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  1. This is the Thread for people who are looking for specific Skills for Certain characters. Please List the Characters and the Skills you need below. Please note that Skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that Character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't Bait People by Using all Characters with BLUE Shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  2. This is going to seem like and odd question. But dose anyone know the font that was used in the english version of the game for the menus and non-ancient language text?
  3. I recently installed CFW on my 3DS, and I really want to get all the battle and visit rewards without having to make it my life's work. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything of the sort online. Is there even a way to manipulate your renown points?
  4. I thought that we should probably seperate the skill requests for the US and Europe/Australia as they are region locked. This way, we can avoid mess inside the original thread. Otherwise, the same rules apply here as they do in the other one: Please state the characters and the skills you need below. Please note that skills from DLC / Amiibo Classes ARE NOT LEARNABLE from MyCastle Battles You also CAN'T LEARN skills from Characters with the BLUE SHIELDS, you also CAN'T RECRUIT them, so don't include them on your team. For people who are replying to Skill Requests, please try to do the following to make it easier for others Have the Throne Empty for Easy Capture Set your characters on HOLD and/or Remove all of their Equipments Remove DLC Class abilities from that character to increase skills available If you want to include the Dusk Dragon, please put it close to entrance so we can break them easily. Don't bait people by only using characters with blue shields since they are not recruitable / learnable Also Remember to Hit Update Castle after you finish making changes.
  5. I was looking for a midi of this song but couldn't find it! there is currently no midi available to download of this song! Thats why I want to request it. If this post is in the wrong place, feel free to redirect my post in a better category! I am not exactly sure if this is the right place for posting midi requests but anyway this is the least I can do. https://youtu.be/u4p3_GzK-c0 This song is number 51 on the sound test menu and it played after you beat a level! This song plays during between cutscenes but sometimes the music will change depends on the situation in the story. I do not want the whole song, the midis should start from 0:15 to 0:38 where the midi should end and loop! I want to request this song because I need it for a future planned project! Your help would be appreciated! Free midi only! Sorry I am not seeking commissions at this time. Again, if this post is in the wrong place please redirect it to where its appropriate.
  6. Does anyone have a (dsv) save for new mystery with all the reclassing options unlocked? I found some online but they're the wrong file type and I can't find a way of conversion because I'm on mobile. And not necessary but preferably with DLC (idm tho)
  7. So, I started working on a custom animation using a fixed version of FE8's Lyon animations, you can find what I used here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CAC-wxJOkgBT3Me3fkzS3qzSdXR_8RKu. So, I did all the frames, but for some reason, the first frame messes up the shading when in game. To show what I'm talking about, you can see for yourself in the two pictures; The first is what it looks like in GIMP, the 2nd is what it looks like in game: I don't know what causes this, I've reached out to multiple people about this and so far, I've come up blank (I don't hold it against them, don't worry)… I got recommended to take this problem to a larger place, hence me posting here now. I don't know if its a problem of the animations I was using or the (probably more likely) case of me missing something about custom animations, this is my first time making a custom animation so it's not unlikely... Oh, one other thing, I only include the magic animations as I don't have the staff animation yet, I wanted to get this glitch figured out before I jumped into that. The Empress' Magic.zip
  8. So, I'm making a ROM hack of fe8 where every unit is a form of flyer, however I require assistance with the sprites, as their normal sprites don't go well over their new classes. If someone could collaborate with me to create the sprites, or help me understand how to do it I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. Hello I am making a little FE7 hack in which there is a playable tactician Mark. I have made a two portraits for Mark. One that's male and one that is female. I am in need for someone who can make their own Mark portraits that I could use. The Mark I had in mind is someone who is hooded with bangs covering at least one eye and the other is concealed by the cloak's shadow. You will be credited of course. Thank you.
  10. Hello all! So for quite some time now, I have been creating my own sprites and splices of Fire Emblem characters (all GBA era) and using them for D&D characters that I write hefty backstories for. It's just one of my favorite creative outlets, and I always find it enjoyable to see a finished product ready for a campaign with my friends. I have made around 15-16 characters/sprites now including the one in my profile picture, entitled The Yeoman; The Yeoman is the character and design I am most proud of. Anyway, I've come to a point where I've written so many characters that I really only want to do one or two more, and I think it's time I really start working on my magnum opus. I'll handle the backstory all on my own, but I really want to make the sprite from scratch. This means doing more than just splicing two or three characters together and recoloring it all. However, I am not the best at drawing these from scratch, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. What I am looking for is a GBA style custom sprite based on some images that I will provide you of the character that I envision. If any of you can show me some of your previous works, and they look coolio, then I'd love to have you do the job for me, and in the end I would be willing to pay for your services no matter how much time you need (if you really impress me a lot, then I'll adjust the adjust the payment quite handsomely, say 40-50$). Alrighty, so if anyone is interested, please message me, and we can discuss further. Thanks y'all!
