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Found 15 results

  1. As the title says: should IS try again at having an FE lord that's a manakete: i.e. is at least part-dragon and can shapeshift. The first, and so far only, time that IS has done this is with Corrin in Fates, with Corrin being part-dragon and being able to take on a dragon form (as well as shapeshift parts of their body during skill activations and critical hits). However, it was otherwise very underutilized within the game itself, with the dragon form only being a plot element in the very same chapter that introduced it and never again. One could maybe count Byleth, since they technically are a lord in the Silver Snow route and (spoilers) However, I'm not counting Byleth, and for one simple reason: no transformation. No dragon form.
  2. I've been trying to get a Manakete palette to work properly in FE Builder, and despite my best efforts of changing animations and messing with palettes, it's pretty much stuck like this. The actual transformation animation works well, but the attack is what's not working for me. I'm new to making things, working on a one or two map hack for a Discord server I'm in, so sorry if this is a question that gets asked often.
  3. Hey no idea if this has been done before and hopefully allowed (if not let me know/remove post) I just wanted to see peoples builds of all the dragons in the FEH game all in one place I have almost all the dragons available in the game so far just missing 3 I think These are some of mine definitely not perfect but they get the job done minus naga and mila whom I'm still trying to figure out what I want from them lol
  4. So, If you don't know what FE Recolor is,1) Why are you here, and 2) It is a program made by BwdYeti. (Link Right here) It's a very cool program that lets you recolor sprites from the GBA era of Fire Emblem. However, it is missing a lot of sprites, and while the Pirate one is easy to find, the rest, like the FE6 exclusive Sprites and ESPECIALLY the monsters from FE8, are really hard to find, to the point where through all my digging, I could only scrape up a tutorial on how to make sprites compatible. So I made pretty much all the sprites I could, and they're all here: Missing Sprites Here, Ta Daaaaaa These include all the Monster sprites, Most, if not all FE6 Exclusive Sprites, and some missing sprites from FE7. I also did some work on some already existing Sprites, so that it shows more versions that use it's palette. For Example, the Female Druid sprite uses the same Palette as the Male Druid, however the original FE Recolor Sprite image only showed the male, so I put in the female. I marked the ones I worked on under revised so that you don't have to change anything, its just so that you can see it for an example. Directions Step 1: Extract all to a safe Location where it wont cause any hassle for you Step 2: Go into Missing Sprites>Sprites and Copy all the Pictures there into FE Recolor>sprites>battle_sprites Step 3: Go into Missing Sprites>Data and Copy all the .dat files into FE Recolor>data>sprites, This makes it so that you don't have to manually re position all the Palette indexes. For the Revised Sprites: Same steps as 2 and 3 except be sure to delete/move the previous .png and .dat files before adding them. UPDATE I've added The FE7 Female Thief Sprite, It could be the FE6 Sprite, but It was just easier to make an all new one. -Added Berserker (Hawkeye) and a Lucius Sprite on the Bishop image. Notes So I have tested all the sprites I could with BS Palette assembler, however, I could not test the Monster sprites, Zephiel's sprite, or the Manakete-transformed sprites. Please tell me if they don't work too well in-game and please provide screenshots. Also make sure its correct on your end. Also, If I missed any sprites, please tell me, as I'll make it and add it on. Thank you in advance! And I hope I was of help.
