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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve been having this thought for a bit now, cause my main pairing for Camilla is Odin but I keep debating on what happens to her after the game. Does she stay in Fatesland or does she go with Odin/Owain, and presumably Ophelia, to his world? I doubt she’d be all that keen on leaving her family but I think she’d want Odin/Owain to be happy too and be able to back to his home and family. I just don’t know what to do about her. So what do you all think, do you think Camilla would stay or leave?
  2. Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine "Odin's daughter. A daydreamer who applies a flair for the dramatic to her magic. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates." HP: 34/38/41 | Atk: 34/37/41 | Spd: 30/33/36 | Def: 17/20/23 | Res: 20/23/26 | BST: 150-152 Ophelia's stats are almost the complete reverse of her Father's. With the highest unbuffed attack for a Tome user, not just Blue Tomes, but in general, thanks to her superboon in attack, but some of the weakest combined defenses among them as well, alongside an equally weak HP stat. Her speed isn't fantastic, but due to her already amazing base Attack, it's easy to focus on the stat and get her into doubling range of mid/high-range swords and below. Builds: Budget Missiletainn (Non-budget) Blarblade Ophelia's easily one of the best Blue mages currently, although her base kit does leave a fair amount to be desired, and her true potential lies behind expensive skills. While she lacks Reinhardt's pure offensive presence or Ishtar's blazing speed, her ability to easily abuse powerful AoE specials with ease can let her eat through enemies, or utilize a Blade tome and become one of the hardest single-hitting users of it. Teammates: Mixed/Focused Walls: (Lukas, Silas, Arden, Myrrh, Deirdre, FMorgan, HMyrrh, Hector, etc.) Ophelia's paper-thin defenses can easily put her at risk to attacks. Even a single attack may be able to take her down, especially if she's running Life and Death. Running a unit with the ability to move her out of harm's way and take hits for her is almost required. Tome Users: With Missiletainn, Ophelia can charge a 4 CD special on turn 1 with 2 tome-using allies. I don't feel that much more is necessary to be said. Dancers: While Dancers obviously help any unit, they can allow Ophelia to continually abuse her AoE specials during one turn, or get her out of danger. This is especially helpful with Tome-using dancers, which not only help her abuse AoE specials during the turn, but also charge her special at the beginning of the battle, meaning she has 100% upkeep of it for the entire fight. Bonus Build: Defensive..?
  3. Ophelia isn’t “just” another one of the children characters in Fates. She is one of Marth’s descendants, meaning that she’d be able to wield the Falchion, and at the end of it, she went back to her world anyway. So should she be a main character in another Fire Emblem game? She's an adventurous lady, so I can see her building up a new team with comrades along with Soleil (since the ending said she'd return to her world as well).
  4. I've paired Odin with Selena and their supports are very cute and funny, but there's a downside, neither of them seem to particularly benefit statistically and Ophelia's pretty weak too. Would Camilla be a better match during my next playthrough? Ophelia would be able to become a Malig Knight, meaning she'd get to keep her magic abilities and gain decent physical stats too. Plus I think she'd look better with purple hair than red.
  5. Right, here we go, Week 4, Ophelia, daughter of Odin, which ties her to the Ylissean royal house. C'mon, pumped for the discussion, LET'S DO THIS! CLASS OPTIONS: Base: Dark Mage > Sorcerer /OR/ Dark Knight Parallel Seal: Samurai > Trueblade /OR/ Weapons Master *MOTHER'S CLASS* Marriage Seal: Deere/Foleo- Rod Knight > Maid /OR/ Strategist Shigure- Pegasus Warrior > Falcon Warrior /OR/ Golden-Kite Warrior Lutz- Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord /OR/ Revenant Knight Ignis- Knight > General /OR/ Great Knight Siegbert- Cavalier > Paladin /OR/ Great Knight Buddy Seal: Midoriko- Herb Merchant > Great Merchant /OR/ Puppeteer Soleil- Mercnenary > Brave Hero /OR/ Bow Knight Skill Lists for these classes: http://serenesforest...s/class-skills/ http://serenesforest...s/class-skills/ Personal Skill- Blossoming Mind- When Ophelia is carrying 3 + tomes, crit rate + 10 BASE GROWTH RATES: Mother's Base Growth Rates + Ophelia's Base Growth Rates / 2 = Ophelia's Final Base Growth Rates BASE CAP MODIFIERS: Mother's Base Cap Mods + Odin's Base Cap Mods + Ophelia's Base Cap Mods / 3 = Ophelia's Final Base Cap Mods *Support Options are all people she can Marriage or Buddy Seal with, feel free to post about any of her supports and discuss them.*
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