  11. Hello, I'm Xehanort_14, I’m new to hacking, experimenting around and stuff just a few days ago, but I’m having a bit of trouble. Basically, I just wanted a simple patched FE8 with these characters in the game with their base stats or best balanced stats by the time they join in. Sophia - FE6 Shaman (joins with Lute in Chapter 4) Roy - FE6 Lord (joins at Chapter 6 at the village) and his promoted class through Hero Crest, and Sealed Sword animation as default sword animation for Promoted Roy Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood - FE7 Lords and their promoted classes through Hero Crests/Knight Crests (Lyn joins together with Tana in both routes, Hector joins in Chapter 2 at bottom village, Eliwood joins in at Chapter 15, with Eirika if on Ephraim Route, or with Ephraim if Eirika Route), for promoted animations, just Normal Sword animation for Lyn(I don’t like Sol Katti animation), Durandal animation for Eliwood, and Armads animation for Hector as defaults on promotion. Nergal’s Dark Druid Class FE7 to replace Riev’s class Zephiel’s King Class FE6 to replace Fado and Vigarde’s classes. Athos’s Archsage Class FE7 to replace Pontifex Mansel, and replace Hayden for Creature Campaign instead. Canas - Druid FE7 (joins with Ewan at both Routes) No need for skill system, dialogues, item changes, or difficulty tweaks. I was just wondering if this is possible. I’m trying to patch these in but I’m having no progress so far. Can someone make this patch? Or at least help me, I’m new to these stuff. So far I only know how to expand the classes up to 255, add their animation and map sprites, but I don’t know how to add their addresses, sound effects and stuff.
  12. Hi! Would anyone happen to be willing to do up a Fomortiis and Fire Dragon portrait? Like the normal portraits I mean. (With talking, mini, etc.) I hope they aren't too difficult since they're kind of already existing just in a different format. (I really know little to nothing about Portraits)
  13. One of my RomHack projects right now uses the FE7 engine, and I want to utilize the CG screens. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in illustrating certain scenes for me at what they consider as a reasonable price. If anyone is interested, I would love to describe what needs to be illustrated and haggle on the costs.
  14. I'm currently making a rom hack and I'm not good enough to create a battle animation if my life depended on it, and honestly there's a lot to make as there's gonna be third tiers, and to be frank, few third tier animations exist. There's of course gonna be unique lord animations among other things. And since I can't make them myself that well, I'm in need of someone who can make them.
  15. I have a request for a unique lord animation that requires all physical weapon types (and no item), it's basically a man on a giant horse (like the botw one), more details will be described below.
  16. Do you like to edit Nanna No Cloak's Sprite? Nanna (No Cloak) is Nanna (Paladin) without Cloak and Feather Decoration. Base Nanna (No Cloak) Sprite ↓ Nanna (Paladin) Sprite ↓
  17. I'm working on a fangame with a few people. However, with my hardware being as poor as it is, I can't really use FeBuilder to its fullest extent. As such, I need someone who knows FeBuilder like the back of their hand. Also someone who can make animations. I can offer $1 for every character animation, on top of $15 per week. Limit to 5 character animations per week. Since I'm creating a fangame with a lot of new content, I would prefer someone who has quite a bit of experience in this sort of thing.
  18. Is there any Gaiden expanstion project team currently working on? example: Add exclusive SoV character into Gaiden along expand story from FE15. maybe some map changes. I have no knowledge of rom hacking, but I would like to help by contribute some sprites and artstyle. and im happy to help Thank you
  19. Hello! I'm working on a FE GBA Project that I had to put on hold for a long time. Without getting off topic I am requesting some or will commission (references needed) unique FE GBA character portraits in the FE8 format. Normally I would sprite myself but I lack the ability for this job. I need some skeleton bros. Yep. Full on monster MUGS/portraits. Mainly as of now I only need three particular characters sprited as follows. Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Berserker I have some ideas in mind but would love to see what you guys can come up with. I should mention blinking frames are not required since skeletons don't have eyes; however, speaking frames can be a simple as just the jaw opening can closing. This is also not required but welcome to try or come up with something of your own. The mini/chibi is also not required. If you wish to discuss payment privately we can chat through PMs.