  5. Hi there, The question has been asked a few years ago, but I want to throw it in once more, to see if things have changed. How would you like form-changers to return in a new entry or a fan project/hack/mod? Laguz: they have a transformation gauge, in PoR they could only transform by filling the gauge in human form, but they had Taguel-like bonus stats when they were transformed with good base stats compared with Beorcs and better caps although they lacked late game weapon might scaling; in RD they had better gauge management, transformation on demand once the gauge was filled, they could hit back when in human form and gain massive exp, but their human form was very vulnerable, rendering them unusable when untransformed in higher difficulties. In both games, their Con was too high most of the time to be rescued (even in human form they were excessively heavy) but skills like Smite made units like Mordecai somewhat useful anyway (and smite + massive Con was really practical). They had normal moement while in human form and cavalier movement while in beast form, without the cavalry terrain penalties. Manakete (old school): 1 range locked, vulnerable to arrows, their dragonstones made them sturdy and strong enough to get exp without help in their joining chapter (at least Myrrh) at base while being massively underlevelled. Their growth rates made them top combat units in 10 level ups (rivaling with Seth and Duessel for Myrrh's case). But they had only 50 uses of the only weapon they could ever use without cheating. They could fly. Manakete (Awakening): 1-2 range, slow and awful start (needing to pair up with Gregor just not to get ORKOd in her joining chapter, Nowi starts like a snail, not even flyer mobility like Myrrh had going for her), but dragonstones are busted and 1-2 with massive stat bonuses is overkill and they were like the middle-ground between Deghinsea and king Kurthnaga gameplay-wise, without the tide skill though, meaning that Awakening Manaketes were only very selfish units without anything useful for the team except stats. They used breath to hit but their main stat was strength o_o just like old school Manaketes (but these were old times, we can understand some lack of logic in GBA games, while in the 3DS they could have used their experience and logic to be more careful with that, specially when Tellius games had physical AND magical dragons). Manakete (Fates): 1 range locked again, this time dragonstone is way shittier than it has ever been. You can't double (okay, manaketes were never known for their speed) BUT THEY CAN BE DOUBLED with a stupid speed debuff, rendering dragonstone tanking more risky, they use physical horn impalement in their animation although it scales with magic (please IS stop the crap, fire isn't physical and horn attack isn't magical! Even 1996 Pokémon games knew that, although they had ghost hitting physical for 3 gens while dark hit special for 2 gens...), they hit hard but struggle to OHKO , which leads to asking why on earth did they make the main lord weak to dragon-killing weapons whatever his/her class is while dragonstone isn't even half decent before you finally get the upgraded version, dragonstone+, which comes by late game when you don't use dragonstone anymore anyway, since you can rather use tomes or shuriken for 1-2 range, ability to double and to proc skills and horse spirit is better than the basic dragonstone in every way that is not raw damage (although the fact you can double with it means it can deal more damage on ennemies with middling res at best). Dragonstone + is obtainable through battle or visit points...yes...when you've been visiting 3k castles and battling them, good luck see you in 5 years no-life. Taguel: 1 range locked, specializing in the same areas than swordmasters, only 50 uses before chapter 10 boss is defeated. Straight up garbage class with a garbage weapon until around chapter 20. Meanwhile Manaketes can buy as much dragonstone + as you have the gold for from einherjar Tiki and gain insane stats from it. Ninetailed fox: Taguel with unlimited uses, actual res stat, the first one you get has good level and bases, but t1 foot unit movement is really garbage for a unit with a beast weakness he carries in whatever class he goes. Good against mages, decent against cavalry, good avoid compared with 90% of the Fates cast (even in t1 he has good avoid,being a good dodge tank is better than not being one), gives speed on pair up (useful reclassed for orochi backpack, at least). Comes with beastbane. Their beaststone is garbage for him though, doesn't do anything for his res, kills his mediocre def and buffs his overkill speed and average skill. Beastrune is better in every way. Good t2 skills at least, for what it's worth considering he won't learn lv 35 skill before endgame. Bulk-thing that could have been a wolf: if only beaststone didn't lower def, it would be very good. The first unit in this class you can play chooses between doubling but loosing bulk to do so and not doubling but tanking more (around 5 more def and 3 res) and dealing more raw damage. Nice tank bonus stats in t2 but not as good as swordmaster...sorry, ninetailed fox bonus to avoid and crit. Middle-ground between warrior and berserker with only 1 range weapons. What do you think was the best implementation between these and how could we make a better one? transformation gauge or stone? unbreakable stone or limited uses? stat balance or only stat bonuses (Awakening and old school vs Fates)? weakness to arrow or not? flight or not? 1 range or 1-2? For Manaketes I think flight gives them a niche while arrow weakness keeps them in check, they don't need to double but they can use some raw damage. Range or not I don't know. Don't need to be a 1 kid army. For beasts/birds etc. I liked the tactical aspect of RD gauge management, choice between wild heart or full transformation, but I think PoR did the stats a little better because they weren't useles when in human form (meatbag is still useful). I liked different skills too. A middle ground between PoR and RD would be my best way to enjoy them (with mobility, since it's what kills any interest from Fates metamorphs, being footlocked without any bonus movement outside certains areas).
