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  1. edit: ENM starts here. HNM starts here. Back we go! I'm sure some of this forum's inhabitants will remember my attempt at S-ranking HHM from about half a year ago. Things were going... alright, although I underestimated the Funds rank quite a bit, which was going to make balancing my surplus in Tactics (as in "turns to spare") with getting all the treasure in the final maps a fairly narrow game. I was still cautiously optimistic that it'd be enough and then my laptop died. Well, not quite died, but I had to format the hard drive, which lost me quite a bit of not-crucial data - I do make regular back-up saves of my Documents folder, but that's not where I store my game saves. This wasn't exactly helping my enthusiasm for the HHM run (and Fire Emblem in general, to be honest), so it took me a while to pick up the series again, but at some point between Christmas and New Year's Eve I played through Lyn Mode and decided to make this the basis of a New and Improved (tm) attempt at finally finishing a Ranked run of HHM. Just to make sure that I wouldn't have two half-finished attempts lying around these forums, I did type up some short summaries of the chapters, but wanted to wait until I'm getting close to my previous progress (which was right before Hector's promotion) until I present them here on the forums. Well, get close I did - finished Pale Flower yesterday evening - so here is the start of my New and Improved (tm) run! ...after giving due credit to both @Florete and @Balcerzak for their logged runs here and here, which I primarily used as guidelines for which turncounts to shoot for, but Bal's log in particular is really elaborate for when I actually need a little nudge to find a working strategy. LHM Stats My Good Resolutions (we shall see if I can keep 'em) Alright, stay tuned! I plan to post two chapters a day, probably starting this evening (it's 9:23 AM here, so 9-12 hours from now). I obviously can't implement any advice, but I still appreciate any comments and criticism Note: Since using the spoiler function apparently doesn't work well with direct links to individual posts, I'll just add a * after each chapter's number - so Ctrl-F for 7x* would get you to that chapter if I had made notes for Lyn Mode. Exception: Chapter 11 and 12 because for some reason, I'm not allowed to edit that post.
  2. I'm in the middle of a HHM ranked run, and something strange has happened. At the beginning of Ch25H, I had a 5 star funds rank. I played through the chapter, obtaining the Elysian Whip, the Divine, and refusing to recruit Farina. After the chapter, in Ch26H battle preps, I still had a 5 star funds rank as expected. However, when I used an Elysian whip in Ch26H battle preps, I checked my rankings and found that my funds rank had fallen to 4 star. Ch25H is 0 requirement. The Elysian Whip obtained there is a bonus asset, with no corresponding increase in the funds requirement. I made no major expenditures in Ch25H (I did promote in preps, but I had 5 star funds after doing so). With the exception of 2 uses each of Silver Lance and Elfire, I used lower end weapons, the cost of which would be offset by the acquisition of the bonus Divine tome. How could my funds ranking fall if I used an item that the game does not account for?
  3. So I'm attempting HHM for the second time and I'm wondering which characters so you suggest using the Energy Ring and Angelic robe on. I'm thinking of giving the Energy Ring to Florina and I'm not sure who I should give the Angelic Robe to What do you guys think?
