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  1. Here it is! I was really glad that my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart" was positively received, and I hinted to the possibility of me making a "Partner Seal Chart" as well... Well, after countless hours, I finally managed to make a complete chart of all possible marriages in Fire Emblem Fates! (Yes all 817 of them!, at least when counted in one direction. In reality marriages work in both ways, so some information will be displayed twice.) Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1EoYvI1FUNqZ3dpcjZwdU9CX0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-zq0JMUw2kAIcBfIeCmCR-A This chart shows all the possible marriages, the classes and skills that are gained from said marriage for both the parent and the child, the support bonuses from both the guard and attack stance that the unit in question would gain from a S support, and last but not least, this chart also shows the stat modifiers from the parents that determine the maxium stat caps of their children. I believe this chart provides a nice overview of several important factors, which can assist you in your final decision of what pair you should give that Partner seal to. Here is a quick recap of the inner workings of the Partner Seals: Partner Seals are used between two characters of the opposite sex that can support with eachother, (although there are two exceptions, Niles and Rhajat can have a same sex marriage with the Avatar) in order to gain the base class of the supporting unit in question, or a secondary class if the base class is already known to the supported unit. Special classes can not be gained in this way. (but you gain a secondary or tertiary class instead) In contrast to the Friendship Seal, the Partner seal works in both ways. This means that when unit A has a S support with unit B, unit B also has a S support with unit A. From most marriages one or possibly two children are born, with one base class and two classes that are inherited from each of the parents. The parents also determine the possible maximum stats the child can reach in each attribute. Special thanks to serenesforest.net for the information needed, and spriters-resource.com for the used sprites. I hope this chart will prove somewhat useful to you guys! I you would like to check out my previously made "Friendship Seal Chart", click here. With thunderous ambition, Masterthunderblade P.S. Feel free to point out the mistakes or errors I made, there is bound to be a copy-paste mistake somewhere or another kind of error. Fire Emblem Fates - Partner Seal Chart.pdf
  2. Hi Everyone! After seeing the Fire Emblem Engage trailer in the recent Direct, I got the itch to play through the Fire Emblem games I own again, starting with Awakening! It's been a long time since I've played Awakening, but I've decided to try and tackle Lunatic+ Classic this time around. On top of that, I really want to create the 'best saves' I can through all of the games I have. So that brings me to purpose of this thread; What pairings will help me create the best possible force in Awakening? I'm not worried about what pairings make the most sense story/interaction wise, just purely what would be most powerful (I'm willing to grind whatever is needed). Now I've obviously looked around prior to posting this, a lot of the pairing threads are from years ago understandably, but to no surprise they do contradict one another and there doesn't seem to be a definitive pairing list agreed by the majority. I was wondering if over the years there finally is an answer now the dust has long settled? The pairing guide I've looked into the most and considering following is SSJDennis' Fire Emblem: Awakening – Optimal Pairing Guide. I'm not going to post the link, I'm not too sure if that's allowed on this forum, but I'll just put his pairing suggestions below; Robin (F) X Laurent , Sumia X Chrom , Lissa X Ricken , Olivia X Frederick , Maribella X Lon'Qu , Sully X Donnel , Cordelia X Vaike , Cherche X Gregor , Panne X Stahl , Miriel X Libra , Tharja X Gaius , Nowi X Henry I'd recommend giving it a read as it is probably the most in depth pairing suggestion I've been able to find, but to summarize I think the main idea behind his pairing is to prioritize each characters speed stat so that they can double and of course try to distribute OP abilities. Is this the best guide to follow for the most OP force, or is there some things (or everything) that you guys would do differently? Please let me know, feel free to go into as much detail as you want! Also on a side note, because I haven't really seen this discussed much, are DLC characters worth using on the main lineup? The general consensus I've seen is that the children of the future are the most OP units and the DLC characters can't form supports with other characters, but are they still OP in their own right or just outclassed completely? I own the majority of the DLC for Awakening so please enlighten me :). Thanks in advance! SSJDennis Pairing Guide: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/3ds/643003-fire-emblem-awakening/faqs/67085
  3. I only ask this because I've heard some... less than stellar things from Hinata's performance. This worried me, as he is my planned Hoshido husband [because cute face + softcore bara body]. After some careful consideration, I think I have an idea of what I'll do with him, but I'd like some input. Firstly, his growth rates: (Sorry about the size...) ​ With these growths, he's assured a good strength and defense growth, and meh everything else. This is especially annoying, as his base is a samurai, a speedy class. My idea was to pick the knight as my MU secondary class, so I could marry seal it off to Hinata. Then, he could get the General skill Defensive formation, assuring he doesn't have to worry about being doubled. In the end, he'd be a weapon master or a blacksmith, depending on whichever would be better. Any suggestions? Also, what asset/flaw should I pick to optimize Hisame and Kanna? [Also, what hair color makes Hisame not look dumb?]