  6. I want to share a few ideas about Fae to remedy the whole 30 use divinestone deal without making her OP. Mostly ignoring the glitch in chapter 23 that can be used to obtain a firestone. Possible Changes: #1) Doubling the divinestone’s uses from 30 to 60 and halfing her super high experience gain rate. Her total exp to uses ratio is the same, but she lasts twice as long. #2) A small change, increasing her move from 5 to 6 #3) Making the divinestone unbreakable(or they are dropped/sold so she can pretty always be using one), but its stat boots are reduced. Such as the stat boosts are reduced by 5, or a more finetuned change, and she gains experience normally like everyone else #4)Another thing could be to give her legitimate(nonglitch) access to a firestone earlier than chapter 23(when you can do the glitch) by just puting one in her starting inventory, as an enemy drop, and or from a store(though that makes the least sense storywise). The glitchyness from even using the firestone being a possible drawback to doing this.
  7. ...Or a benevolent and good Earth Dragon? Really, one of the biggest disappointments as far as dragon and dragon lore in Fire Emblem goes is the fact that a lot of it is black and white, and no matter what the universe, dragon conventions as a whole tend to stay the same. Divine Dragons are almost universally portrayed as good, benevolent, wise, and such, whereas Earth Dragons as a whole tend to get the shaft by being portrayed as overly prideful, violent, and generally unreasonable. It wasn't until Tellius that we got dark-based dragons that weren't completely evil (and one of them is still antagonistic in that he's overbearing and strict), and that hasn't been a thing since then. A role reversal of the two would be extremely refreshing in my opinion. Give me an arrogant Divine Dragon so convinced of her supremacy that she looks down upon the little human insects. That she believes that they should worship her, that she is the perfect form of life, and that all others exist only to serve her. (Or him and he, since I'm all for more male Manaketes in the series in general.) I find Ashera a good/refreshing villain in the vein that she's light-based and an incarnation of order, but antagonistic, whereas her dark- and chaos-based counterpart is an ally and good. So would you want to see an evil or villainous Divine Dragon? Why or why not? And what other changes to the common dragon lore/conventions in the series would you like to see in future games and why? As a side note: Spoilers for Shadows of Valentia below. Do not open spoiler if you don't want to know.
  8. * Has there even been a stronger monster mod for The Sacred Stones that improves the strength of the monster classes? The closest I've seen is the old monster quest mod, which gave revenants the ability to steal, and merged the Skeleton weapon variants into one class. * Has there ever been a hack almost entirely focused on fighting Monster classes instead of humans? This would of course need more weapons, and stuff for the monsters to use, such as a healing monsters. Manaketes could possibly be added too? * Has anyone ever implemented a class that uses physical, and magic weapons? Is it even possible with the GBA engine? * Have people ever tried making more Dragonstones for Manaketes to use? As in a new Dragon transformation, and weapon? Or added the Manakete class to Blazing Sword.
  9. Has anyone gone through making FeM!Morgan a Manakete? And if so what skills have you given her? And which Manakete mother passes on the best stats?
  10. This is a poll I did mostly for fun, but I'm wondering what the community speculation on what type of Dragon tribe, Kamui is?