  4. Let's Play Fire Emblem 7 HHM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjqcE9v1NPL4Y4lO1LvJrJHFK55Fbp57S Here is my current playlist of my fire emblem 7 HHM blind run Enjoy and have a nice day
  5. I finally finished this particular S-Rank run and just want to share the log. As the title implies this run was done with the restriction that no unit is going to be promoted by using their respective item. Hector is obviously the exception since his is forced. Some thoughts: - Obviously I had to skip Karla because it requires a promoted Bartre. To be fair this makes the run easier since Bartre is trash and even eats a Hero Crest. - I visited Linus' and Kenneth's version of Chapter 24 and 27 respectively. Nobody wants to play Jerme's map and Geitz is a valuable addition for this kind of run. - Skipped 32x because I didn't need another 0 requirement chapter for Funds and EXP (mostly). I could have done it by that would require warp-skipping which defeats the entire purpose. - Once you reach the lategame it got really easy aside from Chapter 28x and 29. - EXP was much harder because I don't have Priscilla & Serra for free extra levels. It doesn't help that this is the most challenging requirement besides Turns for reaching S-Rank. - Having no promotions meant that I could substitute them for statboosters which are also cheaper. This also allowed me to recruit Farina without endangering the Funds rank too much. - Maybe I was too paranoid but I only used 1 Angelic Robe and 1 Speedwing, nothing more. I think I could have used more, most importantly a Body Ring and the Boots. Turns: Units: Funds: 894104G Some fails, just for good measure : - I ran out of Physics too early because I had no money to buy more from Chapter 22 (I had to keep Farina's recruitment in mind). Instead several iron weapons were just rusting away with Merlinus which were there since Chapter 18. That was a waste of money. - Never forget Pure Water. Chapter 29 was hell on earth without them. - I FORGOT TO KILL THE THIEF WITH THE BRAVE LANCE. NOOOOOOOO! - When I reached the finale I was a few levels short of 5* EXP. I had to feed kills to Eliwood and Lyn during the freaking finale though at least the former hit pretty hard with Durandal to ease the torture. I don't think Athos got any kills during Part 1, he was only there to apply hefty chip damage on the bosses. Heck, even the Fire Dragon was killed by Hector instead of Athos using Luna because I wanted to finish the map in 2 turns. - Somehow got Dart to LV 18. I have no idea how I managed to do that. Guess, Chapter 24 is a good training ground for him.
  6. I’m doing my second ever attempt at S-Ranking HHM, and I just beat Living Legend. I’m easily at 5 stars for everything except for EXP, which is already at a pitifully low 3 stars. Basically I’m curious as to what strategies I can take to salvage the EXP rank with the large quantity of turns I’ve saved up so far (I haven’t done the math yet but I’ve beaten every chapter below the threshold). Right now my conundrum is deciding whether to attend Genesis. It’s obviously a massive pain in the ass, but the requirements all around are so lax, especially EXP at a mere 600 for a chapter brimming with promoted enemies. Also, I’ll likely be attending Lloyd’s FFO; I did Linus’ last time I played and didn’t think it was really worth it.
  7. Since I needed a break from optimizing Cog of Destiny, I started another HHM project that requires less brainpower overall: An as-exhaustive-as-possible list of enemy stats. I'm still very much at the start of this (and while it needs a lot less thought than my Ranked run, it still takes quite a lot of time), but I suppose it's not a bad idea to publish what I already have. I won't give any promises about how long I will take, since there are a bunch of chapters that I am not looking forward to (26 turns of Dragon's Gate springs to mind), but I'll do my best not to leave it unfinished. A few notes ahead: I try to remember and reset at the start of every chapter, which as far as I know will make sure that the numbers on the initial enemies are consistent. There will always be some randomness on reinforcements' stats, though. The Luck stat on all generic enemies is zero, so I won't bother listing it outside from boss stats. I obviously can't give any guarantee that all the numbers are correct - human error and all that jazz. If I list something like an Iron Lance Nomad: I use copy/paste to keep the layout consistent and this is the entry that I sometimes forget to change. I will steal an idea from the initial project and add a * to every chapter's number for easier Ctrl-F usage. Credit where it's due: I'm using fireemblemWOD's section of this game to see where and when reinforcements appear. CHAPTER 11* - Another Journey CHAPTER 12* - Birds of a Feather CHAPTER 13* - In Search of Truth CHAPTER 13x* - The Peddler Merlinus CHAPTER 14* - False Friends CHAPTER 15* - Talons Alight CHAPTER 16* - Noble Lady of Caelin CHAPTER 17* - Whereabouts Unknown CHAPTER 17x* - The Port of Badon CHAPTER 18* - Pirate Ship CHAPTER 19 - The Dread Isle CHAPTER 19x* - Prisoner of Magic CHAPTER 19xx* - A Glimpse in Time CHAPTER 20* - Dragon's Gate
