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  1. EDIT 2020-02-25: Made some formatting changes (including the title). Made it more obvious that they're mainly edits at the moment. Hello everyone. I've begun working on yet another project. These are my first time actually making fe-styled splices and animations, so I'd appreciate any critique so my characters don't look like trash. They're intended to be in a fire emblem sacred stones art style. While I doubt this will be an issue, I should make it clear that these sprites aren't currently for public use (yet) so pls don't steal ty. Battle Animations (all mostly edits currently) Mugs (all splices currently)
  2. Hello! I’m Blade and I am a pretty new person when it comes to spriting nowadays but I improved a lot this past year! Here, I’ll post up portraits because who doesn’t like them? They are pretty to look at (not always). I also have an art thread on the FEU Forums. I seek for critique and feedback so I can be the best spriter I can! EDIT: June 25th, 2019 "Party Colors"
  3. GBA portraits are cool! I try to make some! And I fail miserably because the optical illusion stuff throws me off. How do their anime eyes work??? I can draw well enough but this is something entirely different altogether, so please, advice would be cool! Or anything else. I’m really having trouble figure out the gba fire emblem style, is the thing. Top one is most recent, bottom one was my first real attempt. And yee they’re all my own OCs lol
  4. Toa

    Toa's Sprites

    New updated post! I'll add new stuff as I make it as well. Things in the "free to use framed" section can be used without permission, if you want to use something else please contact me. If you do use any, credit would be appreciated. Splices Splice Comp Customs Free to use framed battle sprites Thanks to everyone who's given me critique, you're all helpful :)
  5. So uh, in a sort of attempt to show off what I've learned in the past three or four months (spriting is still very new to me), but also because I'd really like to join a project of some kind, I'm posting some of my mugs on this forum. I have a lot of ideas, stories, stats, characters, etc., and due to my inability to understand hacking (it makes my head hurt profusely every time I try to get back into it), I can't really do anything with them. But that's beside the point. Here are some of my portrait splices. A few are older than others, and thus have a little less polish because have yet to come back to them (namely Taren and Tyken, the blonde boy and girl, respectively). My favorite one so far is Simon, the pale boy with the black hair. His hair actually originated from Lute, and I transformed it into a solid bowl cut His sister is Ramona (I hope you can tell which one that is just based on appearance). The others are Afrey (pink haired dude yes I am aware his color scheme is similar to Makalov's), Beaumont (green headband guy, Beaumont is a temporary name, I made this mug without really knowing what would come out of it), and Crystal (black haired girl with her eyes not showing) Anyway, totally open to constructive criticism And if anyone knows of any FE projects currently looking for portrait making, writing story or support content, etc., please let me know, I'm up for it
  6. Hello all, A week and a half ago I released a completed 19-chapter romhack called "Heaven's Bloom." However, there are many things on the artistic side of the project which are somewhat beyond the scope of my talent, so I've come here in search of volunteers to help with a few aspects of this. 1. Mugs I've made mugs for all* the playable characters and major NPCs, but they're fairly sloppy splices of other FE assets, and they aren't 'clean' by any means. Additionally, minor bosses currently just have re-used FE8 mugs, and *two of the playable characters (Hands and Derruk) currently use un-used mugs from base FE8. I would ideally want all of these mugs to be re-done, while keeping things like hair / armour colour intact. 2. Maps For the prologue and chapters 1-9, I was working with someone who was really good at making maps look aesthetically pleasing. However, he got burnt out for the project, so the rest of the maps were done by me, and I'm much less talented in this regard; there's a noticeable drop in the visual quality of the maps after chapter 9. For this, I would want someone who can touch up these maps in the colour / shading department while retaining the current layout & terrain 3. Music This is probably the least urgent of my goals. I've written original music for much of the game, but sort of got burnt out and didn't end up doing everything - all the map & battle themes are done, but most of the cutscenes still have FE8 music. I know this is a spriter's forum so it's a long shot, but if anybody is good at composition and wants to send me MIDI files that thematically fit with the music I've written, I would not be opposed in the slightest. Anyone who's played the hack probably also knows that the battle palettes are also a bit of a mess, but somebody has already volunteered to take care of this, and they're doing a really good job so far. I'll be very grateful for any & all help with these aspects of the project! You'll be included in the special thanks section of the main thread & eventually the in-game credits screen. Just send me a PM so that I can make sure you're not working on the same asset as someone else. With that said, hope everyone's weekend is off to a great start
  7. Hello everyone, I´ve been lurking for a while now and trying to learn a bit of splicing. It is quite a challenge to say the least but I´m loving it. I would love to get some feedback on my portraits because they are a bit messy at the moment. Update! : From now on all mugs posted in the OP will be free for everyone to use, just give credit, you can PM too but it´s not necessary. Mugs on the thread but not in the OP are not completed yet so please don´t use those. ( Disclaimer: Some assets from NICKT´s collection were used, thank you! )
