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  1. Hi lamia, Emperor_arden here, with a few questions on the fe4 hack documents.


    I've wanted to make an fe4 hack for some time now, but all I have to edit with is a hex editor in a browser that goes by hex.it

    I have been dabbling around with the documents, and found out how to make Quan into zane, and zane into Quan.

    however, if I save with this new zane alive, the game crashes hopelessly.

    in response to this bug, among others, I decided to see if there was something I could do to circumvent this.

    ive come across the eventing document, (Events.txt) and found it said the create character function format was like so: 27, character name low byte, character name high byte, X coordinate, Y coordinate, movement speed(typically 4),   alignment (02 for playable units) and then the three bytes of movestrings, which I found did not actually seem to work for playable units. I was hoping to make zane a playable character replacing Noish.

    in order to do this, I would need to have the address, as the formula to find the bytes by searching is not working. do you have the addresses for these things, and if so, would you put them in the fe4 hackdocs for everyone else to use?

  2. sorry for the delay, updated the post with this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MTIh0iG_hU_W5qYNwW8Dn91DhwRMnXbW/view?usp=sharing
  3. if you use a GIF editor (like I use GIF movie gear) and view the palette, the data for the inserted BMP into say, tile layer pro will have the same palette order. it's just a convenience thing if you manage to get a hang of it
  4. could you elaborate on that
  5. sorry about my slow responses, I tend to forget about this place in any case, I'm not sure it's a good idea to expand the battle sprite table. I think I've tried to do it before and things got wonky magic sword animations are only tied to a unit using a sword type animation at 2+ range. they can't be used in any other manner afaik and yeah, for my own project, having multiple classes and genders being able to use almost all weapons is just way too much animation space. I don't have such classes in my project. I also cut javelin and hand axe. in my project the throwable lances/axes are only S rank, so only third tier classes can use them, more space helps furthermore I don't know if you noticed but whenever you fiddle with animations, make sure all of the class entries are put together, i.e. a paladin needs to have all of the sword and lance animations in one continuous 'segment', and not split up by other class entries. a hex editor is handy for this, using cut and paste (not copy) so that you can keep the table consistent, just don't paste wrong as long as you know how to use pointers and text, dealing with names is pretty simple. there's no reason to add more text because the pointers only read so much space. just change the length of text if you need to. best way to go about it is to, say, work out your full item list, then start from the beginning and rewrite all of it, then change the pointers to all of it in order
  6. fug, sorry folks, dropbox only retains data for a certain time. I updated the links to use my google drive, so they should be good for the foreseeable future here's a segment from my disorderly notes about character-related events TALK EVENTS 4A68 or 4A69 or 4A6A? (seen so far) 4Axx #1 #2 first character byte only i.e. 11 01 ethlin -> sigurd defined at another place as two-byte i.e. 11 00 01 00 two-byte pairs enable the actual 'talk' selection, but must be defined in events to have a talk special talk events like lover talks may use the high byte (00) Boss talks - (Ch.1 > 6CBC6) 0D FF 00 00 #1 #1 FF FF #2 #2 32 EE PL PM PH 43 00 0D/0E = ??? difference? 00 00 = only displays this talk for a certain faction's phase (00 is player) ## = character, first is character for special talk, second is boss 31/32 = 32 talks on the map first, 31 is in-battle (changing may lead to crash) EE = event number P = pointer to conversation 43 = music used (for map talks only) Give stats event (Ch.1 > 32FA93, cuan > fin) 45 18 DE 84 4A 70 #1 ST +X 4A 70 #1 ST +X 4A 70 #1 ST +X 42 #2 00 00 45 94 BD 91 FD 45 18 DE 84 = ??? 4A 70 = give stats command #1 = gives stat to character number (first byte only) (FF for dynamic character, town events) ST = stat type, 00 - 07, stats in order of appearance on stat screen +X = amount of stat to give, signed, displays only up to +9, cannot exceed caps 42 #2 = display stat-ups above character number (first byte only) 45 94 BD 91 = ??? display statups above dynamic character: located at A9 XX then A9 YY, town location Add love points (Ch.1 > 32FAD2, aideen talks) 4A 60 FF FF MM MM LL 4A 68 MM MM FF = female MM = male LL = amount of points 4A 68 = for single-use event, cancels conversation with other character? 6CAFC + 6CE61 aideen recruits jamuka E97B3 events after mahnya's death E980D andrei and army leaves the map 4A57 C# 00 II character receives item 4A58 character receives item +42 C# holy weapon glow? 4A49 prepare character for spawn? 4A50 show character C# C# 4A61 hide character C# C#
  7. isn't this unrelated to FE4? maybe you should make your own topic or find a thracia one in the future in any case, it's likely you didn't change the same portraits as referenced by the dialogue script item list sorting by name just sorts by japanese symbols... obviously since the translations mucks with that it won't work properly, and it seems meaningless to devote time to adjusting it haven't discovered the location of those tiles yet
  8. my additional tools post has what you're looking for (weaponweightpatches) be sure to read the topic thoroughly I think it might be at $001E83 (close by to the menu text) but it's compressed, so use the (de)compressor exes
  9. using the extra two item slots in the nightmare modules are fine, as are the two items that ended up unused in the data in my testing and trying to find the sources of those items I just couldn't find them if I recall in any case, all of the items can be toyed with pretty freely if you know what you're doing, what with starting equipment and events, though there are quirks when it comes to details like inheritance and droppables
  10. not dead... just, you know, not being worked on as much as I'd like small tidbits, corrections here and there over the past two years, not much 'real' progress I do want to finish it SOMEday, but you know, life stuff and all that at the least I intend to release a patch once part 1 is done, whenever that may be
  11. ah sorry a bit inactive here I posted a new link https://pastebin.com/h06s0XTE
  12. the world map uses efficient tiling like playable maps and unlike some other games where it was just a full 'image' so unfortunately it's not easy to change retaking castles instead of destroying could be done if one looks at the code for NPCs and copies it for enemies... not that I know how to do that
  13. I only use a workaround for third tier classes by cleaning up the class list and adding separate third tier-level classes tier 1 has stat caps of 20 max, tier 2 has ~25, and 3 has ~30 the 'second gen' in my project is simply a 'Part 2' which uses the same characters, so I can get away with having them start at tier 2 and promote to tier 3, and that's how I handle it for player usage; a small amount of third-tier units also appear in Part 1 as the base game goes, the promotion entry for each character in both gens only allows 1 class the unit can promote to, so you'd have to figure out how to manage anything more yourself
  14. can't say, not familiar with the codes enough to make additional entries
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