  8. €²: This run is dead, Jim. Check out this one instead. €dit: Here's a chapter list: I recently had to mention for the umpteenth time in another thread that I never tried my hand at S-ranking any mode in Blazing Sword outside of LHM and ENM a few aeons ago. So I will try to rectify that and fill that gaping hole in my FE CV. And in case anyone is interested in my progress, I'll try and keep my status updated. And to be completely honest, I did not plan ahead as much as I probably should, so I'd also appreciate a warning if someone notices me running headfirst into an unwinnable scenario. I'm using @Florete's ancient report of her first ranked HHM run as a guideline for which turncounts I should aim for and I'm aware that I will have to be careful to always stay on top of the XP requirements, but I'm less sure about how tight-fisted I exactly have to be with stuff like stat boosters and promotional items (well, at least I know that I won't promote Dart). I did play LHM (unranked) beforehand to get those units a kickstart, so here's the results of that: Most notably, Sain beats Kent in both Str and Spd. :D I actually stopped feeding him (in particular boss-)kills so that he can gain more unpromoted XP in HHM because he shouldn't have too much trouble finding kills with 11 Str / 10 Spd. Instead, I did silly things like this: Certainly no S rank'ed Lyn mode. Oh, and Lyn procced Spd in all of her 8 level-ups. And I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the Short Bow gives double WExp - I completely forgot about that. Brave Bow in the desert shall be a thing Anyway - I'm currently at the start of chapter 16 and probably about where one would expect in terms of turncounts and total XP: 15 turns behind and almost 23 levels above the XP requirement. I'm not sure how good or bad the latter is at this point, but the turncount is actually the same as Florete had in her run - I spent one more turn in chapter 12, but cleared ch.13 one turn faster than her. I do keep track of my XP/turncount status with excel, so here's an overview of what I've done so far: Yellow just means "fielded in this chapter", because I'm curious to see how much I will be rotating. You might also notice that I just now thought about how I would probably prefer to go to Kenneth's PFoD. And since I've been actively using all three Hero Crest users so far, I should probably keep an eye on those XP gains. Shout-out to @Interdimensional Observer who reminded me of those requirements in a mostly unrelated discussion. :) A few notes to the chapters I've played so far: Chapter 11: How fast can you do this chapter while getting the gem without rigging? 9 seems like the "natural" turncount to me - any faster and you'd have to rely on some dodges because Hector needs to be at full health to survive two hits from the boss; any slower and you'll get overwhelmed by the enemies' numbers. Chapter 12: Lost a turn because I'm stupid and sent Marcus the wrong way so that Lowen, Eliwood, and Dorcas had to gang up on the boss. The bosskill was fairly safe though - Lowen had to dodge one out of two attacks but he stood on a forest tile, and of course Dorcas had to hit at a not-so-great hitrate. I didn't reset for the turn because this chapter get a lot harder if you're trying to keep Marcus' kill count low. Chapter 13: Pretty tricky, as well. I got the mine (although I don't think I'll use the glitch), but I'm pretty sure I had some enemy phases that weren't all that reliable. I sent Oswin and Hector to get the village (plus Bartre to pull a few peg knights so that they would preserve their HP) and the rest took the scenic route. (although half of them didn't even come close to the boss). Bosskill was [email protected] with Hector taking the kill. Chapter 13x: Guy was the MVP here, killing the boss with a KE crit (on his 2nd try) and surviving the rest of the enemy phase with exactly one HP remaining. Technically still a reliable EP since iirc he didn't dodge a single hit. ;) Chapter 14, aka The One Chapter In Which Rebecca Was Good. To be fair, I sent her to get the Secret Book in 11 and she picked up more XP in the subsequent chapters, but this