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Found 5 results

  1. (Mods, if this makes more sense in General Fire Emblem or some other forum, please feel free to move it.) I really liked how Three Houses had no restrictions on what weapons classes could use. Class skills incentivized some weapons of course, but you could still use - for example - a bow to add range to your otherwise 1-space locked units. I really wanted future titles to double down on that approach and maybe remove the idea of classes altogether (maybe mounts/ armor would be something you "equip"), but instead we went back to basics with Engage. Now, I appreciate the added complexity that fixed weapons bring and I also like that Engage offers some flexibility itself with inheritable proficiencies and classes with variations for different weapon types, but it got me wondering about a way to combine the two approaches. The thing that stuck out to me was everyone having an innate weapon type. So picture this: what if, regardless of class, a character would always be able to wield their innate weapons, but if they were in a class that already used it, they'd get to use a higher weapon rank instead (this part comes from Engage)? For example, Alear would be able to wield B/ C Rank swords (I don't know if B Rank would be too powerful) as a Halberdier but if you put them in say, Wyvern Knight, they'd upgrade that class' B Swords to A-tier. So you'd get some variety in how you build units, but you'd get rewarded for doubling down on what makes a unit good and all while ensuring that each unit remains unique even if you put a bunch of them in the same class (for example you could have two Wyvern Knights, one who can also use magic and the other all three basic weapons). Granted, adding Arts animations to mounted classes may take some doing, but I've been mulling this over for a while and I quite like the idea if I say so myself. How about you? Thanks for reading!
  2. What new weapon types you'd like to see get introduced in future games? Personally I'd like to see muskets that deal damage based on the skill stat; they also be high powered but occasionally need a turn for reloads. Also boomerangs, which could be used to damage multiple enemies.
  3. Royal Sword really had an increase in memorability and identity from Gaiden. It correlates incredibly well to the themes and Celica's new prf sword: Beloved Zofia. It also helps give Alm a different standout weapon than being another Falchion user among Falchion users. Alm's Falchion is easily the least standout, has the least screentime and completely vanishes off the face of the earth, . With his amiibo completely locking Alm in future games with compatibility or just general spinoffs featuring FE characters. I really hope we don't have another Heroes where Royal Sword was completely shafted.
  4. I was thinking about it in my head but should the next fe foucs on a specific culture(s) or just carry on with a european medival setting. I would personally like and african based continent or maybe and iberean continent. Also i would like the next game whereever it takes place to link a previous world to it without the use of dlc ect. what would you like the setting to be?
  5. I have three different radical ideas for future Fire Emblem games, but since I don't want to flood the forum with three new topics in a short amount of time, I have consolidated these ideas into a single topic. Also, feel free to share your own radical ideas. Spinning off Fire Emblem Awakening into a separate subseries. This newly spun-off subseries will inherit gameplay mechanics such as the custom Avatar, Second Seals, a traversable world map, unlimited grinding, branching promotions, etc. Meanwhile, the "main" subseries will feature a more "traditional" gameplay system. The main downside is the extra development costs in maintaining two parallel subseries, unless they only make one FE at a time, alternating between the two subseries, which would defeat the whole purpose of a separate FEA subseries except with regards to branding. Having an army composed entirely of player-made custom characters. Instead of having an army of premade, developer-created characters with the occasional custom Avatar, how about an entire army of custom, player-created characters? I came up with this idea as a possible solution to end the shipping wars. Incorporating Skylanders-type figures as an optional feature of the game. When I was watching a video about the Nintendo 2DS, an unboxing video for collectable Pokemon Rumble U figures was in the suggested videos column. The suggestion's thumbnail piqued my interest, so I decided to click on it. When I watched the video, I learned that Pokemon Rumble U had a feature similar to Skylanders and the upcoming Disney Infinity, and I also learned about a feature of the Wii U that I didn't even know existed: that the Wii U GamePad had a built-in Skylanders-type scanner. After watching the video, I thought, what if something similar was incorporated into a Wii U FE game as an optional feature? FE Skylanders-type figures could be used to unlock new characters, new character classes, and/or boost the stats of existing characters. So, what do you guys think? If Intelligent Systems decides to implement a combination of the above ideas, idea #2 and idea #3 can be reconciled by having the FE figures unlock einherjar, powerful pregens, new classes for existing characters, and/or stat boosts for existing characters.
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