  4. Hi all, tl;dr: I am looking for a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with the pairings of Ayra X Dew, Raquesis X Beowulf, Adean X Midayle, Sylvia X Claud, Briggid X Holyn, Tiltyu X Azel (selene's forest's best pairings) I am a very stupid man. I installed retroarch to my game's folder and uninstalled it when I saw that it sprayed its file gobbledygook all over the folder. I did not know that uninstall.exe called "rm -rf" and lost 700 gb of games. Most were beaten already or generally worthless. But I lost one very valuable thing. My invincible wife, Ayra. I lost the hours spent making sure none of my cherished friends died. I lost the hours having my favorite boys and girls dance after the battle was won. I had just begun chapter 6 when this occurred. I found another save file, but I was immediately shown an abomination. The Not-Children of Ayra staring me down, mocking me in my failure. I cannot continue with that save file any longer. Please help me, Selene's Forest. You're my only hope. tl;dr: I desperately need a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with Ayra's kids, Lakshe and Shakaher, not the default replacements, Radney and Roddlevan. Thank you very much for reading my plea for help. Best, Dew
  5. Hi, I need help with a pairing, I'm in chapter 4 and I just conquered Silesse, I saw that Sylvia x Claud and Eirinys x Lewyn conversation didn't trigger because Lewyn is paired with Sylvia, but I want Lewyn with Eirinys and Sylvia with Claud, I read that killing the wrong lover erases the love points but that's not true, in Lewyn's lover it's still written "Sylvia". Is there a way to fix the pairings since killing Sylvia doesn't work?
  6. Probably been asked before, but is it possible to force a pairing, such as FinnxLachesis, through codes? And if it is, a step-by-step guide would be very much appreciated as I am very green when it comes to things like this, and tech in general to be honest.
  7. I've been playing through FE13 on HM/Ironman, asking my partner to choose all of my pairings. I realized her method for pairings units is visual, she picks whoever look like a cute couple and then confirm the pairing if they visually mesh with their children. I usually pair units based on either optimization or specific builds I have in mind for that run, so this has been an extremely unique experience. So far it's been a lot of fun playing through with another entirely different system for pairings, and I'm curious how others here determine their pairings.
  8. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  9. Let's talk about some impossible pairings in the FE series just for fun! FE1/3/11/12: Doga/Point FE4: Sigurd/Valflame FE6: Roy/Guinevere, Lillina/Wolt, Roy/Idoun (actually, there is a Roy/Idoun story on fanfiction.net made by the excellent author COOKIECHEESEMAN, I highly recommend it.) FE7: Lyn/Nils (lol why not), Eliwood/Isadora, Eliwood/Farina, Eliwood/Farina, Eliwood/Rebecca, Erk/Lyn (lol), Jaffar/Ursula (hey, they're both Disney villains) Elibe in General: Roy/Lyn, Roy/Rebecca, Roy/FE7 Pegasus Sisters (props to a certain user for her funny story with those pairings...) FE13: Lon'qu/Say'ri (I can actually see this work.), Chrom/Tiki (eh, why not) FE15: Kliff/Faye (lol) Crossover: Roy/Caeda (well, I had to choose...) That's all I have for now...
