mini-Mystletainn for the lategame. This Dancer gets "two pinky toes flexed upward". Charlot: Paragon is an elite skill for him to have, turning every Physic use into a meaty 60 EXP. And while he can't inherit any staves, nor a "nest egg" item, he does get the Berserk Staff. This sells for an absurd 15K, which he can turn into Warp or Recover. He'll get to promotion faster than any non-Lex Cairpre, and then... have worse Arena combat, as he has no battle skills. Shame, that. Still good enough to give him a "thumbs up from Hannibal". He's one proud papa! Hermina: What do I point out - her lack of Pursuit, or any other combat skills? Nothing to inherit? Having to fight with Jeanne to meet Shannam? Well, I wouldn't want to be called an anti-Feminist! She actually ended up really strong for me, with the Thief Band parlaying into the Pursuit Band. When promoted, a flying staffbot is always going to be solid, so she gets "one wing up and one wing down". Hawk: I actually got Hawk on my first playthrough, due to letting Erinys die. I was really impressed then, but does he hold up? Honestly... he rawks. Naga bless Kaga - he didn't need to give him Pursuit, but he did nonetheless. Coupled with Adept and a mere Light tome, he's one-rounding basically any target. With his event at Luthecia Castle, he'll tend to surpass Ced in Magic and Resistance, making him great at using (and avoiding) status staves. He gets "two thumbs up", from Janaff and Ulki. Hawk walked so that they could fly. Daisy: No Holy Blood? No swords or skills from her father? No problem! She can still do "normal thief stuff", taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Of course, it's nice for her to get a magical sword to this end. As for the Arena, not only is the Sleep Sword an option, but she can also trivialize it via Miracle. She's no Patty and no Dew, but she can provide a valuable service regardless. Daisy gets "one $ up". Asaello: I honestly forgot about him until I reviewed my list. Perhaps this disrespect is tied to the fact that I let him stay dead in the Endgame? Not a great sign. You might expect him to be "Jamke, part II", only missing Adept, and starting with the Silver Bow rather than the Killer Bow. But those are big differences, and his Strength-boosting secret event can't salvage him. Moreoever, mine did poorly in Speed, and there were quite a few Arena enemies he couldn't double. No Yewfelle, and no good skills, means he gets "an arrow in the knee". ...Gods, that was over a decade ago. Linda: Often regarded as a "better Tinny", she brings not just Wrath, but also Paragon, to the table. This means she'll never need to buy the Paragon Band, thus helping her accumulate money. Once she promotes, she'll be happy to spend this on a wide variety of staves. For me, this included the Berserk Staff, which she used in Endgame to comedic effect. Oh, and her holy blood gives Thoron access from the start, just like her Aunt! Alas, despite her many merits, Linda isn't getting any thumbs. Instead, she's getting "a hug", for some small comfort amidst all she's suffered from House Friege. Amid: What if Arthur, but worse? Let's see: B-rank Wind at base would be good... except, he can't pick up Elwind until chapter 9. Adept is a decent (if unreliable) skill... except, he would've gotten it on promotion anyway. And... he's missing a horse? But at least as a War Mage, he gets... no Staves? I thought he'd at least get B-rank Swords, but nope, it's C. His name tells you what he is: a mid unit. So, he gets "a middle finger up". One more thought on units - by making it a substitutes run, I think my "default" units performed... somewhat... better than usual. Seliph and Leif, in particular, had essentially no competition for inheritable weapons and items. As such, I made sure that both were stacked with the best resources - particularly, those that don't come back in Gen II (i.e. Pursuit Band on Leif, Leg Ring and Wind Sword on Seliph). The Leg Ring on Seliph, in particular, feels like a "must" for future runs, since chapters 6 and 7 were notable "turncount sinks" for me. As for Leif, passing him the Thief Sword definitely felt right, letting him rob the many bandits and set himself up with the Paragon Band, later that very same map. Oifey didn't get any inheritance, but merely having Pursuit and Critical was more impressive in a world where few units have either. Finn was strong, with not needing to pass his items on to any kids - maybe too strong? He got to level 30 super early, so perhaps I overused him in Gen I. Altenna felt better than usual, as the only flier with built-in Pursuit (well, after promoting), plus having one of the few available legendary weapons. Hannibal was... still bad, but at least manipulating his enemy AI is fun, right? Ares is a champ as ever (weirdly slow in my run, though), and Julia eclipsed Muirne as a healer, not to mention her combat - I think this was my first playthrough getting her to level 30. Johan was still "Lex but worse" - I'm starting to think being Axelocked just kinda sucks in this game - while Shannan shone a bit brighter in a playthrough with no Forseti. So, which of these kids could I see myself using again in the future? Obviously, if I try again to do a "ranked substitutes run", they'll all find their way back to me. But short of that, I'm anticipating that, next playthrough, I'll get everyone paired up. Still, I think most of them have potential to make a re-appearance outside of such a context. Probably not Creidne, Dalvin, Tristan, or Jeanne. But the rest of them have a chance. So, what do you think of these units, and my reviews of them? Feeling inspired to play a subsitutes run of your own, perhaps? Let me know in the comments!
