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Found 22 results

  1. BBQandChill


    Hi Already posted a couple of times, but I'm currently procrastinating on my Bachelor's thesis, so figured this was a good way to fill time. I've played all FE games except 1-3 and the musical one (technically haven't finished 3H, but fishing is taking a while). As a sidenote, this site caused me to turn on personalized ads after many years, because I got sick of all the queens limit break stuff.
  2. shaolinstar


    Hello everyone! After a long while and forgetting my account information, I return to the hacking scene! Let's hope I've actually matured OvO
  3. WhiteWoop


    Just wanted to say hi. Looking forward to discussing anything with fellow fans of FE. On a personal note, hoping to learn a lot here.
  4. Hi, I've been screwing around with SRPG studio and thought this was pry the best place to find people that are doing the same. I also really like Fire Emblem.
  5. Just dropping in to introduce myself and say hello... I joined a few minutes ago. I've anonymously stalked these forums for a while but it looks like a fun place so here I am. I'm Sarah! Hi.
  6. blueyogurt


    Hi! I'm Yogurt and I decided to finally join this website because I've been on it before for Fire Emblem. I'm 15 years old and I'm into digital art, writing, comedy, television and (of course) video games. I started playing Fire Emblem roughly 2 years ago when I found out about Fates and ever since I've been trying to get my hands on the previous games, which is proving to be hard, 'cause you know, japan exclusives... I'm hoping I can make some new friends here on the forum!
  7. So... previously I thought Greeting recharged every morning, but since it hasn't recharged for me for two days now that obviously isn't the case. When can you resend greetings?
  8. just realized i've been on this site for a couple years bonding with some of you weirdos making extremely fucking weird friends experiencing an extremely small and insignificant amount of my life with you guys it's really been an emotional experience so after like 3 years or something of being with some of you guys i guess what i'm trying to say is you guys suck 0/10 would not friend <3 i'm joking of course maybe
  9. I made this because Shovel Knight is fun and haven't made an FFtF topic before. Interested to see how it is~ My favorite is probably Plague Knight or Mole Knight's stage. Plague Knight because of the cauldron platforms and Mole Knight because of the bouncy platform puzzles. My least favorite is Treasure Knight's stage because of the angler fish part. I haven't played Tinker Knight's stage or anything past that, by the way. So what do you guys think?
  10. Why, hello there! I just recently joined Serenesforest, after a while stalking it anonymously. People usually call me CrystalPoke, or just Poke for friends, whatever you prefer :P I discovered the Fire Emblem world thanks to SSB4, most exactly thanks to Lyn's trophy. My first FE game was Blazing Sword, then I played more and more of them, such as Sacred Stones or The Sword of Seals. My first hack was The Last Promise, managed to beat it btw. I really like the ROM-hacking world, be it Fire Emblem or not. I also like the Pokémon world and the Indie games world. My goal is to do a ROM-hack of both Fire Emblem and Pokémon (I know a bit about that, but I'm still a noob) I'm from Spain, and although I'm good with English I may do some mistakes, in that case just forget me xD One thing before ending this message: SAGES AND SWORDMASTERS RULEZ!
  11. I guess ask me stuff? I'm just a tad bored, may be awhile before I get to questions considering well. I'm working on college paperwork to get in before the quarter starts.
  12. sarinomu


    Online name: sarinomu / sarinoku Real name: David DoB: 09/09/98 Favourite FE Game: Currently FE7 but leaning more and more towards FE4 (lyn bby) Favourite Game (other than FE): Kingdom Hearts Favourite FE Character: Lyndis Least Favourite game: Eh Haven't really found one Sports: Nope Online friends: uhhh don't know what about this one Favourite music: grew up with 80s 90s korean stuff so thats cool Favourite artist/band: forced to like KJK (Kim Jong Kook) but its not like hes bad Favourite song: Too indecisive Country: USA MSN/Yahoo/AIM: lolwhat Hobbies: playing videogames, hating school, hating homework, daydreaming Good Point: lack of ego(?) Bad Point: lack of decisiveness (is that even a word)
  13. A hello thread, for hellos. (hellos?) seriously. say hello. don't you say hello to people? Donate a Hello Total Hellos: 9 Goal : 100 Hellos. think about the members needing a hello, a hi. the44900thread
  14. Bohemia has decided to allow our troops Military Access. Instead of fighting such unworthy an opponent, we can now fight for true glory! I don't think anyone else here plays Europa Universalis or even Paradox's grand strategy games in general, so hi.
  15. What's up? Name: (well, my nickname...) Glade Age: 19 Gender: F Interests: Gaming, writing, mountain climbing Bio: I'm kinda shy and very naive. I also love to laugh and always love to hear jokes! I just graduated high school and hope to one day go into research. That's pretty much the basics. Nice to meet you all! And don't worry about me getting lost; I brought my compass with me! ;)
  16. Yo, so first I'm going to start off by saying the usual thing that most people say in their introduction. I have been a lurker on these forums for 2 1/2years. Last year, February of 2013 I made an account but forgot to click the confirmation link, so there goes that. Anyways... Here I am today. What I should've did was post my introduction on the first day right? No, you're wrong there. You see, I have a ritual (lol) where I introduce myself 1 to 2 months after joining a forum. Now, going back on track I noticed a template which can be used for introductions, and since I'm lazy right now I've decided to use it rather than throw a barrage of text at everyone like I usually do. Let's get on with it. Online name: I have so many names I use online, does this really matter? Real name: Talk to me and befriend me, then maybe I'll give you my name. DoB: View my profile. Otherwise, it's September. Favourite FE Game: I did enjoy Genealogy of the holy war, but I like Blazing sword better. Favorite Game (other than FE): I can't decide. It's currently tied between Asura's Wrath, Tales of Symphonia, and Shadow of the Colossus. Favourite FE Character: Denning, because most people I know dislike him. Least Favourite game: The call of duty franchise, Puzzle games. Sports: I used to play Volleyball competitively. Online friends: I don't have any irl friends that go on the same forums I do, but I have a lot of online friends. Favourite music: I don't listen to music really much. Favourite artist/band: ... Favourite song: I don't have one. Country: Canada! MSN/Yahoo/AIM: Ask me, or view my profile. Hobbies: Ask me, or view my profile. Good Point: I'm friendly. Most of the time :p Bad Point: I can't keep a conversation going. I have difficulty talking with others. Anything else?: Unless you want to get more text thrown at you, sure. But I have nothing more to say.
  17. If serenes forest had an award system who would win what? you make up your own awards. Also i will ad choices as you reply your nominations.
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