  10. So, I just finished FE4 a couple weeks ago and after beating a few other games, want to play again. So, I am letting the good people on SF choose my pairings. This will be a no sub run(obviously), and the way pairings will be decided is first come first serve, unless a pairing is being asked for repeatedly. You can recommend pairings being as nice or as mean as possible and I will have to except them no matter what(example would be like Lewyn x Tailtu being a good pairing and something like Lewyn x Ayra being a bad one.) Only 1 pairing request per person. Also, these pairings are off-limits Midir x Edain Holyn x Ayra Noish x Raquesis Claude x Sylvia Lewyn x Erinys Azel x Tailtiu Dew x Brigid These are the pairings I did my first playthrough and would not want to do them again. Also Arden may not be paired with anyone as of now, since he died.
  11. Started working on a personal pairing guide to accommodate for growths, inheritance and story talks for every combination possible in Genealogy of the Holy War. It has now become so complex that I'd like to share it for general usage. It is still very much a work in progress, so I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about how it could be streamlined and improved upon if you have the time. Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9H3x-jIxRxpLVJWR3ZzY3JiVlU/view?usp=sharing Spreadsheet is split up into Holy Blood bonuses, skills, weapons, special talks/items/stat boosts, royal lineage and overall potential. In particular I'm looking for a way to incorporate weapon rank changes between fathers and combined child growth rates (w/o Holy Blood), while still making the spreadsheet user friendly. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think!
  12. I have some S-ranks already, but I only went ahead with the pairs I really ship. Since this is for my main file, I really want to be sure that I like all of the S-ranks I go with, but I honestly have no idea what other S-supports I should go for. I want all of the kids, and I could just go for the hair colour I like, but I think I'd regret pairing a couple who's supports I don't like or care for. So, concerning the characters I haven't paired yet, are there any supports that are really good? Either interesting or entertaining. Like Selkie and Asugi, where they went on missions together, that sort of thing~ Honestly, anything will do if it's not just the standard "Apparently I fell in love with you while we were cleaning that one shelf yesterday. I'm so glad we met two days ago." Here's my list of the S-ranks I have: Ryouma x Mozu Queen Mozu is best Mozu. I really like the idea of a peasant becoming queen. <3 Mozu is probably good with Xander, too, but I don't think Mozu has a single bad support. Hinoka x Subaki Mainly for Not-Cordelia's hair colour, but Subaki is rather prince-like. As well as that, though their supports weren't very interesting, they did suggest that Hinoka and Subaki have known each other for a long time. Takami x Setsuna Setsuna is one of my favourites, I don't know why but I seriously adore her, pft. ;; I think she and Takumi look really cute together, and though Setsuna's supports are basically all the same, her support with Takumi made me laugh a lot. Azura x Kaden They remind me of a Princess Mononoke-type of couple, and their supports were the cutest I've seen. I don't think I could pair them with anyone else. <3 Xander x Sakura I wanted to marry one of the siblings to each other, but I shipped things for the other Hoshido siblings already. Xander and Sakura are weird for the age, but I think he'd treat her well. Leo x Nyx Leo probably has better supports, but his with Nyx was pretty good. Nyx has my favourite hair colour for Forrest, I think he just looks better with darker hair. Camilla x Keaton I didn't get the impression that Camilla actually liked him, but I like Keaton's daughter being a princess. Kaze x Felicia They're really cute, and they look good together! Odin x Selena Owain and Severa were married on Awakening, so it's as if their marriage carried over into Fates. Extra rambling: I'm not sure if Niles and Beruka's supported were really that interesting, but they look like they'd be a cute couple. I could see him putting a bow in her hair or something, with her not really saying anything for or against it, but then never taking it out. <3 For Peri, I'm between Laslow and Arthur. She looks nicer with Laslow, and from what I've seen, that's the pairing most people prefer. However, Arthur and Peri