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Found 24 results

  1. Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes Alm Chapter 1 theme (FE8 GBA Style) Here are my FE 8 gba style of Gaiden/Echoes chaper 1 theme, all thanks to . FE 8 Sacred Stones soundfont by circleseverywhere from Serene Forest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwek6smehhap7rq/Native_Instruments_with_MPiano.sf2?dl=0 FE 2 Gaiden portrait by Lyanthus from Serene Forest: Hope you enjoy
  2. So recently I've been replaying Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia after almost half a year of the last time I did so. It's still my favorite Fire Emblem game and I'm enjoying this playthrough, but I have been noticing a lot more of its flaws and rougher spots. Mostly with the story, but also in some cases the animation. It started off rather nit-picky, with simple thoughts of how they could have altered a line of dialogue to make it better, or that the conversation should have been about something else entirely, but they were pretty minor and stuff one realized in hindsight, so it didn't bother all that much. As the game went on, however, these moments piled up, to the point were everytime the game entered the visual novel mode, I found something new that the could have changed with at least one NPC present. The thing was, though, that not all of these moments came off as amateur writing, but instead that they didn't have the time or the money to expand or flesh out everything that they could have. For instance, the only quest giving NPCs I really remembered were the cheese lover, the woman who lost her son, and the pirate who tells you that his father had a tricorn hat. Yet when I played the game again, I thought that they should have been the most memorable NPCs in the game with their unique dialogue, interesting stories that occasionally added to the world, and their interactions with the player. However, this would have required either hiring a new voice actor or extending the paycheck of an already present one, having them record various lines for saying "yes", "no", "are you done yet" and "the quest is done". The voice acting, as great as it was, did mean that editing already recorded lines became an impossibility unless they delayed the game or asked for more money, which isn't always a wise idea in game development. Heck, even something as simple as adding unique portraits for NPC would have cost resources and time, and then they'd have to decide who gets what portrait. Even the animations, great as they are, do have sighs where they were limited in some areas. Every class only has one critical hit animation, there are no variations for critical magic spells (although that has been the case for every Fire Emblem game) the copious amounts of clipping show they didn't have the budget or time to make more animations or fix the clipping issue. Even with the fluid animations and smaller details such as characters having proper footing on uneven surfaces, these aspects are pretty noticeable. This is far, far from saying that the game is unpolished, but I'm curious if anyone else has any thoughts or opinions to share on how the lower budget affected the quality of this game.
  3. If we happen to get FE6 or 7 Echoes at some point (yes i'm aware of the interview with the director of SoV saying he'd like to do fe6 if he gets the chance). How would you feel if they did it in an FE3 style where you'd have Book 1, which would be entirely FE7, and Book 2 being FE6, effectively two remakes in one game? Unless they decided to do it Fates style, (Buy 1 get the other cheaper). I know some of you want a FE6+7 with like inheritance, but I think that would be way too long as a singular experience, unless you like severely abridged them. Which I suppose could work, but I feel it'd detract.
  4. Seeing as no one has set up a thread for this yet that I know of, I thought I would. After all, it would be good to have a place where people from the PAL regions can unite and discuss their thoughts, feelings, hype and hopes for Shadows of Valentia. Who has preordered their copy and who is going to either pick their copy up from a shop or buy it day one? What do you all plan to do on release day? I have preordered mine already and I plan to use my evening on release day to play the game. I am really looking forward to it.
  5. Hey everyone! I've been working on this for a few days now. This is my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction, or whatever you want to label it as. So, my story is about what happens after Fire Emblem Echoes, specifically the character endings. I felt like Luthier's ending left a little too much to the imagination, but hey, imagination is awesome. So when I saw Luthier's ending, I immediately wanted to write something about it that explains what actually happens to him. WARNING: This will obviously include spoilers about Fire Emblem Echoes. Read at your own risk. I always appreciate feedback, but please don't point out every little tiny mistake or argue about things that you might not think makes sense. Please understand that I'm not perfect and I'll make mistakes, and that this is my story, and I can write whatever I want in it. I'll eventually leave a link due to the lack of space here, but for now, you can find the first 3 Chapters of my first Fire Emblem Fanfiction here (Title Pending)
  6. I don't know if there's already a topic for the english version, but just in case, I'll put this in now. Also, I have no idea why Berkut is in this list, but eh whatever. Credits to Death Chaos for doing this. Also, for people who are attached to these characters, you might want to grab some tissues...just warning you.
  7. Sorry if there's an obvious answer to this elsewhere. I looked it up to the best of my (admittedly limited) ability and couldn't find the info I was looking for. Can characters use skills for weapons their class doesn't have access to? For example, let's say I have Faye use an iron sword until she gets the windswept skill as a villager, then promote her into a cleric. Or have Atlas use Astra until he gets the astral blow skill, then promote him into an archer. Will they have access to the skills they learned as villagers, even if they promote into classes that don't use swords?
  8. Does anyone know where to find the amiibo dungeon battle map themes? I really like Celica's, but I can't find it anywhere.
