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Found 9 results

  1. I've been listening to the same songs for quite some time now and Spotify shuffle just ain't enough to keep them feeling fresh. Any of y'all wanna share some band recommendations? and some songs i should start off with? or just post your favorite bands or songs idk just share some music please. Preferably rock music 🙂
  2. I need something to listen too while I valiantly attempt to work out. Any music is fine (see, I have a rather limited taste in music and I figure this will help me broaden my horizons). I don't care if you think I'll like it or not, JUST RECOMMEND WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU TOO; I'LL LISTEN TO ANYTHING AND WON'T JUDGE (unless you really want me too).
  3. I'm kind of new to the FE series and I haven't really played many of the games so far. I already played Awakening, Birthright, and I'm working through Sacred Stones, Echoes, and Conquest right now. Which FE game do you think is the best and which one would you recommend for a new person getting into the series?
  4. For those who have played, what is your recommended size of team for Birthright/Conquest/Revelations? How many bow/magic users? What teams have you been successful with?
  5. I've actually managed to get a new one as an early Christmas present. But I have a question. What sort of protection can you guys recommend for me for it? In regards for screen protection, I think I may have one possible selection. But I don't know what external covers are good. I know Nintendo products tend to be durable, but I'm still a little afraid. And as such, I don't want to take any chances for if the hinges on the 3DS happen to break apart like they did with my last one. Any ideas?
  6. Ok so here's the deal I've got one $50 Best buy gift card and I'm debating how to use it. The four games I'm currently looking at right now are Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3, and Captain Toad. I don't know a whole lot about these games but I think right now I'm leaning toward either Donkey Kong Country or Hyrule Warriors. My only hesitation behind Hyrule Warriors is that while I love the hell out of Zelda I realize it is at its core a Dynasty Warriors game. From what I've heard Captain Toad is phenomenal as well as Pikmin 3. As always any input is appreciated. Already own: Bayonetta 2 SSB4 Mario Kart 8 Windwaker HD Mario 3D World NintendoLand Mass Effect 3 Assains Creed 3 Batman Arkham Orgins Black Ops II
  7. Which game would be best to start with? Which game would be best to end with? Should one play each in order or start with beginner friendly titles like Awakening and Blazing Sword?
  8. I've been wanting to get into making and/or manipulating music for a while, just for experimental purposes, so I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations about any particular MIDI software (or any other music software) that I could look into. I currently have a Windows 7 laptop, so that will affect what software I can use, I'm sure.
  9. But yes, I'm starting a new hack. Now, now. Calm down. All of this forum's complaining members will jump on me and talk about how bad it will be and how It'll never be good and how it's not creative. I know that. And I probably agree with them. But, you know, I've gotta start somewhere. Basically I've got a lot of plot planned out, and one of the largest themes is: And no, I'm not a Shaman hater. In fact I'm anything but. But yes, basically the first half focuses on this band of thieves and the main character is a new recruit to the team. I'm going to need some learning in terms of eventing and things like that, wish me luck. Thanks for reading.
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