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Found 272 results

  1. I'm (sort of) new to hacking roms, so, sorry if this is basic stuff. I'm making my own Fire Emblem 7 hack, and I am having trouble with Chapters 1 and 2. I made my own custom maps for both chapters, including the Prologue. The prologue runs fine, the map and events go perfectly, but chapters one and two are different. Chapter 1 connects to both the prologue and chapter 2 perfectly. You can win and go to the next chapter, so all is well. Anyways, I inserted the map for chapter 2, and the map for chapter 1 stopped working. The offsets are completely different, and I made sure that both event offsets and map offsets are for their respective chapters. When I assemble the events and insert the map for chapter 2, chapter 1's events and map stop working. But when I try to fix that, Chapter 2's map gets messed up, even though the events are fine. If I fix one, the other is messed up, what could be going wrong? Also I used Tiled to insert my maps. My apologies if this has been asked before, but I've looked for help everywhere, but to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  2. So, i have all the programms that i need i guess. I know that i can change names in nightmare, but it's coded, i guess we need to use WindHex here, but i don't know what i need to change actually. Didn't found this chapter in Ultimate tutorial, that's why i am asking.
  3. So I was playing Eliwood Hard Mode on chapter 25, and then I saw this. I literally made this account because of it. There's this myrmidon here, nothing special, but the next picture is just strange. He is wielding, out of all things, a horseslayer. Has this happened to everyone or is this just some bug that I have encountered? I tried searching for it in the forums or on Google but I didn't get anywhere. As far as I'm concerned, I didn't encounter this bug until I played Eliwood Hard Mode for the first time. If this happened to everyone, I'm sure somebody would have noticed it, but for now, it's just a funny myrmidon holding the wrong weapon.
  4. When trying to insert my events into an FE7 ROM, I get this error. I've been trying to figure it out for a while now but I'm still lost. Can anybody explain what this means (as in what it's saying I screwed up?) Finished. 1 errors encountered: Exception: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.Core.Program.Assemble(String inputFile, String outputFile, String languageName, ILog messageLog) at Nintenlord.Event_Assembler.UserInterface.MainForm.<.ctor>b__1(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs args) No data written to output.
  5. New promotion table of FE7. This patch will allow the module to be promotion table editor. Using this patch, each promotion can have its own requirement level. Still, incomplete battle animation of a class will cause a glitch(for example, promoting Druid into Paladin). This patch uses 0xD90000. This module doesn't make an item into a promotion item but change the result of the promotion. Download here
  6. Hello there! I'm Mr. Iggy Koopa, and I'm going to do a Lyn Normal Mode-Eliwood Normal Mode run of Fire Emblem! Why? Because I'm using a clean rom, and because I've never finished Fire Emblem, so it will be a bit of a blindish run. However, I hope you enjoy this run, and have a fun time reading it. [spoiler=Prologue: A Girl from the Plains and the son of a God.]Anna: Good morning, Vick. Happy birthday! Vick: Thanks, mom. You know, I find it weird that I'm your son, and you, the Random Number Goddess are my mother. It's... Awkward, if I do say so myself. Anna: Oh, shush dear, it's fine. By the way, I guess you know that now that you're 16 years old, you can either-- Vick: Explore the world you control with your powers, or remain here until I die. Yeah, I know about that. And I'd like to see this world. Anna: Oh, really? Well, in that case you'd better be prepared: This world is filled with war! ...But I think you will survive. Probably because you're my son! Vick: ...You always have to pull out the war topic, right? Anna: Well, I AM specialized in war: I can decide if they hit, they miss, or if they can make a Critical Hit. Vick: Fine, fine. I get it. Just send me into this world. Anna: Oh, my! We're impatient, aren't we? Alright, here we go! But first... I'll have to give you all of the... tacticalness a War Tactician needs. Vick: "Tacticalness?" Jeez mom, you always have to invent new words every two minutes? Anna: There we go! Now you are a fully fledged War Tactician, ready to challenge what this world's numerous wars! Vick: Yes, but-- Anna: No buts! Now go! Vick: I was just saying th--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! *falls* Anna: BEST OF LUCK, DEAR! WATCH OUT WHEN YOU LAND! *Later...