  8. Circles has given me permission to do this, so let's do it. Time: February 18 until February 25 Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible GET THE PACKAGE HERE ------------------- All right guys you know the drill - same as the Chapter Creation Blitz and the Mapping Blitz, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects. Guidelines: All skill levels welcome - DON'T WORRY if you've never made a mug this is the perfect chance to start! Splices are allowed, existing characters are allowed keeping in mind your submitted mugs will be free to use and edit by anyone Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye/mouth frames and minimug) Please no TLP style minimugs (lazy face cutouts) Submit by posting in this thread, the corresponding FEU thread, or directly sending it to me Useful Resources for Beginners: Ti
  9. I was thinking, what if there was a human version of Citron from Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes? I put together Raven's hair, Wil's face and Matthew's cloak and did some editing and recoloring. Here it is: Other Portraits Coming Soon: Draug (FE1/3/11/12), Preston Garvey (Fallout 4) (why not), Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  10. So I'm trying to get back into spriting and am therefore trying to get the hang of making portrait hackboxes. These are sprites I made today with their attempts at a hackboxes. EDIT: The Ike sprite does use a portrait made by NickT. I am under the impression that its free to use, but am adding this not here so people don't think I'm plagiarizing or something. These are sprites I made about a year ago, and would like to turn into hackboxes but haven't yet. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. Here it is... It uses Gilliams body, Tirado's head, I could not find the name of the hair for the life of me, but it was part of the fe8 mug spritesheet, Garcia's hair color, and the red from Amelia's armor. He's a knight dude. Please critique this! (I'm going away on he 26th, so that's why I won't be able to post)
  12. First time splicing, recolouring, and generally messing about. First attempt below. I'm sure this post'll be edited as I come out with more stuff. Any critiques are appreciated!
  13. Hey everybody, here's just a dump of the completed portraits for my (currently unmade) hack, Fire Emblem: Conquest of the Five Kingdoms. If you have any questions or comments on a specific sprite, just let me know!
  14. Going to be making this a more dedicated thread where I can post progress and such. Still very much open to critique. [spoiler=Old Topic]I'm rather new to this whole spriting thing, so forgive me if I've made any rookie mistakes. These are a handful of the character mugs I've been working on. To be clear, I'm looking for ways to make the mugs look cleaner, things like coloring and shading, etc. Please let me know if there's a format more convenient to critique I can upload in. EDIT: Two more I think could use some work Just a couple of things to note, I realize the outline color of the Cavalier isn't consistent with the others. I will adjust it when I go back to make changes. I also don't care about the 15 color limit, as I intend to use these portraits in FEXNA when it's finished. [spoiler=10/17/16 Update]
  15. So with certain contests coming up soon, I figure before I go hard I should make things easier for the parts of modding that are huge time wasters. This resource shall address Portraits this time. Like Animations, I decided to take all GBA portraits and make one set of colors the master palette for faster custom mug splicing so one can polish their hack at a faster rate. However portraits are a little different because it has 1 more constant color which is the shading (14,11,11). Also had to touch up a lot of portraits and make them 16 colors when they weren't before so if you do not like the small touch ups, you can just find the original portrait and compare what I changed to make your own edits. The point here is that it will be far easier to do just that. Quick Notes for splicers: Hair is the blue block (yellow is the 4th hair color when needed, tried to stay consistent with this), Primary color is the reds, skin color is [25,14,7]/[30,20,11]/[31,27,17]/[31,31,26], secondary color is purple [13,0,31] and yellow [31,31,7], and the constants are white, border [11,8,12], and the shadow shading [14,11,11]. Will explain more soon. Master Sheet(up here cause SF edit options have become disgusting to use)
  16. Okay so a while ago I started working on a Fire Emblem hack and I've discovered that making maps is a lot of fun. So since I'm new to this sort of thing I've decided I might as well post my maps here for critique and just general advice. [spoiler=Spooky Temple] This tileset was a pain to work with with all the edge tiles. I'm worried the bottom half looks a lot more bland compared the top half. [spoiler=Castle Courtyard] The first map I made. Really simple. The main prince character gets ambushed by some assassins here. [spoiler=Obligatory Bandit map] The river looks kinda awkward but otherwise I'm happy with this one. The good guys start on the hill in the top right. [spoiler=Forest Map] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decided to try something new and make this closed in pseudo indoors forest map. There's two versions here because I wasn't sure which I liked better, but I'm leaning towards the top one. I'm a bit worried about it being too chokepoint heavy though. [spoiler=Defense Map] So obviously this one isn't finished. Tried using FE Map Creator's random generation feature a bit for some parts. The mountain is super ugly but I don't really know how to do those. So yeah, please tell me if my maps suck or not. Edit: Fixed a height error on the temple map that slipped past me.