seem kind of interesting, since they're like a hero and villain duo from a comic book or something. (Superman and Harley Quinn?) On the other hand, though, Peri's too cute for Arthur, and they don't look good when next to each other. So then, though, who would I pair Arthur with? I don't really ship anyone with him. Is there anyone he's actually good with, as far as either chemistry goes or how interesting/entertaining the supports are? I have the same issue with Azama. I really don't like him with anyone, but I have to pair him with someone since I like Mitama. ;; I've seen that Effie is really popular with Azama, but she deserves so much better. Effie is popular with Arthur, too, but I think I actually like her with Benny. At least he'd treat her well. I paired Azama with Oboro in Birthright, and I don't want to pair her with him again. I just can't look at them and say "Ah yes, these two are a couple." I suppose I'll have to suck it up and marry Azama and Arthur with someone, but I can't for the life of me decide who with. Gotta do it for the kids, even if I'd much rather have pairings that I actually ship. As far as Laslow goes, aside from Peri, I was wondering if he was good with Elise. They're kind of awkward because of the ages, but in Awakening, I married Inigo to someone with Libra as the father, so Elise would give him a blond Solei. Maybe I could just marry him to whoever, and say his first marriage didn't work out? Or just pretend it never happened-? For Oboro, I have half a mind to pair her with Hinata. It's mostly because I guess they just look good together? Or, well, they're pretty similar in height and stuff, and they just look like they could be love interests. They just look... natural with each other? Aside from them, are there any Oboro or Hinata pairings that are better? Oboro and Takumi are perfect, and I'm afraid to ever do their supports in case I like them too much. I really ship Takumi and Setsuna, so~ I married Jakob to Hana in Birthright, and they're alright if not a bit boring. I do like the proposal, though. Jakob and Rinka seem to be unpopular, but they had one of the few supports where I actually couldn't wait to see what came next. It was just Jakob being a jerk to her, but the banter was really entertaining to me, I guess? That said, I don''t want to pair them for my main file. In Birthright, I married Saizo to Kagero, and I guess that aside from Effie, she's the only one who really looks old enough for him, and they're both mature looking. Despite that, are there any Saizo and Kagero supports that are better? I remember someone saying that Saizo and Charlotte were good. Also, should I pair Hayato with Orochi? It feels like I shouldn't just because they're "the two mages", but I like Rhajat with Orochi's hair colour. She looks strange with lighter hair colour, but with Orochi's colour, it won't be dark enough to make her look like Tharja, so it's not a bad colour at all. Sorry for all this, I think that's everything I had to say?
  13. Hello everyone! I want some help deciding who to marry to who. I'll tell you who I'm currently planning: •Chrom and Olivia •Donnel and Nowi •Lon'qu and Say'ri (But for now he has C support with Cordelia) •Ricken and Maribelle •Stahl and Sully (Already Married) •MaMU and Lucina (Can Flavia and Basilio reach S?) I hope I can get some recommendations for the other characters, in my army I have Gaius, Cordelia, Vaike, Gregor, and Libra. Once Maribelle and Ricken reach S (currently at A) I'll swap them out, right now for Henry and Lucina, then once MaMU and Lucina get married I'll swap Henry for Morgan. Any suggestions are appreciated! Also, feel free to change my pairings up there! (Except for MaMU and Lucina that's definitely happening) :)
  14. I decided to pick up Fire Emblem Awakening again recently and now that I find myself knowing what I'm doing when it comes to playing the game, I can focus more on the pairings and grinding my characters. My first playthrough worked out fine since all I needed was a level 30 Polestar King Marth with the Exalted Falchion... Anyway, I originally paired MU with Lissa and it worked out great, but I barely used any of the Gen 2 units besides Morgan and Owain. This time I wanted to try something new and pair MU with Nowi for the lol(i)s. At the same time however, I realized that Cherche is really good too and I can have Nightwing as MU's son. What this comes down to is which character is a better pair for MU in terms of combat ability, skills, and children.