* Vick: Ugh... My back... It hurts... Like a huge-ass rock came rolling back and forth behind me... Oh! You're awake, then! And I thought you were in a coma of some sorts... Hell, even dead! Vick: EYAGH! Who the hell are you?! I would say the same thing about you. anyways, my name is Lyn. I'm from the Lorca tribe. Now that you know me, what about you? You don't seem that you're from these parts, and that brand on your hand makes me think you have a certain bond with the gods... Vick: Well, I'm Vick. My brand on this hand? It's just a little thing that recognises me as the Random Number Goddess Anna's son. Anyways, where the hell am I? Lyn: Well then, you're in Sacae, a place well known for the plains, the tribes... and the nomads. Especially the nomads. Vick: Okay then... Got it. Say, I saw some dudes outta here, they looked very beefy, and they have axes. Are they your friends? Lyn: Hmm... Beefy... Axes... Eyup, they must be Bandits, that's for sure. Vick: Oh, I see... Because I saw one of them doing some weird-ass dance in front of a house... or tent. I dunno. Lyn: Oh, really? That's fantastic! I'm gonna chug up a sword on that son of a bitch. Vick: Damn girl, you sure? Wait, they're brigands. They have axes. And you have a sword. Swords beat Axes. Eyup, you can kick their butts. Lyn: Wait, you don't fight? Vick: Of course not! I'm Your Average War Tactician Bro! You know, the one that can guide your army and that shiz? Lyn: Oh. Okay then. Better than nothing, I suppose. Vick: Anyways... About these Bandicks, you... should just stab 'em, avoid their hits and kick that dude on the door's ass. Got it? Lyn: YOU SON OF A BITCH! *Runs for the Brigand* Vick... I think I'll count that as a yes. Batta: Who the hell are you? You think you're the best like no one ever was? Well too bad, because I'm the best like no one ever was! I'm the Lime Knight himself, the one and only, the amazing... BATTA THE BEAST!!! Lyn: Too bad you're kinda dead. So is your friend. Batta: *gasps* You killed Johnny?! HOW COULD YOU?! HE WAS LIKE A BROTHER! Lyn: Shut the hell up, you're dead now. Vick: Yeah, obey the green lady. She killed you. Batta: Avenge me, Johnny... Both Vick and Lyn: HE'S DEAD, YOU DUMBASS! *Later, that day...* Vick: ...And then, when that guy missed with a 99% hit, you know what happened to the other guy? Lyn: Nope! What happened? Vick: He hit with a 1% hit, and he critted too, killing the other guy! Lyn: *laughs* Really? That must be some bad luck for that other guy! Vick: You're joking, right? That was ridiculous when I saw it with my eyes! Now here I am, telling this story to you. Anyways, how about we make a journey where we discover you're a noble and you have an evil uncle that wants to get the throne? Lyn: As stupid as that sounds, why not? Vick: Good! Because you're kinda forced, too. Lyn: ... And we're done! If you wonder what levelup Lyn got, she got HP/Str/Skill/Spd/Lck. A good level in my book! Anyways, that's the end of the chapter, I hope you enjoyed!
  7. As stated in my previous PMU post, I'm doing a FE7 run, and since I like reading other people's LPs, why not try one myself. The Lyn mode stuff will just be levels and a few random things because its Lyn mode. Since this is my first one, go easy on me. Here is the team from PMU post (in no order): 1. Kent 2. Wallace 3. Guy 4. Lucius 5. Matthew 6. Bartre 7. Serra 8. Heath 9. Vaida 10. the lords obviously 11. Sain 12. Nino EDIT: 13. Karla (I'll see if I can work her in at the end) [spoiler=Prologue through Ch4 AKA The Great Bandit Massacres]The journey begins... Lyn with a nice first level up and I might be reconsidering being OK with Kent Lyn continues to win my heart as Kent continues to dissapoint. Hard to go wrong with Sex Panther, my super lame set up for defense, and Kent continuing to show me why no one likes him. I let Will and Florina do stuff just to make Lyn mode go faster, they will be benched in HHM. Also, Lyn is too good. Lyn continues to down the HGH and crits the boss on the first strike to gain some strength. Kent.............. -_- Next we should get Serra and Lucius (wooh) and hopefully finish LHM. (Sorry pretty dry read LHM is boring.)