  7. I'm about to finish chapter 3, so I'd like to have all the items for the second generation prepared. Here are my pairings: Aideen - Midir Ayra - Lex Raquesis - Finn Sylvia - Nobody Erin - Claude Bridget - Holyn Tyldu - Azel And also Sigurd+Deirdre and Quan+Ethlyn too I guess Thanks!
  8. Most people probably know about FE4's love system. Many people may also be aware of a "Jealousy" mechanic which is part of it. The way it works is described on SF. But in short: If a female unit A is standing next to male unit B and female unit C, and C has higher priority with Unit B than unit A does, then Unit C will receive +5 love points with Unit B, while Unit A will get 0. The mechanic is occasionally, useful, but the priority system seems a bit odd. It changes based on whether you've reset the game, and the "normal" way it works is based on recruitment order rather than character relationships. Edain/Lachesis have a higher priority with Lewyn than Erinys or Sylvia? What were the game makers thinking here? Well, it turns out they weren't thinking. It was a bug the whole time. FE4 calculates adjacent growth bonuses in more or less the following way: For every female unit A, check if some other unit B is Less than 1 space away Is not female. Apply the adjacent bonus if both conditions passed This mostly works, but the developers forgot to reset a variable between steps one and two which is supposed to hold a pointer to Unit A between steps 1 and 2. This means that if Unit A happens to be next to a female unit C, all future distance checks will actually use the position of Unit C for checking distance. A pseudocode example maybe illustrates this better: So, yeah. It was a bug all along.
  9. Hello! Hope y’all are doing well today! I’ve got a question! The title says it all, if you know a way to edit the the text of FE4, just let me know down below if you’ve got something! (Please!) I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while now (Like a couple of years or so). I wish to edit a piece of text here and there across the game (basically all of the swear words). I took a look at this thread but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I searched for hours looking for snes text editors and all of them couldn’t even run on modern operating systems (or I chickened out in fear of it being a virus), or they didn’t do what I wanted. I heard you could do some stuff with Nightmare, but I’ve never touched it before…but if it’s what I need then sign me up! Nevertheless, thanks for your time and advice in advance! Let me know if I need to be clearer on anything I said! See you around! Later! -MegaCowsamMan
  10. Download the lastest version here! (FE4) Download the lastest version here! (FE5) Download FE4's intro here! Hey guys, I'm not trying to make money with this remake, I only use Patreon as a media for easier access and easier management with other projects I'm working on, right now. The Remake is free for everyone and the subscription is not required, only if you want to donate something yourselves. Tell me what you think about this project so far! Fire Emblem IV-V: The Holy War is remake of Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776 using the Lex Talionis Engine. It aims to be a new take on an SNES classic, adapting some features from the original to GBA ones as necessary, yet trying to stay faithful to the source material, rebalancing the levels, stats, weapons and places like the arena and the shops. Chapters are going to be done as huge as they were in the original game, being a total of 12 FE4 maps + 35 FE5 maps of variable length. Later, we aim to rewrite a little, only the necessary, of FE4 and FE5 stories so they fit as only 1, making it fluent to side with Sigurd, Seliph and Leaf (names used are going to be discussed in a form for every release if needed). Important note about playing As said before, this is made with Lex Taliones Engine, which means it is not a romhack, but a game itself, so no patches are needed, no roms from snes, no cheats of that kind. To start playing execute the GotHW776.exe file. Here you have the FEE3 from 2021 so you can see a demonstration of how the project goes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ZjmkXQ--8 Credits inside the game. Most of them to FEuniverse and Serenes Forest Communities Plans for game versions Version 0.1.0 Add Prologue. Version 0.2.0 Add Chapter 1. Version 0.3.0 Add Chapter 2. and so on Version 1.0.0 Fully remade FE4's 2 Generations. Version 1.1.0 First FE5 map added and so on Version 2.0.0 Fully remade FE5's story and maps, now fitting with FE4's. ChangeLog and Features Download the full ChangeLog and Features file here! Notes Though I'm having all support I could ask from Rainlash and other people from the Lex Talionis Community it's still only me remaking everything, so there may be cosmeticals bugs and errors with some animations and sprites. Feel free to point them out to remind me of them if you wish. If you find any gamebreaking bugs, do post about it as soon as possible so I can look for a solution and issue a fix patch. ### Requires To run the game you need to download and install the following: Python 3.7.X+ Pygame 1.9.4+
  11. Continuation of the FE4 manga will be on this thread, but please refer to the other FE4 manga thread for Holsety Scans' work for the first five volumes and first two chapters of volume six. Holsety Scans and Fala Scans are composed entirely of different people, and we therefore take no credit for the work they put into their scans/translations. All credit for their contributions goes strictly to them (I've had confusion in the past where we mistaken for also being the old team by people new to the manga). Chapters hosted on Mega. ~ Current situation as of 1/1/2023: Background progress. The remaining chapters might not be posted one at a time or over a period of time. Most likely, they will be put up in groups now. There are a few reasons for this, but our translator has actually finished everything through volume fifteen. We'll roll out chapters later on. This project is still in progress! The translation has been being worked on for a while now! We've gone through our share of long delays for releases for numerous reasons over the years and we've been backed up with cleaning, but currently the translation is going smoothly and we're in volume fourteen for translation! I know it's been literal years since we started this and we've had horribly erratic activity since we stopped being able to update monthly. It's been in the works, just quietly behind the scenes for a while. I appreciate everyone's patience more than I've felt