chapter's soldiers are honestly the only time where her chip damage was all that meaningful outside of the XP rank. Avoiding counters from the soldiers really helps the HP management. To absolutely noones surprise, the Bosskill went to Hector (without anyone else chipping in, too) during the rain - which was actually helping me not to get swarmed by all the horsies. All in all, I had less problems with this one than I anticipated. Chapter 15: Conversely, I had more trouble here - less with beating the chapter and more with getting ALL the treasure (which includes the thief's lockpick). ;) Erk and Dorcas were pulling their weight here by blocking the left (Erk) and right (Dorcas) breach, although Dorcas had to bank on a hit against the mercenary after Matthew weakened him (and then had to go off stealing). But 6 Spd is barely enough to avoid getting doubled by the nomads, so Dorcas was doing fairly well here. Meanwhile, Bartre is still sitting at 3 Spd at level 5. ;) Maybe I'll find an opportunity to dump some XP on him, but I sure as hell won't get Karla in this playthrough. Speaking of not getting Karla - pretty sure I'll favour the 2-turn clear over Wallace's recruitment. I know that there's an arena on that map that could make it worthwhile to spend a few more turns on the map, but there are honestly other maps where arena abuse is less stressful. ;) I'll probably take my time in 17x and 21. I'm still on the fence wrt Karel/Harken and Farina. I lean towards "no" for the former, but I wouldn't mind recruiting Farina just because I like her. ;) But maybe I should wait until I'm certain who I want to promote before making that decision. Well, let's see what I can do. =)
  9. I was planning to compile an as-exhaustive-as-possible stat overview of HHM's enemies and to make things a lot easier, I would like to remove Fog of War from the equation via Nightmare - my first and so far only experience with the programm. For the most part, this seems to be fairly straightforward - I got to the start chapter 13x and the modified ROM seems to work just fine. However, since chapter 23 only has FoW on HHM, the "Vision Distance" parameter is already zero, so I have no clue how to remove it from HHM. Is there a (noob-accessible) way to deal with this problem? Thanks in advance
  10. Let's collect memes and shitposts all in 1 topic. In the following picture, we see a Lvl 9, unarmed Hector solo the entirety of a chapter in HHM.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum (as a contributor anyway) but certainly not new to Fire Emblem! I've completed S-ranked runs of HHM several times, but one challenge I have always wanted to undertake was a Max Tacticians Stars S-Rank. I haven't been able to find anyone who has done something like this online, so I decided to attempt this myself! I am currently in the middle of a tool assisted run on LHM, where I am attempting to get 58/60 stars while getting Nils to level 7. I am only using TA because it is required; I hope to not do so for HHM (which I consider to be the actual challenge, this just being the preparation). In terms of preparation, I am aiming to get Sain promoted (which I have to do before the end of chapter 9) and train up Florina and Matthew (and of course Serra/Nils). I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this challenge and any advice you may have to offer. Let me know what you guys think! Edit: Now with links to all of the completed chapters so far: [spoiler=HHM - second attempt] Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (4 turns) Chapter 13 (5 turns) Chapter 13x (8 turns) Chapter 14 (4 turns) Chapter 15 (8 turns) Chapter 16 (4 turns) [spoiler=LHM - 78 turns] Prologue (5 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (8 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (6 turns) Chapter 7x (19 turns) Chapter 8 (6 turns) Chapter 9 (7 turns) Chapter 10 (10 turns) [spoiler=LHM - 79 turns] Prologue (5 turns) Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (4 turns) Chapter 3 (3 turns) Chapter 4 (8 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Chapter 6 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (3 turns) Chapter 7 (6 turns) Chapter 7x (16 turns) Chapter 8 (7 turns) Chapter 9 (8 turns) Chapter 10 (12 turns) [spoiler=HHM initial attempt (unfinished)] Chapter 10 Chapter 11 (watch MoogleBoss's video) Chapter 12 (slightly outdated) Chapter 13 Chapter 13x (missing) Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 17x