  8. During my attempt in editing spell animation for axe, it seems that standard battle animation for axe can't be used to ranged animation, and even throwing axe animation can't handle any animation other than throwing axe. The battle screen is stalled, and HP increment won't stop if nosferatu animation is used. 1. Is it offset problem, or is it script problem? 2. Hasn't there be any patch to fix them (if it's a script problem) Thanks.
  9. What the title says. I used to believe for a long time that Marcus was superior to Paladin!Sain. However, I've recently considered that Sain might be able to reach reasonably high levels and weapon ranks in Lyn Mode (I've seen people reaching Lv20, B Swords, B Lances in Lyn Mode). Both of them compete for experience when both exist, and Sain requires less resources to reach important parameters than Marcus due to better growths overall, particularly speed. Who do you believe is the better unit, and why? Is Marcus's availability more important than Sain's less resource necessity for speed benchmarks (14 AS)?
  10. Now featuring 1000% more SEX PANTHER SOLOS!!! This run will of course feature the usual shit levels, crappy sex jokes, and Sain solos. Sain will of course be carrying my team, as all the other paladins are complete ass. I was thinking about doing a horse only run, but eh, paladins are so badass that the game can't handle it. I mean really, Marcus can solo the game. Here are some things: 1. LHM will not be showed, but I do have most (Yeah, I missed some) of Sain and Kent's levels from it, and those will be posted below. The rest of the game will be on Eliwood Hard mode. 2. Sain, Kent, Marcus, Lowen, and Isadora are the paladins, so they will be the only ones in combat. There are a few exceptions to this. 3. Priscilla is a troubadour, and they upgrade to paladins in FE4, so she will be the team healer. She will never fight. 4. Eliwood can be used upon promotion. He is basically a paladin, but with a giant ass sword. 5. Serra will be used as little as possible until Priscilla arrives. 6. Hector, Eliwood, Lyn are going to be arena abused to level twenty to get Linus FFO. The paladins are too badass to arena abuse, so the lords will be the only ones. Screens will be showed starting with chapter eleven. [spoiler=Most of the duo's levels from LHM] Final stats from LHM: Actually really good! I'm surprised Kent's strength hasn't become an issue. SEX PANTHER is amazing. Team carriers right here. Except for, oh I don't know, the fact that they both have base defense? Next time, Browen and Brocus! Also, I dedicate this run to Tonton, in hope that he will see the light that is SEX PANTHER.
  11. (This counts for FE7 and FE8, but not FE6.) I noticed that in FE7 and FE8, light magic is a heck of a lot worse than anima. As a basic example, the stats: Lightning has 4 might, 95 accuracy, 5 crit and a whopping 6 weight. This means that when Serra from FE7 promotes, she won't be able to use the weakest light tome without losing attack speed. (It was unlikely that she'd be used for combat anyway, but you know.) Fire, on the other hand, has 5 might, 90 accuracy, no crit, and a weight of 4. This, at least in my opinion, is a fair bit better than its light counterpart. The only stats that lightning beats it at is accuracy- which is fairly high for most tomes apart from some special dark ones, anyway- and crit, which is nice, but not necessary. In my opinion, light tomes should at least have reduced weight. What do you guys think? Should they be changed completely, along with the stats of all tomes in FE8 and FE7? Should only the weight be reduced a bit to make light magic-users more viable? Or should nothing change at all?