  20. I love the GBA sprite design, and I miss those games art direction a lot, and prefer them over the 3D stuff. I would love if someone could edit the sprites for the Troubadour, Pegasus Knight, Fighter, and Mercenary to reflect their new gender counterparts in Fates. I have a blonde male pegasus knight, a brunette mercenary, a blonde fighter, and a ginger troubadour that I'd be really happy to see in GBA sprite form, if anyone knows how to do that. Also, a female Oni Savage sprite would be really cool, but I know that's kind of hard because that might be a "start from scratch project". Thank you!
  21. I have four characters left to do the sprites for until we can finish our demo. They all have working portraits and everything else, but they lack custom battle sprites. Since we have no one on the team currently who excels at making animated battle sprites, I was hoping someone could help with these four. I am willing to pay, but no more than $5 (sorry since I'm not making any money off this I can't spend too much into making it) In order: Castor: Lord uses swords/staves Pollux: Lord uses swords/tomes F!Avatar: Pretty much just a regular ol' mage, though I need her sprite to at least differentiate from the generic enemy mages M!Avatar: Same as F!Avatar
  22. I've been setting this up for several days now, but I've finally run into an issue that I can't seem to surmount. I have a character here, Bifronz (second pic), who I can't seem to format correctly for FEditor. I've tried it myself, my sprite editor has also tried, and we're out of options. He's new to sprite editing so I'm not surprised. I have all the other sprites imported except for him, and I can't find a solution no matter what I do. So I was hoping someone would be kind enough to make him into an acceptable format for FEditor (like the picture of Ephraim below) so I can finish the last part of my project I've spent the past few days setting up. He was made splicing Roland and Pent if that helps. This is also for a Sacred Stones ROM. Thank you for reading.
  23. I've tried countless time to make my own face sprite but I have failed. I can't get the positions right and my request to have the one I made fixed isn't getting anywhere and I'm sick of looking at it because I've tried so hard to get it to work lol. Anyway on to my request. I need a tactician face sprite female with green hazel eyes. I want her to have a hijab pretty please. The colors I I would like to be similar to the battle sprite. I will include one frame for you to be able to have the color pallet. If you could make it look somewhat like the battle/map sprite you know with the cloak . Maybe add a crescent moon or something like that a pretty decoration maybe if it's not to much trouble. I'll include a picture to give you some inspiration and a general idea okay. Thank you ahead of time. P.s.you don't need to add the face veil it's not a must. It does look really cool though probably easier as well not having to do the mouth animations. I want this to not be complicated or a trouble for anybody so if you think the face veil would be so much easier for you then go for it. I don't want her looking quite so oldish either. If it's alright could make her look like Guinevere's age maybe. I'm going for an early 20's age.. What ever you think would make it look nice, and of course it does not have to be this detailed as the picture lol. Have fun with this and take it easy.
  24. Hi I was hoping someone could help me with my face sprite. It's of my tactician in Blazing Sword I made her already but I'm having some issues with her in the game because of the positions. I tried so very hard to do this without requesting, but I got so frustrated with it I can't even think about it to much or I'll break my laptop lol. Most of the work is done for you so it won't be to much trouble. I just need someone to make her look good in the game. I kept getting her face to look longer, or it was very clear that her face was changing pictures to create an animation. I'l include the face sprite in here so you can fix her. Thank you so much :).
  25. Um, hello Serenes Forest! I need some help. A close friend of mine's birthday is coming up soon... Like, very soon, and I wanted to try and get him a nice image for his OC. I can't really afford to commission anyone for a special order, so I found the images that would be best used for this. I have the pictures that I need in order to create it, but the problem is is that I can't really do portraits for Fates well at all. I've tried, but I continued to mess up, so I was hoping I could be assisted. I attached two images to this forum. Portrait #1 has the head that would best represent his OC, and Portrait #2 (the dread fighter) is the body needed. I need someone to take the head of Portrait #1 and replace the head on Portrait #2 with it. If anyone could please assist me with this I will be grateful. If you really want, I could also credit you to him, but no matter what I'm not telling him that I created this. Speaking of crediting, if anyone is curious, this is where Portrait #2 is from. Thank you to anyone who decides to help me out. EDIT: For anyone wondering if I have permission to use the other portrait, I do!
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