  11. The 25th Anniversary of the Fire Emblem series is rapidly approaching. To commemorate this momentous occasion, I have decided to write a series of pieces which analyze or speculate about the series lore. I have a few topics in mind that I'm sure I want to write about - if there are topics that you all want addressed, let me know and I will see what I can do. I can't promise any sort of consistent schedule for these - as you can see, I tend to be a bit... verbose, and I've got other things on my plate. But I will try to have one every couple of days for the next three weeks. Maybe less, if I'm feeling really excited (for example, when I get to more speculation). ---------------------------------------------------- Before we start with the rampant lore speculation, though, we need to review several important lore events, because we'll be referencing them and speculating on them later. It's likely that for many of you, I won't be presenting any information here that you're not already aware of, but it's important to get the basics out of the way. And perhaps the best starting point is the chronologically earliest major event in the Archanea/Jugdral/Valentian timeline - The Dragon War. There is, sadly, no official name for this conflict. I have previously sometimes referred to it as the Divine Dragon / Earth Dragon War, but that's a mouthful, not entirely accurate, and honestly there aren't any other wars fought between dragons. So we'll abbreviate things for now, and call it the Dragon War. The war ended around 1,100 years before the birth of Marth of Altea, and began at a nebulous point perhaps a couple centuries before its end. At the time, humans were not a large presence on the Archanean continent. They existed in scattered and disunited tribes, without a great deal of technological sophistication. They probably were not entirely ignorant of magic (after all, it was hardly an unknown quantity in Jugdral at the same time), but there was certainly no formalized instruction in the arcane arts that could be found. No, Archanea was dominated by the dragon "tribes,"1 whose civilization was approaching the close of a long golden age. For centuries, even millennia, the dragons had flourished in Archanea. They built great temples and cities, and gained a mastery over all sorts of magic. Yet, for all of their power and majesty, they avoided contact with humanity. Why? We cannot say without resorting to speculation. But there was an unspoken agreement amongst the dragons not to interfere with the humans. Certainly, the scattered human clans knew of the dragons of Archanea, but they did not have any sort of understanding of who these godly beings were. Alas, this golden age of draconic rule over Archanea came to a slow end from perhaps an unlikely source. You see, dragons, not unsurprisingly, are creatures with a very intimate relationship with the forces of magic. Not only are they able to breath elemental energy and the discover and manipulate the secrets of even life and time itself, but they also passively require magical energy to sustain their grand and powerful forms. Dragons need magic somewhat like humans need air - they do not consciously interact with it, their utilizing of it does not have an effect on its supply, but if there isn't enough of it in the environment, there are dire consequences. Lack of magic does not kill dragons, though. It drives them mad. What precisely caused the innate background magic in the world to fall in strength is not known (And it will be speculated on further in subsequent posts). Perhaps it was some great catastrophe elsewhere, or perhaps it was something that the dragons inadvertently brought upon themselves. But the effects quickly became clear, and the first signs of mental and physical degradation began to be seen. As a result, the elders among the dragon races assembled together and deliberated. They were faced with a grim paradox - by continuing to live as they were, they faced the seemingly unavoidable doom for their people. In the end, a sobering conclusion was reached - the dragons could survive, if they discarded their draconic identity. The essence of their innate elemental power, the part of them that drew upon the fading magic and empowered them, that power could be expelled from their bodies, externalized as dragonstones. In doing so, the dragons would change form, become akin to the humans. They would become manaketes, only able to tap into their dragonstones and transform into draconic form for short periods at a time. Though it represented their salvation, support for casting off their draconic bodies and living and something similar to humans was mixed among the dragons. Certainly, it was a decision made in full knowledge of the stakes and the challenges. Yet, the dragons of Archanea had achieved incredible advancement in magic. No doubt some of the dragons trusted that some other solution would be found, that through magic they could avoid the degradation without casting off their draconic identity. They were, sadly, mistaken. Of the dragon tribes, only the Divine Dragons, who were lead by the Dragon Queen Naga herself, were unanimous in support for this plan. Many of the