  12. Hey all, longtime lurker and VERY occasional poster here, doing an FE7 THWOMP run in HHM for your enjoyment. I calculated the THWOMPness of all the FE7 characters based on the simple formula of HP + Def + Res - Spd. I wasn't sure how to include base stats without skewing in favour of prepromotes, but here's the top 10 THWOMP units based on the calculation (and who I will likely be using): (145) Oswin (130) Hector, Lowen (120) Wallace (115) Ninils (105) Eliwood, Canas (100) Dorcas, Bartre (95) Harken Extremely good earlygame, but no healer until promoted Canas. For your perusal, here's the rest of the list: (90) Kent, Marcus, Fiora, Jaffar (85) Lucius, Heath, Geitz, Farina, Renault (80) Sain, Wil, Serra, Raven, Hawkeye (75) Erk, Merlinus, Pent (70) Priscilla, Isadora, Louise (65) Rath (60) Lyn, Nino, Vaida (55) Florina (50) Matthew, Legault (45) Rebecca, Guy, Dart, Karel, Karla I feel like it's a good list, all things considering. I'll be doing a screenshot LP, so hopefully this will be fun for both you guys and me. As an aside, an FE8 THWOMP would probably fun if you exclude Seth (who would undoubtedly make the list given his crazy growths). I was also considering an Anti-THWOMP playthrough using the bottom ten on the list, but that would mean Ch11 would require Hector use for the boss, and Ch12 would be a Matthew + Rebecca solo, which sounds like way too much hassle to me. Here's the first chapter, feedback is appreciated: Again, feedback is appreciated! As an aside, how do you guys want me to play? Should I play draft-style where I cannot use any of the other characters? Or should I be allowed thieves and clerics? I'll leave it up to you guys to let me know in your posts
  13. [spoiler=Old Information about Ironman runs] Hey there guys, I just started recording a FE7 Hard Mode quickplay, and thought a natural place for more people to actually find my gameplay is Serenes Forest of course. I'm not sure what the preference for LP's on SF are, so i just went ahead and did a video LP because I felt it would be more entertaining to watch than to look. Each episode will consist of multiple chapters in one, since I will mostly not be doing any story commentary/voiceover, as there are several of them out there already and I wish for my LP to stand out as much as possible. Here is the link to my playlist. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZUC2vCaB_Ky3oT1rBgrcj-E2o6dJFpUD *IMPORTANT* This will be streamed on my Twitch Channel on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM EST unless otherwise notified. I will only be uploading and reporting highlights of my FE streams from Twitch from now on, as I do not have time to edit and record full on footage as I used to have. So come by and watch the show while I'm playing live and have a great time! :D Check *Update 3* Link to my Twitch Stream. http://twitch.tv/n7_average_azn *UPDATE 1* *UPDATE 2* [spoiler='Death Reel of Character Deaths so far:'] Current Death Reel of the Blind Lyn/Hector HM Ironman LP/Stream here! I can only imagine how the rest of this Ironman Lyn/Hector HM LP/Stream is going to go... :'( *UPDATE 3* *UPDATE 4* [spoiler=Added End Run stats of Attempts 1 and 2] Attempt 1 ended at Chapter 29: Cog of Destiny Attempt 2 ended at Chapter 19x: Prisoner of Magic *UPDATE 5* [spoiler=Yes, this is attempt #13.] So as you all may already know, my bad luck came so badly on tonight's stream that I had to restart several times because I lost several key characters... and just wasn't willing to push forward, so I managed to rage reset from the beginning of HHM 10 more times! This was due to mainly Chapters 11 and 13x, because I was either too hasty, or too cocky in my tactics. It was also because i was tired, so I'll make sure that the next HHM stream on Thursday is more appropriate :D I'll see you all there Thursday! :D *UPDATE 6* [spoiler=My 3rd semi-successful Ironman run (Attempt #16).] Just in case you guys missed it, this is how my 16th Ironman run failed. I hate FE7 Luna. Oh Rindisu... :'( *UPDATE 7* [spoiler='My stats of my EHM run so far.] Chapter 16: Chapter 20: Episode 1: As of right now I have Episodes 1 - 4 completed and uploaded already. I have around 6 or 7 episodes worth of content recorded from my LP stream that needs to be edited and rendered. It should be done by this Friday, December 20th. It will be shortened to 30 mins episodes for your convenience. Me and Rindesu hope that you all enjoy this series and thanks for watching!!! Hector Hard Mode is now in effect! *UPDATE END* What this so-called "quickplay" Stream/LP consists of is of the following: Taken straight from my video description I know I said in my first video that I will be doing Lyn Hard Mode then Eliwood Hard Mode, but I wouldn't mind doing Hector's story instead (on Hard mode of course) if the demand for it is high enough. I also don't mind taking any character requests if you all have any specific characters or strategies that you want me to use. I will consider them as long as it doesn't conflict significantly with my guidelines I have already set. And of course, anything in this LP is up for debate such as who gets promotions or not, and story narrative if you wish to have it. I don't mind doing story narrative, I just want you guys to enjoy what you see. :D I hope you guys enjoy this series at least as much as I am creating it! Feel free to leave me any comments you may have on SF or on the specific episode you may have, I'll greatly appreciate it! :D Hello everyone! So lately I've been getting really stressed from my Ironman runs of HHM (seriously, fuck you Zoldam T_T), so for now I will be doing an S Rank Attempt run of HHM! It will be streaming on my Twitch channel as usual; Here's the link.