I was able to say (especially because I've been insisting the project hasn't been dropped for goddamn years and we've essentially had nothing to show for it, hence this update to assure y'all it's still in existence and not in some otherworldly, other dimensional plane of existence). I'm currently in talks with a couple of people regarding additions to this project (avoiding specifying particulars at the moment in case we don't go through with it, but I'm hoping to expand in a sense, basically), so if there's any fruit to those I will post about those when they're confirmed! Quality updates are as before still held off until we get some newer releases up. Basically that's when I go back and edit small sections for cleaning or typesetting to make it look better and try to keep it more up to date with our current style/progress as a team. This was our very first project, so I prefer to edit some of our older work where possible to make it look better (unfortunately we're not redoing everything, so some of the oldest stuff from us is still gonna be meh... like some of volume six). That's basically our lowest priority right now. Thank youuuu so much for sticking around and letting the team know you've appreciated our work! 🙇‍♀️ ~ Note: Chapter 66 is currently unavailable. It will be re-added soon. To clarify what happened, because I had not been able to get onto the Mega account that held these files for an extended period of time, the data on the account was deleted by the website. I had these chapters on my old desktop's hard drive and I'm not sure I'll be able to manually pull those off the hard drive at this time. This may also mean in the future that another means of hosting these chapters will be necessary, as Mega will eventually delete the data on the account if I stop logging in for an extended period of time. Someday I may have reason to stop logging into the account, such as all our active projects being completed or the team being on break once the major projects are completed, and the account will be deemed inactive. I will try to eventually find another solution, but Mega is still fine at this time. When things change if they do, I'll let you guys know. ~ Note: If there is not an update date beside the chapter, it has not undergone thorough changes since the date it was released or since the dates listed in the bulk updates section. They may still be updated at a later time even if they don't have a date beside them yet. These updates are for a variety of things such as to fix the color levels, to fix the typesetting, page rotation, if there's been any translation change (which can range from something as small as an sfx to a major change, but any major changes will be noted in a new post), etc. This being the team's first collective major project, we've changed how we manage levels, typesetting, etc since we began. To keep the older chapters as up to date as possible, I eventually go through and edit them. We will not redo entire chapters, so some will still have a different look to them (such as chapter 38 - since it was our very first release, we weren't set on our styles yet but it would require redoing it over from scratch to really fix it now), but I will update them as best I can. Volume 7 and onward have not received their quality updates. This will happen at a later date. Volume six: Volume seven: Volume eight: Volume nine: Volume ten: Volume eleven: Volume twelve: Chapter 68 (Updated 10/10/2021) Chapter 69 Chapter 70 ~ JD's edits: NOTE: Some of these changes may or may not be gone due to an incident regarding Mega (as explained above). This means it's possible the versions I have available at this time uploaded here (as I cannot currently access the files on my old desktop - I'm not sure if this will change, but I still have the hard drive in case I work something out) are not the final versions. Please inform me if chapters are missing any pages! Text positioning/size and minor grammar error edits were done to volume six on 12/21/15. Major edits done for volumes six through nine (chapter 53) on 9/2/2016. Chapters 38-40 edited (date unknown). Major leveling and typesetting edits will be done to all volumes where needed later on. ~ Other information: Current team members are: Jugdral Defender (scanner, cleaner, typesetter), ChildofDain (cleaner/redrawer), kitsudori (cleaner/redrawer), PatMagroyn (cleaner/redrawer), S3RAPH (cleaner/redrawer), and LeifOfLeonsterTranslations (translator). Please note we are always accepting new cleaners! You'll probably notice some blurry edge lines. That's because I did not (and will not) debind my books. We do our best to make it look nice without working with separated pages. Volumes one through six are also very thick volumes, so spine blurs will not be quite so defined as of volume seven and onward. Lastly, please feel free to notify us of any errors (typos, possible missed words, etc.). We'll fix them as soon as possible after hearing about them. Enjoy your share of FE4 pain and all the pain to come!
  12. Hello some of you might remember about my genealogy of the holy war and fates story swap post but yea this time its about what if sigurd and anankos were in each other's role like for example what if sigurd was the antagonist of fe4 instead of Julius and what if anankos was not the antagonist of fates like say what if Sigurd was influenced by tyrfring or something or corrupted by manfroy and anankos would a father who died while corrin was a baby and imagine seliph having to fight his father what story would you say about this ? Comment below to say
  13. Ok so hear me out what if fire emblem genealogy of the holy war and fire emblem fates revelations had a story swap so imagine Sigurd and seliph and anankos and corrin having game swap thus anankos would be the protagonist of the first gen and Sigurd would have been the antagonist and Julia and azura image that swapped and not to forget mikoto and deirdre imagine how the story would be if swapped so in other like role swap with a different fire emblem game would it be amazing or no ? What would the game be called because of the swap what class for corrin ? Or seliph ? How would the relationship between fathers and their children be like ? How would deirdre be if she was in mikoto's position or Julia in azura's position in fact would seliph be adopted by a royal family like corrin being adopted by nohr family ? What story would you guys imagine in this position would it be a good fanfic story
  14. Is there any fe4 fanfic with an avatar aka my unit u know like Similar to corrin or robin or Kris like that and how would the avatar be introduced?