  15. I'm planning on doing a child-unit only run of Birthright, so I'm wondering on what is considered the optimal pairings for making the best kids. I plan on using a Male MU, so both Dwyer and Midori won't be recruitable until after chapter 15, so they aren't considered high priority. With that in mind, what should my pairings be?
  16. I have been recently playing Genealogy of the Holy War and I finally reached Chapter 6. I had some of the game spoiled to me before, so I was aware of the whole second generation thing and I heard about the glitch where you can pair Seliph and Julia. I have been playing the Project Naga translation of the game and I found that the glitch is not working for me. In addition to this, all of the information I found online about this glitch is based on speculation and guesses as to what affects it, leaving me more lost. I wanted to make this thread not only to help me, but to have one central place to consolidate all of the information relating to the glitch and how to do it. Now, all morals and reasons for making this pair aside, I want to know how it works and what specifically causes it to happen. I dug through the hex values but editing them did not give me reliable results especially when it came to locating where "love points" are stored. Please, anyone with any knowledge on this subject please post so we can gather and test all we know so we have a reliable source of information. I just need this glitch to work!
  17. This was mainly for the modifiers as I'll be going for skills online quite a bit but, I'd like some recommendations and opinions on theses parings None of these are set in stone because this is all just planning ahead thanks for the help <3 EDIT: HOW DID I FORGET TO INCLUDE MIDORI but, everyone is listed and I'm fairly happy with this list I would however still like some feedback Asugi!Orochi Caeldori!Orboro Dwyer!Beruka Forrest!Sakura Hisame!Peri Ignatuis!Rinkah Kana!Velouria +str/-mag or luck Kiragi!Hana Midori!Mozu Mitama!Kagero Nina!Nyx Ophoelia!Elise Percy!Effie Rhajat!Felicia Seigbert!Selena Selkie!Setsuna Shigure!Laslow Shiro!Camilla Soleil!Azura Sophie!Hinoka Velouria!charlotte
  18. Here's my plan for my first playthrough of this masterpiece - at least so far (currently at Chapter 3) : Fury x Noish Lewin x Tiltyu Ayra x Holyn Aideen x Midir (already sealed) Lachesis x Beowulf Sylvia x Claude Briggid x Dew OR Jamka (not decided yet) What are your thoughts? Also, I'm kinda worried about pairing Fury with a physical unit, because while Fee will surely turn out great, I'm worried that Sety will be sh*t because of that. Is it alright? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hey, guys. I've been doing this to a couple of guys. I wanted to help anyone in choosing on which mother is best on each child (if you're planning to use them) or which child to leave out in case of M!Corrin x 1st Gen. Here are the instructions, you just need to tell me: Which version you're currently playing; Which PC (Parent-Child) pairings you decided to keep or have been keeping; PC pairings you want to avoid You can either message me privately (PM) or post on this forum (for public opinion), I'll be happy to help. Disclaimer: My "default" suggested pairings will be based on most similar growth rate patterns possible, so mods and skills may not be considered. This is the exact reason I ask for your prefered pairings in the first place.