  14. So I'm planning to play some FE7 after not playing it for like 5 years. What units should I use? Also, I have no save files so it forces me to do Lyn mode, will I be able to choose hard mode after it?
  15. The basis of the idea is this: The game begins in Lyn's story. It goes on to Eliwood's (Or Hector's if you unlock it). You go through Eliwood's/Hector's story. The difference is, it has the support system of Awakening, with added S supports so characters can get married. The marriages affect the children's growth rates later in the game. After the ending scene, you move on to Sword of Seals. The children's stats are not affected by the parent's level, but they're growth rates are (I.E. Erk!Raigh/Lugh would have ridiculously high magic growths). Once you get done with Zephiel, sidequests appear to recruit the parents, who have the same stats that they had when you left them at the end of Blazing Sword. Changes: -Marriage system that's not completely OP like in Awakening (Canas/Dorcas can't get S supports, as they are already married. Also, Bartre x Karla is cann, so they only S support with each other). -Tactician is a character, you pick his starting class at the beginning of the game, as well as asset/flaw. -Recruit surviving parents in the SoS half. -Updated graphics, but not exactly the same as Awakening (We don't want Canas in that ridiculous Sorcerer outfit) -Voice acting. -World map, but no skirmishes. -Limited arena use for each character (A character can only get so many level ups in a certain arena). -DLC (Available for play after beating Zephiel) -Going to also add in Karla to Eliwood's story, so then Fir doesn't seem like she just came in to existence. My friend and I were speculating about a remake for FE7, and it escalated to this. What do you guys think?
  16. Okay, so I was wondering whether you guys prefer Kenneth's map or Jerme's map for Pale Flower of Darkness. I'm currently on my third playthrough (Eliwoods Hard Mode) and I'm almost done with the stage. Two of my three playthroughs I've gotten Jerme's map and I honestly prefer it. It may be a bit tougher than Kenneths, but you don't have to deal with all three kinds of long-distance magic constantly. Also, the Bolting is easier to get if you actually want/ use it. I suppose that is helped out quite a lot by the fact that I like Dorcas until he's level ten, and will use Raven through the end as compared to the magic users of whom I will only use Priscilla and Canas (though Canas doesn't count). I also think that it's a lot easier to get Harken in Jerme's map, and I always promote him just so I can steal his Brave Sword :D . Anyway, the other reason that I love Jerme's map is because you can take your time. There are tons of enemies, many of them promoted, but there's a spot where you can funnel them out, normally with Hector or Oswin due to their high defense stats. In fact, that's exactly what I do. I promote Hector and put him in that 2x1 area right near where you start and let all of the enemies come towards him with Canas, Florina, or Heath waiting behind him for some easier distance kills. The sheer number of enemies also makes it so that I can fill in gaps in my leveling, and get majority of my units (not Lyn because I dont have the second Heaven Seal) promoted. It is just a long stage, but fairly easy even in Hard Mode and it is earns my favor because there's no long range magic and there are tons of enemies for you to level up against.
  17. Has anyone done this? Used your affinity from FE7 and use only units in games with affinity matching it? I'm considering doing it I'm Wind so my teams would be FE6: Bors, Ellen, Shanna, Sue, Treck, Oujay, Garret, Hugh FE7: Lyn, Sain, Wil, Matthew, Priscilla, Fiora, Hawkeye FE8: Joshua, Forde, Tana, Saleh, Myrrh FE9: Rolf, Volke, Kieran, Nephenee, Astrid, Makalov, Ranulf, Haar, Bastian, Largo, Sothe FE10: Laura, Sothe, Vika, Nailah, Haar, Nephenee, Kieran, Astrid, Rolf, Ranulf, Bastian, Volke These all sound pretty fun to try. I may just end up doing that, So what is your affinity?