  15. I figured maybe in the remake they could add choices for seliph to make like of what route to choose Good route ? Like the original Or evil route u know if there evil choices you can do what ending you might get ? Comment to say your opinion
  16. Have you or a friend of yours wanted to play Genealogy of the Holy War but thought it was too difficult compared to the western games? The point of this patch is to make FE4 easy so you can enjoy the story without much in your way. For those who played FE4 already, this could just be a fun run through the game. Nothing about the story is changed, so it will still be the same throughout. Link: (snip) Please notify me if there are any bugs, glitches or anything that needs fixing. Changes: MAJOR growth rate increase (Some characters may have +2 when leveling up) Everyone has holy blood (Some who do have holy blood have other holy blood or even major holy blood) More units are promoted like Sigurd and Quan (Ethlin, Dew, and Edain are promoted) Heroes can now use axes (but the weapon doesn't show up in battle) Marriages are pretty much forced now with massive increase love growths with curtain units, (Lex and Ayra; Raquesis and Beowolf; Edain and Midayle; Jamke and Bridgid; Sylvia and Claud; and Lewyn and Erin) though Lewyn and Erin have the same love growth due to a conversation after Lewyn gets Forseti that makes them instant lovers. Sigurd starts out with the Paragon Ring and 5 Leadership stars (There is a weird glitch where if you reset the game, Sigurd goes back to 2. The way I found to prevent this is save states) Some holy weapons has changed stats (Naga gives +20 to all stats except str and Mjolnir got nerfed to half of original bonuses due to it being used against you) If you can get the Pursuit ring in chapter, you will receive a great reward: +5 to all stats except luck and hp; +3 to move; and gain the skills of Thief, Prayer, Paragon, Recover, Bargain, Return, Pursuit, and Knight/Canto
  17. This is a hack which removes FE4’s fixed Gen 1 pairings (Sigurd/Deirdre and Quan/Ethlyn). This allows Sigurd/Quan to be fathers for other children, and for other male units to be fathers for Seliph/Leif/Altena. Some info which may be useful: Deirdre and Ethlyn's love bases and growths I used Finn’s growths as a reference since he’s around for mostly the same time period as Ethlyn is. It’s not (supposed to be) possible to pair Sigurd and Ethlyn. Hopefully I don’t need to explain why… Sigurd and Quan's love bases and growths These should probably be tables but IDK how to make those. :V I’m too lazy to calculate bases and growths for all possible children. Maybe I’ll do it later. What happens is Deirdre/Ethlyn are unpaired: Default pairings A few gameplay tweaks were made to accommodate the new pairings. Gáe Bolg can now be inherited in the same way as Forseti and the Valkyrie staff. One of the Steel Lances in the Chapter 8 Vendor was moved to Altena’s starting inventory, to avoid a case where she winds up without a weapon. Tyrfing is still obtained in Chapter 10, but the Palmark even is now activated by Sigurd’s primary child. Patches for headered and unheadered roms may be found on Github. Caveat: I haven’t tested this all the way through, because I’m lazy. I used a modified save to test inheritance + all of Gen 2, and I did some testing from the Prologue - Chapter 3. I think that should cover everything I need to, but it’s possible I missed something. This may be a relatively small change in the end, but I hope everyone has some fun with it.
  18. These are thoughts I had while replaying Genealogy and watching a let's play for Thracia 776. I love discussing the lore of Fire Emblem, and especially Jugdral, my favorite continent in the series. I am dabbling with writing a fanfiction about Cigyun, and this is an aspect of Jugdral law and culture that I became a little confused about. I would love to start a conversation about this with anyone else who is also passionate about discussing the lore of Jugdral. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THE ENDINGS OF BOTH GAMES. As we know, in the ending of Genealogy of the Holy War Seliph becomes the king of Grannvale (and assorted other kingdoms, depending on your pairings and character deaths) and Leif becomes king of the New Kingdom of Thracia. This seems natural at first glance, but upon further reflection, they may not be the characters with the best claim to their respective thrones. SELIPH At the end of Genealogy of the Holy War, this conversation occurs: Lewyn: The crusaders' heirs will be returning home to assume their rightful thrones. And with the proper leadership, they can pool their strengths again to build a world, one where all can live in happiness. Seliph: A new world, you say... Lewyn: Yeah, Seliph.. a new world. And your role is the most crucial of all. You'll remain here in Belhalla, and you'll guide the rise of this new world as the King of Grannvale. Seliph: Hold on. I'M to be the king?! Lewyn: Mm-hmm. After all that's happened, you and Julia are the last living heirs of the blood of Grannvale's kings. The two of you have inherited the last will of all who lost their lives on this path. These souls watch over you, even now. You mustn't forget the light for which they strove. Seliph: Mm... I understand, Lewyn. So long as I have the power, I'll do all I can. Lewyn: Now, Julia. What do you say? Julia: I agree, of course. I wish to aid Lord Seliph, no, my lord brother, every step of the way. I know this path will be a grueling one, but that's all the more reason to give it my all. (Epilogue, Genealogy of the Holy War) Seliph is the oldest child of Deirdre, who was the