  12. Something that I always though would be an interesting challenge to run involves S-Ranking HHM in the lowest amount of turns possible. You can find a lot of runs like this for games like FE4 and FE5, but for some reason it doesn't appear that anyone has done anything like this for FE7. I'm hoping to run this challenge concurrently with my Max Star Playthrough, and hopefully the two playthroughs will end up sharing some strategies (though I doubt that will happen). The rules/goals for this challenge: - S Rank HHM in the fewest amount of turns possible - Limited RNG abuse allowed (not like 50 RNs burned at once) - Game will be played on vanilla HHM (no LHM preparation) - Not all characters will be recruited and most (if not all) gaiden chapters will be skipped What do you guys think? With very low expectations, I'd say that a sub-200 turn playthrough is very possible; General Horace's LTC clears HHM with full recruitment and Farina in 136, so this gives me plenty of breathing room to gain extra EXP if/when necessary. [spoiler=Turn Counts and Links]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns)
  13. Well, with several 1-turn improvements over the standard chapter clears, I think it is finally time to consolidate these results into a single thread. [spoiler=Turncounts]Chapter 11 (6 turns) Chapter 12 (3 turns) Chapter 13 (4 turns) Chapter 14 (3 turns) Chapter 15 (8 turns) Chapter 16 (3 turns) Chapter 17 (6 turns) Chapter 18 (3 turns) Chapter 19 (3 turns) Chapter 20 (4 turns) Chapter 21 (1 turn) Chapter 22 (2 turns) This needs to be done separately from the ranked LTC thread, because well, this playthrough won't be concerned about S-ranking but simply minimizing the turn count. I wasn't originally planning to do this, but since I'm ahead of the game by a good few turns already, I might as well see how far I can go. I should note that Chapter 15 is really the point where the 2 playthroughs should diverge; since it is a defense chapter, there is a lot of flexibility in how one might approach it. In this playthrough, I'll probably be focusing of buffing up Lowen (mounted dude) and Erk (potential warper + need to offset massive Dorcas/Bartre/Guy EXP gain for Kenneth map). Obviously Priscilla and Serra will get trained up too, with the former taking priority. Since this thread is now dedicated to this playthrough, feel free to give me some comments regarding long term strategies/investments; I always appreciate the advice! I'm a bit reluctant to play through Chapter 15, since there is really just too much freedom to figure out how to best optimize our gains. If you guys can think of anything, I'd be happy to listen. EDIT: Since I've been making minor changes to some of the videos, I figured I would document them here for reference purposes [spoiler=Changes to Videos]Chapter 14: Reorder actions on turn 3. In particular, begin by burning 2 RNs, then have Marcus critkill with the javelin, then Dorcas critkill the archer, etc... Lowen should still get the same level, but Bartre and Rebecca get different levels Chapter 15: On the final turn, let Marcus attack from the east instead of north so that he aggros one more enemy. Let Oswin move above the merc so he can't get to Eliwood/Serra. Erk needs to burn a few more RNs, and Hector gets a slightly worse level (no Def increase). Chapter 16: Lyn should purchase a Steel Lance instead of an Iron Lance on the first turn. Kent should then attack on the second turn with his Iron Sword (instead of the Steel Lance). Eliwood then has to burn 1 RN less before leveling up. Chapter 17: position Lowen two spaces further west at the end of turn 5 so that he aggros an enemy archer for some extra EXP. To get the same levels, start turn 6 with Florina attacking killing the thief to level up. Now an additional change needs to be made because Marcus will level up here (instead of after killing the nomad on turn 1 EP). Burn 2 RNs, then kill the boss with a crit+hit from the killing edge (he's not strong enough to oneshot without the additional Str proc). A few more RNs are burned before Lowen gets his level. Then do the normal thing with Raven and Kent (who should attack with Iron Lance, not sure if I used the Javelin in the video but don't do that). Finaly, burn a couple more RNs and get a level for Sain. Don't forget to grab the Hero Crest with Matthew! Chapter 18: Florina and Kent swap Iron Lances. Florina should use the Secret Book here. On turn 2 EP, a merc that should attack Hector will choose to attack Sain instead. If Lowen remains in the same position, the PK that normally attacks Hector will instead go after him. (to be cont.) Chapter 20/21: Florina no longer has to use the Secret Book since she used it back in Chapter 18. Erk should also should no longer promote in the middle of Chapter 20 and should instead promote in the Chapter 21 preparations screen (along with Florina).
