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Found 19 results

  1. So I consider myself kind of a "collector" of FE Rom Hacks. I've searched over all of the internet, looking for rom hacks, and I think I have almost all open to the public. I've even looked in spanish/japanese/chinese forums. Any rare hacks that are out there but no one seems to find? Here's a list that I have: (sorry if name's or translations are off) -FE: A Sacred Dawn -FE: Ambiguous -FE: Athos -FE: Attack of the Morphs -Alusq's Ragefest -Awful Emblem -Axe Knight sample patch (yeah, I collect everything xD) -FE: Back to the Stones -FE: Bloodlines -FE: Boss Rush -FE: Bullet Hell Madness -FE: Celice's Side-Story -FE: Clash of Fates -FE: Corrections -FE: Corrupt Theocracy -FE: Crazy -FE: Crossover -FE: Curse of the Emblem -FE: Curse of Valern -FE: Death or Glory -FE: Decay of the Fangs -FE: Dance With the Devil -FE: Desperate Struggle -FE: Devourer of Time -FE: Devourer of Worlds -FE: Dream of Five -FE: Dust to Dust -FE: Elibean Nights -FE: Eliwood vs. Everyone -FE: Exalted Legacy -Fe7if -FEIV -Fire Shell (sample rom) -FE: Foal -FE: Forever -FE: Forgotten Heroes -FE: Fractured Realm -Gheb Saga -FE: Gheb -FE: Bourgeoisie Rising -FE: Girls -FE: Gorilla Gadek -FE: Heart Wars -FE: Help Me, Help You -FE: Jeigan Quest -FE: Joke -FE: Kylin Dragons -FE: Las Batallas De Narshen -Lamia's FE Hack -FE: Le Chien est Adorable -FE: League of Champions -FE: League of Champions (original) -FE: Lexi Version -FE: Lucas' Story -MAFC -FEMK404 -FE: Maiden Quest -FE: Marc's Special Day -FE: Matthew's Nightmare -FE: Maze of the Troll King -FE: Midnight Sun -FE: Midori -FE: Monster Quest -FE: Morph's Last Stand -FE: Nemesis -FE: Nintenlord Saga -FE: Origins -One Day hack -One Week hack -FE: Ostreich -FE: Perils of Magic -FE: Prisoner of Darkness -FE: Project Dondon -FE: Project Juan -FE: Project Z -FE: Rage Emblem -FE: Reckoning -FE: Requiem -FE: Reunion -FE: Rising War -FE: Road to Ruin -FE: Rondo of Madness -FE: Sacred Contention -FE: Shatterlight -FE: Shining Armor -FE: Project Shoe Shine -Pukachi's Contest Patch -FE: Staff of Ages -FE: Sun God's Challenge -FE: Sun God's Wrath -FE: Tales of Artrucia -FE: Tales of Bravery -FE: Tales of the Emblem -FE: The Battles of Narshen -FE: The Chronicles of Lussaria -FE: The Corruption of Roy -FE: The Dark Empire -FE: The Dollars -FE: The Last Promise -FE: The Ostian Princess -FE: The Queen's Lament -FE: The Return of Nergal -FE: Top and Bottom of the Sword (I don't think this is the right translation, though) -FE: Typhon's Wake -FE: Vaati's Revenge -FE: Versus (Proof of concept patch) -FE: Will of Good and Evil -FE: Yet Another Ragefest -FE: Yuri's Sidestory -FE: Zero -FE: A Hobbit's Tale Any other one's not on the list ya'll have? A lot of these are taken down, so I'm sure maybe not all of you have them though. But yeah, that's my collection! (EDIT: Added some more)
  2. So I am trying to learn how to randomize fire emblem conquest, I haven't set up the homebrew or anything so it is basically from scratch. I would appreciate help like maybe a tutorial that is up to date or just instructions that I could get here. I have the latest update on my 3ds I don't know if that stops me from randomizing the game. I would like to experience it randomized as a fun challenge and change of pace so anything helps. I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Here are some Nightmare modules for Fire Emblem Fates I've just made: https://github.com/RainThunder/fefates-tools For those who wonder what Nightmare is, it is a software that let you hex edit every file via modules. With Nightmare, even those who don't have any knowledge in data structure and hex editing can still edit the game's files and make some cool stuff. Instruction and documentation and be found in the README file and wiki of the repository.