heir to the throne. However, he did not inherit the major blood of Saint Heim, or the ability to wield the tome of Naga. His younger sister, Julia, was the only child of Deirdre to do this. It seems here that because of this, Lewyn appoints them to rule side-by-side. However, the epilogue states: In the royal capital of Belhalla itself, with overwhelming support from the public, Seliph was officially hailed as their king. The newly appointed king Seliph devoted himself to rebuilding his land and bringing peace to all, his goal nothing short of a prosperous world free of oppression and bigotry. And by his side, one would always find his loving wife, [wife], and his sister, Princess Julia, regarding his toil with the warmest of eyes... Here, Julia's role as a ruler alongside her brother Seliph, and her conviction to "give it her all" to be a good ruler for Grannvale, is reduced to simply watching over the progress of King Seliph "with warm eyes" as a princess. This seems strange to me, when she is the sole, rightful inheritor of the power of Naga and major holy blood of Saint Heim. According to King Azmur: "Lord Naga's lineage through Saint Heim must not be allowed to perish! I want the two of you to bear a son as soon as possible! If the child inherits the power of Naga, he shall be Prince of Grannvale. And once I pass on he'll become the King of Grannvale. Lord Arvis, until the boy is old enough to rule, you shall be the provisional king. Do raise him well." It seems, according to this, that inheriting "the power of Naga" (which I interpret to mean the power to wield the Naga tome, or major Heim blood) is a necessary precondition to inheriting the throne of Belhalla and thus, Grannvale. Azmur says that IF the child inherits the power of Naga he shall become King of Grannvale. That indicates that if their child does NOT inherit the power of Naga, he will not become King of Grannvale. From this quote alone, it seems that of the three children of Princess Deirdre, Julia alone would possess the right to the throne of Grannvale. However, I also noticed that King Azmur specifically asks for a great- grandson, and only makes reference to a male child inheriting the power of Naga. He doesn't make provisions for a potential great-granddaughter inheriting the power of Naga, which is what he gets in Julia. This seems strange, since he knows female children can inherit this power as well, such as Deirdre. It could be an indication that the Houses of Grannvale practice male-preference primogeniture, although I am not sure how this can exist alongside a system in which it is necessary for a child to possess the power of Naga in order to inherit the throne. It's also interesting that he doesn't name Deirdre Queen of Grannvale, but rather names her husband, Arvis, "provisional king." Even in cultures which practice male-preference primogeniture, it is preferable to have a female heir of your bloodline rule rather than pass control of a kingdom to another House, such as her husband's. (We see this in real world examples such as Queens Mary, Elizabeth I, Victoria, and Elizabeth II.) Does this indicate that in Grannvale women cannot legally serve as monarchs or leaders of Houses? This could be the case, although their neighboring countries don't seem to have the same restrictions, since Queen Rahna ruled Silesse for many years in Lewyn's absence, and Linoan serves as Duchess of Tahra for most of her life. Maybe only single/widowed women can rule countries, but if they marry their husband takes the reigns? Even if this is the case, should the seat of King of Grannvale have gone to Julia's husband and eventual child rather than Seliph, since she was the inheritor of the power of Naga? After all, none of Seliph's children will ever be capable of inheriting major Heim blood, or wielding the tome of Naga, unless he practices incest by marrying Julia (which I do not accept as possible canonically, since it is purely a mistake that this is even possible in the game) or perhaps marries someone else with minor Heim blood, such as Linoan (who is said to have never married in her lifetime). However, it is more than likely that Julia will bear a child with major Heim blood if she ever marries. Would that child not pose a threat to Seliph and his children's claim to the throne of Belhalla? Would this lead to a civil war in the future of Grannvale? As I see it, there are four options for why Seliph becomes the King of Grannvale over Julia: 1) Right of conquest: he led the liberation, he conquered the Empire, therefore the throne is his, and he chooses not to give it up to the rightful heir. 2) Absolute primogeniture: despite King Azmur's words, the eldest child of the heir always inherits the throne of a Kingdom or House, in spite of holy blood inheritance patterns. 3) Male-preference primogeniture: despite the fact that his sister inherited the power of Naga and he did not, the kingdom cannot legally be ruled over by a woman, and so must pass to a male heir. 4) Will of the people: it is stated in his ending that the public overwhelmingly supported his right to rule Grannvale. He was more popular with the people as the "Inheritor of Light," while she carried the stain of her relation to Emperor Arvis and Julius. Whatever the case, with this act, Seliph has essentially changed the ruling House of Grannvale from the House of Belhalla to the House of Chalphy, with the "true" inheritor of the House of Belhalla serving only as an advisor. His children can only inherit major Baldur blood from him, and can only wield Tyrfing, while Julia's descendants will continue to pass down major Heim blood and the ability to wield the