  14. I think most people have seen that if you leave Uhai alive with low HP in Chapter 18/19 (depending on what mode you are playing in), he will try and run away from your characters toward the forts. Most of the time, blocking off his escape route makes him attack you as you would want. However, I have noticed that occasionally he will instead respond to such encroachment by just skipping his turn and staying in his starting spot. From testing, it seems to me like the times when this occurs are related to whether or not the nomads above and to the left of him have moved, but it would be great if someone who has extensive knowledge about the AI (Gryz?) could confirm this for me.
  15. I wanted to share some interesting data regarding rankings obtained from my current LTC playthrough of this game on HHM. Before I start my analysis, let me note that the required EXP and Funds for achieving an S-rank without visiting any of the gaiden chapters are (assuming I calculated this correctly): Funds: 690800 EXP: 34450 In my playthrough, I just completed Chapter 25 and have the following stats: Funds: 106535 (this could be 16000 higher if I resorted to additional rigging to avoid using the Dracoshield and Secret Book) EXP: 10285 (probably could be at least 10500 if I valued additional EXP over good levels, even if I just made changes to Chapter 25) Tactics: 51 turns (only 50 actual gameplay turns) The expected total turn count (of actual gameplay turns) for this playthrough is around 105 (I don't remember the exact number), so we are almost at the halfway point. This suggests that if I were to continue to gain EXP at the same rate, I would probably reach somewhere around 21,000 total, although this doesn't account for the fact that over 35 of the remaining ~55 turns are part of defense chapters, and thus can very much be abused for EXP. I would imagine that it is not impossible for me to get something like 25,000 EXP (if not higher) if I played my cards correctly, even without significant rigging. On the other hand, I am woefully short on Funds; assuming I get the maximum value of items (which is impossible since I won't be reaching a large number of them due to turn counts, plus I have to spend money on promoting people and such) on the remaining chapters, I would only add roughly 480,000 to my Funds, leaving me well over 100,000G short of the S rank in Funds What this suggests to me (and is a conclusion that I would like to discuss) is that the minimal turn count for an S-rank LTC of HHM is determined by the Funds rank and not the EXP rank. Perhaps we can calculate what this turn count value is in advance? In addition, I will note that visiting Chapter 19x for the Silver Card is most likely not worth it, since you really only need to make about 30,000G worth of purchases in this playthrough (actually probably significantly less if you don't care about training Erk's staff rank for Warp) and since it takes 4 turns to complete, which means that you really only save roughly ~4,000G per turn by visiting that map, not to mention you actually lose some money because the Elysian Whip you are supposed to get from there is found in Chapter 18. Thoughts?
  16. The discussion of how to achieve this is clogging up the thread for my LTC, so I've decided to create a separate thread like I did with chapter 14. Let's recap what we know so far: Let's call the person who takes care of the archer cav 3, and the person who takes care of the knight cav 4. Obviously we need to assign roles. Marcus is Marcus, and: - Cav 4 needs to be Sain or Lowen (only people strong enough to kill the knight with a javelin hit+crit) - it is useful to let Cav 3 be Florina so that she doesn't get absolutely mauled by the 2 nomads + 2 archers+ a hammer guy who attack Marcus and co. on turn 3 EP. She can do the job as long as she gets a Str proc beforehand. My first real attempt at this, during which all units survived through the end of EP3, had Kent as Cav 1, Lowen as Cav 2, Florina as Cav 3, and Sain as Cav 4. However, I got stuck after that, as I had to clear out 3 enemies with two units (Sain and Florina) so that Marcus and co. could advance. There are two ways, as far as I can tell, to get around this - switch Kent and Lowen's role so that the enemies are positioned differently, and hope for a better result. - try and figure out a way to get Kent to kill the Hammer guy when he attacks him. He's a couple of points short on Str, and can't double with the Iron Blade (and too low weapon rank to use Killing Edge), so I'd have to rely on a random crit. This doesn't seem so great considering that I have a reasonable amount of dodges to rig on that turn as well. so I'm probably going to try the first option out. I found it useful to have Lowen as cav 2, because cav 2 gets to stay in the back and help the ground troops clear out enemies during the first couple of turns. Lowen is my strongest unit, and in particular: - Lowen and Matthew have just enough power to take out the myrmidon on the first turn. - If Lowen has the heavy spear, he can take out a bothersome knight on turn 3 when he moves up to get rescued by Marcus However, I think I can deal with this issue in the following ways - for killing the myrmidons, I think either reorganizing who attacks who, or giving Kent the Heavy Spear should work - Lowen can take out the annoying knight on EP2 if he has the Heavy Spear (the knight could choose to target Marcus instead, but Marcus can kill him pretty easily with two swings of the Iron Axe) so that is basically where I am at right now. Any suggestions? I'll update this thread as more progress is made.