  18. || F I R E . E M B L E M || O R I G I N . of . C R E A T I O N temporary topic for fee3 or something >>[ tumblr page ]<< -----------------==+==----------------- { s t o r y } An abduction. A secret. A disaster. Fifteen years have passed since the Fall of Ashgarde; its ruling family lost, and its land and people left to an uncertain future. The embrace of chaos casts Spelaria into turmoil as a conspiracy generations in the making threatens the entire world. Unaware, a boy and his sister seek the answers to their past... -----------------==+==----------------- { a b o u t } As with many hacks, FEOC began as a community hack. What initially was to be a casual exercise in hacking FE7 soon developed full-scale as the project garnered interest. However, the conflicting interests of too many parties eventually called for a decision that would later change the scope of the entire project. FEOC became a private project primarily due to waning interest from the original participants, as well as a lack of cohesion when it came to characters, plot, and a general unwillingness to compromise on a number of fronts. While little tangible product has been produced thus far, we ultimately hope to share with you a brilliant, engrossing product with well-developed characters, an intriguing plot, and, most of all, a believable original universe of our own creation. -----------------==+==----------------- { p r o g r e s s } | STORY | 3/?? (Dmi) | 0/?? (Osc) | 0/?? (Rhae) planned| Chp 5 [Osc] written| Chp 5 [Dmi] hacked| Chp 3 [Dmi] | GRAPHICS | 36/?? (PC) | 28/?? (EC) | 3/?? (NPC) maps| Chp 3 [Dmi] icons| 7/?? interface| none CGs| none -----------------==+==----------------- { c r e d i t s } hacking| AK, KoT graphics| Char, AK, Army, KoT story| Army, Char, AK | thanks | Intelligent Systems, Nintendo all of the lovely people who have made FE hacking possible and all of our friends and supporters
  19. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Nintendo-Game-Boy-Advance-Fire-Emblem-GBA-SP-NDS-DS-LITE-NDSL-0088-/330983091966?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d10212efe I can't seem to tell if this item is a fake. It seems suspicious because of the extremely low price and the fact that it's from China, where Bootlegs tend to come from. The seller has positive feedback, but there is still something off about this bid. My apologies if this is in the wrong section or against the rules. Although i don't think it is.
  20. I have had this idea for a while and I was wondering if it was possible for making a command to capture an enemy in FE7 like in FE5?
  21. Fire Emblem: Re-coded (Updated June 8, 2013) -Alpha Version- FE:Re-coded is an FE7 hack that modifies the storyline, maps, and characters. The tactician, a mysterious hooded existentialist, now plays a major role in the story. The main storyline revolves around the tactician, sent by the Defender to investigate on a change in activity going around Elibe's code. It turns out that there have been changes to the characters, the enemies, and a whole lot of other variables. As the group tactician, it is up to him to come up with tactical prowess, as well as to seek the outsider who has tampered Elibe's code. The hack is still in alpha state. Only the prologue and some of Chapter 1 has been finished. Although it would be a struggle to get this hack going since it is limited to the "flow" of FE7 (since I have yet to learn about event assembly). But I guess following through the original storyline but making changes is acceptable enough. Hack features - One-of-a-kind storyline, featuring the tactician with a major role - Characterization, stats, terrain changes - Difficulty/challenge hack - New items, character stats, and maps Screenshots: Alpha Version (v0.02) Download link here. Right now, only the prologue map has been done and I have not yet removed the tutorials, so you would need the .sav that comes with the patch to play the game (Copy the .sav with the rom renamed to FERecoded.gba and when starting a new game choose Lyn Hard Mode) Thanks to all of the comments so far. Still a long way to go before this hack could be considered complete. I also implemented Alfred Kamon's suggestions from the comment below and have changed the Prologue map and dialogue entirely.
  22. Hi there! Some of you may remember I was on a 'play every fire emblem game' run a while back. I finished the SNES era, and well, I had to take a break as my wedding was getting close and I had to work on you know, planning that. Then I got sick, was in an accident...pretty much life kicked me around a bit. Still, after a long time away, I am resuming my run. I played FE7 (Blazing sword) to get me back into the swing of things, having beaten than game to death many a time before. I also wanted to refresh my memory for when I now play this game, I can see all the hints for FE7. But one thing I am noticing as I begin looking into this, is that there are some 'subtle' references, without being blatant. It's never clearly stated who Roy's mother is, for example. I would love to build a team around the kids of my old favorites, and would love to know what details we do KNOW, and what is speculated. I can't find this information at the moment, though I could have SWORN I had seen something like this on the site before. Did I imagine this? Am I going crazy? If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be most appreciative!
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