tome of Naga. Could this spell civil war for the future of Grannvale? LEIF A similar, indeed, nearly identical, issue happens in the Thracian peninsula. After the liberation army sweeps through, despite discovering and reuniting with his elder sister, Leif takes the throne of Northern Thracian, and eventually the New Kingdom of Thracia. Finn: Lord Leif, the only nation in Northern Thracia that has a male heir is Lenster. The people want you to take the throne and unite Leonster, Alster, Conote, and Manster under one flag. (Epilogue, Thracia 776) Leif's older sister, Altena, simply "helps" him rebuild the country. Leif: I know my sister, Altena, wishes dearly for a restored Thracia as well. Seliph: Indeed. This war has lain waste to Thracia, and I can only imagine the burden laid upon you, the king-to-be of a united peninsula. I pray you give it your best, no matter what happens. Leaf: I will. Seliph: So you're destined for Thracia as well, Princess Altena... Altena: I am, sir. I've got to help the new king in his quest to give rise to a united Thracia. At the very least, I ought to atone for the legacy of my adoptive family... Travant and Arion. Seliph: How wonderful it would be, if Arion were to work together with you... Altena: I...I don't believe that could happen for the time being, sir. But perhaps someday, he'll feel the time is right... (Epilogue, Genealogy of the Holy War) Altena is the oldest child of Quan and Ethlyn, and also the inheritor of major Njörun blood and the Gáe Bolg. It is heavily hinted that Altena eventually marries Arion, inheritor of the blood of Dain and wielder of Gungnir. It seems like this uniting of the two bloodlines that have ruled Thracia for centuries would be the perfect opportunity for the countries to unite under a single House. Years from now, there will probably be Altena-Arion children running around, who have major blood of both Thracian houses in their veins, yet they yield the throne to Leif and his descendants, who only possess minor Njörun blood (and most likely minor Hezul blood, but that's irrelevant to Thracia). This time I see only three possible reasons for this outcome: 1) Right of conquest: like Seliph, Leif lead the liberation army that conquered Thracia, and so has the power to take the throne, regardless of previous traditions of inheritance. 2) Male-preference primogeniture: regardless of the inheritance of holy blood, male children are always given preference to rule over female children. This is supported by Finn's statement that Leonster is "the only nation in Northern Thracia that has a male heir." 3) Will of the people: Finn states that the people if Northern Thracia want Leif to unite the kingdoms there and be their king. This does explain how he could be given right to rule over Northern Thracia; however, I doubt the people of southern Thracia would choose Leif when Arion and Altena still exist. In fact, in Altena's ending in Genealogy of the Holy War, it is stated that Leif "entrusts" the lands of southern Thracia to her. It is not clear what this means, since he still rules over The Kingdom of New Thracia. Perhaps she is a kind of governor figure in the south? Arion's involvement is not mentioned. CONCLUSION These two instances alone seem to suggest that male-preference primogeniture is the established system for inheritance in Jugdral instead of absolute primogeniture or major holy blood/branded children as inheritors. However, with everything else we know about the world of Jugdral, this seems an unlikely form of inheritance for the crusader Houses. How is it that nearly every Duke or King we see in the game has major holy blood if male-preference primogeniture is the practice? It seems unlikely that every inheritor of major holy blood from the crusaders till the time of Sigurd happened to be male. How did the bloodlines continue when we know that children with minor holy blood cannot pass on major holy blood to children (without incest)? Perhaps holy blood preference is the usual system in place, but in these two instances, Leif and Seliph seized thrones only by right of conquest/will of the people. Why do they never bring up the fact they are disinheriting their sisters? What does this say about them and their hunger for power? Could this all come down to the game developers thinking that the only satisfying ending for the player would be to have their main lords become kings of their respective countries? That they thought the players would be disappointed if the ending was "Seliph ceded the right to rule to Julia, inheritor of the power of Naga, and Altena and Arion married and together ruled over a united Thracian peninsula." I don't see a logical reason for these endings when you consider how things must have been done in Jugdral for centuries, and the importance of major holy blood and holy weapons to these ruling Houses. What does this mean for the future of these countries? Several years down the line, would there be civil wars and faction battles? What are the roles of the inheritors of the holy blood of Heim, Dain, and Njörun in the future? What do you think is the best explanation for why things ended the way they did? In possible remakes of these games, do you think the disinheritance of Julia and Altena/Arion should be addressed? Would you want the endings to change, or stay the same?
  19. Hi, I'm using Nightmare to make a hack for FE4, and thought I might as well make some classes better. I was wondering if adding weapon types to a class (such as Axes to Sword Knight or Staves to Prince) would cause any issues? I don't mind if animations look janky so long as they don't cause the game to not function.