  17. It's perhaps a little bit too early to be discussing this, but I figured I'd make this thread in case anyone had some ideas about how to go about a potential 3 turn clear of this map. Even if you just have some thoughts about why it may or may not be possible, or what things should be taken into account, I figured it might be nice to get this discussion underway now so I can make preparations in case we do figure out something.
  18. All of the LTC playthroughs I see of Chapter 14 in HHM (General Horace, Espinosa, lapogne) seem to take 4 turns to clear the chapter, but I believe that it should be possible to do in 3 turns. The manner in which one should go about this would be to kill Erik on EP2 (most likely with Silver Lance!Marcus; Wolf Beil!Hector can work too if he crits or is fast enough, but mine isn't), which prevents the second brigand and pirate from spawning. I believe that this should allow for the chapter to be completed in 3 turns, and I think I've seen someone do it on EHM, which means it should be possible here... As a quick note, I should add that Marcus either should have already or needs to get a speed proc after killing Erik so that he is fast enough to double the quicker cavs and the nomad in the chapter.
  19. Hey everyone, So as you might remember a couple of months ago I was busy with a couple of playthroughs on this forum before I "burned out" with regard to this game and needed a break to play other things. I'm thinking of coming back to this reasonably soon (perhaps mid-December or so?), but not sure which playthrough/challenge I would like to get back to first... so I'll let you guys decide!
  20. Hello everyone! Today I started a Let's Play of DLuna's ReDuX of FE6 on hard mode. There are no special conditions this time just a straight up LP. Also, I just started uploading episode 5 of my LP of FE7 Leila Edition HHM Hector and Females only, Chapter 14. I managed to complete the chapter using only Hector, Leila, Rebecca and Serra, and towards the end, Priscilla. Granted the characters are slightly modified, but it's nothing game breaking or even remotely trivializing. I'm quite proud of it, and I welcome you all to take a look. Both videos should be done uploading shortly. The link to my channel is in my signature. Have a great day, Gryphon
  21. So you guys may have seen in my HHM Ranked LTC run, a 4 turn clear of Chapter 13 is very possible in vanilla HHM using a Silver Lance critical with Marcus on the boss, and dropping Hector into the river so that Marcus doesn't get ganged up on by the enemies. I believe the same result may be possible even with Lyn mode, assuming you are willing to kill off Rebecca in Chapter 12. This puts Lowen at the front of your formation, which means he can carry out the rescue dropping of Hector into the river (he has 1 mov to spare; if he starts in the spot he normally does without Rebecca dead, he can't make it), while Marcus can simply head around the other side of the map (the route with the snags) since he easily makes it to Boies in 4 turns (though he might need a ranged weapon to deal with the archer at the bottom of the map who will rush him and get in the way of him/Hector). The only two issues here are Lowen surviving the initial two turns (in particular, he'll be lucky if he survives the first turn after being attacked by 2 PKs and 2 archers while carrying Hector), and Hector probably needing to rig a crit on Guy on the counter (and not get killed by the KIlling Edge). I don't have the time right now to experiment and see if this is possible, but I just wanted to let you guys know; hopefully, one of you will be able to show that it can be done?