  4. Hello, hope your day is going okay. I don't know how to start this other than to explain who I am before proposing this idea, so I don't look like a complete idiot. So hi! I'm KingNecro, a veteran fire emblem player. I've been on these forums since about 2015, but I don't exactly post much. I just read other peoples comments and go off of that. But I've been recording videos, playing rom hacks, and trying to make some of my own ever since then. Recently I had my old computer fixed, and I went through my storage and found some old fire emblem files that used to play. From this, I went to my new computer and started diving back deep into the fan-made games, and even playing through Fe6, 7, and 8. I recently finished playing through The Last Promise, and after suffering through the cringy edgelord that is Kelik, I realized that I wanted to make another fully fleshed out game. I don't know about the rest of the community, but I love playing through other people's rom hacks, because it shows off their own ideas, how they can create their own world and gives you a story to just dive deep into. Then I realized that I am literally shit at art and music. Not to mention, I have no idea how to code complex things into the game like voice acting. MarkyJoe's video of FeBuilderGBA taught me a lot about event editing, but that's about it. Then I also realized that there are a lot of really talented people in the community that could really contribute, and if we all worked together, we could make one cool motherf*cking hack. I know what you're thinking. I seem like I'm new because I haven't posted on these forums in god knows how long, and it seems stupid to just pop up out of no where and suggest that random people come together and make a hack. I've realized that. But hell I want it, and I'm sure a lot of other people do too. So why not? So if you're still reading this and haven't clicked off/wrote a comment telling me how much of an idiot I am, hear me out. For a fully fleshed out hack we need: 3 event editors 3 composers for music 2 Map designers 2 portrait designers 2 animation designers 1 Weapon and class designer 2 storyboard writers 1 Support convo writer 1 Title screen artist 1 Skill designer/coordinator Voice actors (The Last promise did it, we can do it better) As many test players as possible I think that if this all comes together, we should make this an Fe8 hack with skills and new animations and things of the sort. I have some ideas for a story that haven't been built up yet, but I don't want it to be just my ideas. That's the fun of making a hack like this, we can put everyone's ideas in it Also, if the hack goes well enough, I'm willing to compensate for the people who really put a lot of work into it. Let me know what you think, give me your feedback, let me know if I forgot anything. Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to make 3rd tier classes for Fire Emblem 4? If so how? I thought it could work well since levels don't reset in FE4 so the issue of having to gain extra exp in shorter games wouldn't be an issue it could work something like one of these: 1 to 2: Lv10, 2 to 3: Lv20 1 to 2: Lv15, 2 to 3: Lv25 1 to 2: Lv20, 2 to 3: Lv30 if anyone has any info at all on this please inform me
  6. A contest focused on narrative delivery and integration, as opposed to the other similar contests, which focus only on level design. it's a play on my name. A common problem I've noticed in our community is the tendency to simply overlook or in the worst cases stomp on would-be developers who pour their effort into writing up big walls for their game, trying to sell its concept on some ambitious plan that's likely beyond their ability. Sure, maybe it is out of their league, but this also encompasses people who really may in truth be good writers, maybe in truth could make their game, if they had support and exposure, neither of which our community is exactly willing to provide. And it just doesn't help that it's all-around extremely hard to sell a game on story. The goal of this contest is not to have groundbreaking gameplay or a gorgeous set of assets, it's to deliver a cohesive, enticing narrative over the course of three chapters. Yes, three. A beginning, middle, and end. It simply makes more sense that way, and allows people to practice actual proper Fire Emblem design, too. FE isn't played in a vacuum, after all, your decisions have consequences. Single-chapter games take away from this factor. The absolute goal of this contest is just to give people a chance to make a name for themselves doing something closer to their forte, and it is my hope that it will serve as, as Circles puts it, an "incubation chamber" for fledgeling games that have otherwise struggled to get off the ground. Contestants will be judged primarily on narrative delivery, with auxiliary components such as graphics and gameplay regarded as a clearly-noted bonus. The use of "narrative" over "story" here is important: Narrative is the more inclusive term, it refers to things like lore, the world, and any part of the general idea of "story" that is told not through words. Games have a crucial leaning on overall narrative over just storytelling, because so much of the game will speak without saying anything at all. Thus, narrative integration with gameplay is judged most critically among a submission's components. Please read the rules carefully and feel free to ask for clarification if something is not clear. I will gladly answer any questions. Best of luck to all involved! Stay confident and know that renown is not out of your reach! Remember, the deadline is December 12th! You have 3 months, one for each chapter. Make them count! A Discord Server is available for all interested to communicate, discuss ideas, and/or seek help. ...also please, SF, please for the love of god do something about your posting thing. I had to rewrite this thing three times because it kept getting entirely deleted when I tried to undo, and there is no redo. please don't ever make me have to do that again. ;;
  7. Art by Avraxas Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring Read this for all the information you need to know OR you can watch the announcement video!