  20. excuse the pretentious topic title, I'd like to go ahead and share some stuff for FE4 that everyone might not have access to or find all that easily fe4hackdocs first thing is twilkitri's old data, useful for learning some of the basics and has some things like dialogue coding that may be important to have, most of it is handled by nightmare these days but some isn't I also added the codes for using menu text https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WFmJnnSmjOWV_1wu3FqlDEHB1YLex_vX FE4MAP the japanese map editor, I 'translated' the necessary stuff (not much to translate but still looks better) google translate can help you if you want to check out the readme, but if you need some help with the program lemme know the important thing is that once you save a map, drag the map file you saved onto 'encofe4.exe' in order to compress it, then insert it to the ROM https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-UlWV_A8rZT-bd2ismNN3d177jqT0mLO Note: FE4MAP makes the army editor nearly obsolete, use the appropriate editor in the program instead Note 2: Modifying castle and village data (just this data) can screw up the game due to structure misalignment errors in the program. I believe there's info about modifying the data directly somewhere, but either way you can look at the bytes in the map editor itself and figure it out where it is in a hex editor New Nightmare Modules more things to make your life easier Hair Color Editor edits the hair colors for battle animations, they're stored specially since IS was too lazy to make custom palettes for every character Triangle Attack Editor self-explanatory, there are three possible combinations Children Definition is this where children are born? I dunno, haven't played with it or anything, but hopefully it will act how I want it to later on Battle Sprite Editor just modified the defining bytes so it's better to customize Custom Battle Palette Editor provides a custom palette to any character with the matching class Class/Item Name Editor well there was a character one why not these too for huge convenience Magic Animation Editor just copy-pasted it from the FE5 one pretty much Chapter Music Editor the second one is for when chapters start from a save I didn't finish collecting all the phase data but it should be easy enough to figure out for anyone else (if you needed to) Skill Table Editors this new set of editors will allow you to assign any skill you want to the skill lists available for characters, classes, or items, the class one especially important due to the lack of skills you can give them it's pretty much for replacing all those unused and/or unneeded skills in the lists to use it, you designate a skill to a certain flag, which you then are able to use said flags in the other editors Shield Sprite Editor and Shield Definition Editor these will change the shields used by the various knightly classes, allowing for more customization you can give a certain shield of a certain color to a certain character using a certain class, which is pretty great - another note, relating to map sprites and shield sprites: if you use and customize the map sprite editor, the pointers for them are at $3825E I believe - this applies to both the map sprite and shield definition/sprite editor too: when pointing to a certain class, it will read from each class in the list until it reaches a character(shields) or gender(map sprites) that reads FF, then it moves to the next pointer - this is why when making someone not sigurd or celice into a lord knight, they look like a duke knight because duke knights come right after; since only the lords are lord knights, and their sprites are specified by character, there's no need to give them gender or an 'end list' code Item Sprite Editor this'll allow you to change the battle animation sprite and palette designations for items, giving you more customization on a side note, if you'd like to insert your own graphics like I have, the tile pointer table starts at $198A1F Battle Music Editor lets you change the music used during battle, though you can only use other music allowed for battle, mostly just useful after using the FE5 music patch Chapter Intro Music Editor changes the music that plays when a chapter loads and shows the name, right after the world map screen Skill Icon Display this set of modules is simply for changing which skill graphics are displayed for each skill with this you can give icons to 'hidden' skills such as canto, recover, etc I did this myself for those two and also some new skills in my hack so that none of the graphics get wasted Holy Weapon Flash Editor + Modified modifies the items that have the special weapon flash; there is a patch available that modifies the data to allow more entries, which you should then use the (Modified) version of the editor Magic Animation Pointer Editor advanced reference module for magic editing, don't be too concerned about it Broken Weapon Editor allows you to modify the broken weapon for every combination of weapon and rank; HOWEVER dark uses the same entry as light does, unless you change the pointers just before the data at 7E4DC - 7E4EF Battle Positions Editor changes how the characters appear in battle; like you know how ranged swords have them start at a distance, and long range tomes/ballistae start with one character invisible and they're both in the center of the screen? use this to change that stuff modules download: (overwrite the folders of the original nightmare package) last updated: Apr 9, 2017 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p24fkGOEXapEOqFJ6sXyv4ZgRxiUoXQ9 other stuff Portrait Tutorial Magic Animation Tutorial link to some more tools in this topic: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/39603-lamias-fe4-stuff/&do=findComment&comment=2775837 anyway that'll do for now, I'd like to think I'm pretty versed in FE4 if anyone wants to ask whatever, or not, I know noone cares about FE4
  21. I've always wondered this playing Genealogy of the Holy War, but what made having Major Blood so special than having Minor Blood? While I get only Major Blooded characters can wield the Divine Weapons of their respective bloodlines, it still never made sense to me storywise. Were they meant to be the next incarnation of the Crusaders to stand against Loptyr? or were they simply meant to signify who was important and who wasn't? I do like that three Houses kind of abolished this kind of weird mechanic as it doesn't matter if you have a Major or Minor Crest you can still wield your bloodline's Hero Relic or Sacred Weapon. But why didn't they just call them Crests then?
  22. -------------------------------------- Link to translation on tumblr Link to translation on Google Docs: Google Doc, Book 1 - Google Doc, Book 2 - Google Doc, Book 3 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE GAMES AND DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE THING: I still highly recommend reading from the prologue, to Chapter 3. These early parts address backstory that was not fully fleshed out in the games, including: 1) Loptous' meeting with Galle, 2) the story of the 12 Crusaders, 3) Arvis' childhood, and 4) the attack on Darna. Follow me on tumblr, or twitter, for new translations the moment I finish them! I also do FE game localization vs. Japanese translations and analysis posts, so follow if you are interested in those as well! -------------------------------------- Links to FE5 novel translation, for those who haven't found it yet: Book 1 - Book 2 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- Howdy, everyone! Now that I have finished my translation of one of the FE5 novels (aside from minor edits, like updating to fit the new Project Exile naming standards), and the results of my "which should I translate next" poll are out, I have started work on one of the FE4 novels! It claimed 1/4 of the votes, even with other FE4 book options on the poll! Whoa! We as a fandom are really into Jugdral right now! FE4 is my favorite video game of all time, and I could not be more excited to translate this novel and share this retelling of the story with you all. Be sure to follow me at the links above for immediate updates! Of course I'll post here as well, but I mostly use tumblr and the Google Docs/Folders, so those will get updated first. ***Final Update: This project is now COMPLETE!! 😄 Look forward to the FE8 novel translation, starting Jan 2021!!