other dragon tribes were divided, with some members becoming manaketes and some remaining dragons. The Earth Dragons, though, who primarily lived in the southern areas of the continent, were adamantly opposed to forsaking their draconic identity. Only a single Earth Dragon became a manakete - Medeus, Prince of the Earth Dragons. Undoubtedly, Medeus had been one of the dragons who met to discuss the crisis, and who had agreed upon the solution. Undoubtedly, his kinsmen saw him as a traitor. One wonders what the days were like on Archanea as the degradation continued to set it. For Naga, the Divine Dragons, and the rest of the Manaketes, it must have seemed a tragedy played in slow motion, to see former friends and allies slowly lose themselves. Perhaps Medeus suffered worse than they, looking at his people, whom me might have thought himself unable to save. One wonders what desperation the stubborn dragons felt, seeing their numbers dwindle every day from the madness, watching their friends degrade into something akin to beasts, trying incessantly to find some way to put a halt to the curse and failing at every turn, feeling the ever-present darkness slowly creep in at the edges of their mind. When they ultimately began to attack the scattered humans of Archanea, one wonders if it was because of bestial madness, or because they believed that it could be their salvation. Regardless, reckless violence towards the humans of Archanea put an end to the tearful peace between the Manaketes and the Dragons, and truly spelled the end of draconic rule over the continent. Seeking to prevent further slaughters, the Manaketes went to war with their cousins and former friends. It was a war that would rage on for several hundred years. We know little of the precise events of the war. We know of no specific battles, no great acts of heroism or stirring acts of sacrifice. The Manaketes learned to fight in their new forms, though, crafting weapons such as those which would one day become known by humans as the Regalia of Archanea. But if anything other than tools of war were crafted by the manaketes during this period, record of such is lost to time. When the dust of battle cleared after centuries of war, draconic civilization in Archanea was a shadow of its former self. Though the manakete armies were victorious, they had triumphed over an enemy who could no longer negotiate, could no longer surrender. Reluctant or unable to eradicate the Earth Dragons, Naga instead crafted a powerful artifact of sealing. With her power, she created - or acquired - the Five Orbs, draconic artifacts of significant power. Though each had its own abilities, when combined, they could be used as a powerful force that could effect the very spirits, the very souls, of the dragonkin. Naga crafted from a fang a pedestal for these five orbs, their combined power forming a powerful seal that imprisoned the Earth Dragons. They were locked away at the Dragon's Altar, an ancient Earth Dragon structure that laid at the heart of their territory. Perhaps the location was chosen for its significance, or perhaps the Earth Dragons had retreated to the Altar and were still resisting when they were sealed. Regardless, the sealing of the Earth Dragons ended the Dragon War, the remaining degenerated dragons scattered in the wild places of the continent. Peace was returned to Archanea, but the cost was dire. The glories of draconic civilization were forever lost. The Earth Dragons, too, were gone from the world. With them went the tribe of winged dragons who, fully lost to war and degeneration, became the famed and ferocious wyverns of Macedon. Many Fire Dragons and Ice Dragons came to dwell in the far wilderness, terrorizing or being subjugated by the barbarian clansmen who came to live in the same places. The manaketes dwindled in number, and other dragon tribes, if they existed, faded from the world, and into myth and legend. The Dragon War spelled the end of the age of the dragons. The humans, who had looked to the conflict in wonderment and awe, seeing the manaketes and the dragons as gods and demons that they scarcely understood, would slowly begin to grow and expand and develop, taming the wild continent of Archanea and learning its mysteries, piece by piece. Naga, for her part, enshrined the five orbs and their pedestal - together known as the Shield of Seals or the Pedestal of Flames - within the Fane of Raman. Along with them were placed some of the remaining treasure of the Dragon Tribe, and Naga's daughter Tiki, ensorcelled under an enchanted sleep so that she would not wake until of an age when her power could be controlled and the threat of degradation avoided. Alongside with the leaders of the remaining Manakete, Naga also ventured across the sea of Jugdral, where humanity was more advanced, and gave up her dragonstone in an event that would forever change the future of humanity and their relation with the dragonkin (we'll be hearing more about that soon). Then, her work done, Naga discarded her physical body. Like many of the dragonkin with her power, she would live on as a spirit, or something slightly more, with a limited ability to interact with the physical world, and