  8. I've recently started tweaking the GBA Fire emblem randomizer (https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/releases/tag/v1.1.0) to try and fix some of the common issues that occur for me such as: Heavily lopsided growths Weird weapons (poison weapons etc) etc Wanted to know if there was any interest in these changes and if so, I can make them public. Also if anyone has any ideas, I can try and fix those too!
  9. So I wanted to add the "Rekka no Ken" subtitle box from the JP version, replaced with my own text of course, however it does not seem to appear. I followed this guide: http://feuniverse.us/t/fe7-title-screen-subtitle-hack/1684 and it did work as the sword disappeared from myself editing it out, however the text box is still missing. Is there any hex code to make it appear? Thanks for the help guys!
  10. So when I started hacking, I did what a lot of people did and used Eventiel created by CedarNyx. It's a great program, but I went to use it today when I noticed the entire site was screwed up beyond all repair. Specifically the FE7 one, the FE8 one works fine. I've used it for a while and I've had no problems but I think it might have gotten removed because, IIRC, TEB forums have been abandoned for a while. Anyone else know what's going on?
  11. Hey, so I'm doing a ROM hack and I'm working on the first map, or trying to anyways. I open mappy and it works, the program is fine. I click New map, and then import aaand this appears http://prntscr.com/bqc1kk .So I used PNG files, because every download of maps that I did, where all PNG files. So I tried with other maps, one or two from each folder that I downloaded from different sites and stuff, and none of them worked. The video tutorial that I first saw used BMP files, so I decided that maybe that was better, although all of the files I had were PNG. So I converted one map and used it, and then the same error box appeared. I guess that it's compressed, and I have no idea how to un-compress it. I searched on google, obviously, but nothing helps. If anyone could help me I would be extremely thankful =) Thank you and have a nice day.
  12. Has anyone successfully messed with the 3d character models yet? I'm trying to do some character model swaps from "Fates->Awakening" and "Awakening->Awakening", where you take a 3d model (ex: Iron Sword) from Fates/Awakening, and I'm trying to put that model in for a different weapon (ex: Bronze Sword) in Awakening. I've noticed an extreme lack of matching file types between the games (Fates: bin.lz, bch.lz, ect./Awakening: m.lz, r.lz, ect.), and I'm wondering if there are any programs that we can use to convert said files into the other type. I've tried just "renaming" the fates one, it crashes as soon as you try to load the model. Is this what I'd use the Nightmare program to do, or is this beyond our reach at this moment?
  13. After I patch the rom, the emulator will not load it. I use ZSNES. It will say Bad ROM. I used 2 different roms and Lunar IPS patcher. please help.
  14. is someone able to recommend me some tutorials for the questions below or make some or answer them or something like that? because i have found nothing or i am too inaccurate with searching for them. i am desperate and i need help... About me:(to know who the flux wants halp) I am a total N00b when it comes to hacking, in fact i started only a while ago. The only thing i know is how to patch ROMs(Mobile devices and PC) and Play Fire Emblem. Also i know how to create custom maps, but IMO I think this is Basic :P. I have some hacking utilities :Nightmare+ FE6-8Modules, Event Assembler, FEditor Adv, GBAGE, Tiled Map Inserter, Mappy+FE6-8 tilesets, MAR array inserter, FE Recolor, HxD Hex editor, Paint(duh) and of course the FE7 1235 ROM. Also i use Windows XP I can speak and write in English, but i might not understand everything simply because it is not my mother language, its german/ russian. I am 15 years old, male, otaku and hikikomori now that you know whats going on QUESTION TIME: My questions are: Do i need more utilities for: Music/ Spriting / Eventing etc and if, which are recommended? How do i correctly use nightmare? how do i imply my own music(after i transformed it to GBA standarts/Instruments of course)? how do i put Customized {Battle animations;Map sprites; Mugshots(enemy and players units); Chibi Mugs(same)}into the actual game? (I use Paint for customized Mugs and sprites, i am familiar with this, i use it to draw bad pics since i was a lil` shouta, my question is how do i put dem into da game) Blood in Battle animations, Events? Am i able to Create new Map tilesets(e.g. cities, woods, buildings, holy sth, hell, paradise, space etc.) with Paint and if i am able to do so, do i handle with it like i do it normally(adding maps with mappy and inserting it with MAR array inserter) and if not, how do i imply them to the game? Customized classes: (unpromoted