  17. I don't get it :( He has Nil's body and exact placement and everything yet he's shorter. I also having trouble with some of my mugs being too tall.
  18. I really ought to make something like this. >_>" Anyway I'll just dump my map (and sometimes mug) creations here I guess. [spoiler=Random Maps] Just some other creations that aren't being used for any kind of project. Mostly done because I was bored. I tried my hand at formatting the Xia Kou map from Dynasty Warriors Advance to FE style. Certainly didn't work. I experimented with height here. All in all, personally I like it. Some... border thing. I was just trying out some fort tiles, don't mind me :U ... yeah. A more linear castle map with some alternation between cramped and open room (and also shamelessly copied 4 tile walls) I really would like to do more indoor maps. I just don't think I'm very good at them. I don't think I need to tell you the purpose of those islands, do I? ... I dunno. Bridges galore! I've did this one half-asleep, honestly... I like this one - a map with flying units attacking from the mountains, and your small army has to move through the woods. I - I like water tiles, okay? The darkling woods tileset feels so underused, honestly. ;~; [spoiler=32x32 Maps] Some maps that are 32x32 explicitly. I know that some of these may work better with smaller size, but I've only made them this big because I want to try my hand at bigger maps. (They're also some of my better maps, honestly, probably because they aren't too old. Most of my 2014 maps are pretty okay) Lots and loots of houses. Also beaches for possible pirate reinforcements. This map is designed so that splitting up may be a sound idea, but in practice its rather... dangerous. Iono. Would probably be better explained with enemies placed. You're supposed to defend some NPCs building a bridge on the right so you can get to the enemy castle. The cramped space might seem like a disadvantage, but can also be used quite nicely. Trespassing the woods that claim alot of the space also nets you a shortcut. Another defend map - this time there's a magic user NPC in the middle on the fort, and if you protect them for long enough, the rivers freeze so you can cross them. Here's where splitting up the group is a greater idea. (This map looks much better shortened, but since my goal is to make 32x32 maps... yeah. >_>") Now here's one I like - you start at the top left big fort thing and approach the middle, which has an NPC (you can recruit them though so no worries about that) you need to protect (and so does the top left castle, so you need to keep watch of both), but you also have to rout the enemy. [spoiler=Mugs] There's more but I don't wanna show that stuff off because it looks really lazy and bad.
  19. Hi guys, I'm new to the Forums here, but I've been perusing the website for a few years now. I decided I wanted to sign up and show off some custom sprite work I've done (lots of splicing with some re-drawing), to see what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated. I'll list off character classes with each image I post. Pegasus Knights: Fighters: Mages: Trio of Siblings (Wyvern Rider, Cavalier & Soldier respectively): A set of twins (Myrmidon Duo): Swordmaster: Any and all feedback is much appreciated! Thank you! Also, note, please do not use these without consent. If you want to use sprites of mine, feel free to contact me or post in here and I'll be more than willing to do commissioned work.
  20. Hey there, everyone. So I want to make some improvements to some of the mugs currently in my hack over in the Fan Projects section, Requiem, and I was wondering if there's anyone who wants to try their hand at it? For those who don't know, my hack is already in a "finished" state, (meaning it has a start and an end already, but isn't perfectly fine-tuned) so this isn't a completely empty request. I know this will be a dealbreaker for some people, which is fine, but I don't really have cash to offer out to people for mugs. I'm not asking anyone for a whole cast of full-custom mugs or anything like that, as cool as it would be. Even if it's just a minor rework, that's fine by me, not to mention, easier for you. As things are right now the collection of mugs for all the characters in the game is this: (Now with names) [spoiler=Mugs] I've put the colours (red, orange and yellow) next to the portraits to sort of indicate how I feel about them at the moment. Yellow means that I'm sort of happy with it. That's not to say that they're exactly great, but just that they don't need as much work as others clearly do, maybe? Orange means that there's more room for work to be done. The ones in red are those that I think can probably use a lot more work. I'm sure that there's some debate on that, but it doesn't really matter anyway, seeing as all of them can use work. Just some general notes: Row 1-4 = Player Characters (Starting with the four main characters and then going in order of recruitment.) Row 5-6 = Bosses (More important ones on the 6th row) Row 7 = Other Characters I say this because I'll probably end up dipping into NICKT's mug collection for the non-important bosses or the later-joining player characters in particular, because how they look isn't that important. So whilst I would still happily accept any contributions, I would advise putting less priority on them. I've started inserting some of the contributions in now, so I thought I'd start properly keeping track of it. I'll try my best to update it somewhat