  23. In development since late 2012, this project is one of the rare English hacking community FE4 hacks out there. This is planned to be more in-depth than most, with several system tweaks, customized weapons and new magic types, new classes and items, maps and events, and more. Unlike the base game, this project does not have a generational system; instead, it is split into Part 1 and Part 2. It may hurt replay value, but it is not the intention of the game as a whole, and the story takes place on a much smaller time frame. Currently, the first five chapters are playable. Many of the system tweaks are more or less finished; most of what's left are creating new maps and dialogue, and total portrait reconstruction of course due to the furry populace. List of Changes New weapons and personal weapons Additional Killer weapons, a number of personal weapons, extra skill-giving weapons New magic tomes Complete with their own mostly-custom animations New accessories More and different skill-giving jewelry and the like New classes Hero, Wyvern Knight, Trickster, Ranger, and more New maps Of course, none of which matches the continental view New conversations New characters means different characters interested in others, a wide variety of personalities Event modification Progression is generally different, some chapters especially having reduced numbers of castles No children The game is split into Part 1 and Part 2 instead, in order to preserve balance and to add longer familiarity and development with each character Some changed graphics Items and skills get new icons, the menus are a different color, more to come System Changes - Statscreen changes in the class name, map sprite position, and weapon ranks - Gold cap decreased to 30000 (all items have been balanced to reflect this) - Critical rates are displayed on the statscreen and also during battle, replacing the Level - Force and Spirit magic do physical damage (this effectively makes Lamia a Strength-based mage) - Magic Swords do magical damage at close range by default - Weapon weight is reduced by STR/2 or MGC/2 depending on the weapon type - NPC and Neutral-aligned unit battles use Real animation - Previously hidden skills such as Canto and Recover now appear on statscreens and have proper names and descriptions - S weapon rank has been added along with weapons - Sword skills can now be activated by any weapon type - Hit% is now calculated with Skill*2 + Luck*1 - Giving gold from one with the Steal skill gives up to half the giver's gold, up to 5000G Things to not pay attention to - Map animations will result in glitches and potential crashing, don't use it - Portraits, because the entire populace are furries and it takes time to make new portraits, which I need to do for the player heroes and also every single boss and NPC - Castle and enemy names, they'll all be reworked in the end - Untranslated/unscripted dialogue and menu text stuff because I usually do the important things first like gameplay, however you have my assurance that character/class/item names won't be ignored - Poor writing, I'll make a better-written story once I can complete the game Chapter Progress: Part 1-1: 99% Part 1-2: 80% (map may be fully reworked) Part 1-3: 95% Part 1-4: 99% Part 1-5: 99% Part 1-6: 20% Part 2-1: 0% Part 2-2: 0% Part 2-3: 0% Part 2-4: 0% Part 2-5: 0% Part 2-6: 10% Current Public WIP: Download IPS v0.6b This patch is compatible with the original, (J) ROM, with a header. here's some screenshots things I need to figure out: - decode battle sprite animations - advanced event coding - change which icons items use - find all of the holy blood graphics - probably more that don't come to mind right now thanks: ~ pukachi, camus, and whoever else made the original nightmare modules ~ shin for pointing out some stuff I've missed ~ the english FE romhack community for being cool and there ~ much of this project couldn't be done without all of the Binary research and data, thank you very much to all of the japanese FE4 hackers, without which this project most likely would not be where it is today, nor possibly exist without.
  24. Wow, it's been a while since I posted on this forum. Hello there! So, I've been fiddling with FE4 lately, which basically means that I scavenged into Lamia's Stuff with the help of the humble google translate. Speaking of Lamia, if you read this: the patch that shows crit chance in battle instead of level still disables wrath. Not too hard to fix, the code that needs changing is in the readme, but you said you updated the link with a fixed patch and that doesn't seem to be the case. Anyway, through the various binary stuff I found a folder called "handaxe", which has a patch that changes the battle animation 30 (an unused one for the soldier) to a throwing axe animation usable by swordfighters/mercenaries and forrests/heroes. I applied it and it seems to work. Problem is: the animation is in, but the actual sprites are not, so whenever a forrest attacks with a throwing axe it basically shows Missingno making the attack. In the "handaxe" folder I also found the handaxe sprites for the swordfighter/mercenary, forrest/hero and a third one which looks like a bowfighter or sniper but whatever. For each sprite there's three files: a .png showing the final product, a .png all cut up in 8px by 8px chunks and a .bin file. I tried to search around but I really found nothing, so I ask you: how do I put those sprites into the ROM so that I can assign them with the "battle sprite editor" nightmare module?
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