  22. In my recent attempt to optimize the 3-turn clear of Chapter 12, I found myself faced with a very peculiar constraint during my playthrough of Chapter 11: Hector must end the Chapter at level 2, with 88 EXP. I have managed to find a 6-turn playthrough that does this while getting Matthew 53 EXP, stealing the Red Gem, and using Wolf Beil thrice and the Hand Axe four times. If anyone can improve any of these parameters in any aspect (even something as trivial as getting 1 extra EXP for Matthew, or conserving a weapon use), I would appreciate it if you let me know how you did it so that I can incorporate it into my various challenge runs. EDIT: I should note, of course, that this is vanilla HHM (no Lyn Mode)
  23. A couple of weeks ago, Espinosa/MoogleBoss suggested that I investigate a possible 3-turn clear strategy for Chapter 12 in HHM. I finally got around to working on this last night, and much to my surprise, I've found that it actually seems very doable! While both of us initially believed that such a clear would involve rigging a ton of crits for Hector in the north, I actually only need two criticals from Hector against the Hand Axe brigand and the boss, just like the 4 turn clear! The only problem that I have run into so far is the fact that after crit-killing Zagan on EP3, Hector needs to one shot the (final) PK who attacks him. In order to do this, he needs 3 procs of Str from his base; while the first two are easy to get and come along the way, it would require burning at least 100 RNs to find a spot in the RNG where Zagan misses, Hector hits and criticals, and gains Str (and it might not even be a good level). However, I think this problem can be easily remedied by getting Hector to level 3 in Chapter 11. In that case he hits level 4 with ease before facing Zagan, and hopefully have the stats to take him and the PK down without any trouble. I'll let you guys know once I've gotten around to finishing this!
  24. I've seen mentioned on both General Horace's and Espinosa's LTC playthroughs for this game that a 4 turn clear of Chapter 13 is possible if you don't play through LHM since Marcus starts at the front of your formation due to character order mechanics explained in this post. However, they both claim that such a strategy relies on an unreliable Marcus critical with the Silver Lance. This is not entirely true, however. If you are willing to kill Rebecca off in Chapter 12, you end up with the following starting formation: This means while Marcus rescues Hector and charges south, Lowen can do the same with Matthew, dropping him off onto the fort (or somewhere nearby) at then end of turn 2. Guy will charge out to attack Marcus, but both of them can survive one round of combat (assuming Guy doesn't critical), and then on turn 3 Matthew can recruit Guy, who can then give his Killing Edge to Marcus. I'm sure you can figure out how the rest of the strategy plays out from here.
  25. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Hector, Marcus, Merlinus, Ninian/Nils, and Athos are free for all to use. 3. Bartre and Karla are drafted as a pair. 4. Ninian and Nils are drafted as a pair. 5. Geitz and Wallace will remain undrafted. 6. The game will be played on Hector Hard Mode, skipping Lyn Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors or Chests, talking to Fargus in Chapter 17x, or Seizing Castles in Chapter 25. 3. All Gaiden Chapters except 19xx, 23x and 28x are required to be visited. 23x and 28x may be visited at the player's discretion, and don't count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken per chapter. 4. Other units may do as they please without penalty. 5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Matthew is free for Chapter 11. 2. Meatshielding is allowed for Chapter 13x. 3. Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil are free for Chapter 16. 4. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Promotion items. Teams: Me: Fireemblemcai: [spoiler=units remaining]Matthew Serra Oswin Eliwood Lowen Rebecca Dorcas Bartre/Karla Guy Erk Priscilla Florina Lyn Sain Kent Wil Raven Lucius Canas Dart Fiora Legault Isadora Heath Rath Hawkeye Farina Pent Louise Karel Harken Nino Jaffar Vaida Renault EDIT: Swapped Ninian and Serra, Ninian is now free and Serra is now draftable.
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