  20. So I just finished the main game of Revelation and am now looking to optimize pairings for postgame and DLC (as well as min-maxing because I like to). I'm playing on Normal mode, male Corrin +Str -Lck, Talent Oni Savage. As much as I'd love to put Corrin with Azura I hate that you can't have him marry her without losing out on a kid. By the way I'm going for pure optimization as far as the kids go, with a goal of having one S rank user of every weapon type, class diversity. In parentheses are my reasonings for the pairing if I haven't seen much on it online. Corrin/Flora Azura/Laslow Takumi/Rinkah (With access to Crit +20 I figured that would make for a lethal sniper) Odin/Elise Saizo/Hana (I liked Hana as a unit and since the Swordmaster child is taken a Ninja is close enough) Kaden/Hinoka Keaton/Camilla Arthur/Effie Ryoma/Kagero Leo/Felicia Xander/Selena Hinata/Mozu (Did not particularly like Hinata or his growths, so I figured Aptitude might help) Hyato/Sakura Silas/Charlotte (I want a Berserker on my team and Sophie was the last option. But I do think there is a certain match up since Silas excels where Berserkers tend to lag) Azama/Orochi Benny/Peri Niles/Oboro (Give Nina some healing ability as an Adventurer) Kaze/Beruka Jakob/Setsuna (Was the last one I settled on and so he got stuck with the leftover) Subaki/Nyx (Give some degree of Magic for Caeldori) How do these work? I'm not sure if there's an Apotheosis styled DLC on the way, but even if not I want the absolutely most optimal pairings and there's surprisingly little in the way of proper pairing guides out there that aren't for LTC or Lunatic or both. Also of note is that I really wanted to try get Crit +20 on my Berserker as well, but I couldn't figure out a way to swing that, so I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance!
  21. Just want some advice on my parings for my revelations run. I tried to pair characters from Hoshido and Nohr together as much as possible and also I just had to do Selena!Caeldori. Silas - Azura Subaki (Tsubaki) - Selena Laslow - Peri Ryoma - Camilla Xander - Hinoka Leo - Sakura Kaze - Beruka Odin - Elise Niles (Zero) - Oboro Saizo - Charlotte Benny - Mozu Jakob - Nyx Keaton (Flannel) - Hana Kaden (Nishiki) - Rinkah Hayato(Tsukyomi)- Effie Arthur - Setsuna Takumi - Kagero Hinata - Orochi Azama (Asama) - Felicia
  22. Hey ya'll, I'm really struggling with making some decisions regarding some pairings in my Conquest campaign and I was hoping I could get some advice and opinions. So far, what I think I'm going with is: -MC/Felicia (or Ophelia or Velouria, depending on their parents) -Jakob/Camilla, or Jakob/Nyx (I really want a Dwyer who can potentially do mage stuff, just can't decide between these two) -Xander/Selena (I was told Xander/Charlotte makes a much better Siegbert?) -Benny/Beruka -Leo/Felicia or Leo/Nyx? (Can't decide who to pair Nyx with, Jakob or Leo) -Odin/Elise -Effie/Arthur -Keaton/Camilla or Keaton/Charlotte? (was told Keaton pairs well with Camilla. Originally planned on doing Keaton/Charlotte but if Xander pairs with Charlotte instead of Selena I can't really pull that off) -Kaze/Azura (Dat speed doe. Not sure if this is a waste of Azura?) I'm really tearing my hair out about this, if you guys could give me suggestions and stuff I'd really appreciate it because I'm apparently too finicky about it to make definitive choices this time around. Biggest things to keep in mind are: -Not sure who I wanna pair MC wiht yet -Dwyer is my favorite kid character and really wanna make him one of the DLC classes later, so I'm really wanting to make sure he ends up with the potential for good Mag stats. Thanks in advance to anyone with opinions!
  23. Okay, I finished Birthright and Conquest, and now I'm starting a playthrough of Revelations. I didn't get a lot of units married in my playthrough of Conquest, but in Birthright, Azura married Kaden. Shigure was pretty great, but Azura turned Selkie from tanky to trashy. I'm wondering which child wouldn't get completely ruined by Azura's terrible HP and Defense growths for this playthrough. Right now I'm thinking her and Hayato might work, but I'm really not sure, since Rhajat was a decent Res-Tank for me in Birthright.
  24. Hi guys, just wondering if I can get some advice on marriage and pairings for my birthright playthrough. This is what I have so far: Corrin - Caeldori/Scarlet Silas - Hinoka Ryoma - Kagero Subaki (Tsubaki) - Oboro Hayato(Tsukyomi)- Orochi Saizo - Sakura Jakob - Azura Kaze - Rinkah Takumi - Felicia Kaden (Nishiki) - Hana Hinata - Mozu Azama (Asama) - Setsuna Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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