even the ability to give of her blood and perhaps her fangs without a persistent physical form. Some of the other leading manakete followed her into the death of the body, but some remained, and would continue to live their lives or to carry out her wishes, and safeguard both humans and manaketes throughout the future. Medeus, Prince of the Earth Dragons, traitor to his people and last of his kind, remained in solitude in the ruins of their glory. In time, in his despair and his solitude, he would look upon the humans as they came to dominate the land, he would look upon how they mistreated the manaketes who fought a terrible war for their protection, how they plundered their treasures, and how, in their ignorance, they risked even ruining the peace that had been won for them. He would grow to hate the humans, and long for the past glory of the dragonkin. But that, as they say, is a story for another time. The tale of the Dragon War ends here. 1: A side note - this is an interesting quirk of translation. The "-zoku" suffix is commonly used in Japanese fantasy works to connote race/species and such, but due to real-world connotations of the same word it's often translated as "clan" or "tribe". Also, I'm basing this on something I saw on the Dark Souls 2 subreddit a good while ago, so if this is incorrect I apologize, I myself know basically nothing about Japanese. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you've read this whole thing, well, thanks for reading. I hope it was entertaining or educational or both. Of course, I'm not perfect, so feel free to call me out on any factual mistakes, presenting speculative material as absolute truth, or general poor writing. Also, feel free to ask questions, though I reserve the right to say "Hrmmm, interesting, wait and see". And finally, if you do have any bits of lore that you'd like me to write about, please let me know. Feedback is always appreciated.
  12. Hello every one, I'm getting confused in the lore of the series regarding wyverns. Now from my knowledge of the series aren't dragons trying to take over the world or are extinct in certain sagas. Then how can these wyverns exist, they have almost all of the qualities of dragons but still exist while their brethren are gone. Also are they related to the manakete and dragon laguz personally i believe all of the games take place on the same planet (which is probably my source of confusion) (btw I'm new to the forums so forgive any of my mistakes)
  13. Here's my problem; I'm ready to learn about any complex and long hacking proccess, but I don't know how, and want to change my unit's class into a manakete, and things as such, targetting FE: Mystery of the Emblem/Heroes of Light and Shadow only. I made my little research first of course. It led me to Rasdel's extra classes save data, but there's something that bothers me about playing with someone else's character... I hate being picky. My apologies. The point of having My Unit is to be your avatar to play through the game. The hairstyle is the only thing I could legitimately change. Also Rasdel has been offline since September 2013, I don't think I can contact him to ask any questions...
  14. Of note, I myself haven't played any of the game, but have read up on some of them and the characters. So if I'm not knowledgeable on something, do excuse me. ^^;; Concerning Manaketes (yes, I like manaketes. Tiki being my favorite of the bunch and my favorite FE character in general, despite never have played a FE game, while Nowi is getting up there, with Nah right behind her), do manaketes give birth like normal mammals, or do they lay eggs? Because seeing someone that looks like Nowi that's 9 months pregnant and/or giving birth seems...awkward, despite her age. Which leads to question #2: Are manaketes born as humans or dragons? Because seeing a humanoid manakete giving birth to a dragon seems really weird too. And finally, question #3: Do they all have their wings showing or do they magically hide them? Some of them you can clearly see in their art/sprites with wings (Mrryh being a prime example, but some male manaketes have them shown, and I think Tiki in the DS remakes does too), but not always are they (such as with Nah/Nowi and some others like Bantu). Hopefully someone can shed light on this? I know it's not stated too heavily in canon data (as far as I know anyways) about any of this, and I was thinking of giving the guys an email but didn't think they'd really answer something like this. I don't know, this just was a random question that popped into mind one day between me and a friend when we were discussing Nowi in general. ^^;;
  15. I'd like to hear feedback from everyone how I built my Nah. I wanted a more physical Nah, only because I was making my Morgan (which is Nah's daughter) more tank-like later on. Her father is Gaius. Here's her caps (with Limit Breaker): HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res 80 53 46 47 46 55 53 53 And for her skill set I have (so far): Limit Breaker Astra Sol Swordbreaker Galeforce And of course she's a Manakete if you didn't already figure :P Thoughts? (be civil, people)
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