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Found 1 result

  1. Because starting new threads is cool. [spoiler=RULES AND MECHANICS] 0. As the host, I have the right to edit these rules at any time. If this happens, you will be informed. 1. The game is NOC, meaning you don't talk about the game outside of this game thread while it is ongoing. 2. If you're dead, don't talk to anyone who doesn't have access to the graveyard quicktopic. You can ask to be informed, but please don't spoil the rest of the graveyard. 3. Screenshotting and quoting any information given by the host outside of the thread well result in a modkill. 4. Editing posts is banned, although depending on the severity of the edit punishment may be more lax. 5. Should you be modkilled through any fault of your own, you automatically lose. Tactical modkills are even lamer and will be dealt with accordingly. 6. Prods will go out to anyone who doesn't post for 24 hours. If I have to keep prodding players, they will be subbed out or modkilled, depending on the availability of subs. 7. Play to win, but don't spoil the enjoyment of others. 8. The game starts on Day 1. 9. Nights last for 24 hours, days last for 72 hours. You may not talk during the night phase. 10. If your action fails or is redirected, you will be informed as such. 11. A hammer is required to lynch. It takes over 50% of the total votes in order to hammer. Failure to achieve a lynch twice will result in universal loss. 12. *YLO will be announced. Whether or not it is potential or not will not be announced. 12a. *YLO is defined as when an anti-town faction can win after a no lynch/mislynch. Town may be outnumbered before this warning appears. 13. When players die, they flip in full - role pm and all. 14. There are no Vanilla Townies or Mafia Goons in the game. 15. This is not a Bastard Mod game. Players (4 Alive): -MancerNecro BBM -Omega -Prims -zerosabers Bluedoom -dandragon - Bombtracker, Town Rogue, was lynched D1 -Eurykins - The Ghost of Manix, Town Limited Treestump, was stumped N1 -Shinori - Elieson the Idling Serial Killer, The Wolf, was lynched D2 -King Gilgamesh - Weak Watcher Survivor, Mafia Self-Watcher/Jack of all Trades, was killed N2 -eclipse - Psych Outing His Team, Town Loud Tracker/Neighbour, was killed N2 -Hannah - Scumfriends, Town Neighbour, was lynched D3 -J - No Items, BBM Only, Final Destination, Town Ascetic/1-shot Lightningrod, was killed N3 -Lord Gaius - LTCing Mafia, Town Follower/Hammerer, lynched D4 -Gorf - Unlimited Vig Works, Town Insomniac/1-shot Public Nightvig, was killed N4 -Elieson - Kelsey Green, Mafia Stealth Mayor/Inspector/Hijacker, was lynched D5 -Weapons Snike - Negotiating With Neutrals, Town Third Party Cop, was killed N5 Links: Day 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3 Night 3 Day 4 Night 4 Day 5 Night 5 Day 6
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