  9. So I for one am definitely excited for FE Echoes. Really want to get Valentia Complete, and am so close. Only thing is right now is having trouble with a credit card and could use some help. Topic open for anyone having problems or wishing to talk about the special edition release.
  10. So one thing I've noticed is that Clair has perhaps the most drastic redesign over the course of the series. Her gaiden in-game design features her with Blue Hair (as seen below), while her awakening redesigned artwork as an spotpass unit and her artwork in gaidens manual has her with red hair, now with echoes and her inclusion in heroes, she has blond hair. Quite a drastic redesign for one character in my opinion (I'll be honest, I think Clairs new design looks a lot like Forte from Rune Factory 4) (Also I did not see this topic created before so if it is I'm sorry)
  11. With all the positive press that Shadows of Valentia is getting, I don't doubt its going to at least do alright in the market, plus with all the promotions and season pass stuff they expect it to sell fairly well. So which direction do you suspect the potential Echoes subseries will go next? It has tons of avenues, and Gaiden honestly was probably the riskiest business choice of all of them. Binding Blade has gotten quite a bit of attention in cipher as well as Heroes, plus its never been released in the West. Not to mention Roy's popularity by itself could set this precedent up the Jugdral duology is very mechanically different, but also somewhat familiar (FE4 in particular having a Gen 2, made me think if they remade anything this would have been their first choice as it would be familiar to those who played Awakening & Fates), and seeing as SoV is taking a crack at the Thracia fatigue mechanic albeit severely altered, makes me think Jugdral might be soon. FE7 or 8 would be the Safe echoes route, however this would probably split the fanbases massively on whether or not the GBA titles need a revamp at all or what changes they might do. 9/10 with a bit of a touch up would allow them to attempt to sell Tellius properly this time, but would also run the risk of failing financially again, however its at this time that IS can make risks work, see SoV's positive press and hype for that.
  12. So as a fan; I have stated previously in older posts, Ive only played really the later half of the fe series gba and up, I have high hopes for echoes. What should be my biggest concern coming into it like what should really be a focus point. What would be the biggest learning curve or change in the upcoming game.
  13. I am personally dissapointed by the fact that the classes remain unchanged from Gaiden's classes. I was hoping that they would add some new classes, like third tier classes for the classes that didn't have them in the original, or making one villager (Atlas) have access to the brigand class). I still believe that the game will still be good regardless, but I really wanted archsages or seraph knights to return as well as new third tier classes for the cleric and the femal mages. Edit: I have never played gaiden, so I don't now which classes are overpowered or bad. Just letting you know.
  14. Theres some details in here, from people asking questions, we seem to have GBA styled supports, along with Weapons granting skills from being used enough among other things.
  15. Was just curious to see who else pre-ordered the game, I just did it today, because I realized since I have Amazon Prime I'd get a slight discount. Thanks student benefits, that nice 9$ cut.
  16. Not sure if this was put up yet, but here you go! This channel seems to have more as well
  17. (Apologies if a thread like this already exists) So I don't know about you, but I'm pretty hyped about Shadows of Valentia. I wasn't expecting it at all; never really enjoyed Gaiden, but I respected it for its massive formula changes and shift into more of a traditional RPG. It seems like Echoes will be retaining a lot of these changes, and hopefully this time around the tech is good enough to really eliminate all the tedious and obviously dated parts of Gaiden. But part of me is kind of worried that this game will have some sort of "spin-off"-itis in that it won't be enough to really captivate me. It looks hectic, don't get me wrong. Awesome character designs so far, my sweet boy Alm, the combat looks fluid if the HUD looks a little strange to me at the moment, and the dungeon crawling looks genuinely interesting. However, I have some fears: namely, that it will lack the supports, character building and story elements to really get me hooked on it. Gaiden has a relatively small cast IIRC, so I'm wondering if they will be adding in more characters to bulk up the roster, making these few existing characters more fleshed out, or leaving the numbers the same but massively underexplored. Limited supports in particular, with genuinely interesting conversations which amount to well-established relationships is what I had wanted out of Awakening and Fates, so their absence (even if it understandable) would be sorely felt. What about the rest of you? What gets you excited? Never played Gaiden and want to experience the beginnings of the series? Like the look of the art? And what might disappoint you about it? Let me know!
  18. http://gematsu.com/2017/03/fire-emblem-echoes-introduces-two-new-characters-unit-movement-rewind-system Now I don't usually post Gemtasu links, but this is kind of cool for once. So we seem to have a new mechanic in the form of Mila's Gear. Those of you who have played stuff like Prince of Persia, or Tactics Ogre may be familiar with traveling back a little bit in time to fix yourself.
  19. What changes do you want to see in the remake of Gaiden, the second Fire Emblem game made, aside from balanced classes and what we already seen in the trailer? Personally, I want to see the Weapon Triangle, fixed maps (I never played it myself, but those that have complain about about how bad some of them were), casual mode (I'm a casual noob, I'll admit), support system like the GBA games to help the characters develop and expand more than in the original, and better growths.
  20. I was watching the trailer for Echoes again (since I've lost control of my life), and I saw the screen of Alm and a soldier forecast screen, and I noticed the lack of any indication of our weapon triangle. The screen-shot should be below.
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