Sword and lance user, unpromoted Sword and Dark magic user, unpromoted everything user, promoted Nothing user etc.) How do i Create them/ put them into the game. Strength/ magic split? Customized Weapons, how do i create them and put them into the game, how do i do this Weapon Rank thing, Prf-Ranked weapons? how do i imply this weapon picture that shows the weapon? special weapons for special animations? {Imply new Units to the ROM; New/ More chapters}e.g. 50, possible? Recommended? Eventing(there are many tutorials for this one, so a tutorial recommendation might be unnecessary, but still useful) stuff going on in the story(like meteors falling down, that hurt/ kill a unit) a unit attacking "nothing"(a unit attacks "nothing" or "nothing" attacks you, this could be a invisible unit or something) Semi-serious questions: fourth wall breaking, Possible?!!?!? is it bad that i am 15? Other: I apologize for Redundancy, possible rudeness, offending or insulting anyone, bad grammar and misspelling errors, English is not my mother language, its german, also i am typing this on my smartphone, because i am too busy playing touhou on my PC :P I ask for recommended tutorials,though it might be nice when someone could explain it per PM or sth like that but tutorials are abundant. I may have moar questions, when i come back, but they will be displayed in a new thread. also, i know this is A LOT but i want to make a big hack, or multiple and i am serious about that and when i say that am serious about something, i mean, that i will continue until the end or even farther. errrr... "WATASHI, KININARIMASU!" Thank you in anticipation, i am looking forward :D
  15. Do any of you Guy know a Rom Hack that will work on Mac OS X?
  16. Hello my fellows. As I recently finished my german translation of Fire Emblem 12 when it comes to ingame-text, I still wonder how I can successfully edit the graphics of the game. I think it must be very similar to FE11 but I could not find a guide about it either. So I am stuck at this point of development and have to ask for help. In the last 5 months I tried several tools to get results but everything failed. So if anyone is capable of helping me, I would be very grateful. This is almost the last part to finish my translation and it would be really sad if the text-graphics would be still the same. Everyone who is interested in the project can of course download the current beta from my website. I hope there is someone who can show me how to achieve this.
  17. I'm trying to put new trial maps into the game. I don't want to alter anything in the game, rather ADD stuff. Any pointers or tools for me?
  18. http://markyjoe1990.elementfx.com/fehack/ The Fire Emblem Hacking Community is disorganized as all hell, and I'm getting sick of it. So I decided to make a website dedicated to helping aspiring hackers obtain the best and latest tools, as well as the best tutorials. As you can see (at least on the current date: 11/19/2013), I've already done a lot of work, but there still needs to be things done. My current goals are as follows: - Add more tools and tutorials - Graphics and Palette editor programs and tutorials - Link to all documentation - Link to all animations - Extract the tileset configs, tileset graphics, and tileset palettes from each fire emblem game and provide it in the tilesets section. That way, people don't need to extract them from the games themselves - Get rid of other graphics unless someone made some for public use. If so, link to it and show screenshots. - Link all the fix patches, then link to the more optional stuff. - Get a BIN for the generic MIDI instrument set that's insertable into the game. - Link to all of Agro's GBA compatible remakes of other Fire Emblem songs. Future Goals: - Host/link to ROM hacks (or link to their blogs/websites), complete with a rating system. - Allow people to register on the website, log in, and submit hacks, reviews, LPs, ratings, hacking content (Like custom tilesets and music), etc. Ultimately, I guess the goal of this website is to eliminate the need to surf several forums and websites to get everything to need to hack, as well as just unify the hacking community so that they don't have to post their stuff on several forums in the first place. What I would like from the community is suggestions, as well as links to tools, tutorials, and other content that I may have missed. Here's to hoping my plan actually works.
  19. I've been trying fruitlessly to insert my animation in feditor, and upon loading the script, feditor finds an error. I've checked the script, and there's nothing wrong with it. So the problem is with the frames. I checked them a million times and both dimensions (248x160) and colours (16) are correct. If anyone can help, that would be appreciated, because it seems that feditor is doing everything in its power to stop me.
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