frequently. [spoiler=Done Mugs] Update: Added who made what in. If I'm missing something or anything is incorrect, please let me know. No name will mean an anonymous contributor for now. Them being on here doesn't mean that I won't accept any different versions, but it would probably be better if you worked on someone else, unless you've got a much better idea in mind. Purple background for now will mean that I haven't inserted it yet. That might be because I haven't gotten around it to just quite yet, or I'm still thinking about something to do. (The latter should be pretty obvious, if you can't see much of a difference at all) If you want to do anything with these ones, you should probably ask me. Light blue just means that I did the changes on them as they are. If someone wants to make more edits to these, then go right ahead. For now, though they have been inserted. If you want to ask me anything specifically about a character or something you can PM me or add me on Skype, (Check my profile) whatever works for you. Any help towards this matter would be greatly appreciated and of course, if I accept your work, I'll add you to the credits of the hack. (If you want it)
  21. I was playing through Gaiden when I suddenly got the urge to make a 16 bit updated version of Cellica's mugshot, and later Alm. It wasn't anything fancy, just took the original mugshot and applied the changes using FE5 colors. I then converted it down to the 8 bit graphics, and it looks, in my opinion, a lot cleaner than the original. I just really only have one question...how do I put it into the game? Here's the 8 bit mugshots, competed with 2 different lip flaps (I don't quite remember if the game had lip flaps or not...oh well). FE2mugs_new collection.bmp Here are the 16 bit mugshots I made of Alm and Cellica. arum_16 bit.bmp cellica_16 bit.bmp
  22. Welcome to the SF Open Source Gallery! The purpose of this event is to build a very healthy amount of open source assets to project makers and the like, since there is so few available at the moment. All art assets directly go open to the public. This is completely non-competitive, there are no polls, votes or anything of the like. Just friendship! How it works 1. Pretty simple, you PM me your work. And at the end of the month, all works are showcased in a separate thread (or this one, or Spriter's Resource thread) and will immediately become open source upon reveal. 2. Said reveal happens near the end of each month. Giving a spriter around 3 or more weeks to send in something. Guidelines 1. The fourth Open Source Gallery (OSG) event starts now. 2. Submissions are to be PM'd to me through Serenes Forest. There is also an infinite number of submissions you can give, the more the merrier! 3. You can submit any type of art asset, that includes portraits, map sprites, maps, battle sprites, etc. 4. You must provide whether you want to remain anonymous when the time comes to present the gallery at the end of the month. 5. If you in fact provide your name, you must include whether you want to have the potential user of your work to give credit to you or not. Theme and important dates 1. The Fourth theme of the OSG is The Radiant Collection! Click here for Nickt's most updated portrait list. You are encouraged to use only these portraits to splice with. For mappers, you can make PoR and/or Radiant Dawn inspired maps. 2. The start date of submission begins now! 3. The end date of submission is December 1st. Good luck! And hopefully we get a lot of participants!!! Remember, you can submit as much art as you want! ----------------- Theme 1: Knights, Bandits and Villagers: Total Count: 13 maps. 1 class card, 24 portraits Theme 2: Nobles and Evil Doers: 15 maps, 30 portraits Theme 2: Lords and Evil Doers Total Count: 16 maps, 33 portraits
  23. Hello everyone! I hope this is the correct place to make this post. I've written up some basic outlines for characters that will appear in my hack, and since I am no artist, I need someone else to do the art for me. I'm going to need 13 mugs and 3 animations. Before I list what I need, I feel it necessary to give some basic background of my game: NOTE: I have found someone to do the mugs. The animations section is at the bottom of this post. You might need to reference Percival's and Ingrid's entry in the character list for this. Okay, so here are the character's I need mugs for: Percival Ingrid Sonja Harold Isadora Sharlotte Rota Joachim Anne Einar Violet Richter I also need a male thief, but I haven't decided on any details yet. I'm open to suggestions. :) As for the three animations, the first one is easy; I just need a female monk, exactly like the standard monk animation just a female. Then I need an animation for Percival and Ingrid. For Ingrid I'd like her to carry a tome in her left hand which she opens in front of her, flips through a few pages, pauses on a page for a bit then extends her arm out in front of her in a swift motion. The critical animation is almost the same, except after the pause, she flips through a few more pages quickly followed by a small flash over her head signifying a bright idea, then the hand motion. For Percival, I'm not sure yet. I'll leave it up to you. As I said in the topic title this will be paid work. If you're interested send me a private message and we can discuss payment. All I ask as that these mugs and animations be original if possible, instead of modified default sprites. Many thanks and best regards, Gryphon
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